Jan Geronimo of WritingToExhale

Jan Geronimo of WritingToExhale

Hi, I’m Jan Geronimo of Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro.

I studied Development Communication in college or Journalism if you prefer it so. Writing is my strong suit. And so is procrastination. And eating. And playing online. As you can see, I don’t put too much premium on my own hype so you can see me when I’m on my best behavior toiling away at my blog, doing my darn best to learn more especially about writing for the web. An old dog needs to learn new tricks eh?

So God help you if you ask me to collaborate with you on a project or an idea, I just might humor you with a yes.

If you’re here primarily to enjoy yourself or drop by just like a good neighbor, I’m fine with that. I sure can use some company. There’s this joke about a man who falls from the top of the building. Concerned witnesses ask him how he’s doing as he hurtles past the window. And he says so far, so good – no broken bones yet.

One time it may be me who’d be hurtling down from that high rise. Or it can be you. Metaphorically. It’s good to know we have one another to make the lure of an open window less tempting.

So if it’s not open windows, I’d be talking here about technology, writing, blogging, and personal journeys into the bizarre. I do hope you feel free to join in the conversation. Or cut me short when I seem so full of it. Because I enjoy authentic conversations and friendships.

But what am I saying.  I say let’s have some fun.

Photo Credit:  Ada of Adaphobic

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