How to Become the Prince of Tweets

by Jan Geronimo on June 29, 2009

prince of tweets

To be a resounding success in Twitter you only have to remember one thing:  help your fellow tweeter to succeed. This means you’ve got to stop obsessing about your own posts and the products that you sell.

Okay.  Let’s go over that once again.  Helpfulness is an irresistible force that can get you places in Twitter.  Being helpful in Twitter means you -

  • Stop talking about yourself.  Of course, you know you’re a Diva, a genius, a handsome dude or OMG cute.  Tell you what – unless you’re Nicole Kidman the world will not be impressed.   That’s boring.
  • Stop tweeting your own links.  Okay, maybe 5% of your tweets is fine.  Anything beyond that is boring.  Take my word for it.
  • Stop the negativity.  Sure, you’re much put upon in the office. You’ve been passed up for promotion.  Your prick of a boyfriend stood you up.  Or perhaps your mother-in-law is threatening to visit your household again.  Go seek a therapist.  Tweeting about this is boring – unless of course you’re Jerry Seinfeld.

    Okay, that’s how not to tweet.  Let’s talk about what you can do.

    The value of retweeting or RT

    What is a retweet?  A retweet is a tweet you rebroadcast because you find it helpful, amusing, valuable.  A retweet can be a link to an awesome resource, an intriguing blog post, a funny tweet that makes your day or a tweet asking for help.

    You do that by copying the tweet in question and placing an RT before it.  Or you can do it by copying the tweet and adding “via @username” in it.  Crediting the person who first published the tweet is important.  You don’t want to be accused of stealing his thunder, do you?

    best tweeting practices

    Retweeting is an art form unto itself.  It signals you’re big enough to find value in your fellow tweeters.  By retweeting, you’re helping the person who first posted the tweet.  If it’s a tutorial post on how to use Friendfeed you’d be helping that blogger get readers.  Secondly, you’d be helping those who are searching for that kind of information.  Double ka – pow!

    Retweeting is paying it forward

    If you develop promoting other people as a habit you will be surprised to find your friends and even strangers promoting your posts.  That’s my personal experience.  I turn on the desktop at work  and wallah! -  a number of people have already retweeted my posts without me begging them to do so.  It has come to a point I don’t even have to toot my own horn.  My friends and new online friends are doing it for me.

    Here is a very helpful article on the science of retweeting.  We all can use a little help to get the word out about our posts and products.  Here’s a simple formula to get your uber posts retweeted.

    People in Twitter are not stupid.  They are scanning your time line of tweets.  If they see you’re helpful by tweeting other people’s content, they’d be interested to know you and perhaps follow you.  You’re a Boy Scout after all.  If on the other hand, they read that you tweet nothing but your own stuff?  You’re done for – you’ve just lost a potential friend or follower.

    The value of conversation.

    Be careful of too much retweeting though and too much posting of links.  That’s attractive to a lot of people, but not to all of them.  A majority of tweeters are on board because of the conversation.  I’m on Twitter to hear another human voice.  True, in real life I’m an introvert, but in Twitter I’m a conversation maniac.  I love engaging in conversations with people from every imaginable place on Earth.

    The only caveat is to be courteous and helpful. 

    If you’re stressed out and angry?  Stop.  Go to your backyard and chop some wood.  That’s better than venting in Twitter.  In Twitter, you can be simultaneously helpful and still have fun.  Fun can mean anything: being playful and sharing tasteful jokes.  If you think your joke might offend someone, ditch the joke.  Reserve your bawdy anecdote to your real friends in direct message where only you and your gang can chuckle over it.  Keep your tweets funny but clean.  And cut out any unnecessary drama.

    If you’re truly sincere and nothing but yourself on Twitter you are not boring.  People will find you as  charming, unique, and a great buddy to be with.

    The thing about boring

    In real life, you meet a new person.  How do you strike a conversation with him?  What do you say after you say hello?  Do you spout Shakespeare’s sonnets?  Do you put on airs and quote Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde?  Do you cite  statistics you’ve read in the Wall Street Journal?  Nah.  Because that’s horrible.  You’re not a pompous ass.

    Just be your normal self in Twitter.  Cut the pose and let us take a peek in your personal life in 140-character.  Conversations in Twitter between and among friends need not be accompanied with music swelling in the background; with lightning and thunder punching your every pronouncement.  You’re just in the global living room so cut the crap.

    Take this common sense tack in Twitter and you can’t go wrong.    And remember to be always helpful and courteous.

    Jedi bloggers and other princes of tweets

    Here’s a list of my friends who are cool, generous retweet artists on top of being engaging conversationalist.  Feel free to follow them.  They’re worth their tweets in gold.  Did I forget to include you?  Leave a comment and I’d be happy to add you to the list – if the Jedi council has no objection.

    1. Jena – @JenaIsle
    2. Roy – @houseofpuroy
    3. Doc Z – @zorlone
    4. Jan – @jan_geronimo
    5. Luke – @dezertsnow
    6. Elmot – @elmot
    7. Jaypee – @jaypee
    8. Dee – @trendydee
    9. Novz – @ceblogger
    10. Yatot – @yatotchronicles
    11. Jed – @jedchan
    12. Rob – @robangeles
    13. Ditesco – @ditesco
    14. Rocky – @theweblogzone
    15. Jehz – @jehzlau
    16. Rey – @ryjr
    17. Brag – @enhenyero
    18. Fedhz – @babyfuzz
    19. Mizdi – @mizdi
    20. Nobe – @iagosmom
    21. Badong – @badongskie
    22. Marhgil – @marhgil
    23. George – @GeorgeAngus
    24. David – @bloggerdad
    25. Sean – @writerdad
    26. Brad – @bradshorr
    27. Justin – @dragonblogger
    28. Joanna – @joannayoung
    29. Dan – @timecommander
    30. Holly – @hollyjahangiri
    31. Andy – @andysmailes
    32. Barbara – @BSwafford
    33. Chris – @crisiboy
    34. Ever – @pamatayhomesick
    35. Reena  @archreena

    Incidentally, I just checked my  Google Analytics and I found out in my traffic sources that referring sites accounted for  69.5% of my traffic.  Guess what – Twitter is my number one referrer. TwitterGadget, another Twitter app,  is number 5, and Plurk which I hardly touch these days is number 10. 

    Social media rules!

    Okay, I know my stats are puny compared to big blogs, but hey, I can live with that.  It just means I have to redouble my efforts at my blog and keep on maintaining a good presence in Twitter.

    Here is Ditesco’s comprehensive 7 free PDF guides on Twitter to help you acquire Twitter smarts.

    Do you find Twitter helpful to your blog?  Share with us your master plan on how best to become a prince or princess in Twitter.  What do you think?

    Photos by Matt Hamm

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    • You got it right Jan! I was doing the wrong impressions to my friends and followers. I will take your ideas or advice to grow my network of friends so that my post will be retweeting too :)

      Twitter Rocks!
      .-= Julius Orias´s last blog ..@ Gilang, thanks for your vote @ bloggers choice a... =-.
    • ouch tinamaan naman ako dun Jan..because i always tweet my post's links..hehehe pero tama you already told me whats the essential use of twitter.thanks for this info.

      btw pede ba pasama sa roster list of twitter accounts mo...

      mine is

      many many thanks Jan!
    • Hi Rey Jr,

      The feeling is mutual. You're our thespian remember? Right on !
      .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 3 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
    • hehe thanks Jena!
      lol, more like a wannabe thespian. :p
      i think i'd prefer the more boring "Engineer member". Haha! jk.
      .-= reyjr´s last blog ..Auditions for Hongkong Disneyland Performers on July 16 and 17 =-.
    • hehe, thanks for the inclusion! I've just opened my twitter account when you guys found me through the Influential Blogs nominations! And I'm glad you did. :D

      Now I have cool new Twitter friends and blogger friends too. Thanks!
      .-= reyjr´s last blog ..Auditions for Hongkong Disneyland Performers on July 16 and 17 =-.
    • Ana
      Brilliant guide, thank you. You have inspired me to give the different measures a go, as I very much enjoy Twitter. :)
    • Jan Geronimo
      You're welcome, Ana. :)
    • Nice tips. I'm lucky I found your blog. Marami akong matututunan dito hehehe. Matagal na akong may account sa Twitter pero di ko pa rin talaga makasanayang gamitin.
      .-= Leomar´s last blog ..A new layout. =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Leomar: Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to add us in Twitter. It pays to have a barkada there. It's more than way. And we can look after each other's interest, you know. :)
    • zorlone
      Makikisingit lang ako dito. Twitter is like a forum/chatroom/microblog all in one. Cool, huh? And you find a lot of interesting people there.

      See you there!

      .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Untamed beauty =-.
    • So this is an instance of the more you give, the more you'll receive. Thanks a ton for including me in the list.

      What I like about Twitter the most is that it's almost instantaneous. If something comes up, it will appear in Twitter before it does in blogs. Like when the Kindle 3 comes out. (Take note, Jan :) )
      .-= Luke´s last blog ..My Nominees For The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Luke: That's true. Not only simultaneous. Twitter even beats the major news services. Last night, I watching the men's Wimbledon Finals. During the fifth set when the score seesawed between Roddick and Federer I was already composing my tweet in my head. So when the final shot came that decided the match I had the tweet ready. I went to the desktop and posted my tweet about who won.

      Guess what - I've beaten some uber tweeters and I suspect even the traditional source of sports news. Ahahaha. Well, of course, I had only to summarize the match in 140-character. Traditional media have to a make a full post about it - maybe 2 or more pages long. But the point is nothing beats Twitter in immediacy. It's like that Roddick serve. A blinding flash. Smack down the T - an ace no less. :)
    • dencios
      ok pag aaralan ko mabuti yan at sisikaping gawin ang mga tips mo. alam mo naman ako bossing medyo mahina ang comunication skill sa english haha saka bihira ding mabuksan ang twitter. pansin ko very active ang twitering mo at gagayahin ko din ang style mo :)
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Dencios: Mas maganda nga sa Twitter, bossing Dencios. Kasi relaxed ang atmosphere kesa sa blog commenting. Eh, sa tweets parang sms - kahit mangled un words or spelling basta understandable ok na. but of course kung may space let rin lang, dapat spelled correctly na un words. You've just have to bring your friendliness to Twitter - just like your great rapport with your readers and you'd be all set. Kayang kaya mo yun. :)
    • Reena
      oh, so that's the reason behind retweets. haha. i haven't tried retweeting yet. :)
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Reena: Really? You're not putting me on? Kaya pala parang SMS ang twitter time line mo. Try it, Reena.
    • if there's anyone credible enough to write an article about twitter it'd better be you. you're the czar of twittering! hehe

      thanks again for linking me here.
      .-= Badong´s last blog ..Bagyo, Baha, Buhol =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Badong: Thanks, Badongskie. Hey, did you check out Nobe's post? Nominated ka nya sa Top 10 Influential Blogs. Yesss! :)
    • ok jan, i try it quickly para maginit ako.he he he..
      tama ka palagay ko ito rin gamit ngayon as communication sa ibat ibang lugar..freebee kasi.:)

      salamat ng marami!
      .-= ever´s last blog ..NaG-iiNiT Ka nABa? =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Ever: Thanks - please get on board Twitter. You will enjoy it. It's excellent na Pamatay Homesick. You'd not feel lonely with your online Twitter barkada - I hope that's us.

      Look at your post "Nag-iinit Ka Na Ba." I posted - er tweeted about it. Masarap i-share sa mundo. Siguro, kahit di nila maintindihan yun post kasi nga in Filipino ito, marami pa ring mag eenjoy kay kagilagilalas na si Brad Pit. Try it, Ever. If you've questions about usage - we will be there to help you. Matulungin mga friends ko.
    • zorlone

      Salamat nga pala sa pagpromote mo sa akin sa list. Di ko pa tapos i-follow ang nasa listahan mo. Litong lito na ako kasi natatambakan na ako ng mga comments sa blog ko. LOL Di pa ako nakakareply.

      .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Last night =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Doc Z: Take your time. Work at your own pace. ",)
    • zorlone
      At first, I was interested in using tweeter because of the hype! Wow! Twitter, what's that? Then as soon as I learned a thing or two, following the right people, RTing, sending DMs, and unfollowing I just got hooked!

      Seeing other tweeple (DiTesco, I'll borrow your word) interact with each other is like being in a cocktail party and getting introduced to everyone. It's so cool, minus the lethal drinks.

      As for the guidelines you mentioned above, last #followfriday, instead of following, I unfollowed two tweeple in my list. All they do day in and day out is to post links about weigh reduction, making money online. At first, I thought, they looked like harmless peeps who talk about serious stuff, well, I was wrong! So good bye to them.

      Jan, what is your stand about tweet bots? Funny little guys love to follow you and RT your tweets. On that note, the pervs online? Who kept following you. Tsk tsk tsk ... Ignore or block? What say you master jedi? Actually, anyone can answer that.

      I don't drink coffee, I'll have cookies like Rob. Can I also please have mountain dew with that?

      .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Last night =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @zorlone: Now, you're talking. That indeed is how to use Twitter. You follow people that are great conversationalists, very helpful, very knowledgeable about their own fields of interest.

      If somebody irritates you? Unfollow - it's as simple as that. If the fellow is persistent - block. Very businesslike huh? You're a spammer huh? Hetong sayo! Ka-boom! You're gone. Ahahaha.

      Twitbots are useful, too. There are bots that RT posts that have "please RT", "Pls RT" and variations thereof. So that's helpful in getting your posts rebroadcast, right?

      As for twitbots that are activated with other keywords? Be creative, Doc Z. Say the keyword is "wine" - o, why not, incorporate the word "wine" in your tweet. A sample tweet:

      "LJ sure ages like a good wine with his latest post "How to Become a Prince of Tweets""

      That, my friend, is 35 characters short of the 140. Very retweetable right? Ahahaha

      Take your time with the list, Doc Z. Don't run yourself ragged with a lot of things. Else, we'd find blogging a chore. And that's boring, right?
    • I remember a Twitter buddy who was a victim of "Please RT". His Tweet was RTd by so many Tweeps that his website crashed down LOL! Jan, do you have wp super cache installed? You should start preparing to make your site Digg proof. Who know, one interesting blog post from you can go viral.
      .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..The Difference In Knowing And Running Around Aimlessly =-.
    • Yup, monitor your bandwidth usage, Jan.
      .-= Luke´s last blog ..My Nominees For The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Rob: OMG. Okay, I will give these bots a wide berth. Wow.

      @Novz and Luke: Thanks for the suggestion, guys. Thank you, Rob. Okay, I will download that plugin. :)
    • rob is right, jan! last night, i had a problem accessing your site. like it had exceeded some limits. kindly check your log.
      .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Lleyton Hewitt vs Andy Roddick: Wimbledon 2009 Quarterfinals Preview and Results Prediction =-.
    • hi jan!...very interesting toh..try ko masubukan.
      .-= ever´s last blog ..NaG-iiNiT Ka nABa? =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @ever: Even if you just use it as a text messaging service for family and friends? It is still very cool. Imagine never having to pay for texting fees. And you can send private messages/direct messages to anybody in the world as long as the other person is following you, too.

      Thanks, Ever. Try it. Mag iinit ka sa Twitter in a good way. :)
    • Hi Jan,

      I found your site very interesting and would like to inform you that I have nominated your blog as one of the top 10.

      Hope you'll win. More power and more blogs to come :)

      Visit Club Tourists at http://clubtourists.blogspot.c.../
    • Jan Geronimo
      Club Tourists: Thanks a lot for the nomination. Wow, that's totally unexpected. Very much appreciated. ",)
    • I've tried using the 2 famous micro-blogging platform, Twitter and Plurk but Twitter really caught my eyes. For the newcomers, it's not really hard to figure out Twitter. If you are familiar with the top 100 power users, just follow them and see what they do.

      I find DiTesco's site very useful for Twitter users. Hey! Aren't you going to give away free cookies to your visitors? LOL! Just kidding.

      Here are the things why I love Twitter:
      - Trains me for copy writing.
      - My reminder to write tight.
      - 2% of my followers click links I Tweet.
      - International audience.
      - I can search for conversation but CrowdEye now has this stage.
      - If you're in business, it really helps you get some clients.
      .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Barrio Siete Tribe: Doing Things Right And Flying High =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Rob: This 2% is what I'm interested in Rob. Have you written a post about your lovely 2%? This is very helpful for bloggers. One is very tempted to say - what?! only 2%?! But that's a lot of help in my book.

      You've got that rare window of opportunity to reel in readers. All we need is that chance to be checked out. I can live with 2% all I'm saying. :)

      What's the percentage of readers who leave comment? 10% ? Might even be lower. So that Twitter click through rate is realistic, I think.
    • You're correct on below 10% Jan. But that's not just your personal Tweets. It will take time for people to notice a new comer in Twitter and you need to really bring interesting stuff. But this will not be hard for you Jan, I can see you everyday LOL!

      Here's my suggestion and tools you guys can use:

      1.) Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop client app
      2.) Twitterfeed - create feeds you can share to your followers. That's why I Tweet 24/7. Digg, Delicious, Technorati, The Jedi Blogs, etc.
      3.) Tweetlater - Auto settings
      4.) Tweepular - Build your followers
      5.) Friendfeed - aggregate your blog and twitter account or social media channels you have.
      6.) Follow the top 100 power users of Twitter and the top 100 in the Philippines ( - look for the tag Philippines) or just follow users using #barkada.

      Hope this helps!
      .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..The Difference In Knowing And Running Around Aimlessly =-.
    • I could not resist. The things you point out as to why you love Twitter are excellent and should be elaborated into a guest post:) Would you consider writing one for Twittnotes?, lol.

      And BTW, thanks for the compliment.
      .-= DiTesco @Internet Business Entrepreneur´s last blog ..Using Bing Webmaster Center Tools =-.
    • It will be an honor dude!
      .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Barrio Siete Tribe: Doing Things Right And Flying High =-.
    • Great post Jan. Deserved an RT in itself:) Twitter is great if you know how to use it. You do this very well, as it is confirmed with your recent stats.

      The plan starts here. If everyone follows these guidelines, they are sure to join "The Royal Table Of Twitter Prince's or Princess".

      Thanks for the link and including me in this list. Followed everyone on this list. If I missed you, let me know.
      .-= DiTesco @Internet Business Entrepreneur´s last blog ..Tips To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Ditesco: Thanks, buddy. It's so easy to raid your archives. You've lots of tempting, good reads there... Hey, I'm very interested to know this, my friend. How does a 17K Twitter followers impact on your traffic stats? Can you talk about it? That's very interesting for me. :)
    • The impact of Twitter on my blogs traffic is huge. Obviously it depends a lot about what you are Tweeting about. To give you an example, take My Alexa dropped from millions to about 500K recently. I can tell you know that 80% of that traffic comes from Twitter. Obviously, it is a better bait considering that all articles are Twitter related, but nevertheless, you can do the math. For, it is now driving some 30% of my traffic. For the sole purpose of traffic, if your site is compelling and you got good articles, it is massive. Remember, in my case, 17K Tweeple are viewing my Tweets. If some of them ReTweets it, then it can be exponential. Like I said before, I group my followers to a point that I can monitor all my VIP's. That "Royal Club" of VIP's is restricted, lol. And you are in it...
      .-= DiTesco @Internet Business Entrepreneur´s last blog ..Twitter Follower - John Chow's New Twitter Site =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Ditesco: Just as I thought. My followers are only 4K and yet at this stage Twitter is lording over the top referrers for my blog. The possibilities are very enticing. Funny, but I get tired just thinking about having 17k followers. Ahahaha. Kidding. Of course, there are tools to screen out the noise. But for the meantime, I'd prefer to use the old method of adding followers - organically. We have so many things in common, Ditesco. The only difference is you're so uber in Twitter - I can't catch up. Ahahaha
    • Nice post, Jan. Great advice. Lots of people in my age bracket (old) have trouble figuring out Twitter because it is so different from any form of communication that's come before. People use it in so many ways - some good, some bad - it's hard to figure out what you're supposed to do. You've summed it up perfectly. Thanks for including me in your list of friends. I'm grateful to be counted among them and the feeling is mutual. :)
      .-= Brad Shorr´s last blog ..Use Hyphens, Not Underscores, in URLs =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Brad: You'd be surprised that a lot of young people don't get what Twitter is all about. I know a lot of them. Some of them are friends, but they're fast catching on... That's because you're a friend, Brad. That list is just a formality. You've always been a friend. :)
    • Wow, thanks. I'm number one?! and just months ago I didn't even know what RT meant. I had to ask Doc Z.

      I had also accused you Jan of not warning me it was, I enjoy being at twitter. I enjoy echoing all the great tweets/posts I have come across.

      I see it as spreading the "good word" where one passes on the tweets to the next person in line. This is because my followers may not be my friends' followers, so I had the responsibility of passing on this "good word" to my followers who may not be able to read them.

      The badinage among friends is also something to treasure.

      One essential thing to remember too, is that "karma" applies to anything and everything - even at twitter. What you give is what you will receive. You may not see an immediate effect, but eventually - what goes around -comes around! So, go tweet and enjoy.

      BTW, I was late in commenting because I had to tweet this splendid post first. Way to go, Jan!
      .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 2 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
    • zorlone
      Hi Jena,

      That was a long time ago, look at us now. Tweeting left and right. I even learned how to tweet using my mobile (for free), unfortunately, it's a one way relationship. LOL

      Now we are listed here as Masters and Mistresses of tweeting. Ooops! Jedi and princes of tweets lang pala. Sorry, I got carried away.

      .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Last night =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Jena: I've noticed your benevolent tweeting and retweeting. It's the first thing that hit me in the morning as I turn on the office desktop to check on emails and tweets. You've got it all figured out, Jena.

      And what's great about your RT genius is that you're very democratic about it. You don't limit your RTs to your Jedi Blogger friends. Once you see a good link, a nice tweet you RT it right away.

      That's a great point about karma. It does come around.

      And tweeting and RTing other person's work strengthens the bond of your blog community. Makes you feel closer to each other, di ba? The conversation/comment you might have a hard time leaving in someone's blog? It's less daunting if you send it as a tweet or direct message. It's more relaxed in Twitter. Gosh, you can even mangle your grammar and still be understood. Ahahaha. No need to asssign the blame on your uncooperative keypads. :)

      What happened to your uncooperative keypads by the way. I noticed it's not been acting up lately.
    • Hi Jan,

      Well, my keypads are not so stressed out for the time being. I'm taking my precious minutes pounding on them so gently and slowly. They need TLC too, and when I give them that, they stop being so uncooperative. lol.

      Great pointers you have here Jan!
      .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 2 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Jena: Thank you. :)

      @zorlone: Yeah, we've come a long way. I thought I'd never have a Twitter barkada. A majority of Filipino bloggers are in Plurk which I find strange and hard to use. Well, it's just me and my strange taste.

      You must check every now and then your follower list - to follow back people you're having conversations with.
    • zorlone
      Ask Silver, she enjoys plurk too. Sometimes, it's just the two of us talking, but we're happy. uyyy.... what are you thinking? It's not like that. if you only talk to a few people at plurk, you'd understand me. LOL

      .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Last night =-.
    • Jan, you hit the nail on the head with this post. I love it. It reminds me (us) of a common mistake that I (we) usually do. I'll start not to be obsessed with my own posts and to start retweeting others' tweets. :)

      Thanks for including me on your list. I just noticed that you linked to a non-existent account already... I just changed my user name to TheWeblogZone ( Hope you can change it to @theweblogzone. Thanks buddy. :)
      .-= TheWeblogZone´s last blog ..Spammer Or Not? Check It With TwitChuck =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Rocky: Ooops, nakakadalawa na yata ako, Rocky? Truth to tell, I wasn't thinking of anybody in particular when I wrote this post. Now, I remember thinking of this tweeter - so I really was thinking of a bad model after all. That tweeter's case needs CPR or defibrillator. A bad case really that this inspired me to write this. I hope that clueless soul gets to read this. Ahahaha.

      Oh, darn. Corrected the wrong link, Rocky. It's done. :)

      @Chris: That's the magic of retweeting. Just for a moment, consider tweets as conversations. Will you be interested in me if all I talk about are the things that matter to me? Take your pick - my job, my writing, my plans, my toys, my conquests? You'd think me as a bore and selfish, right?

      But if I engage you in a mutually beneficial way - asking you what makes you tick as a person, what projects you have lately, what you think about certain ideas and events, wouldn't this appeal to you more? What if in my conversations with other people, I mention your name and your plans and how good they are and how these will benefit the persons I'm talking with - wouldn't you say I'm a great person to be with? That's the idea behind retweeting and why it's an appealing proposition.
    • zorlone
      I thought I heard medical terms on this comment section!!! Stand back, I'll perform mouth-to- err, wait, I don't think I know how to properly resuscitate a non human. LOL. I'll pass and let someone knowledgeable do this life saving act.


      Wrong cue pala!

      .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Last night =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Doc Z: Bat napapadalas yata pagsayaw mo ng Careless Whisper - pansin ko lang. :)
    • zorlone
      I wasn't dancing to it. he he he. Sikat e.. may kumanta na bisita kagabi dito sa bahay. I was busy drinking and mobile tweeting.

      .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Last night =-.
    • Thanks for reminding me about retweeting, now i know how to properly use it hehehe. Keep up Jan!
      .-= Ambo´s last blog ..Smart Free Unlimited Call Starts Today =-.
    • yap same with me maganda pala naitutulong ng retweeting..thanks jan..for reminding me also..the best ka talaga.
    • Roy

      kaya pala nadadalas na rin ngayon si Ambo sa twitter hehe...

      kelan mo kami pagluluto chef Ambo?
      .-= Roy´s last blog ..Blog Filler No. 8 =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Roy: It's good ga-graduate na si Ambo. More time for blogging, tweeting, and cooking! Cool - ang sarap-sarap.
    • Jan Geronimo
      Thanks, Ambo. Come on, ikaw pa, alam mo naman un eh. Ahahaha.
    • Roy
      thanks for including me on the list even though I've been out of reach lately hehe...

      rest assured, those RT's will keep on coming...

      don't really want to be prince though... palace jester is fine with me
      .-= Roy´s last blog ..Blog Filler No. 8 =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Roy: Okay lang yun, Roy. Doc Z, Elmot and I will help you campaign. Tama! What will the palace be without a court jester. Just don't make jokes about Letters to Mama baka may maiyak dyan. ahahaha.
    • actually jan hindi ko alam kung paano maglagay ng icon sa wordpress blog ko. hahahaa!

      .-= nobe´s last blog ..MAKING EXCUSES =-.
    • count me in! @iagosmom
      .-= nobe´s last blog ..MAKING EXCUSES =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @nobe: Hayun o. Lagyan mo po kasi ng Twitter icon yun blog mo. :) Para namang meron ng follow me in Twitter icon un blog ko. Ahahaha

      I volunteer Jedi knights @yatotchronicles and Luke/@dezertsnow to help you put up a follow me Twitter icon in your blog. :) I'm serious. Very helpful mga knights na ito. Kahit di ka masyadong in distress tutulungan ka nila.

      @Doc Z: I dare you NOT to be honest. Ahahaha. Ikaw ha. Kung di pa kay Luke di ko mapapansin un style mo. :)
    • That's right! I'm here. Have you a dragon to slay? :-D
      .-= Luke´s last blog ..My Nominees For The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project =-.
    • you are twitter addict my dear friend, but in this case, one who has the class and style. you taught me how to RT and the value of giving what you want to receive.

      wow! jedi bloggers on the list! when will the council convene? and the jedi codes? hmmmm...

      twitter is one of the best thing that has happened on the net next to blogging.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..AFP: Soldiers of Death =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Elmot: I thought you were gonna say porn is the best thing that.... Ahahaha. Ka-boom! Elmot, I think mas bagay sa yo si Merlin - the magician. Mahilig ka rin lang magsabi ng poof! sa posts mo. Ahahaha. Di ba. Pero you can be Yoda, too. I'm scared to assumed the mantle of leadership by being Yoda around here. I'm so easily offended and liable to strike out without thinking. So unYodalike no? :)

      @nobi wan kenobi: Hello, Jedi Master? Ahahaha... It's very hard to keep track of conversations we have in Twitter. At any given point, we're holding simultaneous conversations with many people. No wonder, we can't exactly recall how we started talking in Twitter.

      Was it not about the time you kept driving around in Ortigas avenue? Can't recall the tweet about yaya. :)
    • twas about ortigas ave. haha. oh how time flies in the twitter timelines.
      .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Lleyton Hewitt vs Andy Roddick: Wimbledon 2009 Quarterfinals Preview and Results Prediction =-.
    • sira! ahaha! actually its third, ahaha! im curious asking doc z on his answer on this ehehe!
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..AFP: Soldiers of Death =-.
    • zorlone
      Honestly. I think p... plurk! LOL
      .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Last night =-.
    • and speaking of jedi bloggers, i remembered in high school when my starwars-addict friends refer me as nobi wan kenobi.
      .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..June 2009 Philippine Architects Board Exam Results =-.
    • ahaha! buti na lang novz di ka nila tinawag na queen! ehehe! ako tawag sakin eh master yoda, ahaha!
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..AFP: Soldiers of Death =-.
    • wow... thanks for including me... hehehe... the newbies on twitter would be greek when someone who are already pro in twitting say RT... thanks for elaborating it with the newbies.. definitely I would RT this...

      and oh... please remind me again if someone from your twitter followers followed me and i didnt followed back... im so lost these days... you know preoccupied with work... hahaha... I am going to RT this... promise! :D
      .-= yatot´s last blog ..A Tale of MacArthur! =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Yatot: You can use Tweepular. With it you can check who are following you. You'd be presented with a list of people with their avatars, stats, etc. You can check the people you're interested in. After that, you just click "mass follow." If you just want to add them all including all the spammers, you can do that too at one go. :)

      Tweepular has a feature of mass following new people. But I'm leery of spammers and lowlifes so I'd rather do it the old fashion way of clicking the follow button on people I consider interesting. :)

      Sure, friend. I will DM you when that happens.
    • you can also remove those whom you followed but doesnt follow you in tweetpular just in one click...hehehe
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Chris: You're correct! I've forgotten to mention that. I don't know why, but it's the only use Tweepular for - unfollowing people who don't follow me at one go. Thanks, Chris.
    • Oh, by the way, do you use another third-party software for twitter to see all the posts of people you follow? There's too much going on, o nanibago lang ako coz I'm a Plurk user?
      .-= Badet´s last blog ..Another Restaurant City addict =-.
    • I do the same thing Rob above does. I follow almost anyone who follows me but I set up groups in TweetDeck for easier tracking. In addition to Rob's suggestion, I'd also try Spaz and Twhirl. But TweetDeck definitely rocks. You can even set a pane to display all tweets mentioning blogging, Wordpress, or whatever it is that interests you.
      .-= Luke´s last blog ..My Nominees For The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project =-.
    • I agree! I use Tweetdeck as well. It's a great organizing tool for the chaos that is Twiiter. lol. And it's perfect for OCs like me. haha.

      Mag-Tweetdeck na! :p (lol, I should be getting paid for this, haha!)
    • @Badet - You can chosse from a variety of Twitter applications that can create groups. There is is Seesmic Desktop and Tweetdeck. My personal organization tip is that I group people. Since I'm using Seesmic Desktop, it is easy for me to monitor conversations from different groups. I have power users, Pinoy Tweeps and my own group #barkada.

      Also, with those 2 apps, if you're doing experiments in social media, you can use multiple accounts.

      Hope this helps.
      .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Barrio Siete Tribe: Doing Things Right And Flying High =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      @Badet: All the posts of people you follow? That's a little maddening for me. I only keep track of the best people, Badet. What you might find useful is to get an RSS feed of keywords relevant to your blog and subscribe to this feed. This is very helpful to keep track of topics you're interested in so you get to be in touch with what's the buzz in your field of interest. You also find people with the same interests that you have - makes for more natural and meaningful connections, right.

      An aggregate of all posts by people you're interested in in one place? I am not sure about this. The only useful tool for me right now is Google Reader and Friendfeed. I'm afraid I haven't answered at all your question. Ahahaha
    • I found this very useful thank you! @RunSickboyRun
    • Jan Geronimo
      Ronnie - I was just talking about you. A visitor from Twitter. Thanks, Ronnie for this visit.
    • And so I RT'd this post, haha! I haven't gotten around exploring Twitter and I'm at a loss at its interface. Matagal kitang di nabisita, I like the new domain name.
      .-= Badet´s last blog ..Another Restaurant City addict =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      Thanks, Princess Badet for the RT and for liking the new domain name. :)
    • was it by your RT that we met online?
      .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Ivanovic vs Williams: Wimbledon 2009 Fourth Round Results =-.
    • Jan Geronimo
      Novz, I can't quite remember. Ahahaha. What's stuck in my head was that tweet of yours about the calendar tweeters. You know - Novz, Jan. Who else? Perhaps, Fedhz should be rechristened Febhz?... Hey, it's a bummer. Anna lost. But it's all right, I like the Williams sisters, too. :)
    • perhaps it was about the yaya thing. i could not exacly recall. LOL!
      .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Lleyton Hewitt vs Andy Roddick: Wimbledon 2009 Quarterfinals Preview and Results Prediction =-.
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