Happy New Year, Guys

by Jan Geronimo on December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi, guys.  Here’s easing back into blogging to greet you a happy New Year.

Let’s skip the apologies, all right?  I’d rather talk about what this year meant to me.

On balance, it’s been a fantastic year. My blog marked its first year this December.  True, I broke the tape limping but overall the pluses exceeded the hassles.

Here’s why. You’ve enriched my writing life with your conversations, advice, good company and friendship.  True, I’ve parted ways with several persons this year.  But that’s okay, too.

Because those who’ve stayed and became friends?  A lifetime is too short to enjoy your skewed humor, your unfailing support when I second-guess myself, your loyalty and your helpfulness.

My friendship with you is my greatest achievement this year.

Thank you, guys.   Happy New Year!

Okay.  Can we get drunk now?

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  • Hello Jan, guess what?? I took your advice! Remember about that silly post you commented on? Gionawa ko siyang novel. Ahahaha! It started from there.

    I have four romance novels to be published this year.. ahahaha! It's not much but the point is. I TOOK YOUR ADVICE!

    Thank you sweetie!

  • Hey, that's good news. And you've nailed four, how about that. :) Okay,
    I'm looking forward to readig them.
  • Did I missed the drinking part Jan? Anyway, I don't drink alcohols :D

    Happy New Year! And happy blogversary!
  • Ahehehe. You did not. I had no one to drink with anyway. Thanks, Madz. :)
  • Hey Jan, Happy 2010. I hope it makes most of your wishes to come true, and don't go drinking too much wine as it may effect your writing style. ;)
  • Thanks, Sire. Yeah, there's the matter of our wishes and our plans to
    achieve them. Just hoping God doesn't find them ridiculously funny that He
    upsets our drafting table. :)
  • eto pala ung sinasabi nila sir na hindi nag update..hhhehehe! Update kana sir..
  • Hi, Paige. Thanks for the visit and the very memorable blog meet up with
    you, Jen, Roy, Doc Z and the guys. :)
  • I really do not sing.. hehehheh! I am sure your stress na po and want to play farmville.
  • Well, that makes the two of us non-singers. Pero I appreciate good music
    naman. No, it's all right. Nakapagharvest na ako ng broccoli kanina.
  • Sir jan,
    Sayang di ka kumunta. San napo kau nyan?
  • Good to know that sir. I hope marami kang naharvest. heheheh! lol
  • Dito na ko sa Oriental Mindoro. Which is quite a feat - arriving safely
    home - because I spent nearly two-thirds of my travel time sleeping. That's
    one hectic night we had. I didn't sing? That makes it the three of us,
    including Bonnie. Ahahaha
  • kumanta ibig kong sabihin hahahah!
  • Cheers, Jan! ;) Good to have you back. (You are STAYING this time, I hope.) I was about to say, "Awww, he didn't mention me," but then I got to the part about "skewed humor" and I knew who you had in mind.

    Or did you mean Heather? ;)
  • Of course, I meant you, Holly. Heather is a serious contender though.
  • Whew! As long as she hasn't supplanted me!
  • Happy New Year my friend! Wish you all the best not only in blogging but in all of your endeavors. God bless! :D
  • Thanks a lot, Jaypee. All the best to you and your lovely family, too. :)
  • Hi Jan, Happy 2010! Go easy with the wine will ya? :-) It's so good to be here again, miss your writing. It's truly a blessed year in 2009 since I get to meet P50 and everyone in it. Thanks so much for your friendship and encouragement. Continue to enlighten us with your cheerful spirit! Have a great year!

    Social/Blogging Tracker
  • Thanks a lot. It's been a pleasure knowing you, my friend. Here's looking
    forward to more fruitful and fun and awesome collaboration this year. :)
  • Happy New Year! at Happy Three Kings na rin :)
  • Ahehehe. Thanks, Amor. Sana konti lang sagabal sa pagyaman natin this year
    noh? :)
  • Dee
    Hi Jan! Happy, happy new year!:D

    Kumusta na? I wish you all the best this year! God bless! :D
  • I'm good - thanks. I hope all is well with the family. :)
  • Happy 2010 to you too, Jan.

    It's been great getting to know you here on your blog and on Twitter. I'm wishing you all of life's best.

  • Thanks, Barbara. It's been a pleasure knowing you and being a part of your
    very supportive community.
  • Moo
    Love this post. Will call it “The Bow” – just before 2009 drew its curtains to a close. You just had a superb year, pal and I can only expect more, more of your par excellence writing flair. Here’s doing a curtsey. So, you know now that Moo is She, not He. Curtsey is for ladies. Ahahaha My appreciation, my admiration. Happy new year, pal! You’re simply amazing! And if you want a plateful of my cheerfulness, can you guess what is it at the front of a woman that is at the back of a cow? Cheers to 2010! Moo
  • Amor
    "what is it at the front of a woman that is at the back of a cow?"

    is that the letter W? :D
  • Moo
    Hahahaha! Thanks, Amor, correct ka d'yan! Now it's time for Moo to go, bye...everyone. Jan, do I have to tell you about me when you know me? ahahaha.
  • No. Let's keep this a secret among you, Jen and I. Ahehehe
  • Sabi ko na...he he he...I know you, you are you....gotcha!
  • Yay, that's correct. Sa tingin ko lang. Naku, you should have come earlier
    kung anu-ano tuloy hula ko. Ang sagwa. ahahaha.
  • Ayan ang sinasabi ko, ha ha ha....
  • Ever dearest Moo, that's a very heartwarming comment. I always pride myself that just anybody's flattery can't get him/her anywhere with me. My ears are fine-tuned to detect the finest trill of BS. But yours sounds sincere so I will not contest it.

    The intriguing question you left - do I have to answer that? My sordid mind sees no happy answer fit for my general readership. Please advise. Ahahaha. Sirit!
  • Moo
    Oh, I won't be wasting time here uttering insincere words. And besides I am trying to do away with sugar this year to lose weight that I wouldn't even sugarcoat mah words. Mean it pal, mean it. c'mooo gimme yer answer..., lol!
  • Hey Moo, Jan's suggestion sounds good to me, c'mon , I'll be your second subscriber, Jan would be first? Right , Jan?

    Moo, I know who you are....lol...but I'm not telling anyone, It's a secret...lol
  • Moo
    Boy, that's one thing I like about you, pal. You always encourage someone to blog but reading your splendid writes is more than enough to had me awed, I cannot anymore do some other sane thing, hehehe. And pal, you had it wrong-ful, it's not even boobies! Call-a-friend, lets. Hello, Ma'am Jena Isle...
  • @Moo: Someone has got the correct answer to your puzzle. It's Amor
    Francis. Her guess is the letter "W." Correct? See I've got intelligent
    readers. Sana mahawahan ako. Ahehehehe
  • Moo, what if you make a new blog with Moo's persona - quirky,
    irreverent, happily poking fun at anything under the sun. that will be
    lovely, don't you think? You just let your hair down and moo away at
    man's foibles.you're having fun, feeling no pressure at all. You're a
    natural at this, Moo. Give it a crack, eh?
  • You're a tough cookie, Moo. Just between you and me, this. Can only
    think of one possible answer: va-jay-jay? Darn, you've made me say it.
  • Jan, naman, the answer is very plain to see...he he he...now don't be green -minded and you'll be able to answer the question....mmoooo.
  • Moo
    You're right about it, Ma'am Jena. Off with your google reader a few secs, Jan. Instead put on your goggles to protect you from censor hazards, lol

    Moooo, unto you. ahahaha
  • He he he, Jan, Moo is so funny. where are you?
  • Moo is out to get me. Ahahaha. She curtsies, moos, and for punchlines she leaves a puzzler. What a reader. :)
  • Happy new year to you, Jan.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Thanks, George. Here's to more awesome blogging this year. :)
  • Maria Carmo is coming over to wish a very Happy New Year.

    I was also a long time without blogging, out of lack of time anf tiredness. Now, I am also "easing myself into blogging" and would love to see you sometimes over at my "new world in the making"!

    Have a great year!
  • Hi, Maria. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Happy New Year, too. :)
  • thank to you for give me something good to read,
    happy new year :)
  • Hey, thank you. Happy New Year, too. :)
  • angelcuala
    Happy New Year!

    Well, I think I am just in the 3rd place since I wasn't able to update my main blog for 30 days.

    And comment wise, your magic never ends as your followers really miss you a lot. Of course, myself included.
  • Thanks, Angel. That's very funny. Here's hoping for more animus to keep us blogging to the next level this 2010. :)
  • zorlone
    Happy New Year Jan,

    I think you are just getting warmed up and another post is cooking.

  • Thanks, Doc Z. Well, my mind is still in vacation mode but I'm getting the ingredients prepared. :)
  • happy new year bro! a great year indeed for all of us.

    i am glad you are back with a post to start the year :D
  • Bro, thank you for the patience, understanding and all year round humor. :)
  • elmot
    Hahhahaha! No prob Bro, I will have lots of patience even more this 2010, so long as you will just never forget to write jan-geronimo as the your name on my comment box and not something else, LOL!
  • Ssssh. Ahehehe. I'm glad it happened in your blog. What if it happens in a
    less than friendly blog. Geez. LOL
  • Happy New Year Jan! Look forward to more blog conversations with you.
  • Thank you, Janette. You're one of the key figures in my blogging life last year. What a year it has been. Here's to another banner year. Cheers. :)
  • "If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve." -- William Tecumseh Sherman

    Just sayin'... ;)
  • Good point. Ahahaha
  • I knew that would come round to bite me in the butt one of these days. But re-read. I didn't use the word "never."
  • One of the great things I've learned from a friend: "Never say never." :)
  • happy new year Jan! and oh, you beat my 32 days without a new post. i'm not gonna congratulate you with that. hehe.

  • Ahahaha. That's very funny, Novz. Here's hoping nobody makes a post about our standoff. LOL. Happy New Year, my friend.
  • Happy New Year right back at you.

    It's January 1st, the kids and I have just been to the movie theatre watching Alvin and the chipmunks 2. What a great start for 2010 :)
  • Thank you, Jens. Alvin and the Chipmunks? Why, that's lovely. :)
  • It was a funny movie, the kids laughed all the time. I was more surprised that Jason Lee was in this movie, the last time I watched him he was playing My Name Is Earl :-)
  • jehzeel
    Whoaaaaaaa! ur back! we missed you! Happy new year Jan! :D
  • Thanks, Jhez. Oo nga e, dyahe sa mga friends. Happy New Year, too! :)
  • Roy
    oh good! finally we're moving! LOL!

    what apologies?

    no need Jan, bu I'm sure you know how to make up for it ;)

    Happy New Year Jan!

    and thank you for sharing a great 2009 with us

  • Hi, Roy. We almost had the same achievements this year come to think of it. Of course, I don't have a sofa story. Maybe after another year? Happy New Year, my friend. :)
  • LOL. Happy New Year!! Let's drink to the year of the tiger! (Rawrr!) and start the year with a positive outlook in life. YAY!
  • Tigers might scare a less cocky rabbit. ;) But I have a dragon and a rat and a boar to back me up!
  • Thanks, Gervie. Nice suggestion - let's do more rawrring this year in terms of blogging awesomeness. Ahehehe.
  • Lolo Jan! Still complete? Happy New Year!
  • Thank you, Joel. Complete na New Year ko. Dumaan ang isa sa favorite apo ko. Ahehehe. Complete? Complete pa rin ang fingers? Oo naman. :)
  • He he he ...at last! Hapi new year po..mano po....kidding...Ikaw magmano sa akin...Punta ka dito, may sisig na pang pulutan. (You've got to come here, so I can join you getting drunk.) Cafe Bossa???

    I'm glad I've met you Jan, life has been more "colored" with you around. I've not gotten my villa, but I'm happy because everyone is healthy. Cheers!
  • Yeah, it's been a many splendored year. We struggled, we triumphed, we went through a lot this year but we remain cohesive. Almost like a family. And the good news is that our family is growing. Dami na nating friends. Here's looking forward to more fruitful collaboration. And good health, too, to make us fully enjoy the fruits of our labor. Drama! Ahehehe
  • "more fruitful"? As in, "I need plum trees"?
  • fifi
    happy new year, jan!
  • Thanks, Fifi. Happy New Year, too. Okay, I did my part. It's your turn now to update your blog. Ahehehe. Just kidding.
  • fifi
    i will, jan. soon! hekhek... just wanna share that i did dream of elmot, i mean the image of his pic appeared in my dream. i could not remember what that dream was about. this silent blog reading has slowly seeped through my subconscious.
  • Ooppss... was my comment posted?! ok ok just wanna be sure... Happy New Year Jan! jejejejejejeje
  • Okay naman, it's been posted. Happy New Year, too, friend. :)
  • happy new year jan!
  • Hi Jan, It's been great getting to know you this year. Look forward to more fun & conversation in 2010! Cheers, Brad
  • Same here, Brad. Always a pleasure - your company and your awesome blog.
  • yey. :)). Happy new year din po. :D ingat. :D. wag masyadong pakalasing. hahah.
  • Happy new year, Camille. Di kaya me nag inom, nanuod lang ng mga lumang pelikula sa cable. :)
  • It's good to see you back. I know I just discovered your blog a couple months ago, but it's really great to have met you. Happy New Year, Jan!

    P.S. I can't get drunk yet because the sun is still out. I still have about 10 hours until 2010 ^_-
  • Thanks. It's a pleasure knowing you, too. Funny, but I did not get drunk though.
  • Eh, I actually ended up spending a quiet night in.
  • It's 230am and I'm still up! Glad to see the New Year has forced you to write a post. Lol! Congratulations on a wonderful blogging year Jan! And many more to come I hope. =)

    I have no profound words at the moment - that tall glass of Novellino did nothing for me. :p
  • Thank you, Rey. I had an exchange of email with Holly earlier. She encouraged me to just ease back into writing again. I said I'd be posting again, but not promising anything brilliant. I know we're under no obligation to be brilliant or profound especially among buddies, but you know, a long layoff does strange things to the mind. Ahahaha.
  • Well you know me - I write a personal blog so have nothing against being non-profound, non-brilliant or whatever else not. What you write I will read ;)
  • I reserve the right to be profound, idiotic, brilliant, insipid, insightful, and silly - not necessarily in that order or all at once.
  • That's an awesome New Year's gift. Thanks! :)
  • Gem
    Great to know that you've been able to manage a post before the new decade begins. Ahehehehe. Hope to hear more posts from you. :)
  • Which came at a cost. I spent the new year before the desktop. At least
    na-beat ko ang deadline. Ahehehe. Happy New Year, Gem.
  • Gem
    Don't worry you're not alone. I actually spent time time last year on a desktop, and also the previous year working on a freelance job. I was also doing a post earlier after I did some maintenance work on one of my blogs. Hehe. But I enjoyed the last few minutes with my family.
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