A Tale of Two Blogs and One Conflicted Heart

by Jan Geronimo on June 27, 2009

Jehzeel Laurente
Image by AJ Matela via Flickr

Problem:   There is only only one slot left in my list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009.  Even bigger problem:  I have two great blogs and both have set up a virtual camp in my mind for over a month now.

Which one shall I choose?

Two choices for my conflicted heart:

  1. Barrio Siete - this is a collective blog presided over by Reyna ElenaBarrio Siete boasts of superb writers in Bluepanjeet, Silver, Ajay, and Buraot.  I can’t think of BS without the image of Reynz pissing in the narrow streets of Barrio Siete while exhorting everyone – writers, visitors, readers to be just themselves in his Barrio.  No pretentious language – in Barrio Siete they don’t suffer fools gladly.
  2. Patay Gutom – this is a food blog headed by Jehzeel Laurente and his friends which he calls respondents.  It’s a fantastic food blog with a to-die-for tag line:  “Ang Blog ng mga Patay Gutom. In English, Did You Know?”  PG’s contributors are well known bloggers in Pinoy Blogosphere, but I  feel close only to a couple of them:  Jaypee Habaradas and Ada.

Only a hairline separates these two blogs.  It’s that close a call.

Other worthy influential blog contenders

Let me mention here other blogs which have captured my imagination and affection.  Here they are with their unique selling proposition.  Take note that I can pick any of them and still be proud of my choice:

  1. Bahay ni Badong by Badongskie for creativity and humor
  2. Command Your Time by Dan Miranda. Blogging prodigy
  3. Desert Fishing by dFish. Reflective writing
  4. His Name is Dencios by Dencios.  Engaging writer
  5. I Am Nobe by Nobe.  Engaging writer and humorist
  6. It’s All a Matter of Perspective by Holly.  Uninhibited wit
  7. Social Media Philippines by Rob Angeles. Engaging writer and conversationalist.

Silver of Dare to Speak Out has a great yardstick in coming up with her own top 10 list of influential blogs.  She says friendship does not influence her choices.  By this she means she only thinks  of quality or merit as her criterion.  And I felt relieved with that statement.

Friendship – the ties that bind

But that was then. Today, I’ve got to weigh in in favor of friendship.  I’m not saying my choice has no merit.  It’s an excellent blog.  I’m proud of it.  I’m just saying that with all things almost equal, I’ve got to bring in the big guns to break the tie:  the issue of friendship.

Maybe I’m just a humble coffee drinker.  When I have no money, I’m not above using roasted rice so I can drink coffee.  Doesn’t this qualify me to be a Patay Gutom respondent?  Just saying, but does it mean less cookie point for Jehz?

I am not a credentialed writer.  I have not graduated from college.  Why?  But that’s an altogether different story.  Now, even before Barrio Siete came to be, Reynz had invited me to write for his collective blog.  He asked me to be his Barrio Councilor.  That’s a great honor for me. One more cookie point for Barrio Siete?

What now?  Which way do I jump now, guys?

Patay Gutom gets my vote

I have known Jehz since my blog reading days.  His blog is the culprit why I’m blogging now.  He’s inspired me to blog.  He’s my blogging idol and friend.

Let me qualify that:  I have appropriated Jehz as a friend.  I have not met him in person.  I have only known him through his blogs.  Why I feel he is a friend I ascribe to the magical friendship online interactions fosters.

Janet has her cut off date for her writing project.  I have mine:  my  admiration and respect for Jehz predates every online friendships I’ve made in my six months of blogging.

Of course, this trivia has a weight too in my decision:  contrary to expectations, Jehz has ignored an internet marketer who had a nasty run-in with a lot of blog writers because of this snake oil salesman’s contempt of Patay Gutom bloggers.  That counts for something.  Yeeha.

Here’s an updated post on my final list of top 10  influential blogs.

Contest winner – Ada of Adaphobic

Cute blogger Ada has just won P300 worth of airtime load for guessing my 10th nominee for the Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009.  Nobody has provided the pitch I’m looking for why I chose Patay Gutom.  This means P500 worth of airtime load will be given to the top commentator of June.  He or she has a choice as top commentator: the airtime load or One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. If he/she chooses the airtime load, the book goes to the reader that placed second in the top commentator count. The 3rd placer gets P300 worth of airtime load – Smartload or Globe Automaxx.

Top commentator contest is temporarily suspended starting July.  Your friend here will be saving up for the upkeep of this blog: bloghosting fees for next year and renewal of domain name.  And,  of course,  for the purchase of coffee to keep me going.

Jehz, you owe me a plate of Talangkanin, buddy.  Never mind, I feel a heavy load has been lifted off me.  Guess I can sleep better now.  Yes!

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  • Woot! Thanks for choosing PG! :D
    .-= Fitz´s last blog ..Low Risk, High Yield, Fast Cycle Investments =-.
  • Congrats to Patay Gutom! Number one na yan sa Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009! :) Congratulations Jehz! :)
    .-= Tyrone @ Millionaire Acts´s last blog ..Success Story of Chikka =-.
  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! jan, nakaka iyak naman to. ~___~

    umiiyak na ako. wala akong masabi. hehehe :D Thanks. Super duper as in! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    .-= Jehzeel Laurente´s last blog ..The Undeciphered Puzzle =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Jehz: That's a new style of blog commenting huh? May before and after. :)

    Salamat, Jehz. I'm happy napadaan ka. This is just me choosing the red pill. :)

    PS: I'm using Zemanta. Maraming suggested pictures featuring you - all from Flickr - kaso may mga kasama ka sa picture. Kaya ito ang pinili ko.
  • wahehehe.. Yeah! Red Pill rocks! wooot!

    Astig yung pic ko ah.. may fade effect pa. galing pala kay AJ yun, ngayon ko lang nalaman pag hover ko sa image. hehe :D
    .-= Jehzeel Laurente´s last blog ..The Undeciphered Puzzle =-.
  • congratulations to Patay Gutom for having your vote! congrats also to Ada.. looking forward for pasaload or share-a-load :D
    .-= Jhelo Cruz´s last blog ..Cebu Dancing Inmates’ Tribute to Michael Jackson =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Jhelo: Thanks for dropping by. Ang lakas ng intuition ni Ada ano? Alam nya agad. :)
  • woooooooot! and2 pala ako. Di ko to nabasa ah.. (reading...)
    .-= Jehzeel Laurente´s last blog ..What’s Cooking at Mini Shabu-Shabu? =-.
  • Hi Jan, thank you for the recognition. It certainly is an honor being part of your list that caught your attention and affection. More power to this already powerful blog of yours...
    .-= dFish´s last blog ..Michael Jackson: the many crossovers =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thanks, dFish. Thanks to my readers. They play a big role in keeping me going - even when I'm running on empty sometimes.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Jena: Jehz is very accommodating to every reader of his blog. And very helpful. I'd stop right there kasi baka dagsain ng gustong magpaampon at mangutang. Kawawa naman ang friend ko. Ahahaha.

    I rarely visit his blog - only when he has a new post - because ang daming tao. Ewan ko ba dyan. Parang MJ ng Pinoy blogosphere. :) At saka un security guard ng blog nya - Akismet yata un - galit sa akin. Lagi na lang nilalapa ang comment ko e di naman ako spammer. Alam mo ba how I'm able to bypass his masungit na bulldog? I'd compose an email to Jehz para mag appear un comment ko. And he will post it on his blog. Di ba naman for a busy blogger that's a lot of hassle? Pero he'd gladly do it to make a reader happy. That's Jehz. :)

    A place for refuge. Really? That's what I'm striving for. Rob and I have a term for it - making readers feel they're in our living room wherein they can be anything but themselves. If your idea of unwinding is to pull up your legs or to put them on top of the sofa, go ahead. Feel at home. Thanks, Jena - that's a lovely compliment. :)

    Novz: About your new blog. Yeah, I'd certainly do think about it for next year. What? You don't feel the need to win us over anymore? Are we that transparent to you? ahahaha. Sure, Novz. :)

    Doc Z: Ada has a slight fever ilang araw na. So she's hardly seen online these days. She has replied to my email already - thanks to you, of course. She's read your plurk announcement. And she's got the P300 airtime globe load already. And she has sent me a text message on top of that. You know what that means, my good doctor? But I am not telling. Ada's number is safe with me. Ahahaha.

    Do you wanna? Do you really wanna. That's Mel Gibson lines in Lethal Weapon, egging a would-be suicide to jump to his death kasi nga ang kulit nun. Wala lang - you've got first hand knowledge how my mind works. Naalala ko lang po. Do you wanna, Doc Z? Toinkz.
  • Jan, I saw nga his comments 143, iyong ibang posts din ang daming comments - nakakalula, and yet he could still find time to copy paste yours? He's quite amazing! I like this guy. I hope he wins. Isama ko kaya siya sa campaign; do you all approve of this, guys ?
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 2 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
  • Ada
    Whowowow! I'm absent yesterday due to flu, until Kuya Zorlone told me via plurk that I won your contest! I wonder how to claim the prize :D Hehehe

    Thank you thank you soo much! I hope we will meet someday, in PBA? WordCamp? Influential Blog Event?

    PS. I really like your new layout!
    .-= Ada´s last blog ..The Ridiculous Burger Challenge! =-.
  • zorlone
    Saw your plurk na okay ka na, so I left you the message about Jan's contest. Congratulations! Magaling ka manghula. he he he Palagi ka naman laman ng mga events e. Magkikita kita din kayo ni LJ (lolo jan)

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Poetry Friday =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Ada - Maaasahan talaga si Doc Z magbroadcast ng message lalo na pag cute ang intended recipient ng message. :)

    Oo nga. Sana nga ano? One of these days magkita-kita tayo.

    I've sent you an email, asking your mobile service provider - smart ba or globe? So I can the airtime load, un PIN. :)
  • zorlone

    Malay mo may blog event si Ada sa Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro e magkikita kayo dun. Lahat ng bloggers sa area magkakatantotanto. LOL

    So, ikaw lang yun. hehehe

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Poetry Friday =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Doc Z: What's this - "Lahat ng bloggers sa area magkakatantotanto"
    I didn't get what you meant by that. Please elaborate. Hmmp. :)
  • zorlone
    Root word is "tanto" - alam. So magkakaalaman na kayo sa lugar nyo.

    Yun nga lang baka ikaw lang ang blogger sa inyo LOL

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Poetry Friday =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    I'm sorry, Doc Z. I thought you were talking dirty again. You don't do that, of course. What's come over me? When I know for a fact you only do talk dirty only in your sleep. :)
  • madaanan ba Pinamalayan if mag drive from Manila to Boracay?
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Ivanovic vs Williams: Wimbledon 2009 Fourth Round Results =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Novz: Yes, Novz. The buses bound for Boracay pass by our town en route to the southern tip of Oriental Mindoro: Roxas. In Roxas, buses from Manila are loaded into ferries which take them to Antique or Aklan. :) Shall I hire a marching band to welcome you?
  • congrats to the winner, and for that remaining slot ang hirap naman ng mga choices mo e
    .-= Mars´s last blog ..Dotcom for you =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Mars: I hesitated kasi. Next year will be different. I'd unload my nominations at one go. Bahala na kayo diyan. Ahahaha.
  • Whoa, two great blogs! I certainly agree that the choosing is hard. :(
    'Follow your heart, Jan!' ^_^

    p.s. nice layout jan. i love the new look. ^_^
    .-= Snow´s last blog ..Farewell Michael Jackson: King of Pop Dead at 50 =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Snow: Thank you for understanding my predicament. :) Talaga - you like? Ahahaha. I'm so happy you like it. :)
  • i would also choose PG if I were you... simply because I love to eat.. but will all due respect to reyna elena's barrio siete blog of course... anyway, reyna elena and jehz are BFF's so whichever you choose, they're still friends... hahahha...
    .-= yatot´s last blog ..NEWS FLASH: Megan Fox's Topless Body Photos! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Yatot: Yup, I saw their picture in PG. I even posted that blog post in my Facebook update. I even tweeted about it. I asked the world: Anybody knows what BFF is? Interestingly, the first answer came from Scotland, then Malaysia. Ang bagal ng Pinoy tweeters sumagot. Ahahaha. One note: I truly did not what BFF meant until someone from Scotland tweeted her answer. :)
  • Wow! Thanks for choosing Patay Gutom :)

    You should meet Jehz and Ada. They are two of the most humble bloggers today. :D
    .-= Micamyx´s last blog ..The Influence of Michael Jackson =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Micamyx: Yeah, maybe I should meet them. Indeed they are humble. Observe ko lang. :) Thanks for leaving a comment.
  • uy, both PGB and BS are in my top list.

    "Today, I’ve got to weigh in favor of friendship"
    i'd also do the same.
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..USA vs Brazil: 2009 Confederations Cup Finals Result Predictions =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Novz: Dapat pala 8 lang nilagyan ko ng nominees. Next year, I'll post it at one go lang. Para di masakit sa ulo. :)
  • next year completuhin mo na kaagad ha para wala na gulo. at isama mo na rin ang new blog ko. (haha, advance campaigning).
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Ivanovic vs Williams: Wimbledon 2009 Fourth Round Results =-.
  • Hey :) Links ex? :P
    .-= Rommel´s last blog ..Engineering Opening Week =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Rommel: Hi, thanks for dropping by. Link exchange? I don't do link exchange. I add people whether they like it or not - they don't have a choice in the matter. I will check out your blog and I'll take it from there. It's just the way it is. :)
  • Hi Jan,

    Ako rin po , puede pong mag link exchange? he he he...

    You know Jan, I think your blog is really the "refuge" blog , because as soon as I come from work, diretso ako dito. Di ko pa napupuntahan ang blog ko niyan ha.

    It's because I enjoy so much the lively repartee here. I become relaxed and at home reading all the inputs of your readers. Ang maganda, parang nagkukuwentuhan lang , hindi masyadong nakakatense.

    Puede po bang magtaas ng paa? And may I have some milkshake please, thanks. lol.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 2 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
  • wow, what a pleasant surprise! thank you for mentioning Bahay Ni Badong here! btw, nice nnew look for Juju!

    and congrats to dencios for winning your vote! mahirap talaga pumili ng ino-nominate sa influential blogger, and like you, friendship din yung pinagbasehan ko. but they were all deserving, nevertheless.
    .-= Badong´s last blog ..Bagyo, Baha, Buhol =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Badongskie: Si Dencios will be in my top 10 list next year pa po. Ahahaha.
  • haha! sorry, naduling ang batang malabo ang mata. nung nag-comment kasi ako si dencios yung huling naka-post na comment.

    anyway, congrats to Jehz!
    .-= Badong´s last blog ..Bagyo, Baha, Buhol =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Badongskie, wala nang bawain yan. Magagalit si Dencios. :)
  • I understand that it's hard for you to choose because all the choices are good. Para bang multiple choice question na puro tama ang options. You chose a good one but I'm sure you won't also regret if you choose any of your other choices.
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..A Bullet Proof Computer System Is Not Enough =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Luke: Exactly. :)

    @Elmot: Ano ka ba. Ang showbiz showbiz mo ngayon. Parang gusto mong i-depose sa niche nya si friend Yatot. Lagot ka dun. Kidding!

    @Nobe: Just because you did not make it to my list doesn't necessarily follow that you don't rock as a blogger/writer. You do!

    You're a great writer. If only I have half the impish humor you have I'd be feeling uber already. It's a grave insult to the seven of you who did not make the cut, I know. And that includes Luke and Kyle who I forgot to mention in my post.

    It's me you should hate. Not yourself.

    This is just a blog contest. A popularity contest. And in every popularity contest, real talent sometimes gets elbowed out of contention by the less deserving. I'm not thumbing down my own nominees - they're all exemplary in my book. I'm talking about how a great project such as this one can be trivialized by bloggers who have other considerations other than merit as regards their top 10 list.

    You're a class act, Nobe. Just like my seven other blogger friends who I can't put on my top 10 list. It's flattering to be cited. But real talent doesn't live and die by the uninformed adulation of the crowd.

    Take heart, Nobe. :)
  • i know it's not an easy decision for Jan. But at least, pwede na sya matulog.
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..USA vs Brazil: 2009 Confederations Cup Finals Result Predictions =-.
  • and i think the theme song for jan having the difficulty to choose among the two is: "sana, dalawa ang puso ko, hindi na sana kailangan pang, pumili sa inyo" HAHAHAHAH!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..From Hate List to Wish List In Driving =-.
  • "If you feel icky nominating your blog - you can do that you know? not against the rules of the contest - you can take a look at my top 10 list."

    Hahaha. I felt buckets of self loath just thinking about it.
    .-= nobe´s last blog ..IGNORE PIRACY =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Nobe: Was it Ernest Hemingway who blasted his brains out when he put a shotgun in his mouth? Just saying we all have to a varying degree elements of self loathing and self-doubt in us. Lose it, Nobe. Di pa kaya tayo sikat. Ahahaha.

    Or perhaps the reference to self-loathing has something to do with my top 10 list? Ahahaha. Ambiguities, Nobe. You're killing me with these ambiguities. :)
  • it's both jan. it's always both when you're talking to me. hahaha.


  • Jan, i just got your message.

    Here's the thing. I need your help. Give me one good (and legitimate) blog to fill my #9 spot because I'm so tired of finding one. Hahaha! Please please pretty please. You see, nagkaka-wrinkles na ako o. (pointing to wrinkly face)

    I don't want to be confused anymore. Huhu.
    .-= nobe´s last blog ..IGNORE PIRACY =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Nobe: I suggest you include Badongskie. To save your face from wrinkles. :)

    Ahahaha. I cheated. I noticed you put in Badongskie in your top 10 list already.

    Guys, for your info: I've pushed for all of you (those in my top 10 and my additional 7 bloggers list). Nobe can attest to the fact I sent her a couple of emails. Bait ko noh? Padalhan nyo ko kape ha? Ahahaha
  • dencios
    ser jan thanx for kahit paano e nakonsider mo ang aking bahay. goodluck sa iyong top10. btw maganda ang bahay mo ngayon. a splash of Tortoise Blue made it more buhay.

    pasensya kana ser jan at di ako nakakacompose ng str8 english haha

    again, salamat for mentioning my bahay. ingats
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Dencios: Pasensya na, Dencios. Kinapos ako ng slot. Sana gawa ka pa ng isang blog para makabawi ako next year. Number ka sa list ko for 2010, Bosing Dencios. :) Don't worry about not commenting in English. You're allowed to post anything here. Even Arabic if you wanna. Maggo Google Translate na lang ako. :)
  • Hey, nice house improvements you have here. Dang! I really love Thesis. Congratulations to all those in Jan's list. You guys rock! Thanks for mentioning by humble living room Jan. I appreciate it.
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..9 Awesome Tips To Plan Your Social Media Strategy =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Rob: Hey, Rob. Do you like it? Do you have suggestions? I'm anxious to seek your opinion because your blog is very tastefully designed. It's one of a few blogs I can truly declare as beautifully rendered. You can email me if you have something in mind. If you're uncomfortable saying it here.

    Rob, thanks a lot for understanding my little problem. I owe you. :)
  • Oh no Jan. You owe me nothing at all. These are our home and we Pinoys are well-known for Bayanihan remember?
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..9 Awesome Tips To Plan Your Social Media Strategy =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Rob: That's very nice to hear, Rob. I love the concept of Bayanihan spirit as applied to blogging. Yes!

    @Elmot: Toinkz. I entirely forgot about that Twitter icon. Oo nga pala. And the Google Connect thing. Thanks for suggesting them. I'd add them to my wish list kay Rocky. :)

    Nice idea: a monument for Rocky. :)

    Elms, your blog is your resume.
  • a rock monument for rocky? *wink*
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..AFP: Soldiers of Death =-.
  • and if you could add some google adsense on the top of each post? just like those that are working on jaypee's and rocky's blog... i think it will not really be making this blog overcrowded, just a like mix and match with colors.
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..From Hate List to Wish List In Driving =-.
  • ako LJ, may suggestioms for the design of your blog, eheheh! sana may:

    *follow me at twitter, facebook icons something gnun sa side bar.
    *kung my twit this post ka, bka pwede mo ring lagyan ng plurk this post, kung gusto ko lg naman katulad ng kay macuha
    *lagyan mo ng google friends followers bro, para sa mga kasama nating na gumagamit nun

    yun lg muna for now, ehehe!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..How A(N1H1) Could Ruin Your Day =-.
  • by the way i totally forgot....nice new look here bro... hinahanap ka ni doc z sa guest post nya, tutulog tulugan ka, whahahaha! pinag uusapan ka na dun. ehehe
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..From Hate List to Wish List In Driving =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Elmot: Don't forget. It's Rocky who did all the hard work here. Kyle did the logo by the way, a Filipino designer. Hey, kilala sya ni Gem pala. Ka-team daw niya si Kyle... Speaking of Doc Z - pssst. May tampo yun sa akin. Should I tell you? Ahahaha. Secret! :)
  • i know, i think rocky had opened a 9-11 line just for you,e hehe! i like kyle's work of the logo. really, they are working partners? hmmm..kaya lang, wala akong pera pambayad dun for my own logo.

    ano, na naman yan, LQ kayo ni doc z? eheheh! share share share...
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..How A(N1H1) Could Ruin Your Day =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @elmot: Our man in China is one of the best things that happened in my young blogging career. Career daw oh. Seryosohan na ito! Ahahaha.... That's right, Kyle and Gem know each other. Maybe Kelvin here can help you with your own header. He's a helpful young bro, Elms.... No, Elms, Doc Z and I are cool. He's just annoyed that the car repairs will cost him an arm and a leg. :)
  • i could see that, i know that you would not think twice of putting up a monument for rocky the blogging rock star in mindoro. ehehe

    of course, this is a career dude,*peace man*...can this budding career be included in our resume?

    don't worry, i will try to use my charm for me to rival your header here, wahaha! at least, i would not be dealing with difficult people...

    ok, i thought you and doc z are having some serious problems. but his problem with his car is quite serious. burning 25K for repairs? i could already use that to buy myself a new laptop for my blogging....
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..From Hate List to Wish List In Driving =-.
  • now, you can sleep soundly, unless you will once again burn midnight candles bloghopping and playing dota, wahahha!

    good choice...tapos na ang kalbaryo mo. you really know how to sow drama and suspense bro, eheheh!

    good for me i have three vacant slots so i am not torn between two lovers. ahahhha!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..From Hate List to Wish List In Driving =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Elmot: If I can't be witty and humorous, I'd squeeze every post for it's dramatic potential. Ahahaha. Do you think I can write a telenovela?

    If my internet connection does not shape up, I'd be back to playing DOTA indeed. Namputsa kasi eh. Grabe. Hmmp. Go finish your list, Elmot. That will not be validated and included in the master list if your post is not complete. Dali na kasi noh. ahahaha.
  • i am pretty sure bro, you can write a good telenovela, one that could rival those primetime bidas of kim chui and angel locsin... i guess we should call everyone here to suggest a working title for you bro, to make thing easier, all you have to do is write the storyline and script,e ehhe!

    malapit na list ko...sa wed, ehehehe!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..From Hate List to Wish List In Driving =-.
  • zorlone
    Congratulations to PG and Ada!!!

    Balato naman dyan!!!

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Poetry Friday =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Doc Z: Oo nga, Doc. Ang galing manghula ni Ada noh? A blogger and a nurse with sixth sense. :)
  • zorlone
    E nasaan na ba yun? Di kaya nakaduty pa kaya wala pa dito? hehehe. Hanapin ko nga sa plurk baka nakatambay dun. hehehe.

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Poetry Friday =-.
  • zorlone
    Nakisuyo na ako sa isa sa mga blogger friends nya na neighbor ko dito sa city of floods. LOL

    Adaaaaa? nandyan ka na ba?

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Poetry Friday =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Guys, si Doc Z nagro rollcall pag nawawala ang mga OMG cuties. Paano naman kami, Doc Z? Ahahaha
  • Congratulations to PG and your new layout rocks.
    .-= JDSalinger´s last blog ..Pagerank and Traffic =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Kyle: We did it yesterday afternoon. I meant Rocky of WeblogZone did all the hard work - tweaking, getting dirty under the hood, while I twiddle my thumbs trying to look busy on the sidelines. Ahahaha. OMG - Kyle, I've forgotten you. How can I make it up to you, friend? :(
  • Wow, that's a perfect choice Jan. Amen, I say unto that! And a very good rationale too. I like most especially your declaration:

    "...my admiration and respect for Jehz predates every online friendships I’ve made in my six months of blogging."

    Bravo for meaningful, virtual friendships.

    Come again please? I don't want the load, I want the book...he he he... kidding...but If I win, I want the book please...(winks).

    I've got loads to do and I have pulled you in. It is highly appreciated. God bless you!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 2 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Jena: I'd do anything for a friend, Jena. I'm not saying Reynz and the rest of the guys are anything but friends. They are. But Jehz is primus inter pares. It's as simple as that. :)
  • Hi, Jan. I heard about that "primus inter pares" thing before. I've heard it said in reference to me once, in a party. Although, 'twas said a bit differently: "primate inda parti". But it's just the same meaning diba? :D
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Luke: Buhay pa ba un nagsabi niyan? Gusto mo sagasaan ko ng aking uber donorcycle? :)
  • lol. wag na kawawa naman. loko loko lang talaga yong kaibigan kong yun. Tawag nya sa amin ni Dee ay Beauty and the Beast. >:o Besides, bagong bago pa naman gulong ng big bike mo.
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..A Bullet Proof Computer System Is Not Enough =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    O sige, wag na, running him over with a bike is a messy proposition... Is he a blogger, too? I think he'd make a fine Dooce - male version. :)
  • This is re my comment above right? If not, I'm sorry for replying; but if yes, then I'll answer it: no he's not one. But now that you mention it, he could look the part—a male version, that is. It's so like him. I'm impressed; you know him already.
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..A Bullet Proof Computer System Is Not Enough =-.
  • Ooops. Did something happen to your reply button, or is it just me?
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..A Bullet Proof Computer System Is Not Enough =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Luke: Pasensya na sa reply button ko. Parang may tama. Siguro pinainom ng barangay tanod na naman yan. Kung saan saan bumabalandra e tingnan mo siya. :)
  • I perfectly understand what you mean, Jan. You're not only a writer extraordinaire but you're after all, the good man I know you really are. (Does that make sense? I mean the grammar.) lol. I know you know what I mean (There I go again...)

    I had thought you have suspended the top commenter thing effective this month. Hindi pala, buti na lang...lol...dapat pala I should be here more often. he he he..kidding...kahit naman wala iyon, eh , readers can't help but comment on your posts because they demand readers' participation..or else....

    Way to go Jan!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 2 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
  • Roy
    Yes Jan, you can sleep soundly now.

    Congratulations on your choice.


    before you sleep, you need to go to Janette's and buzz your list ;)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Google dominates even mobile web searches =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Roy: I was three hairlines away from nominating Juju last night. And four hairs away from nominating Nobe. I was paranoid and conflicted at the very last minute. Good thing I had hit the publish button, if not naabutan ako ng Cinderella syndrome of my SmartBro internet disconnection. Ahahaha. This week my internet connection has been giving up on me at 12 midnight. Perhaps it's the blogging gods way of saying I should get more sleep. Of course, I'm just putting a good spin on an infernal problem.

    I did buzz Janette just a few minutes ago. The deed is done, Roy. And indeed I have a great sleep. I even dreamed about Darren. But maybe that's for another post. Ahahaha.

    Thanks for babysitting me last night. Appreciate it very much.
  • Ang galing naman pala ni Jehz, Deserving talaga siya to be in your list. I visited his blog - jehzlau concepts - and Number 1 ang blog niya sa blogtoplist..Wow! That's a great achievement.

    But of course, we're talking about Patay Gutom in your list. Title pa lang, very creative na.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Jena: Multi-awarded si Jehz, Jena. And yet he's the most humble and friendliest blogger hereabouts. I have yet to meet a blogger or reader who has nasty things to say about Jehz. Siguro kukutusan ko yun pag nagkamali siya mag inarte sa harap ko. Ahahaha
  • That's a very commendable combination , multi-awarded but humble! triple wow! I hope you'll introduce us (Jedi Knights, lady warriors), or ako lang ba ang hindi nagpupunta pa doon? Then he must be worth a visit.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 2 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
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