Anatomy of My FarmVille Addiction

by Jan Geronimo on November 23, 2009


Call off the posse, my friends.  I’m finally back from a two-week vacation from my blog.  I’m not exactly missing in action, for crying out loud.

In case, you’ve not caught on, I’ve sought refuge in FarmVille, the bread basket of the blogosphere right in the heart of Facebook.

First, let me thank friends who play good cop – bad cop, making me realize the folly of being a fugitive from my own blog:

  • Jena Isle perhaps noting the lack of new updates applied gentle pressure by waddling deep into my archives to come up with a list of posts that resonated with her.  She summed them up in this post, Serendipity and Writing to Exhale
  • Holly Jahangiri heard someone wisecracked that I could be merely preoccupied smoking crack and suggested intervention.  Holly, however, has a different take on my disappearance in her Monday News & Views post.  Word of caution:  Don’t be too trusting of  someone who amuses herself by eating raw tripe on a dare.  Her latest feat?  She made  the Western Hemisphere go ewww  by  eating balut on a dare.

Thanks a lot, spoilsports.  Remember this:  No good deed should go unpunished.

My FarmVille Roots

My late father used to drive home this point:  Plant fruit trees.  Always plant fruit trees. When they bear fruit, you’d always have something to look forward to.

So many years after the fact, I’ve made good, Father.  I’ve a big plantation in FarmVille.  In your time, you couldn’t plant grapes, could you.  Well, I can. Every crop that can be had only in temperate zones I can now plant in my farm.

I just wish my own virtual farm is swathed in magic and superstition as my father’s acreage was.  He used to keep us in awe how naughty spirits had kept him from finding his way home.  He kept circling and circling practically nearby farms in the dark.  No, he’d protest, I know my land like the back of my hand. I’m not that drunk! And yet he’d spend hours before finally finding his way home.

And how I wish the social aspect of FarmVille opens itself up to more realistic activities and oddities of farm life. Happy Farm, another flash animation game in Facebook, allows its users to steal the crop of their neighbors.  My blogging buddy Gem was unfriended in Facebook by another user when she helped herself to this neighbor’s produce.  It’s my only game in Facebook, it’s all I ever care about and my produce were stolen, the user said in spirited exchange of Facebook status updates.

In his time, my father would drink with the farm hands after a long day’s work. If you’ve a landlord as guest in your farm house, you’d serve him first before your children and husband, giving him the choicest servings of adobo.  That’s farm protocol.  Well, my eldest brother noted, when it’s time for the other members of the family to eat, they’d ask my father to join dinner.  This is good form in Filipino homes.  No matter how sated your guests are you always have to ask them to join you at the table.

Without fail, according to my eldest brother, father would always be a good sport and come to the table, oblivious that he already had dinner.  Perhaps this was true because I didn’t hear father blaming bad spirits for his stunts. After all, he laughed the loudest when he was teased about it.

Bringing my inner demons to FarmVille

Don’t laugh now, but I find that repetitive clicking in FarmVille – plowing, seeding, fertilizing your neighbors’ farm, harvesting – relieves tedium.  It tames the inner turmoil and makes the demons of modern life manageable.  Well, at least till harvest time. If you stick to it, day in day out, you’d get to own a villa for your farm.  It’s every farmer’s wet dream in FarmVille.

I know writing does the same thing.  But without the certainty that a grand villa can be had. Scary prospect indeed.

Just the same, I will not have it bruited about I refuse to disengage from FarmVille because of a well developed affection for a certain cow.  Simply not true.  Yet.

Hey, if you happen to drop by my farm – er plantation, fertilize my farm, will you?

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  • Thanks for the "recommended reading". Good stuff! There's also a great review of all these Farmville guides over at http://farmvilleguidereviews.c....
  • Dee
    Wow! Ganda ng farm mo, Jan! I like it! Just started playing FarmVille and oo nga, addicting talaga. :)
  • A Very Happy New Year with Love, Good Health and Criativity Maybe you can check my blog, A New World in the Making!

    Maria Carmo
  • Hey Jan! What happened? Wala pang kasunod ang post mo? Why not share your FarmVille Level? :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
  • I should stop farming already. Already had a villa. Funny thing is that
    buying one didn't make me a bit happy. Kahit pretend villa lang parang ang
    yabang naman? Ahehehe. Happy New Year, Madz. :)
  • Happy New Year Jan!
  • Hey Jan, I could not believe that up to now, you have not posted any update. Haha. But I see you every day on Facebook.

    Give your cows and the chickens some space. They won't miss you that much if you'll be out for a couple of days.

    Happy New Year my friend. More blessings this 2010.
  • The fun is in the challenge, Jan. Not necessarily in attaining the goal. Not unless you already have your sites set on the NEXT goal.
  • Have you really given up blogging, Jan?
  • Nope. It's just hard to come back.
  • Great to have you back, Jan. Wow.. mine should be comment no. 125 right?

    Looks like you got some welcoming feedback from the folks. :-) I must say one of the things I get to learn from my nephew during the vaca is FarmVille, although his crops are no where impressive as yours. As Heather and Francisco, I've been trying to stay away from those invitations as well. I just know I don't have the time for that just yet. Maybe some day. I'll give you a nudge then. :)

    Happy holidays! Happy Farming.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
  • Farm ville is the Harm ville.
  • Strange for me to say, but I agree. At least in my case, my blog has
    suffered from lack of updates because of this pretend farming.
  • well i must be one of those backward guys that still haven't got a farm anywhere on Facebook yet!

    nope, no FarmVille, no Happy Farm, no Barn Buddies.

    No Cafe World or Restaurant City neither.

    let's just say I tame my inner demons through xtube instead. =D
  • That's funny. What will we be without our fave poisons, eh? :)
  • Hello Jan! Just dropping by to say Merry Christmas!
  • Thanks, Charles. Merry Christmas, too. :)
  • Kuya Jan, bakit ang tagal na hindi pa din kayo naguupdate ng blog?

    Merry Christmas! :D
  • Moo
    OO, nga Kelvin, this Anatomy is too far done. But let us continue to prevent inhumation by the continuous flow of our embalming comments. Whatever it is that has attracted/distracted the No. 1 influental blogger of 2009, I hope it isn't that worth enough to do injustice to that title. We are still in 2009, this blog isn't suppose to conk out. He can leave his writing for agriculture next year. We are talking here Kelvin because we missed Kuya Jan, right? He is keeping me hungry, he owes me a book now to feed me. You know, his blog post is my fave fodder, haha!
  • Moo, you're hilarious. Please give me a plateful of that cheerfulness. :)
  • fielsvd
    owwww, ito pala ang farmville...
  • Moo
    I am calling the attention of Writing to Exhale: Choose not to get stranded. The traffic has not come to a stall here in the comment section. Here I come! Mooo!
  • I know very well that ghosts of Christmas past, present and future visit
    Scrooges everywhere during this season, but Moo? Are you serious?! Please
    identify yourself. Ahahaha.
  • Moo
    Oh, but you just left a comment in my post yesterday afternoon, hehe...
  • Moo
    Wuz somewhat worried you dug too deep into your farm and fell into your compost pit but what a relief to learn you're proclaimed the "King of Compost" instead. You are missed by Moo.
  • I'm afraid to say I miss you too. Please refresh my memory. You've got a
    marvelous sense of humor. I've a feeling you're one of my buddies. Own
    up! Or I'll let loose my cows on you. (No freaking dogs in FarmVille. Or
    none that I know of.) :)
  • Moo
    Where are the cows?
    Send in the cows
    Well, maybe next year...

    Happy Holidays!

  • He he he,. Ayan pati cows , they pay you a visit now, kasi di ka na raw sumusulat...moooo , dagdagan mo pa ng meeeeh....ha ha ha.
  • Waaah. Moo has visited me again and mooed at my lazy ass. What - cows are
    now equipped with GPS and can navigate their way from blog to blog? Wowser.
  • I second the moo-tion.

    lol. sorry, couldn't help myself!
  • jehzeel
    woot! Jan nasan ka na? Di ka na ata nag update ng blog u for so long. :( waaah!
  • Dito lang ako sa kabukiran ng FarmVille ngmumukmok. Magsusulat na ako talaga.:)
  • Hahaha! Woot! :D yay finally!
  • Who is Moo? Do you know? That one got a wicked sense of humor. LOL
  • dencios
    ser jan,

    i cannot relate kasi wala akong facebook (ok, shoot me)

    but we have a real farmville at our new home in The Philippines haha so somehow i know few terms at least in real life hahaha

    merry Christmas ser jan!


  • Hi, Dencios. It's been a while no? Merry Christmas to you, too. :)
  • Jan,

    Kumusta na? Puedeng mag Christmas sa farm mo? he he he
  • Puede may log cabin dun. Kasya mga Jedi bloggers and friends. :)
  • i have revamp my farm in FT tonight. still no update in my blog as of 1600 today. that's 27 days without a new post. are you going to beat that? hehe. merry christmas, Jan!
  • Novz, oo nga, dapat mag post na si Jan. he he he...Merry Christmas Jan and a Happy New year!
  • the above should have read "I have to revamp". Done with my revamp last night. But still lacking a mansion. Now i'm into Ninja Warz. Wanna be an ally?
  • I hope not, Novz. Ahehehe
  • Gem
    I actually got caught up in several games, not just Happy Farm. I'm actively playing Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Mousehunt (the only game I've regularly donated in each month), Restaurant City, Country Story and Farm Town. Except for Country Story I've leveled up in all of them.

    All these I do while I try to keep up with friends on the social networks.

    I blog less frequently, not because of those distractions, but because I don't ran out of freelance gigs to do at this time. Those games and social networking are what I am able do during breaks. I just really wish I don't have to deal with the stress of someone cursing and unfriending me - those games are sort of a stress reliever for me.
  • Up to now I'm still puzzled why these games click with Facebook people.
    Come to think of it, these are just simple flash games. Is it because it's
    social? Frankly, I like it because one can be competitive in it without the
    bad-mouthing that happens in other online games.
  • Gem
    Maybe because they are able to connect to other people without having a topic to talk about?
  • A woman's insight - spot on. That's a good one. :)
  • Roy
    hahaha! never really it's 'that serious' Jan, until my son told me today your level hehe...

  • Turned out I'm a very competitive gamer...I used to pride myself I'm a very
    good Game of the Generals player until I met one of my best friends. I
    couldn't win against him. It came to a point I had to lash out at him
    because he refused to continue the game. Matatalo lang din daw naman ako.
    The nerve! Of course, he's right. LOL... My blog can sure benefit from
    such one track mindedness!
  • Roy
    oops! that should read, "never really thought"

    sorry hehe...

  • hahahha.. kakatawa naman. i didn't know you got addicted to farmville. i have FT but i prefer playing petsoc because my pet doesnt die even if i leave it for several days. hahaha. i dnt have time waiting for harvest period anymore. it stresses me more when i see all my crops wilted.. haha

    enjoy your FV!
  • Di nga namamatay bumabaho lang. Ahehehe. Di ko gusto petsoc kasi one of the
    social activities there is kissing. Ayoko nga. Ahehehe.
  • As someone who has succumbed to FarmVille myself in the past, I offer my condolences. However since this post was written something like two weeks ago, are we to assume you're still in the throngs of farming?
  • Hi Jan,

    I'm a little late, but congratulations on being named the new blog of the week on George's blog. WooHoo!
  • Thanks, Barbara. That surprised me a lot - George's choice. I felt my blog
    is already a little too old for the recognition. But of course I can't be
    more flattered though.
  • So, thats where you've been hiding JG... I dont know whether to laugh or cry. I must sayI am surprised from the point of view with how much you like to 'chat' ... I guess everyone needs a break now and then.
  • Yeah, you could say I was seduced by Facebook's sweaty underbelly. :)
  • It looks as if you have had way more fun than me the past week. LOL.

    I have never heard of FarmVille, but I love farms and animals, so I should probably give it a try - since I'm finally back online and have time to do so.

    The game I have enjoyed for several years is Civilization, FarmVille sounds similar, but instead of ruling a civilization, it's a farm?
  • I was just involved in Mafia Wars @ FB. But i think i should try FarmVille too.
  • By the way, not a farmville. I had my own rap with game addiction in my early years. here is the hint from the song "three days without sleep!"

    Now, tell me about game addiction.
  • Look, who's back in town!
    Look, he brought with him his experience.
    As a result, here comes this blog entry; the writer's way.
    Ah, of course the villa too! (see picture above)

    Who started the rumor about "Jan's missing in action?"

    I’m finally back from a two-week vacation from my blog. I’m not exactly missing in action, for crying out loud.

    I believe you Jan. (ahahah! - balimbing ba?)
    No, we just missed you bro.
    You're too important to ignore.
    See you around and
    Addiction or not happy farming at farmville!
    Where the implementation of true land reform exists, is it?
  • Thanks, Darbs. It's hard to hide from friends, isn't it. They'd hound you and write funny stuff about you. The best thing to do is to drop farming and show your face on your blog. Ahahaha. Woohoo! A gamer in our midst. Kunsabagay, aren't we all at one point or another in our online life? :)
  • They'd hound you and write funny stuff about you.

    It could only be described in few words right?

    Like... "Jan, we missed you!" Where are the expected replies from you!

    na-spoiled kasi kaya yan. . .

    But, I don't suggest dropping the farm. And this time you might want to be frank that you enjoyed farming better than. . .opps...

    Sila na nga ang mag-gamer, tingnan natin. ahahah!

    But again I don't want to go back to that predicament. Just like smoking... once you stop/quit, you could not light even one... not ever...

    Oh, how was the smoking habit? totally gone?
  • i'm almost addicted to farmville too.. playing it all the time.. be a spammer for sometime asking to join etc.. and then suddenly internet is down i couldn't play it for few days.. and when the connection is back.. i'm no longer feel like to play.. thank god (i guess)
  • That's a clear case of blogging god(s) intervention. Good for you. :)
  • I'm also addicted to Farmville, and Cafe World. I try not to add more apps coz I really have the tendency to get addicted. Pati tuloy anak ko, naglalaro na rin.
  • Ako FarmVille lang. Siguro pag may Villa na ako, I'd try Cafe World. Isang
    blog lang minimaintain ko pero di na ko magkandaugaga. Teka, makahanap nga
    ng mga bagong tricks. Ahehehe.
  • fifi
    i kept coming back to your blog and wondered why there weren't new posts yet. and then every time i check facebook, i see updates on the newsfeed about you getting awards in farmville or that you have reached another level. i thought really that it wasnt you who was playing because didn't you tell me you before to write something about fb addiction or the uselessness of some of its apps? apparently it has caught on you too. hahahaha! i gave up farmtown, jan because it stresses me out when i can't be online and the harvests would be due to the point that i would give out my fb password to someone who i know would be online and available to harvest the crops in my farm. there were many events that i missed because harvesting preoccupies me, big time.
  • Fifi, that's why I'd never say never again... Letting someone else in
    on your FB account to harvest your crops for you. Nice trick! How
    about scheduling your students to work for you. Just make sure there's
    something in it for them. Woohoo, I'm so bad.
  • I got caught up in Mafia Wars this past summer, and my blog suffered as well. Although your stories of FarmVille are starting to make me curious. Anyway, it's good to see you back; I can cancel the APB that I put out on you :P
  • I don't mind the APB. It's being written off in history as pathetic
    stat - a blogger who succumbed to the dark side of FB games.
  • Hmmm, Farmville? What's that? never heard of it. LOL!

    Glad you find that 'soybean technique' quite useful Jan. I can imagine your fingers now a bit stiff and need some real good shiatsu. Hehe.

    Let me know I can send you my albularyo.
  • Roel, it's the cheapest technique in town. i already have 22 x 22
    plantation but I still do it every now and then to keep neighbors
    fromovertaking my level. Bought a tractor to make the routine less
    painful to the fingers.LOL
  • Jan,

    I'd like to know the complete history of this cow and I'd like to meet her parents. Not just any cow would be good enough for my Jan.

  • Woo-hoo! That's a good one, George. :)
  • While I agree that you would MYPP (make your Papa proud) because of your flourishing plantation in Farmville, I'd have to apologize for I can do nothing to help it improve. Sorry Lolo Jan! Hindi ko ginagamit yang app na yan!
  • Apo, nag aapologize ka sa Lolo pero parang nanggigigil ka ha? Ahahaha. Hay naku, Joel, lagi ako sa Facebook. Make good on your promise ha? Schooling first before online gaming. That's what's important. :)
  • I've never tried FarmVille since I only use my Facebook for messages and school stuff. Though, I can see most of my classmates play that game at school everyday.
  • That's all right. You lead a very hectic schedule. And it will be very dreary if we all do the same things. :)
  • True. But I think I'll try to check it out especially now that I am on Christmas vacay.
  • zorlone
    This is why I leave the farming to my parents. Hey if ever you see me online on my facebook account posting stuff on my farm, that's my mom. If you see me playing poker or mafia, that's my dad. So, please be careful with the chat feature my parents might reply

    "What the **** are you talking about?"

    Okay time to go back to my 33+k word count on nanowrimo. I want to finish this at the end of the month.

    It's cool that you had time to explore some avenues on the world wide web, there are just too many temptations out there, wholesome and not. ;)

  • Well, Z,. I found out one way to relax-farmville.
  • Rest assured, we let each other be. We're happy just toiling away. I always drop in your mother's farm, trying to catch a glimpse of my young novelist friend. No such luck. You're simply holed up elsewhere. :)
  • You're dead right there, Jan. We're hard working farmers. he he he..No time for chit-chats.
  • It appears that I have been lax in supporting my FB colleagues in their farming endeavors at FV ... now this is very lame of a blogger to admit since we are supposed to be hep when it comes to social media, but for now my main reason to check in on FB daily is to see how my offspring are doing :-) ... oh, and they are not farming although I am amused at the number of friends who have, funnily enough they are at 9 to 5s, so, is this stress release or are they cheating on the job?

    best ............valentina
  • It helps a lot if you've online buddies as neighbors. That doubles the fun - making the game a pissing contest of sorts. You can disengage from it anytime you want if you've lots of more important stuff on your plate. You can devote 15 minutes, half an hour to it and then just come back when it's time to harvest. Mine is a different case though. I sulked in FarmVille and only surfaced every now and then. LOL
  • Wow, my second comment on a Farmville post today!

    Anyway, I'm a lifelong gamer but these MMORPGs are really time wasters. There's very little skill involved and even the game creators laugh at those who actually pay to gain a competitive edge.
  • I've read Zynga earned as much 1/3 of their income from lead gens. That poses a problem especially when one volunteers personal info as a trade for game currency especially kids.
  • I will definitely do whatever is necessary to help you get a Villa or whatever it is you call it in FarmVille. I have to admit that I had invitations to join and I was not sure what it was so I decided to ignore the invites. I have to be honest, that I do not have a clue on how to play and where to start. Perhaps I will visit some of the related links you got here so I can have an idea. Anyway, good to see that you have taken a small leave from your farm:)
  • Stop kidding me, Ditesco. :) Our Google group discussion is far more interesting and bound to make me a little more money for Christmas - if I apply to it the same devotion I expend on FarmVille. Trust me, you're not missing anything at all. :)
  • You're just afraid that if DiTesco joins Farmville he'll give you some competition for most prosperous mega farm of the mind. Thanks for the hen. ;) And other gifts. By the time I signed up with Farmville, so I could send my nutty friends presents, I had over 100 gift requests sitting in my inbox.
  • We're lucky he's more into ordering hits in Mafia Wars or else we don't
    stand a chance... Over 100 gifts? Oh my, you're the most sought after
    pretend farmer in town then. :)
  • Hilarious! I stay clear of Farmville, myself. The whole idea of helping others... *shudder* I laughed out loud when I read about Gem being unfriended by somebody on Facebook for helping herself to his produce. A sign of the times.
  • Yeah, that resentment spilled over into Facebook updates wherein lots of people contributed their two-cents worth. Some people are just so passionate about their games in Facebook. And because it's all they have - like in real life - they provoke funniest drama. Who says Facebook updates are boring. Certainly not me - or not anymore surely.
  • I can't believe I did that! Next time that happens, please send out a P50 drama altert. I'm pretty good at diffusing tense situations. And if that doesn't work, I just have fun with them. :)
  • Jan, you are so fortunate to live where some of the most beautiful flowers in the world thrive natively: the hoyas.

    Perhaps these vines are merely weeds to you.

    To me, when my Philipine hoya fungii bloomed this summer I was ecstatic. It's been overwintering here in the SF Bay Area... outdoors for 3 years!

    It should dead dead dead by now, but it's going into it's 4th winter.

    I don't have a good photo of the bloom, perhaps I'll try to get a picture of it sitting in it's pot, and post it somewhere linkable.

  • Hoyas got me puzzled but I looked it up and indeed these blooms look wonderful. :)
  • I have over a dozen types. 2 bloom regularly. One smells like cinnamon pastry, the other smells like chocolate brownies. Unbelievably fragrant.
  • What so addicting about FARMVILLE? I have tried this playing game before but its not pretty amusing for me. Anyway, kanya-kanyang trip lang naman po yan di ba? It just so happened that I'm not "IN" it.(Kaawa-awang nilalang.) LOL. haha..
  • Gervie: It's a nice game especially when you just want to give your mind a rest. Yun lang I went overboard. I found out rural life is not what it seems at least in FV. Competition is tough in FV. Keeping up with the Joneses, that kind of thing. Who's got the biggest farm? Do you plow by hand? Eww. I've got a tractor and a harvester. That kind of thing. Mababaw ba? Hehehe
  • Ah ganoon ba iyon? so may practical use pala talaga ang mga iyon...he he you've given me an idea. I didn't tinker yet with all the side functions of the other tabs there. But I'm learning. Do you know why my "farmer" is at the center? There''s a reason for it. You'll have to discover it...he he he.
  • now, everybody has a farm! first it's doc z's mom, then roel, now it's you!

    i promise i will not cross over from FT to FV.
  • You missed Jen. She's my neighbor as well as Lyle. :)
  • Did I hear my name whispered in the annals of farmville? he he he...Yes, FV is ranked one in games played at FB.

    Jan is a relentless worker, toiling from dusk to dawn.
    You should pay him a visit, Novz, ang ganda ng villa niya and well tended ang crops niya.

    I can't wait to buy my own farm on over , Novz, you'll enjoy FV more.

    The post is sooo "in" for me. Cheers!
  • It warmed my heart you took up farming again in FV to give me cows and put fertilizer in my crops. I said to myself, there goes Jena doing her bit for her friends just so they'd be happy. And then you learned some tricks and here you are enjoying the game. Pssst - even Lyle sent me an IM while I was watching tv. He's amazed you're breathing down his neck. You're level 14 to his 16. Ahehehe.
  • hahaha i've graduated from farmville. it got to the point that I would rush home because my crops might wither
  • Oh you should check out the new features, Rygel. Lots of new stuff to prettify your farm. You're now giving up? You've not added me yet as neighbor and now you're giving it up. Bummer. LOL
  • There should be a "Look, put all my crops on hold, I'm on vacation and won't be logging in for a few days" feature. Farmville and Fishville are like Tamagotchis for grown-ups. It's sick, twisted...
  • Yeah, those game developers are the most devious and twisted lot. It's
    either you plant seeds which can only be harvested in four days. Or you
    don't plant at all - no crops going to waste... I had a good laugh when you
    left your fishes to die in FishVille. And it was during the promo period of
    A Puppy, Not a Guppy. Irma's faith in you wasn't shaken a bit by this
  • elmot
    You have no right to defend yourself, you influential farmer of 2009, wahahhaha! The lawyers are coming over to rebuke all your defenses, wahahhaha!

    But I am very glad with all honesty that you are back to your blogging abode. As Yatot said, your dad will surely be proud of his son farming with diligence and industry...
  • Thanks, bro, for mocking me in Twitter although you did not name me. Hehehe. When I read your blog post I realized I've gone too far afield on this one. :)
  • elmot
    Hehehhe....nonetheless, it was a good vacation, only that you have gone too
    far from your blogging chores. I am contemplating now of having along
    vacation too.

    Am I welcome to stay at your farm? ehhehhe
  • Of course, Elmot. I've just bought a family farm - no villa yet - but
    it will be fine. Just bring beer. LOL
  • elmot
    Then maybe you should work harder this time on having a good yield from your
    crops in order for you to buy an extra villa for me soon.

    Beer? Sorry bro, I am in to clean living now. How about making ourselves
    drunk with the milk coming from your cows? LOL
  • Well, that can be arranged. I've got goat's milk, too. Ahehehe
  • elmot
    Then, we could settle for that one. Haven't not drink goat's milk...but if
    that is the one on the picture that Holly posted, I guess that tastes good
    enough not to make me go to the comfort room everyone 10 minutes. ehehhe
  • Haha! I have not played this but have heard about it a lot.
    Geez LJ, go get a some seeds and plant something right now! I'm hardly the green thumb, but you might be, so go get your hands dirty with real dirt no. :p

    But I'm guess, I'm out of line. I better try Farmville first before I scold you. hehehe.
  • That's right , Rey. I felt that way too with friends. I had scoffed at their farmville antics, labeling them jejune and feckless . But look at me now a struggling farmer bent on making it big at farming. he he he..

    @Elmot, you could stay also in my farm. Kaya lang sa open air ka matutulog kasi tent and bahay lang ng manok ang meron pa ako...he he he..
  • Good luck to you and may all your endeavors be ehem.. fruitful. :D
  • Jen; Ahahaha. Tent? Ay baka ma expose sa hamog baby brother ko. May
    space pa kaya ang dairy farm ko,puede na si Elmot dun. LOL
  • Hahahaha!!!! Kaya ba sa dairy farm dahil...
  • Ahahaha. Hayaan mo na. Di naman niya napansin eh. LOL
  • Rey, levelling up in FarmVille is my new PageRank. Ahahaha. I can't bear that my neighbors ranks higher in the totem pole in terms of level, acreage. Never mind the farm decorations - I can live without them.

    So you can just imagine me trawling the net looking for ways to get ahead of my FV neighbors the shortest possible time. It's like blogging, you see. You've to crack your noggins to land on the first page of the neighborhood roster. Optimize your farm is a constant battle cry. Ahahaha.
  • You bought that book, too, didn't you? 'fess up, Jan...
  • Ahahaha. You're baiting me. Of course not.
  • Ahhh so that's what "FV" means. I saw it somewhere and thought someone
    misspelled "FB".
    SEO-ing your way up FV ranks I see. Well, of you go then! Just don't forget
    to remember to share what you learn here lest we, your bloggin buddies hold
    another strike at your blog-step.

  • Welcome Back Jan!

    At 'yan palang FarmVille ang culprit? LOL! I'm on to FarmTown kaya wala ako alam diyan, he he..
  • To my credit, it's the only flash game in FB that I play. I heard Farm Town is Farm Ville's predecessor. Farm town has 18M players. We in FarmVille have reached 63M. Do I hear you coming over? LOL
  • Oh no Jan, I already bid goodbye to Facebook Apps, LOL!
  • Joseph Galvez :D
  • Uy, thanks. Did you tell him? Baka naman di nya ko i-add ha? Ahehehe
  • Will tell him Jan, he he he. BTW, his avatar in Facebook is the Fold (pink
    color). He's addicted to Poker too eh, he he he.
  • Okay, will add him now. :)
  • Can I recommend my brother? He is equally addicted to FarmVille, and DOTA, and Poker, LOL!
  • Sure, Madz. What's his Facebook username? :)
  • Awts Just have to look for other buddies to recruit now, don't I. :)
  • nyahhahaha... the influential blogger has finally defended himself to the blogosphere's unprecedented outrage of farmville addiction... may I add... nonchalantly! hehehhe... i am sure your late father would be very proud of you building your own villa! keep it up, jan! kudos! aaaaww!
  • It's the longest post I'd ever written. Started this last night. Stumbling blocks get thrown in my way: lost internet connection, pc conking out on me, other distractions. Kept at it till this got published. LOL.

    Don't want to earn notoriety for being the first blogger that quit his blog for FarmVille. Dyahe naman. Hehehe
  • i was actually enjoying every words while i read this blog entry of yours... hahhaha.. i can imagine you procrastinating on a single blog entry that becomes so lengthy... two-weeks worth of writing in a single blog... that's really something.. it's like masturbating on words i can say... hahhaha ;D
  • Forgive me for the unrestrained blog post, my friend. I do miss writing after all. :)
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