How Do You Squeeze in the Time for Blogging?

by Jan Geronimo on July 6, 2009

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to f...
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New reader Lio Loco asked me this question in my post, “Going Gaga Over Blogging, Paid Posts and Naruto“  His case is a bit hard:  Lio Loco keeps a day job, goes to CPA review school at night, and when he goes home he still holes up for an additional review of his own.

Let’s hear it from Lio :

Lately, I’m seriously considering ending my short blogging stint because I’m almost always preoccupied with my work and review, hence the lack of time to write posts. But I really love blogging.   I’d feel something will be missing if I finally reach that point of throwing my blog in the recycle bin. Any suggestions, Uncle Jan?

Is shooting his blog in the head the only option left?

Of course, I gave him the best answer I could come up with:  to keep his blog.

Why?   He’s a great writer himself, coming up with post ideas that I wish I could have written myself.   Try his post on his top influential blogs and then tell me what you think.  Better yet, tell him by leaving a comment on his post. That post is written in contemporary Filipino but let me tell you -  Lio Loco writes splendidly in both Filipino and English.

I hate to see the momentum he’s had in his blogging halted.  Besides, he’s created a lively community around his blog.  Surely something can be arranged so Lio can maintain his sanity and still keep his blog alive.

The best course for Lio

I’m interested, however, in your suggestions for Lio because I don’t even for a moment presume it’s I alone who can give him the soundest and most workable advice.

Okay, I’ve meandered enough.  Time to give you the floor.  Wait, while you’re at it, throw in some productivity tips.  Time- sucks and other distractions afflict us all in varying degrees after all.

What’s your recommendation for our new friend Lio Loco?  Let’s brainstorm on this, okay?  Guys, over to you now.

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  • Hmmmmmmm... basta ako I'll blog if I want to. Pero if walang gana, kahit may oras, di ako nakakapagblog, kasi walang gana. hehehe :D Yun lang masasabi ko. Wooooot!
  • Hi!

    Great blog design. I haven't been online for a while and haven't seen your blog. Nice colors!

    About Lio, he can lower the frequency of his blog posts and still be consistent. And then pick up the pace when he's through with his review.

    All the best!
  • Great point - Lio's CPA review will be only for a while, right? Picking up the pace later - that's the idea. Sad to say, Lio has decided to leave blogging. It turned out it's not a matter of taming time after all. Something about broken heart and all that messy business. :) I just hope others find value in what my readers have contributed. That's good enough for me. Thanks, Richie. Do you like the color scheme? Do you have suggestions for my blog? I'd love to hear that. :)
  • Rilke once wrote "ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must I write? Dig into yourself for a deep answer. And if this answer rings out in assent, if you meet this solemn question with a strong, simple "I must," then build your life in accordance with this necessity; "

    Lio, search into yourself and find out the reason that directs you to write.
  • Nice Rilke quotation. Thank you - that's very apt. I'm glad you shared it with us, including Lio. :)
  • flamindevil
    time and again, i've said that we should not feel any pressure in blogging.

    write only if and when you have time. no deadlines to beat, nobody to please but yourself.

    update your blog once in a while. though i'm really busy, i will never leave the blogosphere. :p

    kuya jan, tagal ko nang dumadaan dito, ngayon ko lang maa update ulit blogroll ko, at nilagay na kita.sorry po medyo late.hehe. :p

    btw, astig ka talaga, daming fans!waahhhhhh
  • No pressure, Rye. I'm not visiting blogs naman to get on the blogger's blog
    roll naman. It's for the sheer pleasure of reading and getting in touch
    with friends. It's all right. Para ka ring si Lio eh - very busy. Ikaw
    kaya ang maraming fans. :)
  • I can somehow connect here.. I am currently on Intern and from 3-4 posts a week, the blog suddenly morphed into 1 a week type of posting frequency.. In my opinion I think you just really have to go with the flow... Yes, its going to hurt your blog but its always part of the problems of blogging...
  • Hi Melvin, you've a following already. Maki of Dosh Dosh updates his blog
    only every so often and yet he's retained his followers. No worries for
    you. When you're good I'm quite sure your readers will understand.
    Besides, new readers will not go home empty handed. Pillar posts will keep
    them busy or whatever they take a fancy to in the blogger's archives.
  • poot
    hindi naman kelangan na araw-araw ina-update mo yung blog mo kasi sometimes may mga bagay na mas importante kesa dito. diba?
  • That's true. I've given Lio advice to stick with blogging, and yet it's me
    who finds it hard to make an update here. Ahahaha. Busy rin ako eh. I'd
    rather not update my blog if my mind is tired. Baka kung ano lang maiblog
    ko. Scary! lols...Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts.
  • Guest
    My oh my, if you know how busy I am you will all wonder how do I still manage to blog. But anyway, Rob is right - time management is the key to everything.

  • Indeed, time management is the key. Time to eliminate time sucks. And
    online distractions. :)
  • This new application is cool. Twitter and comments all in one. Way to go, Jan! Jena Isle
  • Yeah, it's cool. But the tweets bother me. Although, it's the readers who
    click the Retweet button what appears in the Twitter time line is
    different: it shows up as me tweeting my post. Bad, bad. What will others
    who'd see my time line say? That I'm not practicing what I preach?
    Ahehehe. I disabled that for a moment. It's disconcerting to see on the
  • I like it because it's emailing the commenter of my reply. And the
    commenter's reply arrives in my inbox. I don't even have to open my WP blog
    to reply to my commenters.

    I have a little problem though. The retweets are being attributed to me,
    not the one who clicked the retweet button. So you see a long list at the
    bottom of me tweeting my own post. Dyahe naman. I don't even tweet my own
    posts nga eh. But other visitors don't know how I operate. So this becomes
    a problem for me.

    Perhaps, I should consult Rob Angeles again. Our helpful kabalen. :)
  • dee
    I say that you just keep your blog. Blog during those times when you need to take a break from your review. You need to take a regular breather din kasi from your review once in a while to let your brain rest. Kasi if not, then (what's the word, I forget na e, matagal na kasi when I had my review) you get stressed out and then you won't get to comprehend or internalize a lot of things that you're reviewing. And since you love blogging naman, it's a great way for you to relax in the middle of a grueling review.

    Like what we did before was to schedule Sundays as a no-review. Meaning, we just relax on Sundays so that when Monday arrives our brains are all fresh from the rest. So maybe, you can designate a day as your relax day and then you can do your blogging then. But your working noh, so maybe half a Sunday maybe for you. Depends on what works for you. But don't forget to get a regular rest from all the review.

    Oh, and I remember, exercise helps one study better.

    Hope that helps.
  • Relaxing on a Sunday is a nice idea. Time to recoup lost energy and to
    think of the week ahead. Goals, things to do. Wow - a woman's perspective
    is priceless indeed. Thanks, Dee.

    PS: I don't do exercise, but I think you've made a terrific point about
    keeping in shape as it relates to studying well.
  • dee
    Exercise daw kasi improves the circulation of one's blood which provides the brain the much needed oxygen and nutrients, allowing better concentration and mental performance. Ay, geeky ba? But that's really true... :)

    Have a happy Sunday!
  • Certainly can't get any time for blogging!!
  • Sure you can have time for blogging. Can't you spare even an hour a day for it? How about 6 hours in a week? You can carve out a time for anything if you really want to, that's my take on this. But then as they say - different strokes for different folks. Thanks, for dropping by. :)
  • wow! I didn't know disqus is now integrated with twitter AND facebook! ang galing! am now seriously considering changing to disqus. hahaha! (eto talaga yung first reaction haha!)

    anyways, this is quite relevant for me since (1) I have also just [re]started blogging myself and am still learning the ropes and (2) I'm planning to take my MBA soon so goodbye "time". hehe.

    So far though, despite my day job which normally extends hours, the only constraint i've had is my unreliable net connection. I think a personal blog (which is what I have) is less constraining on things like frequency of posts and topics, so that is probably one of the reasons why.

    Lio, keep your blog! And update whenever you have time, maybe once every week or every 2, but keep it alive. :D When u get more time, then blog a bit more. I assure you it'll be okay. That's from personal experience! lol.
  • Rey, there's a new site for busy people and not so busy ones. It's Posterous. Have you read about it? It's something like Tumblr. The early adopters push this site as a life-streaming site: a hybrid of sorts between blogging and micro-blogging like Tumblr.

    You can send updates to your Posterous page by just emailing your message. It need not be long. You can send pictures, video links, anything you find interesting in the web. And the Posterous people will update your page for you. Very interesting concept. You can upgrade it even when you're on the road - if you use a smartphone or any mobile phone with internet access.

    You can use it for mobile blogging/photo blogging. Say we're trekking up Mt. Pinatubo? Take a pic and upload it via mobile to the site and your page is updated. Great huh? Check it out. You'd love it. :)
  • Nice implementation of Disqus Jan! Ok, ok I'm biased but what can I do? Have you included it it your Friendfeed Account? You can also use under Tools tab to generate recent comments. If you need help, you know where to dig.
  • Yup, Rob. Disqus is integrated with FriendFeed. That was a long time ago.
    And now Disqus has come home to roost. lols Thanks a lot for the support,
    suggestions and helpful advice. :)
  • You are incredible in some ways with the way you pour out your ideas and manage this lively blog of yours, responding to one comment after another...Wow!
  • Thanks, dFish. Maybe I'm just over caffeinated or something. It's tiring
    maintaining a blog. It can be so needy. But I feed off the energy and
    attention and enthusiasm of my readers.

    Anything can be tiring anyway. But we do them anyway because we must. We
    feel committed to doing it. ",)
  • Ax
    i found lio's blog because he once needed a spammer, and i can't resist not to spam on artics after my blogrld friends called me spammerman/superspam. er, i have actually read some of lio's write ups from his erstwhile blog and it amazes me that every words uttered in his blogs is fantastically written.

    that would be my first reason why he should not stop blogging.

    and because blogging is one way of breathing, why would you deprived yourself of oxygen.


    if life asks for your all, give it even more.
    .-= Ax´s last blog ..If the Water Condition Exceeds the Swimmer’s Ability =-.
  • Wow, so at last we have met. Yours is the name I keep hearing about. Nice to meet you, Ax.

    That's so true: blogging is one way of breathing. Very fundamental. I hope Lio listens to us. Hush, we must conspire to make him stay with blogging, Ax. If kind, sincere show of support fails we will try other creative ways. Are you familiar with water-boarding techniques, Ax? Ahehehehe.
  • Ax
    very familiar with waterboarding techniques. er, the theme of my latest post is drowning.

    we can resort to psychological torture or medical torture.. or we play mind games to L. yay.

    and at last, we've met.
  • Our common friend is very intelligent. Let's skip the mind games and go to
    your much vaunted expertise: water boarding techniques. lols
  • I guess it is just a matter of time management. I have a day job as well and I go to law school at night. Law school plus work is already suicide, esp in my school and sometimes I ask myself how am I able to update on a daily basis. I think, as of the moment, I enjoy what I am doing and I just take time to blog whenever I have the opportunity. But not to the extent that I had to compromise either work or school just to blog. But yes, I'm guilty. I blog while in class. :)
    .-= pinoygossipboy´s last blog ..Is Kristen Stewart pregnant with Robert Pattinson's baby? =-.
  • it's not really a matter of lack of things to blog about. gawd knows i have plenty of idiosyncrasies running mad here on my head to sustain a lifetime's worth of blogging. huhlolz!

    pareng dencios was right in saying it's more on finding the time to sustain it, a luxury that i cannot afford given my current circumstances.

    still, my appreciation goes to everyone for throwing their two cents' worth. thanks, you guys!
    .-= lio loco´s last blog ..Buladasphere (O Kung Paanong Naimpluwensiyahan ang Maimpluwensiya Kunong si Lio Loco ng Iba Pang Maimpluwensiya sa Blogosperyo...Ano Raw?) =-.
  • pre time management lang kailangan jan..sayang naman ung talent mo sa pagsusulat..dont give up for blogging..dami nagmamahal syo dito..ayaw ka pahintuin magblog..hehehe
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..The Funny Bayan DSL Lola Techie is Back with Online Video Games =-.
  • Hi Chris, try reading the comments left by your readers. There are lots of blog post ideas there just waiting to be harvested and made into wonderful posts. :)
  • i have all the time for blogging. problem is, i can't come up with topics to write about. the irony.

    .-= nobe´s last blog ..LIKE I DID =-.
  • mahirap talaga tohhh..minsan may moment din akong in walang maisip to post..kaya nagbblog hopping na lang ako pag ganun.
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..The Funny Bayan DSL Lola Techie is Back with Online Video Games =-.
  • yeh, well let me talk next time, it's my first time coming back..
    .-= lloydsbackyard´s last blog ..Pharmacists Board Exam Results for June 2009 =-.
  • goodness ang haba pala ng naisulat ko pwede ko ng gawing post sa blog ko hehe :P
    .-= earthlingorgeous´s last blog ..My Father’s 1st Year Death Anniversary =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @earthlingorgeous: Write a post about your experience with mobile blogging. Come on - that's a fantastic idea. Add some tips. Throw in some funny moments you have with mobile blogging and wallah - you have a blockbuster of a post right there. And I will link it to my post so that my readers will know how it is done - the earlingorgeous way. Yeeha. :)
  • ahihii sige will try to make a post about mobile blogging as soon as I find my fone... my phone is missing in action eh two days na waaaaaaah so I can't mobile blog waaaaaaaah.
    .-= earthlingorgeous´s last blog ..How To Have Your Blog Search Engine Friendly? =-.
  • Well, I blog to keep my sanity. Despite my hectic schedule, juggling all sorts of things I make sure I have time for this . I got some social life back because of blogging, I earn because of blogging, people hear my rants because of blogging. So I don't think of I'm gonna quit. I may take some short break though but never quit.

    My suggestion is he could keep a notebook of all the ideas he wanted to blog. Scribble the first line for that post then let it go. If he has a PC and net at home he can squeeze a couple of minutes to complete that post. I think typing is easier than handwriting so if the idea he wrote on his notes still tickle his fancy he can finish that post in no time.

    Another option is to do mobile blogging. I'm sure there are couple of minutes break in class and his day job. He can write a post as long as he can text in minutes. Depending on your cellphone and mobile provider, I have a sonyk800i that uses blogspot as a mobile blogging platform. Maybe he can tinker on his phone and see what he has available. That mobile blog is a private blog but I can take a pic of something write a couple of lines and post in minutes. Instructions will be provided on how to set it up and moderate that mobile blog via PC.

    And yup writing advance post is a good idea. There comes a time when all ideas are overflowing. He can write them all down and save it for another day and just press the publish button or have it post dated and auto published on the day he chooses.

    Good luck to Lio Loco and don't go Loco coz you can't blog. As the saying goes "If there is a will, there is a way!"
    .-= earthlingorgeous´s last blog ..My Father’s 1st Year Death Anniversary =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Earthlingorgeous: Hey, that's a wonderful idea right there: mobile blogging. I think Lio will find mobile blogging a breeze. He's a bright young man - surely mobile blogging will surely take his blogging to another level. And when he has settled down to a more normal schedule? He can go back to his usual style of in-depth and in-your-face writing. Or add a new blog - the new one being a photo blog. Wonderful suggestion. Thanks! :)
  • Ana
    What does Lio write about? What is his focus? I think writing about your experiences day to day, is what really defines you as a person. Depending on what Lio focuses on, he could try to link in a personal experience to the subject matter he chooses to write about. Usually it's easier to just pick something that made the most impact during the day, and relate it to the subject. Even about work-but something meaningful or funny? Something that is part of him? Also, why not blog about interests or general things interested in? Something that made you ponder through the day? Of course if its subject related, than it would be good to see on what you haven't talked about yet. Make a plan? And take things apart, and see what areas you haven't touched on? And maybe relate it to that?

    Once you get started, you'll easily get your ideas flowing. I think it may be a matter of picking the direction you'd like to go in, and sticking with it. And like you say, Lio enjoys it, so it must mean he is definetly getting something out of it. There must be something he can put in himself, to get that worthy result.

    My blog is about the journey through conscious and awakening experiences, and I share these everyday in a form of a learning or reflective experience to the world. For me, this is exactly how I feel and what happens, as that is the purpose of my blog, to express my insights and use it to heighten my growth and awareness. I am not writing for the readers, I am writing for myself, to develop my own understandings of myself in this world. The connection with humanity is natural, and the help is there if it need be. Sharing my insights with the world through this medium, is a liberating and useful tool not only for me, but for the world. (Visitors/readers)

    Lovely to stop by.
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..Mastering Experience =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Ana: Aha, a blogger with a human voice. That's a useful yardstick in blogging, Ana. First, you write for yourself. There's an exciting world out there ready to be tamed, understood, labeled, bit into. But the journey within - this is the toughest journey.

    We sometimes tend to find meanings outside of ourselves. And that's perfectly all right. But we need to dig deep inside us, too. And trust our insights and our distinct human voice. We connect with our inner selves - meaning no disconnect - and our readers resonate with us, too.

    Thanks, Ana. :)
  • Reena
    to Jan and Jan's friend LIO,

    Well, i tried leaving my blog too last month but found myself itching to blog just after three weeks. Take it from me who already went through the same blogging illness. You will always find ways to blog because it has already entered your system. And I agree with what the others just said, just make time for it and don't pressure yourself to post. Your readers will always just be there waiting.

    But for practical tips, i leave you with these suggestions.
    1. Limit yourself from uploading or posting lots of pictures. They always take up so much time.
    2. Just keep the thoughts free flowing. Before you know it you've already come up with a 10 page post! Jk.
    3. Keep a journal. If you can't find time blogging, then at least write all your thoughts down. It may not be read by the others, but i will assure you it still feels cathartic.

  • Jan Geronimo
    @Reena: That's a wonderful advice. Very specific and workable. I bet Lio will be pleased with your suggestions.

    I noticed you did not leave your blog URL. Still wary of being hounded by you-know-who? Ahahaha.

    So the question is: why did you thought of leaving your blog? Fascinating story. Very intriguing. I hope you write a post about this, Reena. :)
  • mye
    wow, jan! your blog has evolved already and I am so happy for you. i think this time I am the one who should be asking you for advice and tips on how to promote mine :)

    ok now, my advise to Lio - keep his blog. when he has time to write, write as many articles as he can and save them. publish them on schedule. :)
    .-= mye´s last blog ..Emergency Room Frustration =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Mye: Hey, you're the busy career woman. This is your turf - balancing priorities. Work, family life, blogging, and this hobby of yours - scrap booking online ba tawag dun? O di ba, you're busy with that? Busy pa rin ba? Nakalimutan mo na nga ako eh sa sobrang busy mo. Ahahaha. Un o, nagkasumbatan na. lols.

    Lio, tama si Mye: Write as many posts as you can and queue them all up to be published at a later date, one at a time.
  • Roy
    Priorities, which of course in his case now is the job and review, that should be the main focus

    the time for blogging will come. that's the beauty of it, it's not a demanding career, you can always go back to it whenever you're free.

    you don't need to totally abandon your blog, it wil be very useful when you need to destress
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Roy: You know what, I have a favorite blogger. Skellie. She rarely publish a post. But I can wait for a long time - because she's a superb blogger. I don't mind the long wait.

    So what if you lose some readers, Lio. Fine. Those readers are not for you, anyway. It's even better you get rid of them this early. Strengthen your readership by posting less but with more depth.

    Another good example of this is Maki of Dosh Dosh. Di ba? He posts only every now and then, but you've got to hand it to him. His posts are gems - blockbuster thought pieces. All worth the long wait.
  • Roy
    I agree Jan, it's not the frequency of the blog post that makes a blog... it's the content

    Just take your time Lio, your blog is looking good... keep it up!
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..The Short Story Blogger =-.
  • 1/3 work, 1/3 sleep, 1/3 others. (Slip blogging in the last third.) Don't kill yourself doing review. Just gloss over your notes. Don't study, just refresh. (then blog :)) Anyway, the basic principles of accounting should be with you by now. If you did not get accountancy in 4 years, you won't get it in a few months.
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..My Nominees For The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Luke: You're right, Professor Luke. Mas may hihirap pa ba naman sa blogging. Ahahaha. Nakapagpost ka na, di pa rin tapos ang trabaho mo. Never ending story blogging - you get to wear many hats.

    Palagay ko anxious lang si Lio with CPA review. Lio, you're a bright young man. Kaya mo yan. Pag stressed out ka, then blog. Para may creative outlet ka pa rin.
  • dencios
    agree ako dito sa sabi ni ser rob:

    If you write about a particular niche, reading blogs from fellow bloggers can give you an idea on what to write or maybe, after leaving a comment, elaborate your comment in your blog

    **need i say more? waa! ingles yun! nosebleed na agad ako haha. minsan kasi nagawa ko na iyan dahil ayaw ko dun sa post ng kinomentan ko. tas ayun naging ok naman. si pareng lio naman mahusay na blogger yan kaya di mawawalan ng topic, oras lang ang kalaban.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Dencios: Sa wakas, napa-Ingles ko rin si Dencios. On the way pa lang dito, nagpapraktis ka na? Very fluent eh. Parang native American speaker. lols. O, tama ka, Dencios. Time management ang dapat praktisin ni Lio. Number one siguro dyan is to cut down on unnecessary distractions.
  • its been a while since i last visited your blog, just got busy the past days, i am already back here in the philippines for vacation.

    he should not give up blogging, your right that there are a lot of ways to do blogging
    .-= Mars´s last blog ..Touched down =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Mars: I advised Lio to post less frequently. Say, once a week or twice a month for the duration of his review. He has lots of friends online. Maybe he can ask some of them to guest post for him. Novz is right about this - guest posting. What are friends for, di ba, but to help you over some rough spots in your life.... Ay naku, at kailan ka naman dumating. Di ka man lang namin nasundo sa airport. Sayang naman ang chocolates. ahahaha.
  • Jan,
    I was getting ready to ask you on Twitter how come you've had no new posts - I ended up here and discovered that my subscription had dropped for some reason.

    Well, I'm back now and I've got some archive reading to do.

    My advice for you, Lio is to just hang in there. Blog what you can, when you can. Sometimes when folks are strapped for time, they will try to write several posts at one sitting and then schedule them out in to the future for publication.

    My other advice is to listen to Uncle Jan. He is a great writer and a wonderful community organizer. Much to learn from that one.
    .-= Tumblemoose´s last blog ..I think the Editor was asleep =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @George: Thanks, Uncle George for your wonderful advice to Lio. I bet others who are faced with the same tough choices can benefit from your suggestion. ",)
  • geez...never have known my blogging dilemma would hog uncle jan's blog limelights had i not chanced upon this right now at the office (yep, can only manage to browse a little while no american customer is calling i'm on a high avail at the office. huhlolz!).

    thanks for presenting my issue to your readers uncle jan. and thanks for the tips. i'm pretty sure i'll learn a lot from all these great pieces of advice. i hope i can use these to keep the blogging flame burning.

    thanks a lot, you guys! and huge debt of gratitude to uncle jan for shedding some light on my issue.

    p.s. never knew i write splendidly both in english and contemporary filipino. big words coming from one of the great bloggers i respect a lot over the Internet. huhlolz!
    .-= lio loco´s last blog ..Buladasphere (O Kung Paanong Naimpluwensiyahan ang Maimpluwensiya Kunong si Lio Loco ng Iba Pang Maimpluwensiya sa Blogosperyo...Ano Raw?) =-.
  • lio, when do you plan to take the cpa board exam? october 09 or may 10?
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Ronaldo and Kaka in Real Madrid =-.
  • that would be may 2010, ceblogger.

    you see, i thought i have it all laid out already. since i've been working on a non-accounting-related work ("call whoring") for more than a year now, i thought i needed to refresh my accounting foundation, thus this current six-month review.

    the full-time review, however, will begin by october, afterwhich i would have already resigned from my call center work to focus all my attention in preparation for the may 2010 board.

    and yes, you were right in saying it's one of the toughest board exams here in the country (in the league of bar and medicine, i think). that's why i'm really looking forward to having a strong foundation while i'm still reviewing.

    hence, my blogging dilemma. should i or should i not quit my blogging?
    .-= lio loco´s last blog ..Buladasphere (O Kung Paanong Naimpluwensiyahan ang Maimpluwensiya Kunong si Lio Loco ng Iba Pang Maimpluwensiya sa Blogosperyo...Ano Raw?) =-.
  • just save enough for your review. it's tough quitting one's job and not earning anymore. but i hope you have your family's financial support on this.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Novz: I wonder why your gravatar is not showing here.
  • no image in my gravatar yet, though i registered many many months ago. i remembered it just now. so may gravatar na.
  • the CPA board exam is one of the country's toughest exams. working and reviewing at the same time would make it more difficult for him. And if you add blogging to the loop, it would be even more complicated. Now, what is Lio Loco's priority at this moment?

    in a post of mine entitled "Tips for Passing the CPA Board Exam", at the top of the list is to plan ahead. Then at no.5 is of developing a study schedule wherein you can insert some portions of relaxation. Blogging is not as stressful as working. In my case years ago, I skipped classes just to play badminton. And it almost cost me the exam.

    Now, what to do with his blog?
    1. He may convert it to a photoblog and leave it for a week only to reply to comments when posting again a new entry. Posting a photo and a few lines wouldn't take much effort than writing a very long post.
    2. He may invite guest writers once in a while.
    3. He may blog about his CPA review. That would be easier as it will not make him lose his focus.

    The bloghopping (which is usually the one taking more of one's time) may take a backseat, and his community of readers will understand.
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..June 2009 Philippine Architects Board Exam Results =-.
  • i share lio's concern. seeing all people here buzzing in their blogs makes me want to hide because i really find it difficult to keep it updated. that is why i asked you once jan how to make it possible to write a post in 30 minutes. that of course won't be doing justice to the readers who took the time to read. it seems you've dispensed all useful advice here. no need for me to add one. :)
    .-= fifi´s last blog ..the most influential bloggers in my blogosphere =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Fifi: Some suggestions, Fifi. Not every post should be wrung dry to get that uberness factor. Some posts shine not because they're perfect little gems for erudition, for its breadth and scope, but because they provoke a question, or an idea.

    List posts are great. Easy to write. Nail down a great list post idea, then head to Delicious and search for awesome resources you can add in your list. It's very simple - every reader knows how to find what he wants. But most of us just don't bother. So we're very grateful when a blogger takes an extra effort to put these resources all in one post.

    You accomplish one thing. You've just written a helpful post the easy way. And yet your readers love you for it.

    My most read, most tweeted, most bookmarked post in my blogspot days was a list post. Imagine that? Ahahaha. Try it, Fifi.
  • Hi Jan,
    It seems my brain is not functioning well right now. Perhaps, it's overworked. All I can say is : I agree with Yatot.

    Hi Yatot! Writing posts when you have captured the muse and when you have ample time, and then scheduling their posting dates would solve the problem.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 3 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Jena: Me, too. I was running last night on candle power. I had the blues so I stayed off twitter. Nagbasa lang ng konti dun and replied to some comments here last night.

    But today I choose to be awesome. No more blues. Jed Chan tweeted me, urging me to write about it. I begged off kasi it's just one of those things - can't complain. My chin took it well. So go na lang. Para naman kasing di Jedi Blogger pag whine ng whine, di ba? Ahahaha. Yeah, boy, here I go again. Humanda kayo. lols
  • i agree he's a very good writer. sayang naman kung ititgil niya yun. kung tutuusin pwede niyang gawing stress reliever ang pagba-blog dahil nga sa uber hectic na sked niya. sometimes you just have to look at things in a different perspective.
    .-= Badong´s last blog ..Pieta =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Badong: How right you are, Badong. I remember your post about the flooding and that monstrous traffic. Di ba you made the most of the situation. Instead of complaining about it and how it ruined your day, you've made a lovely post out of this problem. A nice shift of perspective is indeed very helpful. Thanks, Badong. :)
  • Got some very helpful tips. Thanks Jan for this psot.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Mon: Yeah, my readers are my think thank. They are very helpful to me in many ways. Keeps my energy level high even when sometimes I feel I'm toast. Ahahaha. Thanks for dropping by. :)
  • and like Mon who got his daughter fill in for him some times, maybe lio can also ask his gf or a friend to fill in for him .
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..June 2009 Philippine Architects Board Exam Results =-.
  • Jullius
    at first i find blogging a bit boring, coz it's just part of our academic activity,
    but later on i found out that blogging can make a lot of fun, now i open my blog every time i open my p.c. hehe. if you like what you're doing you will do whatever it takes to do it.
  • Jan Geronimo
    That's true, Jullius. The first things on my mind when I wake up: coffee and what's cooking in my blog. May nagbasa ba? May nainis o may nainspire kaya? ahahaha. Nice one.
  • ako naman pagkagaling ko from work..diretso sa pc para magblog..naiirita na nga si mommy kasi puro daw pc kaharap ko..hehehe kasi nga naiinspire ka magblog and once you are inspired walang makapipigil syo kahit sinuman...ryt??
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..iPhone 3GS Coming this July from Globe Telecom =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Chris: Meron kaya. What's stopping from enjoying my blogging activities? Lousy internet connection. Brownouts gawa ng typhoons. I'm in a state of constant fear of typhoons. Baka may matumbang poste ng kuryente. Baka malipad ang antenna ng SmartBro. Ahahaha.

    I'm becoming prayerful because of blogging. Yeeha.
  • hahahaha oo nga Jan minsan nga pag may bagyo sobrang bagal ng connection..hahaha hirap nga maginternet kung kelan ang ganadong ganado ka magblog dahil malamig ang panahon tapos sasabay pa ang sobrang bagal na connection.
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..The Funny Bayan DSL Lola Techie is Back with Online Video Games =-.
  • This is a little story of my selfishness. During the last typhoon, I was happily blogging away in our little place of business. Little did I know that less than a kilometer away from the middle of the town proper, strong winds and big waves had laid to waste scores of houses on the shoreline. And there I was cursing the on and off supply of electricity, praying very hard for the typhoon to spare the power lines.

    Houses were being destroyed and there I was anxious about keeping connected to the hive. Good thing, no lives were lost - the big waves came at 10 am. This shut me up for the whole day. I've been properly shamed and rightly so.

    So I guess my recommendation is: All people living along the shorelines or coastal towns and barangays should have at least one member of the household as a Tweeter. Ahahaha. Yun un eh.

    Point # 2: Pag Asa should be on Twitter, too.
  • yun un Twitter na ba ang solution..grabe naman yan true to life story nga yan Jan?? hehe
  • For Lio, the solution is to remain true to his passion: blogging. For my
    town folks, telling them the usefulness of Twitter? Baka pagtawanan nila
    ako. Sasabihin lang nila, pambili nga ng bigas, pambaon ng mga bata sa
    school, problema na magTwitter pa ba ako? lols.

    Although, of course, there are lots of wonderful stories about Twitter
    helping a lot of people in dire straits. But then, siempre pag nandyan na
    ang mini tidal wave magti tweet ka pa ba? Siempre kakaripas ka na muna ng
    takbo sa higher ground. :)
  • sumpain ang pahirap na internet connection!
    .-= Badong´s last blog ..Pieta =-.
  • Having to find time to maintain my blog has never been an issue for me lately; I am unemployed, I go to dialysis treatments twice weekly, and I am at the house most of the time. This being said, it still doesn't mean that I can have my time or blog whenever I want.

    I must admit that Lio's case is a bit hard, his schedule being crammed up to his neck the whole day. But if my advice's worth a penny, Lio, bro, don't dump your blog!

    I always believe that if something is worth a lot to you, not to mention your love for doing it, you'll always find time to push or see it through. Ganon sa kalokohan di ba? Ganon din kapag gusto mo talaga yung isang bagay.

    Kung gusto mo, maraming paraan; Kung ayaw eh maraming dahilan.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Dialysis Update – Taking Steps on A(H1N1) Prevention =-.
  • i agree...kung gusto maraming paraan and kung ayaw maraming kung maraming dahilan..wala ka ngang magagawa at matatapos.
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..iPhone 3GS Coming this July from Globe Telecom =-.
  • Korek ka dyan, my friend!
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Dialysis Update – Taking Steps on A(H1N1) Prevention =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Jullius: Nice perspective, Jullius. I know where you're coming from. You're beset with health problems and yet you keep on plugging away. Indeed, there's nothing like having a duel at high noon with a personal crisis in your life to bring clarity in your choices. Or how you'd conduct your life. Your strength and passion is very admirable, Jullius. Thank you for your insight.
  • Thanks! Although I must admit that I once was 'happy go lucky' and 'come what may' type of person, with quite a bleak of vision of the future and the life I'm living at that time. I guess there's no better 'slap on the face' than personal tragedy a person could receive to remind him of the fragility of life and the need to live it to the fullest without losing character and insight.

    It worked for me, in any case, and the only thing I regret is that it took me a few years of life in dialysis before I realized this things. But I'm happy and I'm contented with the life I have right now. I guess that's what suffering taught me.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Dialysis Update – Taking Steps on A(H1N1) Prevention =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Julius: That's a wonderful perspective in life - and not only in getting your blogging zen. That has the making of a superb post? Have you written about this? Have you shared your experience with your readers? That I think is a blockbuster post, Julius.
  • In partiality, I guess. I tend to include bits of my experiences on life in dialysis on my posts, but I think never the whole package. I must admit my focus presently is to deliver information to create awareness on the matter. Kidney Failure is preventable, if not curable, and I don't want others to suffer this through neglect and ignorance, just as I did.

    Now that you've mentioned this, it would indeed be a killer article. I'll work on it and keep you posted from time to time.

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful insight!
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Hepatitis and Dialysis Patients =-.
  • yup yup....i think he can just think of blogging on another plane like those of the early days of writing in a diary.

    to be more on track with blog posts, i suggest that he keep a notebook, or type in the computer whenever he has some ideas that he wants to blog. blogging does not necessarily mean writing it on your "create post" page. from there, he can make a good collection of posts that he can schedule.
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs: The Return of the Darth Vader =-.
  • elmot is ryt..keep a notebook and collect all what you think and then if you have them all.
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..iPhone 3GS Coming this July from Globe Telecom =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Elmot: "Blogging does not necessarily mean writing it on your 'create post' page."

    That's true, Elmot. I love routine household chores. Doing chores are my alone time and nice way of thinking the angle of the post. Ideas come flying when I'm busy washing clothes, or ironing, or even washing the dishes. I don't why. Sometimes, it's a bother - you've to stop whatever you're doing and write them all down - those ideas. Else, they'd be gone forever. ahahaha.
  • topics for blog posts are everywhere, and jan just knows how to pick them up while doing the most ordinary tasks. and there is just sometimes a fountain of ideas coming out nowhere and it is good the grab them on the post lest you lose them.
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Comments Temporarily Disabled: Moving Blogger To WP =-.
  • yari, commentluv pointing to my blogger blog ehehhe
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..The Blog That I Could Now Call My Own =-.
  • I blog three times a week, and all the activities around blogging (commenting, processing pics, finding additional information on the web) takes a lot of time. I wouldn't do that if I weren't a passionate blogger on the one hand, and applying some sort of time management on the other. I have a "normal" job, so I do much of my blogging work on the weekend. And I use the possibility to schedule my posts.
    .-= Ulla Hennig´s last blog ..Trakai Castle =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Hi Ulla,

    Time management - eliminating unnecessary distractions, focusing on the important tasks. This is very important for people who keep a day job, a family, other part time jobs. But you're spot on when you say your passion for what you do will make you stay with blogging. Thank you, Ulla. :)
  • if he really cant make it to blogging... he can always have a scheduled post written during his most productive writing days... in this way, his readers will not be waiting in vain for his blog entries... just my thought... most bloggers do that... :D
    .-= yatot´s last blog ..Watch "And I Love You So" Movie full trailer and synopsis! =-.
  • Reena
    hi yatot. :) how are scheduled posts done?
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Reena: You're in blogger, right? This is how you do it:

    1. Go to your dashboard - post editor page
    2. Click "Post Options" to show the "Post date and time" fields.
    3. Type in the future date and time you want your post to be published.
    4. Click the "Publish" button. Your post is now scheduled for future posting.

    If you'd be hiking in Mt. Pinatubo on the same day that you need to update your blog, take heart. Write your post now and schedule it to go live on the date and time of your choice. Cool huh? :)
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Yatot: Thanks, friend. Scheduled post is a nice solution, especially when we're our topics are not time-sensitive anyway. If we're writing breaking news - then that's really a big problem. You've to be at your blog most of the time.
  • JD
    You don't need to push yourself too hard in blogging. You don't need to have a daily posts. Just take it easy and just remind your viewers about your current situation. Your cpa review exam will just end, and when that time comes you can blog with your free time. It's just a matter of choice, In your case your cpa review is your priority, So you have to review at night. If blogging is really your passion then nothing's gonna stop you in doing that you just need to choose
    .-= JD´s last blog ..More In Depth Look about Slicing =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @JD: That's true, JD. Lio's CPA review is only for a limited period only. You're right he has to come clean with his followers and explain the situation. I'm sure they can adjust to the new situation.

    "If blogging is really your passions then nothing's gonna stop you..." Well said, JD. Thanks.
  • why do some bloggers have their time to maintain their 5, 6,...9 or 10 means gusto nila at nageenjoy sila sa ginagawa nila..maintaing few numbers of blog is so hard..lalo na kung hindi ito ang top priority mo.
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..iPhone 3GS Coming this July from Globe Telecom =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Chris: Roy of the Struggling Blogger has 13 blogs. His motivation? He's a natural writer who's got three (?) wonderful kids to feed, clothe, and send to school all by his lonesome. Bills that come like clockwork every month can spur you to find the motivation to blog. Lots of concerns pull Roy this way and that but he remains philosophical about the stress of it all. When you do have passion, you'd enjoy what you do. You're right about that, Chris.
  • Roysville
    "three(?) kids" lol are you ready to be surprised? :)

    may nakalimutan sabihin si Jan, wala akong trabaho kaya maghapon akong nakababad sa harap ng PC :)

  • Awts. I stand corrected. Ahahaha
  • wow sipag naman ni kuya roy...13 blogs inspite of being a busy father..huh! saludo ako sa kanya.
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..The Funny Bayan DSL Lola Techie is Back with Online Video Games =-.
  • Jan, I always keep a notebook for post ideas, and when I have time, I write them. My goal is to have from 4-8 posts in draft form at all times. That way, if I get busy, I don't obsess about writing more posts. (Not that anyone should feel pressure to publish in the first place.) But everybody has down time, and that's a good time to write posts. Today, for instance, is kind of slow for me. I've knocked out 3 detailed posts and might do #4 this afternoon. Maybe if Lio approaches blogging this way, he can continue to enjoy it.
    .-= Brad Shorr´s last blog ..Happy Fourth of July! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Brad: Three to four posts on a slow day? Wow, I'd be happy if I can write two in one sitting. Well, as you say, there are lots of down times - occasions when we are away from the computer and doing our other obligations. My favorite is outlining my post in my head, covering the major points. Makes for writing a breeze when you finally sit down to write.

    Oh boy, I have lots of notebooks. But I miss the sound of the keyboard when writing. So I just write down the key ideas. :)
  • Jan, What you need is a recording of a keyboard clacking. You could listen to it on your iPod while you[re writing in your notebook. :)
    .-= Brad Shorr´s last blog ..Don’t Let Testimonials Dictate Your Marketing Strategy =-.
  • i should try that sometime. haha.

    .-= nobe´s last blog ..LIKE I DID =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Brad: Yeeha. That's a great idea, Brad. If some insomniacs have a recording of the gentle lapping of waves on the shore to lull them to sleep, I'd have a recording of a quiet tapping of keyboard to inspire me flesh out an idea in my notebook.

    Friend: "Jan, why are you smiling? What are you listening to?"

    Me: "Well, just some uber recording."

    Friend: "Michael Jackson?"

    Me: : "Nah."

    Friend: "Chopin?"

    Me: "No, just an awesome recording of my keyboard keys."

    Friend: "OMG. WTF - "

    Me: "Oh yeah? Blame Brad, dude. He's set me up to do this."

    Ahahaha. Thanks, Brad.
  • My personal time management in blogging was so disorganized in the previous years but have formed a system that works for me. Please be reminded that I blog around a particular set of topics (niche) where I can concentrate on.

    - Have a road map: Easier said than done but if we are serious about blogging, consider having a road map. Having one will greatly benefit us from having a direction.

    - Advance Posts: Most of us use WordPress and one cool feature I love about wordpress is to schedule posts. Some of us need to be "in the mood" to write and there are days where we just write like crazy. Better take advantage of that day and create posts that we can schedule. Advance posts are also cool since we can control the timing of the post. When I say timing, I mean relevance of a post for a particular day.

    -Read Other Blogs: If you write about a particular niche, reading blogs from fellow bloggers can give you an idea on what to write or maybe, after leaving a comment, elaborate your comment in your blog.

    There are other tips that others can share. One tip I can leave is from a previous post I created. Don’t get into something half-heartedly. You either be in it or out of it. There’s no in between, so you have to make a decision. But that's just me.
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Is Social Media Philippines Doing Things Right =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Rob: Writing advance posts is a great idea. Lio can just spread them out over the coming week or weeks. Thanks, Rob.
  • tama di naman kelangan araw araw naguupdate ka ng blog mo..mas mahirap talaga magupdate lalo na kung wala kang maisip na maipost..

    proper time management is the solution to lio loco. ive been there also..sobrang bz sa work paguwi galing office almost tired na..pero if you really love blogging..then maisisingit mo sya kahit konting oras lang ryt??
    .-= Chris | Crisiboy.Com´s last blog ..iPhone 3GS Coming this July from Globe Telecom =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Chris: Thanks, I'm sure Lio will appreciate your words of encouragement.
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