Zapping 10 Facebook Friends For A Whopper

by Jan Geronimo on January 13, 2009

So how many Facebook friends have you zapped lately for Burger King’s whopper? About 231,116 Facebook friends got the axe from their presumed friends in this social network as of this writing.

It’s not as if Burger King is after our own heart by helping us maintain our cool and sanity as we obsess our relationships in the social networks. This weird Burger King ploy was cooked up to counter the flurry of new year resolutions of weight loss and healthy lifestyle. All one has to do is to download a Facebook application called Whopper Sacrifice, proceed to delete 10 of your Facebook friends, and voila – Burger King will send you a free coupon for a whopper. For a publicity stunt this is a bit entertaining all right.

My own experience with Facebook doesn’t give me the itch to try this gimmick. Of course, I had irritating encounters with a couple of my friends there. But this I ascribe to my temperament – perhaps I was not fit for human company at that particular moment. Nothing major as to cut off any of them. If it comes to that point when one has to make a clean break, the sensible thing is just to remove the friend from the list.

Of course, when you are sufficiently provoked it’s tempting to opt for the Whopper Sacrifice. The beheading of course will be duly noted on Facebook: so and so has deleted (insert creep’s name) for a whopper. Poetic justice. Sweetness. But you get to delete nine others whose social blunder maybe as innocuous as sporting a tasteless avatar and stuffing your inbox with irritating banter. There’s the rub.

For what it’s worth this is your chance, folks. Whopper, anyone?

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  • LOL! I never knew about this BK's gimmick Jan! But, I won't dare try it too. It's exchanging your friendship for a whopper. Might just ask my friends to treat me for a whopper if they don't want me to delete them, LOL!
  • earthlingorgeous
    off topic: ayan na Jan I got Bebe's pic up na hahahahaha! Kaloka!
  • Jan
    @Miss Earth: Exactly - My room is a mess, God help me if my social network accounts are cluttered with useless apps, too. There I draw the line - or should it be the other way around? Hehehe...Why, thank you, Ms. Earth.
  • earthlingorgeous
    WOW! That's insane. I don't add too much apps in my facebook they are very cluttering and spammy!

    Thanks for the blog visit btw. I'll add you to my links :)
  • Jan
    @Ambo: I regard all these social network sites with a healthy dose of suspicion. It's my promdi ways speaking. Hehehe. It's a place to be seen though and hear the latest buzz. :)
  • Ambo
    I get dizzy everytime i log in at Facebook. Everything is a mess when i get to see the whole site! LOL

    About the Whopper? It's not interesting to me at all. Well i can eat a lot at Burger Machine then! Hehe
  • Jan
    @Jesse: Are we friends in facebook yet? If we are, knowing your soft spot for chillis, I'd give you a wide berth. Hahahaha. And spam you from afar.

    @Dede: Same here. Still soaking it all in. :)
  • dede
    I am new with facebook, but its seemed going to be fun with it, thanks for sharing
  • Jesse
    If I just at least had 50 friends in facebook, I could have done that, a very long time ago.

    Haha. I'd sacrifice my irritating friends who keeps on throwing stones, spamming stuffs, and etc. for the sake of the ever tasty Whopper. LOL. (Well, I could delete up to 100 friends if it's chili's who's doing the 'promo' giving away stakehouse burgers.)
  • Jan
    @yatot: Perhaps their definition of friends and friendship is very, very loose. :)

    Bryan Karl: There's truth to what you're saying, but we have to get on board with the future of our blogs, our "babies" in mind. Hehehe.
  • Bryan Karl
    Facebook, for me, is no fun. It's just like the new Friendster, but it's all the same. :)
  • yatot
    like duh (for burger king)! i can afford a whooper but i cannot afford to lose a long-time friendship with someone no! i rather have subway sandwiches then! hahhahhaa
  • Jan
    @Jed: Humor in adverts sells, or in this facebook app's case: gallows humor. And they help us screw our new resolve to lose weight - as if we needed help in that department. Hehehe. Kidding!
  • JeD Chan
    Hmm..very interesting..I've been seeing this article all over blogs but this is my first good chance to actually read about it. I'm still not sure what Burger King's purpose of killing 10 friends for a Whopper? A test of friendship perhaps? Well as I see it, they have been successful in creating a buzz all over the internet which is really good. The approach is quite intriguing but I'm really not sure if this will benefit in the long run. But nice, creative way to market. ;)
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