Breaking the Ice

by Jan Geronimo on December 5, 2008

Hello there. I am Jan. Maybe you’re wondering about this phrase “sa labas ng mandaluyong.” Literally, it means outside of Mandaluyong – a city within MetroManila, Philippines. Among the landmarks in Mandaluyong is its mental institution. I do not live in Mandaluyong nor had I been an inmate of this hospital. So far.

Or maybe I should. Well, I sometimes I entertain this notion of escaping the clutches of men in white toting the straitjacket. This no doubt tickles me no end. Simply because I have not gone completely bonkers after all despite being driven up the wall so many times.

Quitting and Muddling Through

Because I have a couple of vices I need to toss overboard. Heading that list is to quit smoking. This addiction has bedeviled me since college. If there’s one milestone I want to achieve in life it’s this: that I have licked my nicotine addiction. Nothing beats rising above your weaknesses, and in no small measure gain a mastery of your life.

I had vowed to my mother I’d quit smoking years ago. She had been dead a couple of years and I still have not honored my promise. My significant other had given up on urging me to kick the habit. Even my sweet dog scampers away whenever I light up, sneezing on its way to safety. It’s not too late to win back my dog’s wavering affection then.

And this is only one area in life I need straightening out. Other issues hound me. But you might run away and leave me talking to myself. So I will bide my time and not scare you too much. Promise.

Starting Over

So this is my chronicle then of my attempts at bettering my life. It’s for the best I share my efforts at self-improvement with you. The good thing is you can always chime in and tell your story. Anytime. It’s most welcome. So we can draw strength from our conversations. And any grand schemes we can cook up. And finally lose those pesky voices in our head. My head rather. Hahaha.

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  • I exactly remember the "Sa labas ng Mandaluyong". Ah!- la-ala ng lumipas. . . I could even run the scenario in my head right at this moment. The images ... the music I listened and the food I ate.

    It was the time when I first know you guys. The time when I saw the horizon opened up. hahahah! MELLOW DRAMATIC si mokong na darbs. sori, Jan mahilig lang magpa-ek-ek. heheheh.

    So as what I said, it was the beginning of meeting bloggers/group of bloggers... starts with Roy... then Dr. Z and then Geronimo... (on the process of making some connection with Rob the Philippine media by visiting his blog but never had the chance to leave a message...)

    then to Jena...

    to Holly...

    ... and then Elmot.

    How's that for a blurred memory!
  • Was this your first post? Truly? We need to do something about this, you and I. Devise a fun and friendly competition - something - that will kick us back on track.

    See What to Do When Your Personal Trainer Thinks You've Died.

    I have refused to admit that quitting smoking had anything to do with weight gain, but I gained BACK the 43 lbs. I'd lost, plus another 27-30 friends they picked up while roaming the globe instead of my thighs. Somewhere, my brain bought into the notion that "quitting smoking leads to weight gain" and here I am. I know that it's nonsense, but I need to apply my "non-smoker" principles to the weight and get back to my goal. Find the "angel" inside the stone, even if the angel's got a mischievous glint in her eyes and likes chocolate.

    Are you with me?
  • Okay, that's a great idea. It's much more effective that way. You've a
    remarkable track record in this. Perhaps it's best that you set the
    "guidelines." :)
  • Wow! Glad to have clicked that button.

    So it really was your first post eh?
    So how can I help you reach your goals Lolo Jan? I was telling Holly on her post about the challenge that my dad eventually quit because he wasn't allowed inside the house when he smoked. :p

    Do you have a plan already? Are you thinking of taking a gradual reduction of consumption? Or are you going to just stop smoking altogether?

    Whatever strategy you choose - we'll support you. ;)
  • What worked for your dad, Rey?... I did the math and I'd save a tidy sum per year - even enough to pay for my blog hosting fees, renewal of domain reg.

    I have a brother, our eldest, who had to go out of the house in order to smoke. Her daughters ganged up on him every time he smoked inside the house. LOL
  • My dad and your brother got the same treatment. Did he eventually gave up
    smoking too?
    None of use liked the way cigarettes smelled on clothes.

    And of course the money is not bad either! Especially since we are in a
    recession. lol.
  • My father gave up smoking when he married my mother. Must because he became
    a family man. My eldest brother has been smoking on and off. When he feels
    well he smokes. When he's not well (he's past 70 ) he's off cigarettes. :)
  • Lol. I am not sure if that's better or worse than continued smoking. :p
    I've noticed though that most "older" people who have smoked all their lives
    rarely take heed of warnings like this. Their usual response is that they're
    still alive after having smoked their whole lives. :p

    My grandparents don't smoke. I have one great grandparent though (the only
    one I actually met alive) who liked to chew on betel nuts. :) I've
    associated the smell of "nganga" with her.
  • Yeah, life has a way of screwing our pet notions. You live a healthy life
    - no bad habits, smoking and drinking, going to the gym, believing in
    natural attraction, having spiritual life and all that - and next thing you
    know, you end up kicking the bucket much earlier than the guy who breaks all
    the rules. Life's a bitch, eh?

    Nganga brings up fond memories of my departed grandparents, too. :)
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