My Wet Dream and Other Birthday Wishes

by Jan Geronimo on February 24, 2009

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. – Oscar Wilde

If I hate being tagged before, I say I love this now. I hope that explains this 360 degrees turn. But don’t get any weird ideas – because I’m doing this only for Bingkee.

Here goes:

1. My birthday is still months away. September. I can make it earlier, say tomorrow if you humor me with a gift of love: Kindle2 e-reader. Not only can it store more than 1,500 books it is also a book-buying machine – this e-reader can download new book releases. No more hassle of going to bookstores. And the blurb says your kindle 2 can access online publications and blogs. Wow.

2. I have to make allowances because of the economic downturn. Job losses everywhere. Gosh, it’s pretty bleak out there. That means I can live with paperback or hardbound books. I’d earnestly pray for the eternal repose of those dead trees, I promise.

3. Moleskine notebooks for my note-taking. So I can jot down ideas for blog posts. And list blog authors who cross me. I read them faithfully – okay I skip a post or two – and each time makes a perfect cartwheel on their blog, bang my head against the wall so I can be induced to comment if a particular post intrigues me. But some bloggers conduct their business with their heads in the clouds. No time for a sweaty pedestrian like me. Nothing. Might have found a warmer welcome in an Eskimo’s igloo.

4. But that’s okay, nothing that a sturdy notebook can dispel. What do I need it for?

5. So I can blog in style – drink coffee in Paris, visit some museums, and learn to cuss in French.

6. Or visit the beaches in Thailand.

7. Buy danggit and seafood and delicacies in Cebu.

8. But I’m realistic and just your regular guy. So I can settle for more sleep and good health to maintain stamina in blogging.

9. And a fully functioning brain so I can be receptive to new blog ideas. And a little deviousness too to make my efforts less cloying.

10. And yes, less tagging so I can get on reading other blogs, for pete’s sake.

With much glee, I’m tormenting ten blogger friends so they can post 10 birthday wishes as well. It says so in the tag rules. Don’t bury your head in the sand, I know perfectly well who you are. Those who have it coming are as follows:

1. Elizabeth – All About Elizabeth
2. Jade – Xprosaic
3. Caryn – Sari-saring Kulay
4. Marites -Believe and Achieve
5. Gagay – Walking Newspaper
6. Jason – Pinoy Updates
7. Adrian – Auditoire
8. Normand -The Blogger Next Door
9. Kelvin – Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0
10. James – Words For Everything

Recommended Reading: Tag Me, What is this?

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  • Jan
    @Adrian: I've checked your tag and it's wonderful. Tag post with cinematic touches - great. :)
    I tagged other people too! weee !

  • Jan
    @James: If it were today or tomorrow or within this week I wouldn't dare make this post. Hahaha. Matagal pa - in September.
  • James
    Hi Jan, dunno exactly when is your birthday but just in case it's today, Happy Birthday to you. If it's not, I wouldn't mind the left-overs. :D Hehehe.
  • Jan
    @bingkee: :)

    @ismail: My blogging hours: 6pm onwards. Which usually means I find myself reading into the wee hours. If only there's no need for sleep. hahaha...A small business selling computer parts and accessories. We have wireless installed at the store. It has its business uses, and for taking quick peeks into what's up with the blogopolis. :)
  • Ismail N
    Just a regular guy ha? U seems to have plenty of times blogging and reading other people's blogs. Don't mind telling me what u do for living friend? Just curious.. :)
    Btw, nice quote by Oscar Wilde.
  • bingkee
    Oh now I know...hehehe...we're on the same boat.
  • Jan
    @ramon: hey, thanks for dropping by. You've limited blogging hours and yet you still chose to visit me. I'm very grateful. Here's praying for your quick recovery. God Bless.

    @Jade: silent and solemn - hmmn. I'm different - silent and morose. What's there to be cheerful about. Another year older, but not any wiser. hahaha. Thanks for dropping by.

    @dee: I don't like it initially. But on second thought I see its potential. Imagine going on a long travel - well you don't have to lug your fave books around. Convenient right? But it's $350 + I think. It will take me a long time, I'm afraid. :)

    @bingkee: You love the smell of newly bought books? Me too!

    Not that I hate tags. I'm just letting it known I'd only publish those I like. Like you do - now that eases my conscience a bit. That you're doing some selecting too. I like that idea.

    @joji: hahaha. that's a good one. did you twit last night. taking your time huh? dive right in, I say. Darren has some nice posts about twitting on his Check it out. :)

    @ryliej: hi, there. That's good to know. I'll keep you in mind when the next one comes along. Thanks for this visit. Yes, a new reader! :)
  • ryliej
    hello Jan, got here from Faye's blog...

    I don't like tags before but now I enjoy doing it..
  • bingkee
    Hey Jan, you have the option not to post the tag anyway. It's up to you. I actually did have to pass up some other tags . I only do those who are passed on to me by "real " blogger-friends, and the ones that really interest me the most or the ones that I find fun to do.
    I still love reading the "real" book coz I love the smell of new books. It's weird but I smell a book before I start reading the 1st chapter or prologue. And once the books are old, I donate them to get a tax refund.

    Now I know you don't like tags...sorry for tagging you. I thought it would be fun for you to answer.

    Have a blessed week!
  • jojigirl
    I know why you like Kindle. You are born in September. September got ember. :)
  • Dee
    I've never quite appreciated Kindle. I've always thought that nothing beats opening a gold old book or smelling the nice smell of fresh new ones. (Maybe because I've tried reading a book using a Palm, and didn't get the hang of it.) But now I do because you've got a point - it saves trees. I realize that now, thank you.

    I like #5, the way you painted the scene and all that. My dream.

    Haha, I like the cussing in French. Funny. :D

    Have a wonderful day, Jan! And hope you get your Kindle. :D
  • I am Xprosaic
    Also, I added you to my list and became your follower. Hope you won't mind. Thanks!
  • I am Xprosaic
    hmmm... I would prefer it to be silent and solemn. Naks! well i'm not bitter or anything... maybe soon in my next entry you will understand why... maybe... heheheheheheheh
  • fatherlyours
    Advance Birthday greetings to you. Just dropping by!
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