Word Association On A Lazy Sunday Evening

by Jan Geronimo on February 22, 2009

It’s a lazy Sunday evening and I want to play word of association with you. You know, I say a word and you answer with another word. Fast. No editing of thoughts. Whichever word comes first.

Why so? Silly, it’s the object of the game. To uncover strange and amusing associations you make with words. Wouldn’t that be fun!

Okay, I go first. I’d come up with a list and your answers will be blog authors or things related to blogging. Or anything, if nothing comes to mind. Fair enough? After I’m done be a sport and put in your answers in the comment section.

  1. pocket – lover
  2. lust – webhost
  3. dream – WordPress
  4. commonsense – Joel
  5. stalker – conscience
  6. love – movies
  7. writer – heretic
  8. design – Boagworld
  9. funny – mysteries
  10. wet-dream – Kindle2

Here’s a video for those who first need a tutorial before they can make a decision. Enjoy.


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  • lemuel
    1. pocket - empty
    2. lust - sexy
    3. dream - lotto
    4. commonsense - my aunt
    5. stalker - loser
    6. love - mom
    7. writer - gifted
    8. design - artist
    9. funny - dogs
    10. wet-dream - teenagers

    Nice game! any other words?

  • Dee
    4.common sense-mind
    10.wet dream-teens

    Oh, thanks for promoting me in Twitter, ha.:) Really appreciate. I still don't know how it works, still trying to learn :D
  • Jan
    @lemuel: dream:lotto. yup, wouldn't that just be lovely. sailing away on a yacht, with a drink on one hand, with blackberry on the other. updating that blog. :)

    wet-dream-teenagers. The correlation being wet-dreams are always visited upon teens? Or a more sinister association? hahaha. of course not, couldn't resist it. :)

    @dee: dream-Paris. Yup, blogging on the West Bank. And learning French, the sexiest language there is.

    lust-macbook. Not for me. Any garden variety notebook will do. But if it's a freebie? Yes! :)
  • Jan
    @Dee: It's fun. You get to find useful links recommended by fellow users. And people from everywhere. Like a virtual marketplace. hahaha. I hang around there after I write my post. My reward for being a good boy.

    Do I tweet about my post. Not lately. But some users are very helpful. Last night, I retweeted somebody else's tweet. He visited my blog and posted a tweet about my most recent post. Sweet. :)

    Lots of posts about tweeting on the web. Tips and tricks and recommended apps. I'm using tweetdeck. Nice, I feel like a pro using it. hahaha.
  • Ismail N
    1. pocket - never full
    2. lust - Ferarri
    3. dream - 1 million visitors
    4. commonsense - #3 not gonna happen very soon
    5. stalker - jobless
    6. love - kids
    7. writer - creative
    8. design - themes
    9. funny - politics
    10. wet-dream - j alba (oopsss..)
  • Jan
    @Ismail: lust-Ferarri; wet-dream - j.alba. You don't settle for anything less, do you? hahaha. Dream - 1 million visitors. We're quite young, that's well within reach. :)
  • jojigirl
    Oh, I see, Antonia's been reading my blog, hahaha!
  • yatot
    now let me try this one, hehehhe:

    1. pocket - bottomless
    2. lust - chocolate cake
    3. dream - salary increase
    4. commonsense - einstein!
    5. stalker - twitter follower... lols!
    6. love - family... aaww!
    7. writer - blogger
    8. design - graphic artists
    9. funny - self-promotion... haahhahha!
    10. wet-dream - ooohh... secret! hehhehe

    it's hard to think of words no! hehhehe
  • Jan
    @joji: news update - antonia's making the rounds, consulting attorneys. She's I think all set to sue you for damages. Hahaha. The good thing is attorneys don't know what to make of her gibberish. All they heard is her nervous rants: Rainbow! Rainbow!

    But we have Dee in our corner. No cause for panic, my friend. hahaha.

    I'm glad you're in twitter already. Let's go scare some people there, what do you say? :)

    @yatot: love - family. ngek.

    stalker - twitter follower. really? who? you are a celeb na, someone's stalking you.

    wet-dream - secret. Yikees, you're such a tease. :)
    Wahaha! Thanks for love part! weee!

    here's my version:

    1. pocket - of dreams
    2. lust - Ang Lee
    3. dream - Nobel Prize
    4. commonsense - Sir Butch
    5. stalker -

    6. love - pauline kael
    7. writer - virginia woolf
    8. design - jehzlau
    9. funny - life
    10. wet-dream - Arbogast

  • Jan
    @Adrian: I love to be Ang Lee's boy friday. Nobel Prize -oh, nice dream. Sir Butch is Butch Dalisay - the author? Pauline Kael is the big momma of all film reviewers, right? Good for you - may stalker ka na pala. :) Wonder why Arbogast can bring on wet-dreams. I'd go pry into that. hahaha. Thanks for this visit.
  • yatot
    @jan: wala akong maisip na word associated sa love eh... hahhahha... yah... sort of sa stalker... i dont follow all of my followers... hehehhe... kaya yung iba, stalker, hehhehe!
  • mye
    hi jan - you sure have a nice layout now. sorry if i have seen it a bit late. i was out of the blogosphere for a while to take care of my family.

    hope all is well with you.
  • jojigirl
    Woh-hoh! So you think Antonia's after me? She told me you threw the book at her, that's how it happened. Hahaha!
  • Jan
    @yatot: walang maisip na word associated with love. hmmmn, you're out of practice in the love department? like me? hahaha

    @mye: yup, i noticed it too, friend.
    What can I say - you've got your priority straight. Family over blogging. You can resume where you left off anytime, that's the nice thing about this. Thanks!

    @joji: hehehe. you should take up scriptwriting. You're good at oneliners. :)
  • Jan
    Dear Readers:

    The "comment deleted" above is my own comment to Adrian's message. It was full of bad errors. I only saw the errors when I hit the publish button. Of course, you know there's no way I can edit the thing.

    Just wrote this to reassure you that I have not become heavyhanded with comments left on my blog. Unless of course, it's spam.
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