Here’s Why I Don’t Need to be an Influential Blogger

by Jan Geronimo on May 27, 2009

YodaImage via Wikipedia

Read my lips: I don’t need to be an influential blogger.

That’s all there is to it, guys. You can go home now. Nothing new here.

You want to stay a while? Suit yourself. Nobody is stopping you.

About me and influential blogging
. Here are a few quick points though -

1. I don’t need to be an influential blogger. I know myself, I know what I want, and I know where to go. In the grand scheme of things, at least I know that striving to be an influential blogger is the least of my priorities.

2. This blog writing project is just a game for me. I will not lose sleep over it if I don’t win. I will not even obsess about making a good showing. Whatever happens, you will find the same Jan even after the contest. Win or lose. You wanna bet? I’m up for that, too.

3. But I will be going out of my comfort zone to push for the nominations of my Top 10 List of Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009. I owe them that. I’ve shoved them into this without seeking their permissions. I feel responsible on their behalf.

4. To this extent, I can be relied upon to be scheming and devious and active supporter. If there were only ghost bloggers I’d round up people on behalf of those dead bloggers to vote for my candidates. You know what I’m saying? You got it. I am a loyal friend. At least that part you got right.

5. Beyond helping my candidates get their fancy titles, I will ask nothing more. So don’t worry if I visit you. I can put on a big show in your blog but I’m just doing this for my kids. I’m not there to charm your pants off. I hope that’s clear enough.

What do I want

I just want my friends to have fun. To make them push themselves and test the limits of possibilities in the blogosphere. And for them to stay friends while being competitive. That’s one way of making them understand themselves and the needs of their fellow bloggers.

I don’t need fancy titles to keep myself happy. I am quite happy with the little I have in this world. If that means no Kindle2 e-reader for me – fine. If that means I’d be forever in a hunt for secondhand computers and laptops – so be it. If that means I don’t get to hobnob with and call the Movers and Shakers of the blogosphere by their first names – well, it’s no skin off my nose. I have simple needs and I am fine with that.

I just want to write

And write.

And write some more.

Because doing so will make me understand myself more. Writing as a daily discipline gives me a chance to do that and thus become a better person in the process. Perhaps.

Here’s Michael Martine’s superb blog post on how blogging can make you become a better person.

What can be more priceless than becoming a better person, pray tell me?

In my book – nothing. And please -

I’m Yoda for crying out loud

So don’t wave that box of tissues in my face. I’m a bit peeved, and yes, a little teary-eyed writing this – that I admit. But hey, Jedi knights don’t cry. Do remember that.

Besides, I’m armed to the teeth. I have my own box of tissues here, thank you.

Over to you, guys. So what happened in the blogosphere today? Feeling particularly influential today? Please share us your stories. I’m listening.

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  • hey there uncle jan!

    i'm rounding up my list for the influential bloggers list as well and guess what? i'm definitely including you. hands down, you're one of the influential blogs i consider albeit i've chanced upon this blog for only a few days just yet.

    do watch out for that post, will yah?
    .-= lio loco´s last blog ..SSDD No. 3 =-.
  • It's hard to post a comment now. Meaning very influential blogger ka na talaga. D ka na ma reach! Congartulation.
    .-= fatherlyours´s last blog ..(25th)Silver Wedding Anniversary =-.
  • you're in the top 5 now. and your influence is growing faster.
  • Hmp... ako I want to get the title for titles sake eh. Hmmp. Kaso dun sa mga nominations ko lahat sinabihan please remove me daw waaaaaaah ... all because I'm overqualified lol. Di na daw ako emerging influential kasi influential na talaga. halika karirin natin yung Blog Awards ahahaha :D I nominate you if you nominate me. Deal?
    .-= earthlingorgeous´s last blog ..2nd Update On Emerging Influential Blogs =-.
  • ouchh..tinamaan ako..galing magconstruct ng mo ko with all your post..theres nothing new here...lolz...

    <abbr>Chris Astadan’s last blog post..Bea Alonzo Now with Hayden Kho Video Scandals?</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thanks, Chris. This is just rambling thoughts of a spoiled lolo. But I'm glad you have dropped by. Thanks a lot. :)
  • Awesome new home. I'm afraid to touch a thing kasi baka madumihan. Everything's new and shiny.

    <abbr>Lucrecio Emerito’s last blog post..The World Wide Part of WWW</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Does it remind you of a cemetery? Too much white? Bring your sunglasses Master Jedi. :) As Jena said - a splash of color will do wonders.
  • I heard my name whispered, you insist on a "splash of colors" that a kaleidoscope of colors then- not really original, but who cares? Do you?

    But I like coming here to relax while waiting for you to rustle up something sumptuous.

    <abbr>Jena Isle’s last blog post..“Go Home Yankees!” (Another Boy Story – A Replay)</abbr>
  • zorlone
    Pareng Luc,

    It rained here and it's muddy everywhere! I couldn't see any rags in front of LJ's door so I walked right thru. Oooops! Sorry Lolo, I will get a mop and wipe my dirty shoe marks(Oy, orig na Ukay2x ang combat shoes ko!)


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Trader's Hub</abbr>
  • I've noticed your internal links are not updated yet. This may affect your PR on the next update. You've got to update EACH of them. Ganyan ang ginawa ko ---isa-isa ...hard work pero kailangan.

    <abbr>bingkee’s last blog post..NOMINATED FOR "MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOG"</abbr>
  • What in the world is "charm your pants off"----is that like "slipping off the hooks off a bra?" Chuckle here...
    Oftentimes, we just love what we want to do. We put our best to it because we love doing it. But "winning" is not bad either.

    <abbr>bingkee’s last blog post..NOMINATED FOR "MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOG"</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Toink! Ahaha. I should have said pour on the charm or something to that effect. Thinking about this now, I think this post is what women call having a bad hair day. ",) It's that or I'm calibrating my strategy without putting a name to it.
  • Hi Jan, I landed here after seeing your comment from my guest post at "Why Your Ideas Matter more than You Think". You are one of the few who appreciates what the article is all about, and it looks like you've stepped up the gas on boldly expressing your opinions!

    Regarding this post, for me it's important that I become influential through blogging since it's an integral part of my long term strategy to make money online. But I just want to comment that I really enjoy your writing, and I wish you well in your blogging journey!

    <abbr>Charles - Big Idea Blogger’s last blog post..How to Win Friends and Influence People through Disagreements</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    I rarely comment in John Chow's blog. Something to do with a perceptible dip (I'm being a smart ass now) in quality of posts. But yours did catch my attention. I love the central idea of your post and how well you marshaled your thoughts together. I even shared it in FriendFeed, I'm sure.

    Boldly expressing opinions is my favorite tack when I'm a bit unsure how to proceed. I make up for what's lacking with my enthusiasm. ",)

    Thanks. This comment means so much to me, coming as it did from a big time guest writer like yourself! :)
  • Hi Roy,

    Kasali ba ako sa pizza ni Doc Z?

    <abbr>Jena Isle’s last blog post.."Nightmare turns into a dream come true" - 18th Story for the Inspirational Book</abbr>
  • zorlone
    Kasali ka!!!

    "Metung ing manyaman na pizza kene, buri mu?"


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Jodapoet</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Can't find the reply button in the last thread so I'd answer here...When you told me your PR3, I immediately checked mine. Ahahaha. No, Doc Zayden, we are helping each other. I'm even envious of your stature nga. Did you start when? February? Look at you now. You've a captive audience from both ends of the hemisphere. What steroid are you taking huh? :)
  • zorlone
    My first post was Feb 10. Technically, also the birth of my blog. Envious, how? I think my blogging career took flight under the wings of a veteran blogger in the name of JenaIsle.


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..A poet's meal: Oven baked</abbr>
  • zorlone

    I don't remember what I said before, but coming from the rear, I can see that you have a lot of visitors here and for what I can see, you are influential! A blogger, a writer, a good friend, and a lolo. You are someone who we look up to and follow. Your words are sacred. A pastor and a flock. Hey, this is getting too melodramatic, it makes the hair on my arms stand. (Creepy)

    You are influential, period. Top ten emerging influential blogger or not, in my list you are number one.

    Ayos ba? he he he. It's your turn. LOL. kidding!

    Wait, I hear someone knocking on my door. Si pareng Luc may dalang beer, teka lang.


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Jodapoet</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Am I influential? Dear Doc Z, it does not matter to me. Just like you, I had a PR3 last night - a last minute gift from Google. It came too late - I had already packed my bag. It's a sad little affair just going away like that. I wish I can go back in the dead of the night to experience it one more time. But it doesn't matter. Gotta move on.

    Pastor? Ahahaha. I deliver marching orders, not sermons or homilies. I'm far too sinful to be a man of the cloth. Call me a decent blogger and we're good. :)
  • zorlone
    Dear decent blogger,

    I know you have a PR3. I checked it. LOL. Just want to know last night too. for someone to walk away from the limelight that is the search engine of google to start a life in a new zip code is admirable. You know who you are and what you want to do. I for one am still trying to make my mark in this blogosphere, and I do hope to find friends than foes.


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Jodapoet</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    You knew it? I'm glad - I have now a witness. :) There you go again being too modest. You're doing fine. Who would have thought a perfect little breeze like your blog can ruffle the feathers of some insecure poet wannabe in the Western Hemisphere. I would so love to be in your shoes, young man.
  • zorlone
    I'm no war freak! But, if that's what it takes, then be it. Of course, a calm and calculating mind is better than a hot and unthinking brute.

    LJ, di ko alam kung bakit ko na check ang PR mo. Siguro tinitignan ko lang kung nadadala ang blog ko sa pag angkas ko syo... ayun! Nakakapit pa din ako. LOL. Parasite, err, can we call it a symbiotic relationship instead? hehehe.

    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Trader's Hub</abbr>
  • Even if you don't want to be influential, you are influential. Even if you don't want it to happen, there's nothing you can do. Because it is suppose to happen. The universe has a way of "course correcting", so even if you don't want it to happen, it will happen.

    Coz whatever happened, happened. nyok
    - Man from the Future

    <abbr>Jehzeel Laurente’s last blog post..iBlog5 is the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit</abbr>
  • zorlone
    Hey Jehz,
    I was trying to withdraw from my paypal, when I saw your post about the bank codes. Cool! Good to see a familiar face who offered a helping hand.


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Jodapoet</abbr>
  • Was your Paypal Withdrawal successful? hehe

    <abbr>Jehzeel Laurente’s last blog post..iBlog5 is the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit</abbr>
  • zorlone
    My heart raced as soon as I read your reply!!!! I forgot to check my bank! I just logged on to my paypal account. Zero balance! (heart racing faster)

    Okay, I am trying to remain calm. I wont be able to check my balance till later this day. I just hope I typed in all the correct frigging numbers!


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Trader's Hub</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    That's very deep, Jehz. The universe has a way of correcting its course. Even if you don't want to be influential, you are influential. Thanks! Another lesson learned.
  • hahahaha.. sa kaka panood ko yan ng Lost! :D

    Grabe ang daming nag cocomment sa blog mo! Pasikat ng pasikat ah! influential talaga! :D

    Ikaw na ang bagong Paolo Mendoza. Pareho kayo mag sulat eh.. masyadong malalim. hehe

    <abbr>Jehzeel Laurente’s last blog post..iBlog5 is the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Really? I've been reading so many rave reviews of that television show Lost. In a way, I'm glad it's not being shown on our local cable television. You make it sound very interesting - baka di na ako makapagpost pag nagkataon nyan.

    I have yet to read Paolo Mendoza. Will look for him. Di kaya kamag-anak ko? That's a lovely compliment. Ahahaha. Thanks!
  • jan, paolo mendoza won in the first edition. he created his own evilblogger awards. benj of will come up with a write up about the previous winners and where they are now.
  • Roy

    Just to check, I tried to access 'Sa Labas...' and I was redirected here

    We're in business Jan!

    I'll be updating my links on my top 10 list as well as post a complete list next week

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..The Struggling Blogger’s biggest quest</abbr>
  • zorlone
    I was eavesdropping in your conversation with Jan. "Exchange link din tayo! he he he"


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Jodapoet</abbr>
  • Roy

    No Jedis yet?!

    Good! I can have all the coffee for myself. There's coffee right, Jan?

    Oops! I tripped on a box... sorry Jan, I hope there's nothing breakable in there.

    Nice new home... finally!

    Congratulations Jan!

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..Welcome back Fatherlyours!</abbr>
  • zorlone
    I'm here!!!! Were you looking for knights, Roy? How may I help a fellow knight in Merlon's round table? Shall we slay dragons or beasts? Or something else? he he he

    Jan, what are you offering non-coffee drinkers? Beer? Matador? Bilog? Have you done your shopping yet? Dude, sorry I won't comment anymore about your post. Some guy from the moving company left my box full of words that were supposed to be here. I was here on this post first (in your old home). Oh, well - C'est la vie!

    Welcome to your new home Jan, our new "tambayan." After you get settled, we still have our own "top secret project," don't forget that. hehehe.


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Jodapoet</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Doc Z, I think the driver of the moving truck is a Kapampangan. Go figure...Oh, that top project? Ano nga ba yun? ",) Ano bah, top secret nga eh, kaya di ko na tanda! :)
  • zorlone
    First, I want to remind you that your gravatar is not working yet. LOL

    Now to our top secret project. You know, the NAME and the HOUSE. Gets?

    I knew it! That mover intentionally left my box of comments.


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..Jodapoet</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Yeah, Doc Z. I can't figure out why. I'd try again tomorrow... I seem to remember it all now. My Jason Bourne moment has passed. Of course, that's a worthwhile project. We will pursue that, Doc Z. All in good time.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Yup, Roy - and you can take home all the biscuits, too. I did nothing last night but marvel at my new home. Poking here and there - getting familiar with the bells and whistles of Thesis. Thanks, please do that. Maybe I should finalize my Top 10 too. The pressure is mounting, if you know what I mean. I've lost lots of comments in my most recent posts during the blog transfer. I'm looking in my gmail archive though - I might salvage something there. :)
  • Roy
    I can understand the feeling Jan, take your time. I know how it feels when your in a new house... savor it...

    on topic, since you said the comment were not picked-up by the moving-out truck...

    this influential blogging thing has really gotten into us too much... that's why we need to slow-down, take a few steps back to have a better view of where we are... to make us realize what we were here for in the first place... to write whatever it is that we wish to express... of course, getting noticed is a bonus ;)

    at any rate, we all know that whatever happens -- the pizza stays! :)

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..The Struggling Blogger’s biggest quest</abbr>
  • You finally made the move Jan. I like its simplicity and clean lines. Nice going...... Congratulation!

    Words taken out of my mouth........... I don't feel the need to be anything when I write. When traditional media is not open to most of us, it's good enough that blogging allows me to cast out my demons in less dangerous ways hahahah. Like you said........ writing to exhale!

    <abbr>Amor’s last blog post..Ika 28 ng Mayo 2009: I Hate Telecommuting</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thank you, Amor. I'm happy you like my new domain name as well. How is it - do you find it easier to leave a comment now? :)
  • Joji
    Finally, you're here. I like what I see. Clean. Clear. My eyes can read every word with ease. ",)
  • Jan Geronimo
    Perfect. I'm glad you like it. Now, I only have to iron out the matter of what to do with your carabao. By the way, do you know parallel parking? ",)
  • I love the new look of your blog. (I've recently redesigned my blog, too.) This is the first I've heard about this contest. I follow a lot of blogs so I guess I need to go back and see when they all first started. And I'll say this as nicely as I can, but you are flip-flopping a little bit, Yoda. In your previous post, you did ask people to vote for you. Regardless, I love the way you write and obviously so do a lot of other people. And I'll take your advice, and ask for your vote. Vote for me! Why? I had 80 some followers when I switched from Blogspot to WordPress. And they were all voluntary as I have never asked anyone to follow my blog to-date. (maybe I should) I started my blog on June 12, 2008 so I make the deadline. I currently average 70 plus hits a day and it's growing. (My hits went down a little when I first made the switch but I am rebounding now). I'm handsome, single, gay, fun, fabulous, and I love to write. :)

    <abbr>Preston’s last blog post..Mom and Me Diaper Cakes Take Diaper Cakes to a Whole New Level</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    I've been told - gently teased - I've been off in my recent posts. I did not sound like my natural self. Too a certain extent, this is true. I tend to go overboard sometimes and just between you and me? Exasperatingly full of myself.

    This is me sulking then. I'm such a brat. :)

    Sure, you're in my short list, my friend. Every short list should have a handsome, single, gay, fun, fabulous and a good writer in it. Well said - couldn't have summed up your strengths better than you just did. Thanks Preston! :)
  • Ada
    Hey Sir Jan, a 50% happy because you have your new domain and 50% sad when you changed it. Did you intend this for your blog to be disqualified as an emerging influential blog of 2009? :( Though it's still your decision.

    I hope to meet you during the awarding :) I think every blogger who nominates is invited.

    <abbr>Ada’s last blog post..Bloggers Target Shooting Against Cervical Cancer</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Oh that - well, Ms. Janette Toral made it clearl I will not be disqualified by my change of domain and the move to WP. She made the clarification in an exchange of emails we had in Facebook.

    What she stressed though is the importance of the start date of the blog: May 2008. I started blogging in December of 2008. I had my archive displayed on the front page so anybody, including Ms. Toral, can check it.

    Thank you for dropping by in my new home. Well, this writing project is indeed exciting. But I'm not expecting too much from it. I'd be still happy whatever the outcome of this writing project. :)
  • In my honest opinion, you deserve to be an influential blogger :) because your blog has a lot of good stuff.

    Nice and sleek website you have here! ^_^

    <abbr>Snow’s last blog post..The Puerto Galera Ferry Accident</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thanks, Snow. Sleek? That's music to my ears! :)
  • Wow! From my lurking habit, this is the first Pinoy blog I've seen implementing the Thesis framework. Nice choice Jan! Will you use Disqus too?

    Awesome job and keep on rocking!
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thanks, Rob. The living room is still littered with unpacked boxes. I've just moved in tonight. And in the excitement I've lost lots of comments in most recent posts, including yours. Bummer. But that's all right. We will enjoy ourselves here, I'm sure. Thanks for checking back. ",)
  • ARgh! I was too late. Well, any living room using thesis with good content and awesome writing is an awesome living room for me. Thesis rocks! Ahhh, how I wish I can easily move stuff.

    <abbr>Rob Angeles’s last blog post..Take A Look At My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    It's a two-man effort. My friend Rocky had to outsmart the censors in Mainland China. We're stumped with the formidable Great Wall of China. Can't clamber over it. Rocky managed somehow to get us through it. And now, finally, I'm in my new home. It's amazing - Thesis. And this WordPress dashboard looks cool. Now, if only I can figure out where the kitchen is, I'm all set.
  • I agree with that one. One needs to play around Thesis to master all the features.

    <abbr>Rob Angeles’s last blog post..How To Turn Blog Comments To Web Wide Discussions</abbr>
  • Hello Jan,

    You have a new home. It's all spotless white and "clean", even your comment- submissions came out "clean".

    Anyway, I'm re-posting this:

    Well I agree with everyone, this is an awesome ( brilliant, superb, well written) post - just like your previous posts.

    I agree with you Jan, "Winning is not everything, it's how you get there that counts." or something to that effect...

    Readers come to read your posts, again and again, because they provide everything a reader wants - information, entertainment, wit, glamor, updates, etc., and they come out feeling good; I mean - feeling good because their time is not wasted.

    The most significant result of this contest is that true friendships were forged across borders and geographical barriers; and this was done even before face-to-face encounters. Isn't that amazing?
  • Jan Geronimo
    This is hilarious. I've to scrape deep in my archives to look for your lovely comment. Glad I found it, Jen. Thanks for visiting. At least, my friends (psst - some of them) don't have to jostle each other anymore for the bragging rights as to who first commented on a Test Post. Can you imagine my friends scrambling to be the first to comment on a Test Post? Ahahaha. I thought it's a joke or something, but it's true...Of course, I will not name names. My lips are sealed. ",)
  • Last night, I remember, was the first commenter. Bakit nag-iba yata today? lol.

    Anyway, first or second, it's a joy reading your posts.

    <abbr>Jena Isle’s last blog post.."Nightmare turns into a dream come true" - 18th Story for the Inspirational Book</abbr>
  • Hi there. I'm back from my vacations and have now started my normal rounds. First, congratulations for getting Writing To Exhale up and running. Looking good:)

    New on the blogosphere is that Google appears to have updated PR again. You can find out about that on my blog:)

    Being an influential blogger depends on a lot of factors, that I believed you have already outlined in this post and several others on your previous ones. You know I am not into this "contest" things, but in my short list of "must reads blogs", your blog is in the "good side of the force", lol.

    "May the force be with you" and to us all.

    One final note: Am I the first one to comment on your new Domain? If that is so, I almost can not believe it. Hey, I am now an influential commenter, hahaha. What do say Jan, can we generate a Buzz on that topic? "Are you an influential commenter"?
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thanks, DiTesco. Nice surprise huh? I've made it thanks to Rocky. Where's the pasalubong by the way? ",)
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