Why My Blog Roll Policy Rocks

by Jan Geronimo on June 14, 2009

My blog roll page is now up at last.  If you ask me – it rocks!  Probably because you are in it.  Or maybe because you are not.  Take your pick.

When it first went live it asked readers to accomplish a contact form so you can fill in your name, blog url, and other details.  See?  I have pretensions of being Mr. Nice Guy.

Mr Nice Guy, my foot

But then I got rid of that form.  Please don’t ask why.  Ahem.  My dabbling in democracy was shortlived.  I swung to the opposite extreme and turned dictatorial with my blog roll policy.

Well, I have to.  This is much  saner tack.  I will only consort with people I share a personal and meaningful relationship with.  Meaning I’d add you in my page if you meet any of  the following criteria:

  1. You’re a reader of my blog.  If you just drop by for an exchange link and never to be seen again, I’m sorry you’re wasting your time.
  2. You’re a friend or an online buddy.  Definition of buddy – you’re a reader, you engage me in Twitter, you talk with me in Facebook, you send me notes like – “the correct spelling of ocassion is occasion, you dimwit.”
  3. You’re irresistible – If you write well you don’t even have to ask for it.  You’ve got a free pass, buddy.
  4. You’re OMG cute – no explanation needed.  But there’s a catch.  You might be replaced with another OMG cutie if you don’t develop other qualities of a good blogging buddy – see requirement number 1 to 3.

If you’re unsure you’ve any of the four qualities I’m looking for, just leave me a note through my contact page anyway.  If I don’t act on it in it a reasonable period of time – say, for the rest of my natural life, please feel free to move on.  No hard feelings, I hope.

So what’s cooking with your blog roll policy?  Am I off the rails on this one?  Please speak your mind.

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  • Why am I not in your blog roll Jan? Tsk tsk tsk.. But wait... you ain't in my blogroll too, LOL! Don't get hurt in anyway. I don't normally visit that roll, hee hee. I am planning to clean up my list some other time :D
  • Oo nga eh. It's been ages since I updated that page. Thanks for reminding
    me. :)
  • starvillanueva
    Hehe! It's my 1st time to read a criteria for a blogroll =)
  • LOLs! Astig yung qualifications ah... Galing mo talaga.
  • Astig ba qualifications? E kasi un iba kasi nating friends na bloggers puntirya lang e exchange links. Pagkatapos nun wala na. They are never to be heard again. Di ako satisfied sa ganung sistema kasi. :) Thanks for sharing with me your thoughts, Bryan.
  • Totoo nga. Parang hit and run yung iba. Hehe.
  • aethen
    Game na ako! Exchange links na tayo!
  • Sorry Jan, now lang naka visit sa new house mo. For now number 4 pa lang na meet ko !
    .-= fatherlyours´s last blog ..(25th)Silver Wedding Anniversary =-.
  • I'm pretty sure I got on your Blogroll because I met criteria #4!

    ehem. it's okay, you don't have to confirm it.

  • Confirmed without thinking - that you've satisfactorily met criteria # 4 in my blog roll policy. ahehehe
  • Wow this is awesome. Thanks for including me in your friend's list, Jan. That reminds me to have my own blogroll... Ah, so many things to do, so little time.
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..The Seven Ancient Sciences =-.
  • Hi and thanks for adding me to the list, appreciate it.

    I will add you to my blogroll as well, you can see it on my links page.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Cool CSS trick for Thesis =-.
  • Hi,

    your criteria is just awesome, I had a good laugh especially point 1 and 2. I'm not on your blogroll and I understand, you have made it very clear which helps the rest of us know why :)

    I also wanted to say congrats on your new logo, I saw which one you picked and I'm very happy as it will definitely suit this site. Will return later to see if you have it up.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Time Management – Doing more tasks in less time =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Hi George: You're not exactly a stranger in my blog, George. I'd be happy to add you... You liked my choice of logo? Ahahaha. I had a hard time choosing with that one. If not for Rocky, I'd still be torn between two choices. Thanks for this visit. :)
  • AD
    Aching to be added to your blogroll! hehe!
    .-= AD´s last blog ..THE MAN FROM LONDON [2007]; FIVE [2003] =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Ache no more. Ad, you are already added. Ahahaha
  • what criteria is that, all of them was met by me hahahaha.
    seriously, thats a good policy
    .-= Mars´s last blog ..Blographics’ 9 steps Tutorial =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Really? Congrats then. ahahaha
  • the blogroll is always a work in progress. not in there? no worries. it's always the site owner's call.
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Cristiano Ronaldo Moves to Real Madrid =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Novz: I've corrected the oversight. :)
  • LOL. may blog roll policy. hahaha.
    .-= aajao´s last blog ..Beberden Limbaga (1988-2009) =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Aajao: Oo, para matahimik ang buhay blogger ko. Pag may spammer, I can always point to this post. Please read this first, dear spammer, and see if you qualify. Ang arte noh? Ahahaha
  • Yeah...I will be the last one who leave a comment here :) joke lang. Anyways,
    this blog rocks! that's why a lot of your commentators here become your friends.

    Best regards,
    .-= Julius Orias´s last blog ..My Proof of Income From Acme People Search =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thank you, Julius. :)
  • am I number 4? wahahaha! :D
    .-= Jehzeel Laurente´s last blog ..Just Guess and Win A Prize! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Toink. Sinagot ko na sa post - for all the world to see. Ahahaha
  • I'm going to cry myself to sleep. I wasn't included in your blog roll. :(

    Ha, in all seriousness: great list of bloggers on that list.
  • Jan Geronimo
    It's even greater now that you're on it. I'm sorry for the oversight, Dan. :(
  • iba na talaga ang may following at puede nang mag assert kung anong gusto. i'm thinking willie revillame or manny pacquiao who would set the criteria on how they would interact with people or when they would want to. oops, sorry for the very pop culture reference, or should i say jologs? heheheh... i hope to fit in your criteria but then again, you are the god in this blog and i am the lowly mortal waiting for you to pass by. ngek.

    jan, i hope you could come up with some tips on how to write a blog post in 30 minutes! i feel like i am always in a rush these days, and i still intend to fill up my blog with a new entry but i couldn't find the time. how i envy you...

    as to you
    .-= fifi´s last blog ..winning a freebie online for the first time =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    You can always assert what you want, Fifi. It's your show after all. What you're asking is very hard. First, it takes me a long time to write my post. Two to four hours - even more. But the easy ones are easy because I've thinking of them for quite some time already. You know - what to include, what to discard, that sort of thing. Well, I answered your question in my new post. ",)
  • Wow! It feels like a taste of fine wine to be on your blog roll. Honestly, I'm a subscriber to WriterDad because it is so literary and suave. The problem, it hardly speaks to me personally probably because of the cultural divide. Now, it's WritingToExhale over WriterDad!
    .-= dfish´s last blog ..Pinoy Applicant at Wal-Mart =-.
  • nakakatawa yung mga comments parang nasa chat room lang. Btw, x-links tayo? Lol. I'm seriously cute. Walang pilitan to. haha
    .-= Badong´s last blog ..Face-Off: Promil Vs Nido =-.
  • You certainly burn on some high octane fuel! It's great to see someone having so much fun blogging and chatting with his readers.

    Thank you for dropping by my blogs and leaving such kind words.
    .-= Lori Hoeck´s last blog ..Self defense and kids — how-to for parents =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Oh, I initially thought replying to them will be like a chore. But it's not. It's one of those fine things with blogging that I look forward to doing each day. :)

    You've marvelous and unique ideas, Lori. I haven't read them anywhere else - only in your blog. That surely must count for something! :)
  • Jan,

    Good morning, and talking about guest posting.....hmmmmm, I remembered something...lol...end of the month..lol...
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog .."Missing the Bus" - 21st Story for the Inspirational Book =-.
  • Nothing much more to say.. Your requirements make absolute sense. Why would you link to someone who does not fulfill even one them. It so seems that I "passed" some of them, lol. Maraming salamat, bud.

    BTW, I have already fixed your link a long time ago, did you notice? Not hiding on "blogroll" any more, hahaha.

    Good policy. I agree with Roy.. your house, your rules. Keep the Spammers out..
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Revenue Generating Widgets by pubMarketplace =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    I've noticed it already, DiTesco. It's so out there. Ahahaha.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Dencios: Sencia na, nagkaubusan ng reply button sa taas. Hehehe. Wala lang. Here's to positive vibes then. :)
  • I too have my Friend page. If you will notice, there are just a few that are in there. My principle with this is that it's not me who will try to look for you, if there's a form, then start typing. We review the blog and if it fits the criteria of a decent blog, then we include it. Decent means, no porn. That's it! So, my Friend page sucks. Don't you think?

    Btw, how's weekend Jan?
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Why Politicians Using Twitter To Send Messages Suck =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Rob, I tried to pattern my blog roll page with yours. That's why I called it Friends, too. Just can't figure out how to embed the form from Google Doc. But that's okay since I've had a change of heart anyway. I decided to be upclose and personal with my list of friends.

    You're doing well, Rob. But hey, who's the we? You have a Commission of Appointments in your blog? But you're the only author I see in Social Media Philippines. That's puzzling. :)
  • WE: My shop. The 2 authors are still busy. So busy that when they start writing, they fall asleep. I should tell them to eat more peanuts.

    Hmmm why a change of heart? Not a fan of my democratic principle? LOL! Now you're making me think. Should I be upclose and personal too?

    Just in case, Docs is using an iframe and Wordpress is allergic with iFrames, enclose it with and embed it in the HTML editor, just do the width adjustments. This is if you will change your heart about the DIY blog roll.
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Why Politicians Using Twitter To Send Messages Suck =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    It's up to you, Rob. Mas mahirap maging democratic. The time I'd spend checking up blogs - are they link farm? do they practice underhanded SEO techniques frowned upon by Google? These are time consuming matters. At least, I'm familiar with the goings-on at my friends' blogs.
  • Reena
    kaka-pressure naman yung criteria mo. :) if i had my own, i'll place number 4 on top of the list. hahaha

    i should set my own for my blog. but many of them are already my friends so i can't just let anyone go.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Reena, if they are already your friends then there's no reason to let them go. Indeed, criteria number four is kinda funny no? I put it there to humanize the list because I realize that 1 to 3 is a bit stringent. :)
  • Jan, ..."...agree WITH your proposal...?" iyong keypads ko na naman...lol
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog .."Missing the Bus" - 21st Story for the Inspirational Book =-.
  • Jan,

    Hindi na ako makapagreply sa taas.

    Of course, I agree to your proposal. I have so much faith in our young Padawan. He'll become a very powerful Master Jedi soon. He could write the article for all of us. Let this be his magnum opus. Right, Roy?

    Go for it, Doc Z!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog .."Missing the Bus" - 21st Story for the Inspirational Book =-.
  • zorlone
    The "reply" button ran out! LOL

    @Roy, I talk a lot about badminton, so that's a big give away already. I can't help it if I'm a badminton addict. he he he

    @Jan, this will be my second request to do a guest post from one of the Jedis. I haven't finished making my post for our fellow Jedi Knight. Do I get a deadline?

    @Jena, thank you for the confidence in me, I will not let you down. I just need a lot of time.

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Twitter fun! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Oh, you have a prior commitment? Too much on your plate right now? Is that a polite no?

    There's no set date. Attend first to your first commitment then come back with your post. No deadline then. This week. ahahaha.

    Can you do it next week? Ok, no deadline nga pala. Ang kulit ko naman. I need that code more than the other knights do. I'm a bit shaky - vulnerable ang L.J. I need something to steady the nerves.

    Kaya pa naman. Nag oover acting lang ako. Hehehe
  • zorlone
    Is that so? You should stop smoking so that you wont have any shaking nerves! LOL

    No kidding, stop smoking.

    Okay will do my best to finish all those writing commitments within the week and I will prioritize your request too.

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Twitter fun! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Haysss, ginamit na pagkadoktor nya. Okay, apo. ahahaha
  • ser natawa ako sa number 4 mo haha. well karapatan mo naman kung sino ang ilalagay mo at walang samaan ng loob dun. meron nga sa blogroll pero di mo naman binbisita kahit kelan, mali naman yun. meron naman lagi mo binibisita kaso di ka pa naguupdate kaya wala pa sya. kung ano pa man e respetuhan lang iyan. e kung nag eenjoy ba ako sa bahay mo bakit hindi naman ako babalik ke nasa blogroll mo o wala diba? :)

    .-= dencios´s last blog ..[86] No reason for the Senate to be worried DAW.. =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    "e kung nag eenjoy ba ako sa bahay mo bakit hindi naman ako babalik ke nasa blogroll mo o wala di ba?"

    I like that. Tama ka diyan. Maarte lang talaga ako. Pasensya na. Ahahaha.
  • ser no, nasabi ko lang yan kasi yung iba nanggagamit lang. dadalaw tas mawawala na bigla pag nalamang wala syang link. di ko sure kung tama ba iyung term ko o masama pero i think may mga ganyan talaga.

    pero ako lagay ng lagay ng link ng kung sino2 ng di na nagpapaalam pag nagustuhan ko na :D ke dumalaw man sya o hindi o itakwil man ako basta bibisita ako. makulet ako e hehe
  • Jan Geronimo
    You're a great kid, Dencios. Parang gusto ko na manumbalik pagtitiwala sa kapwa ko. That's a valid point. If it works for you and you don't feel bad about their indifference, I salute you. Ibang klase ka talaga, Dencios.

    Pero di ako ganyan. Mainitin kasi ang ulo ko sa mga nagkukunwaring kaibigan tapos di naman pala. Alam ko kulang ako sa pasensya. Di ako mapagpasensya. Madami akong rekesetos na nalalaman.

    Kasi ba naman hinahakot ko sa internet yung mga pamantayan ko sa tunay na buhay. Ang kaibigan ay ganito at ganyan. Alam ko iba ang internet, ibang realidad ito. Walang magagawa- dun na ako kumportable kasi.

    Alam ko rin na mas di nakakainit ng ulo ang paningin mo. Siguro nga kailangan ko mga pananaw ng mga mas bata sa akin. Para cool lang ako. ahahaha. Tingnan natin kung makapag adjust pa ako. Sana. :)
  • wala naman sa age yan. nasa pagdadala lang yan. di na ko kid. utak kid lang haha. 25 na ko. well iba nga talaga dito sa net, minsan iba ang muka ng blog sa tunay na muka ng tao kaya ingat tayo :) pero madami namang very nice at totoong tao din. lets keep positive vibes para hindi kumulubot ang ating noo :D
    .-= dencios´s last blog ..[86] No reason for the Senate to be worried DAW.. =-.
  • Jan,

    Kindly delete the first comment, sorry, the keypads again. lol. thanks.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog .."Missing the Bus" - 21st Story for the Inspirational Book =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    You and your malfunctioning, pesky, uncooperative, morose, and insufferable keypads are getting well known in the blogosphere already, Jena. We are not surprised or perplexed anymore with the happy malapropisms it engenders. Ahahaha.

    It's part of your signature and charm. Long live Jena's grumpy keypads!

    Doc Z, your cue. Doc Z? Hays, Doc Z is having a siesta again. Ahahaha.
  • Roy

    I am very much familiar with Jena's keyboard :)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Warning: Blogging is dangerous to your self-esteem =-.
  • "It's me they're talking about" na pala here.

    Alam ninyo mga anak...ouch -inamin din...mga "wali" na lang, masyado namang matanda pag pati ikaw Roy at Jan eh anak ko na. (I'm not that old).

    When one gets older - (Doc Z emphasized it so sweetly (our OLD friend, Jena , he he he - peace, Doc Z) , we eventually arrive at a certain crossroad and ponder if we really had lived a meaningful life; we'll soon discover that "A fully lived life is a life lived for others.” This is from Albert Einstein.

    I may not be a genius, but I glean so much wisdom in that one, short sentence of his! I know I don't have to rationalize my concept point by point. You can follow, di ba? Walang Jedi na dimwit.

    Thanks guys for valuing the Jedi Code. I salute all of you with my blue lightsaber. I still don't know my rank. (Green ba, Jan? -whatever!)

    Keep writing and blogging! ( I hope wala na namang kasalanan ang keypads ko dito...he he he..)
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog .."Missing the Bus" - 21st Story for the Inspirational Book =-.
  • wow! there is really such thing as the jedi bloggers code of conduct? i think i need to influence doc z on some provisions huh, ehhee!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    I will forever keep my lips sealed as regards Doc Z's 3rd obsession on one condition:

    Doc Z will write a post explaining the Jedi code of blogging for all the world to see. This is a good time - the conditions are right - that others get to benefit from acquiring that beautiful code. It's so magnificent it can be likened to a philosophy. So that's it. A guest post for Doc Z.

    If Jena will be agreeable to it I'm honored to post it here. What do you think, Jena? Do you trust our young knight to write the code for us?

    Of course, you have the right of first refusal.

    And Doc Z needs to consult you on the more salient points of the code, if need be.

    What do you think, Jena?
  • And Doc Z, what type of condition is that? Magagamot ba iyan ng TLC and milkshake?...lol

    Jan, pabayaan mo na ang 3rd obsession ng binata natin, baka maiwanan ng biyahe...( pinipigil ang tawa) .

    Roy, payag ka na sa proprosal ni Jan, keypads daw.. ako approved iyan, No problem!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog .."Missing the Bus" - 21st Story for the Inspirational Book =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Doc Z: Your obsessions:

    1. Food (appetite)
    2. Sleep/siesta
    3. Undeclared but boy! do I know it. My lips are sealed though.

    @Roy: It will detract from Jena's charm I think if we pool resources and buy her a state-of-the-art keyboard. Wag na. Milkshake na lang daw. :)
  • i think i know this deep darket secret obsession of z ehheh! clue: tongkat ali! wahahha
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof! =-.
  • Roy
    '3. Undeclared'

    I think I have fairly good idea of what is that all about...

    yup! your lips are sealed alright... but your tweets are not lol
  • zorlone
    “Power, fame or fortune we seek not. A Jedi is concerned about the welfare of others, rather than personal gains, benefits, feelings or interests.”

    Not siesta... hehehe. I was getting ready for dinner. Mind you, my last meal was two hours ago. LOL. This voracious appetite and this obsession for sleep is my signature! he he he! Among other stuff..

    I quoted the code above because I think this is what we are, okay not entirely, but a code is a code and as self proclaimed Jedi Knights, we are bound to follow them. Personally, we are already following them without even knowing it.

    Thanks Jena for bringing it to our knowledge. We owe you a million thanks and a TLC burger.

    Jan, are you going to ask me to diagnose our dear old friend Jena? I think she has a rare case of "nagtatalun-talunang daliri syndrome." I have to warn you, it is contagious. The person who has come in contact with Jena via a comment section, acquires it.

    So, oyu bttreer eb craeufl... uh.. oh...

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Twitter fun! =-.
  • Thank you Jan, it is an honor to be in your blog roll, and be a part of the Jedi team.

    I swear to uphold the noble quest of the knights to be an effulgent, coruscating star, when the darkness of pride overcomes the light of humility; when the obsession to win overcomes the conscientiousness of being a good loser, and when petty misunderstandings cloud the sanctity of friendship.

    Jan, wala lang - he he he. I just wanted to convey the idea that we blog for ourselves, but much more for other people. That's the Jedi's code. Here is a verbatim excerpt from - http://jedi-code.tripod.com/co...

    "Power, fame or fortune we seek not. A Jedi is concerned about the welfare of others, rather than personal gains, benefits, feelings or interests."

    Nag research pa ako ha. ( Serious yata masaydo...lol) baka batuhin ako dito ng mga ibang knights. Makatakas na nga!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog .."Missing the Bus" - 21st Story for the Inspirational Book =-.
  • Oh this is good!
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..The Seven Ancient Sciences =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Wow, I love this Jedi Code. At nagresearch ka pa talaga. Doc Z, we have a code of conduct na here o.

    Hayan, when I get impatient with you know what and irked that I'm not getting the results I wanted, I'd go back here at this spot and reread those lines till I commit them to memory.

    This will serve us well. Thanks, Jena.
  • Roy
    I love the Jedi code!

    “Power, fame or fortune we seek not. A Jedi is concerned about the welfare of others, rather than personal gains, benefits, feelings or interests.”

    can we add... "although, we can make exemption sometimes?"
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Warning: Blogging is dangerous to your self-esteem =-.
  • he he he Roy, I was laughing when I read this. Siyempre, there is always an exception to the rule. You're a sensible and down-to-earth man. You're a good man, and that exception would only be yours to decide on. Way to go Jedi knight!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog .."Missing the Bus" - 21st Story for the Inspirational Book =-.
  • yey! andun aq sa blogroll mo.. salamat jan! :D
    hmm, bakit mo nga pala aq naisipan ilagay sa blogroll mo, bukod sa pagiging reader ko... #4 ba (OMG cutie)? LOLs

    .-= Kelvin Servigon´s last blog ..Back To School 2009 =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Ahahaha. Of course you are. May nag email nga sa akin, bat ganyan pulos cute mga yan. Sabi ko, that's not true, kulang pa nga iyan eh. Wala pa ko dyan. Yikes! :)
  • zorlone
    Ang swerte ko naman at nabribe ko si LJ! Sabi na nga ba e pizza lang ang katapat mo! LOL Salamat po!

    Do you have a widget or code to put those requirements to other people's blogs? So I can support it as well!

    "The 4 requirements to be in my blog roll" click here if you want to be included. Or something like that to catch the attention of would be spammers.

    On that note, I better clean up my blogroll too!!! Need I say more? LOL

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Twitter fun! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    I'd rather not, Doc Z. This might get the ire of some insecure souls out there. Remember your "I don't accept blog awards" widget? You did not answer my question nga pala. Who's topping your commentator count?
  • zorlone
    Funny you should ask that... the name of the top commentator on my blog is blurred until I high lighted it. Saw your name glaring at my face! For that i give you free consultations, so you better get your ass here on the mainland to have that free consultation. LOL

    Well, I know you can handle yourself when it comes to that (referring to "ire of some insecure souls"). You could use some flame of controversy here, unless there are already unforeseen ones lurking in the mass of comments in your posts.

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Twitter fun! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    My lips are sealed at the moment - number 1.

    2. I'm a gracious host - or at least I tried hard to be. Must set a good example, Doc Z.

    Lots of ways to get my blogging zen - and one of them is to write long emails to my friends. I just hope they keep a tight lid on my expostulations. Ahahaha. Sana. :)
  • zorlone
    I would suggest meditation LJ. For me, I just make sure I get a lot of sleep (Toink!)
    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Twitter fun! =-.
  • Joji
    Your phlegmatic tormentor deserves a passing grade in 1 and 2. And I am confident your jan-ious munificence will never deny me that. ",) ",)
  • Jan Geronimo
    Flying colors, Joji. And hey, just to reassure you, my munificence is at its optimum peak these days. Not to worry, my friend.

    Now, what is munificence exactly? ahahaha
  • Joji
    Ewan ko din, hahaha...Nakita ko lang. Teka, almost forgot - Thanks megamuch!
    .-= Joji´s last blog ..Independence Day Speech =-.
  • Roy
    I think it rocks because I'm in it... or a part of me that is lol

    Like what I told you before Jan, it's your house - your rules

    and ocassion... I mean occasion, gets me confuse so often... so I put 'event' instead :)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    I would have named it Rock Stars Page e kaso baka magalit si Chris Brogan. Nagamit na nya un term na un. Pero rock stars pa rin kayo. Just remember you know me ha - sakaling maging superstars kayo someday. Hehehehe
  • Roy
    Rock Stars Page would be nice, but you forgot, we also do jazz as well as novelties

    we're versatile dude! that's why we rock! :)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Warning: Blogging is dangerous to your self-esteem =-.
  • Wow, grabe ang mga requirements. :D
  • Roy
    mataas talaga ang standards ni Jan, Snow... kaya nga andun tayo e :)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Warning: Blogging is dangerous to your self-esteem =-.
  • tama bro! dun na tayo sa may superbrands seal na blog eheheh! materyales pwertas, ay, pwertes pala! ehehhe! ano ba yung nasabi ko...
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof! =-.
  • LOLs, andun din ako.. ibig sabhin mataas na din ako... weeee! ^__^
    .-= Kelvin Servigon´s last blog ..Back To School 2009 =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Panakot sa spammers ng link exchange. Ahahaha. Thanks, Snow. :)
  • Another thing here, there was one guy who asked me if my Friend page is a DOFOLLOW page. Should it matter? Just wondering. I mean, if you wanted to be buddies, should this be asked? What do you think?
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Why Politicians Using Twitter To Send Messages Suck =-.
  • Roy

    they even have the guts to ask that?!
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Warning: Blogging is dangerous to your self-esteem =-.
  • this is your blog, do whatever pleases you, your highness! Because of this my blogroll will be shorter soon hahah
    .-= brag´s last blog ..Destination: Tanjung Pinang, Bintan =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Your highness? Ayoko ng ganun. Yun mga royal highness na yan anachronism na eh. At mahirap na baka pag initan at madethrone. :)
  • btw, being one on the bottom list of grouping does imply something for us bloggers? discuss, lol
    .-= brag´s last blog ..The Beach experience =-.
  • Hindi ko alam kung pasok ako sa iyong mga naturing, ngunit subalit datapwat ako'y napadaan dito..at babalik sa tuwi-tuwina.
    .-= Ang Lolo Niyo´s last blog ..Ang Mga Nominado =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Salamat, Lolo Ivan. Pagpasensyahan mo na mga apo ko dito. Di yata nagmano sayo? Mga kabataan talaga. Ahahaha
  • no fair! im only cute! nyahhahahha! :D
    .-= yatot´s last blog ..NEWS FLASH: Robert Pattinson has a twin brother!!! =-.
  • hahah! cute ka rin? wow, dumadami na tayo nyan ah. etong si jan talaga mahilig sa mga cute. swerte nya at nadikit sa mga cute tulad natin ano ehhheehe!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..The Quickieblogger.com or the Superveryhandsomeblogger.com? =-.
  • uu nga eh! wahahhahhaa... paano kaya yan...? hindi naman ako mahilig mag-comment... :P... at ang gusto ko lang naman ay makipag-exchange links sau... :D hahahha... at iboto... (hindi ko na itutuloy...)
    .-= yatot´s last blog ..NEWS FLASH: Robert Pattinson has a twin brother!!! =-.
  • hahhaa! hindi kapa mahilig magcomment nyan ah..

    ah, alam ko na, mahilig kang magcomment kapag si kevin ang nagcomment dito para iboto xa sa influential blogger ehhhe!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..The Quickieblogger.com or the Superveryhandsomeblogger.com? =-.
  • ahhahaha! di naman, BFF kaya silang dalawa ano.
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Yatot o - si Elmot pinagsasabong kayo ni kevin. Forgive and forget na nga yun dalawa eh. Ahahahaha.
  • YIPEEE! im the first one here to leave an imprint! weheheheh!

    i guess, ill be on of those lucky asses to be listed on your blog roll, eh? i think im qualified with #1,2 & 4.... i think im fairly cute eh? eheheha!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..The Quickieblogger.com or the Superveryhandsomeblogger.com? =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Ooops, akala mo lang yun. Malen it turned out got to comment first. Okay acute na nga kung acute. Ahahaha
  • ngek! bakit ganun, when i commented kanina eh wala pa namang nagcomment, ako pa lang..daya naman ehhhe!

    parang napilitan ka lang yata na mag agree na cute ako ah ehehe
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..The Quickieblogger.com or the Superveryhandsomeblogger.com? =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Tama si Roy, Elms. Wala pang comment kasi held in moderation pa un kay Malen. She's here earlier than you are. :)

    Cute ka naman Elmot eh. Kahit itanong pa natin kay Apple. ,")
  • bakit nasama si apple dito? ehehhe!

    alam ko yun na cute ako noh...sabi ng nanay ko eh ehehhe
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof! =-.
  • Roy
    hahaha! first kasi mag-comment ni Malen sa bagong bahay ni Jan, kaya hindi pa siya kita nung mag-comment siya. under moderation pa siya.

    okay lang ang 2nd elmot ;)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Warning: Blogging is dangerous to your self-esteem =-.
  • hahhaa! un nga un siguro bro, ehhehe! pero di na rin masama ang 2nd place ano, ehehe! welcome na rin kat malen...*wink*
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof! =-.
  • dapat may papremyo dun sa naka pers base hahaha
    .-= malensky´s last blog ..The Abyss Experience =-.
  • passokkk sa bangaaaa!!! dun ako sa 3-4 hahaha charing lang

    this is quite late, but better late than later diba, hehehe, anyway congrats and welcome to wordpress, enjoy!
    .-= malensky´s last blog ..The Abyss Experience =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thanks, Malen. Okay lang na late ang greeting. Hanggang ngayon naman parang kalilipat ko pa eh. Di ko pa maintindihan full powers ng WordPress. lols.
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