# 1 Productivity Tip: Let Your Friend Do It

by Jan Geronimo on February 12, 2009

Drawing ToolsImage by ? China ? guccio via Flickr

I don’t believe in procrastination. If a task is worth doing, and it has to be done today then obviously you don’t need to read up on productivity experts on the web.

And you don’t need an e-book to do it either. Nor you need to read the sky to see if certain stars are aligned properly so you can start on your work. It’s this way with this blog. It needs a new look so the logical thing is to buckle down to work and get dirty. And I did precisely that – sent a message to my friend Yatot and gave him the go signal to tweak this blog.

And he just did it. Hurray, for getting things done. Oh, I’m so decisive, don’t you think?

Do you like the new look? Looks like a proper blog to me now compared with the generic look of the previous one. This baby has -

1. About Page – don’t check yet. I’m still working on it. Sheesh. You’re so click happy.

2. Contact Page – now you don’t have to jostle with spam in my inbox to get my attention. Greater chances of me reading and responding to your email.

3. Privacy Policy – Can live without one, but apparently Google Adsense requires it. So I have to humor the big G. There.

4. Snazzy features – it has Twitter icon and a slew of social bookmarks you can click to humor Jan.

Yatot went under the hood and did all the dirty work from morning till lunch. He’s in Metro Manila while I’m in the boondocks, still among my Mangyan brothers. The magic of online collaboration.

FYI, I did some heavy lifting, too, to wit:

1. Complained of dizziness when presented with templates to choose from.

2. Delegated with a heavy heart the matter of picking the right design and prayed hard it won’t be too awful. It’s coolacious!

3. Frantically typed “Bravo” when presented with his final choice. Which became our choice.

4. Pestered him to add more tabs, a tweetie bird, and the bookmarks at the end of each post.

5. Exhausted my weeks supply of approbation: “sweet! perfect!” “you’re the man!” ” dude, wow!” “are you crazy? next idea please!”

The end result is that by 12:00 noon one extremely famished and aggravated friend went to lunch, perhaps wondering what he got himself into. And this blogger? Not too shabby, I dare say. I’m so happy I look like Joker with a grin stretched from ear to ear.

Thanks, Yatot. You’re one tech savvy Angel.


* One unintended casualty of rearranging the furniture around here is that my premium blog list was misplaced in the shuffle. If you are on my blogroll and I forgot to put you back in, please tell me. If you want to be included, please don’t ask. Ninety-eight percent of those special people did not ask me. I just did it on my own. But of course I can be persuaded, too. :)

* Top Commentator on the sidebar reflects the overall score of readers from day one. It doesn’t reflect your score for February. So don’t feel sorry for yourself if you’re not within striking distance of the top commentators. To ensure fair play, I leave the job of tallying the votes to the prestigious accounting firm SGV which offered their services gratis in exchange for brief mention hereabouts.

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  • Jan
    @yatot: So now you know it's true my adsense earnings is only good for coffee and a kilo or two of sugar. Brown sugar at that. hahaha. Not that I'm complaining. The fun more than makes up for the hassle of maintaining a blog. And yeah, thanks to the gap in your sked, you were able to sneak in friend's request. :)
  • yatot
    @jan: wahehhehe... it was nothing, really! i enjoy helping people with their blog templates... im also glad you trusted me with blog and your blog's password, your email, and your other google accounts which includes analytics and adsense accounts! hehehhe... of course, this cannot be possible if im busy! so thanks to my schedule, too! hahahha ;)
  • Jan
    @caryn: thanks. hehehe. only because in this global village I still remained the village idiot when it comes to technology, web tools, design. These are all mysteries to me. :) So there's the value of having a techy friend. hehehe.
  • caryn
    wow, congrats on the overhaul ;-) nifty idea to get a friend to do it. hehehe. have to round up some tech-savvy friend too ;-)
  • Jan
    @lemuel: thanks! well, orange is an acquired taste. I like white a lot, it's good for the aging eyes. hehehe. Have you seen JeDchan's blog. It's primarily white - and it's ethereal, angelic. But dismiss my fascination I did the next second. It's not me - I'm hardly angelic by disposition. Hahaha.
  • lemuel
    i was surprised to see your new design. impressive! looks professional. i have been thinking of changing my layout too, when i have time. mind if i ask if your favorite color is orange? thanks!
  • Jan
    @bingkee: For the record, I looked up the links you sent me. Registered on the site, easy. Making it work on my blog, that's the hard part. :) Long story short, I gave up. waaaah. You did it on your own? That's admirable. Comes in pretty handy too.

    @tonex: yeah,plus it looks like I gained some precious real estate with the new template. :) Thanks.

    @yatot: I enjoyed our collaboration. I was impressed - in the midst of our session you were able to send some links so we could have a some laughs together. That was fun. thanks!
  • yatot
    i posted my comment this morning, but i think it was not published... hmmm...

    anyway, like what i said before... you really deserve this blog makeover...! a professional looking blog for a very knowledgeable person! aaaww! keep on writing! :D
  • tonex
    Nice design!

    Better than Blogspot's default, hehe. Para kang naka laya sa preso.
  • bingkee
    This is more sleek and refreshing. But good thing for you have Yatot as your designer. Me....I did everything all by myself even w/o the knowledge of HTML. I just kept bugging the Customer Service staff of Typepad.
    Do you have a sitemap? If not, you better do.
  • Jan
    @kathleen: aww, thanks. :)

    @Grandma Lorrene: well, thank you, Lorrene.
  • Grandma Blog
    This is perfect, but then I thought the other one was perfect too. It's so easy to read. Really nice.
  • kathleenmaher
    It's delight. Never considered I might be in a new place; rather, I just assumed: So I'm finally up to speed here; look how well I'm working it. Clean and subtle redesign.
  • Jan
    I restrained myself from describing it as professional looking. Heck yeah! I'm not disappointed. You're just the right person to say that. And I believe you. Hahaha. Thanks. On behalf of Yatot, thank you. :)
  • Dee
    Umm, am I in the right site?... Oh, yes, I am!

    Wow! I was confused there for a moment! Really! I thought I landed in the wrong page! Haha. But Wow! It really looks cool now. I had to double check if you're still with Blogger or if you've already migrated to Wordpress.

    Congratulations! Your site now looks cool and professional, not that it wasn't before, okay. But it now looks like you're in for the long haul. But I'm still here for the brilliant writing, though. :)
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