7 Accomplishments of a Month Old Blog

by Jan Geronimo on January 4, 2009

Hurray to me, this blog is a month old today and I’d like to share with you what I have accomplished.

1. Global Reach. I have been visited by peoples from across the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia, which include Filipino bloggers. There’s no evidence the Dalai Lama has found me, but I can bide my time. Lack of DNA also precludes the people of Timbuktu and backpackers in the Himalayas. What can I say – even my immediate family has not found out either about my blog. All they know perhaps is that I’ve been holed up in my room this vacation playing online. Or watching porn – I will not put it past them to accuse me of such online pursuit.

2. Award. I received this “You Make My Day” Award from a kind blogger. It’s a recognition for commenting actively in her mom blog. What am I doing in her blog? This point leads to my next achievement -

3. Commenter Whiz. I’ve read that to fire up reader participation in my blog, I must meet my neighbors and actively participate in commenting in their blogs. It’s called conversations in the blogosphere. So I did that. If your blog is about cars – be forewarned it will not stop me from dropping my two-cents. I’ve been known to spread verbal diarrhea in meta blogging sites, blogs on food recipes, and brainbleeders such as web design and online security. Hold on, I’ve also commented on blogs written in Spanish, Malay and Thai; I only know Filipino and English so it helps I only comment on posts with pictures or graphics in them. So I don’t get to be unkindly tagged as that retard Filipino blogger. See? Hahaha.

4. This blog has stirred to life. This is a result of my whirlwind tour of the blogosphere. Now conversations are actually taking place here. I’m immensely pleased with that. Of course, I’d give my little finger to have the kind of activity going on at my Filipino blogging idol and friend Jehzeel’s blog. While he usually posts weeks apart people keep trekking to his site as if there’s some convention going on – mulling over perhaps the intricacies of defining the edge of abstract electronics arts? :) But one baby step at a time for me – I can live with small chats around a little table.

5. Personal Growth. Though this blog has caused me ugly eyebags, though it has not bought me fancy gadgets yet (the cash register earns $0.31), I’m glad to say it’s no skin off my nose. I have gained friends. I have embarked on kicking the nicotine habit. And although I hate to go under the hood of this blog and get dirty, I’m learning bit by bit. I feel like a better man than I was a month ago. Isn’t that a marvel.

6. Favorite Blog of the Week. I have introduced this new section of my blog to keep me from staring too much on my own navel.

7. I have survived.. Of course some problems keep me turning in bed at night. Like how to put a contact form in my about page, how to put “add this” to social media at the bottom of my page. So with your help I just might get it done finally. Be patient with me though – you know how it is with village idiots.

Of course, this is still the first month. I’m still at the rocky part of the seas. Anytime, this might capsize and sink to the bottom in the fashion of blogs which don’t survive. I just have to take heed of the reasons why blogs do not survive the first crucial months as Nate Hill described it. But with your friendship coupled with my hardheadedness (I didn’t say levelheaded, mind) I may yet survive.

Cheers. :)

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  • Of course some problems keep me turning in bed at night. Like how to put a contact form in my about page, how to put “add this” to social media at the bottom of my page. So with your help I just might get it done finally. Be patient with me though – you know how it is with village idiots.
  • Jan
    Fitz: Thanks for the encouragement. :)
  • Fitz
    From what I've read, you're really doing your homework and studying the ins and outs of blogging, not to mention you write well too.

    Keep up the good work, I'm sure with enough perserverance, you'll make good money online too.
  • Jan
    Susi: Yes!!! May natuwa pala..Only because I have nothing to brag about in terms of PR and Alexa whatever. Hehehe. Thanks for this visit.
  • susi
    wow. congratulations on your 1st month. I really like the way you write. Nakakatuwa, yung iba binabase ang blogging achievements sa Page Rank, Adsense earnings and stuff pero your accomplishments rocks!!!
  • Jan
    @Kelvin: Hahaha. Should have said minor accomplishments. Pero headline kaya sige na nga yabangan na nga ng konti..Salamat for having your say. The first time kasi you just looked around and then you left. Thanks :)
  • Kelvin Servigon
    wow, dami na achievements! nice!! keep rockin'!
  • Jan
    Bingkee: Oh,thanks a lot. I'll take you up on your offer of help :)
  • bingkee
    One suggestion, why not join Entrecard for traffic or Adgitize for traffic and cash. Also , I noticed that when I clicked on a link from your site, it does not open a new window so I lose your site, unless I click the "back" button.
  • bingkee
    I had the similar experience when I was very new --although I'm still relatively new in blogging---about 5 1/2 months.
    Want to exchange links with me? I'll put your link in my Friends' Blogroll.

    Ask me about some stuff that you have a hard time about. I can help you with the contact form.

    I can also give you the link about social bookmarking buttons that you can add to each post. Just email me or contact me at my site.
  • Jan
    Boey: That's true. I just have to keep the faith. :) Thanks.
  • boey
    need to put a lot effort & take time to build it, keep it up friend.
  • Jan
    Brian: Thanks. Readers' comments sustain and keep me interested. Nice of you to drop by. :)
  • Brian Elliott
    Nice to see you sharing your comments. Well, the old saying says give and you will receive and you have been receiving your fair share of comments. Keep it up. Nice Blog!
  • Jan
    Jehzeel: I was just testing the effectiveness of your alerts. At top-notch pa rin mga alerts mo ha, talo pa yata ang technorati sa pagscour ng mga blogs? Hahaha.Thanks, and happy new year, too.
  • Jan
    Jesse: I'm introverted in real life, but here I have the luxury of being outgoing and talkative. The internet sometimes works in strange ways..Re: the plug in, I'd search for it. Who knows I might dig something. This is another reason I should save up for the move to wordpress and self hosting..

    Jesse, you added me and I haven't even asked or begged or promised you something? Thanks. You make me blush - if it were possible. :)
  • Jan
    Yatot: Sinamantala ko ang vacation. Naabutan ako ng kalampagan noong New Year sa harap ng computer. Hahaha. Thanks sa visit. :)
  • Jehzeel Laurente
    happy new year jan! salamat sa link love! hehehe :D
  • Jesse
    Oh yeah, I added you to my Blogroll. :D Cheers!
  • Jesse
    Your blog won't turn to life if you weren't that active in socializing with other blogs. Failing to socialize with other blogs was a mistake I have done. Now, I'm making up with the things that I have missed. :D

    Oh yeah, about that problem of yours regarding the 'share this', There's an easy-to-install plugin for wordpress (self-hosted). I'm not sure if there's a social media plugin thing here in blogger.
  • yatot
    wow! ang dami mo ng nagawa in just a few months of blogging... keep up the good work and let the ideas and cash flow in!
  • Jan
    Bruno: Thanks a lot.
  • Bruno LoGreco
    You're further ahead than many other novice bloggers. If you really want to earn money on the Internet than you need to use your talent. You my friend have a gift.
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