How to Land a Guest Post at Writing to Exhale

by Jan Geronimo on August 21, 2009

Messy Writing

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Writing to Exhale is now accepting guest posts from you, guys.  This needs to be said as four of my previous guest writers I have lured through my machinations. Works like a charm when you  allow your friends to take the mike and go center stage, but I’m getting tired of entrapping my friends to do it for me.

So here goes:  write a guest post for my blog.  I can’t be clearer than that now, can I.  By the way, did you enjoy Holly Jahangiri’s two-part guest post?  I sure did – she’s a prolific writer with lots of practical advice.  And she’s answered all your questions about book publishing, marketing and advised you about the scams you might fall prey to if you don’t watch out.

Holly’s guest post is actually a three-part series. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you can read part 1 and 2 here -

And over at Holly’s It’s a Matter of Perspective: Mine, you can read the part 3 of this series, Self Publishing:  Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Everybody wins

I had a couple days off. More time to catch up on my blog reading.  And to goof in Twitter – yes, that too.  Holly had the chance to showcase her warmth and humor here. And you had the opportunity to rub elbows with a published author and awesome blogger.  Everybody wins.

What kind of guest posts I’m looking for?

  1. Tutorials -  Teach me and my readers something we don’t know. Usefulness to readers is key.
  2. Poetry – Just because I don’t write one doesn’t mean I don’t love it.  I do.
  3. Short fiction – Because this is a writing blog.  It gets too tiring to read nothing but writing about writing here.
  4. Personal essays – Yup, I love them.  Infuse them with your personal stories.  Can’t go wrong with that tack.
  5. Humor pieces – Make it relevant to my niche – blogging, writing and the social media.

Some ground rules

What can I say – I feel like a proper blogger now so there’s got to be some house rules for guest posting here.  Here they are -

  1. Be prepared to collaborate with me in case I have questions.  Or if I ask for a little rewrite. If you feel degraded when I ask for a rewrite, well, that’s unfortunate.  Feel free to submit your post elsewhere, or publish it in your own blog.
  2. I’m just an ordinary blogger.  Dispense with the formalities of a cover letter and long introductory email about your post idea.  Out with it the first time you contact me so we both save time.
  3. Once accepted please make yourself accessible to my readers to answer questions. I’d let you moderate comments, too.  How about that?
  4. And yes, you don’t need to be a Jedi blogger to write for me. You may have come from a different galaxy, but as long as you’re not a lowlife – meaning you’re warm, with sense of humor, and reasonable fellow – you’re a shoo-in.

Guest posting can be just the boost that your blog needs.  So what’s preventing you from getting your unique voice heard in my blog, or other blogs of your choice?  Please share in the comment section.

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  • Hmmm.. hindi ko kaya. :P
  • Coming from a blogger that's a strange thing to say, Tonex. Well, if
    there's a story you want to share with me, this blog is always open for your
    contribution. :)
  • It would be great to be featured here Jan. If only I can don a writer's hat and post something worth reading for a change. :)
  • Forget the writer's hat, my friend. Call the waitress attention, order a beer, fish the iPhone from your pocket and write something like this:

    "Doc Z was spewing poetry all the time while Bloggista was doing his darnedest to convince the Doc to insert keywords in his poetry for SEO purposes. The Ceblogger was thoughtful (as is usually the case), perhaps pondering on the theological ramifications of Doc Z’s poetry..."

    Countless of ways to skin a blog post. And your way is one of the most entertaining I've ever read in a long while. :)
  • Hi there, how are you? I hope all is well with you.

    Guest posting for your blog is almost a challenge. I will second jaypee, on my writing skills, as your blog and your readers are all excellent writers. Your rules are very good and make perfect sense (that is the true spirit of guest posting).

    Anyway, I might just take your offer and attempt to pass your screening process:) Considering what I more or less know about, the tutorial part could just fit in. Any suggestions?
  • What best SEO practices do you recommend for creative people? Writing blogs
    do not lend themselves to keywords, keyword density, meta tags and all that,
    right? Or am I totally off the rails once again here? So what do recommend
    for these special breed of bloggers?
  • No Jan. This time you are totally "on" the rails. Now you gave me some homework to do:) SEO best practices for creative people like you, constantly use keywords without actually knowing it. It all depends on why a creative writer wants to rank well in the search engines. Is it because they want to monetize their website, increase their network of friends, let people know about your daily ramblings, publishing an ebook, or something else. Creative writing is a hot topic and difficult to rank for unless there is a specific objective. Anyway, I will do my research on creative writing and see what I can come up with.

    Oh! Did I just use "creative writing" there several times:) hehe, in the mean time, I have posted an article about the most important SEO ranking factors which might give you a starting point. Check it out..
  • Thanks, Ditesco. Yeah, I notice that, too. :) We constantly use keywords
    without actually knowing it - well, this might explain my surprise my blog
    has some modest success in PR. Google's knowledge of semantics is pretty
    sharp huh? :) Okay, will check it out, buddy.
  • Roy
    I'm totally all ears (or all eyes?) for this. Nice suggestion Jan. You're right, we (ehem) creative writers really couldn't care keywords (ehem again) when we're writing (ehem 3x)

  • It's like having our cake and eating it too, Roy. Ahehehe. I want an
    outlet for creative writing - and I'm anxious that it does well in the
    search engines, too. :)
  • Lol @ "shooting themselves in the foot"

    I can imagine us in a line pushing each other to the front when asked who wanted to volunteer to guest post. haha.

    But like in real life, I'd be right in front and would be the first one to raise my hand and say...

    "I volunteer ...

    hihihi. (but he beat me to it by volunteering himself, darn. haha!)
  • If you can wow us in Patay Gutom surely you can wow me and the rest of the readers here. How about it, Rey? :)
  • wow. lol. bow. wow. :p
    err. im speechless at the momet LJ. waah!

    I would love to write for you/with you - it would help if you gave me a topic or if we agree on one. :D
  • I love your post "I miss those lovely days of..." It's reflective, it's
    personal and it's power lies in the feelings and memories it evokes. I like
    the writing - natural (not angling to impress, or to shock, etc) and
    conversational without going over the top.

    I love post with stories in it - a personal snippet of the author's life.
    It can be something from his recent past or something that's bedeviling him
    today. Sometimes, in our blog reading we don't care to learn all the time.
    We just want to hang out and tell each other stories before a virtual camp
    fire in our blogs. I'm looking forward to your story, Rey. :)
  • Hahhaa! For sure I have just beaten you on volunteering here by a split second Bro.

    Just have to live up to the high bar of Jan's writing expectations, whahaha!

    Right LJ? LOL
  • haay, finally back here! hehe

    wow jan, ang ganda nitong idea mo. mas nagiging maka-masa si Juju (tama ba memorya ko?).
  • Wow - I'm impressed. You remember Juju. For that feat, you are hereby
    invited to write for Juju. Don't worry, you're a friendly. He will not
    bite. Ahehehe.
  • How can I guest post when I'm not even updating my blogs? But i'll get back to that soon. I will just be here reading.
  • Perfect excuse. Sounds reasonable to me. What's keeping you busy - launching
    more blogs? :)
  • Roy
    on the contrary, I think a guest post on another blog is one solid excuse for not updating your own blog

    just my thoughts ;)

  • nah. it's the usual excuse - work. and FB too! the other projects had to take a back seat for now. I forgot how to start all over again.
  • Is it ok to have a guest post on the finance side? :)
  • Sure, Tyrone. That's part of the nuts and bolts of writing online, right?
    That will be lovely. If you can tie it in with writing and earning online
    that will be a very useful guest post. I can already see it in my head. :)
  • Hey, the prodigal son is back, wahahhaha!

    Can I guest post dude?

    Poetry? HUmor? hmmm...I don't exactly know how to write humorous posts, but wait for my email of one of my poems.

    Trying to make up for the lost time, ehehehe!

    Hi to all peepz in here! I am back!
  • Sure, bro. You don't have to know how to write humorous posts, Elmot. You
    write them without knowing they're funny. And that makes it more funny than
    any contrived humor out there. :)

    Anytime, dude. Where have you been? You're spouting dude all over the
    place. lols
  • I was in Antarctica recently, trying to get some inspiration from polar bears and blue whales, LOL!

    I think I will just go with poetry. Is that ok for a guest post?
  • That's some neat trick, elmot - given that almost NOTHING lives at the south pole. ;)
  • OK, Jan. You've lured me into your den. TM wit coming your way soon!

  • Ka-pow! I got me a big fish. Thanks, George. :)
  • Tutorials and How-to's in relation to writing? This is a nice move. Your blog readership is growing and also your Alexa. So, it is only reasonable to also have more writers or contributors or whatever that is called. Your blog is like a business that first start as single proprietorship and now its holding IPO! Obviously, there is nowhere your blog is going but up. :)
  • Ooops, I spoke too soon. Here's the relevant part pala. Sorry, Luke. Thanks, I'm glad you noticed. And I did it without giving vent to my fascination with the dark side, didn't I. Ahehehe. Too much negativity is never my cup of tea anyway. Gets old too fast and runs counter to my number one aim in blogging - to have fun. :)
  • I think this is a great move Jan. Look forward in reading more guest post.
  • I'm getting tired of badgering friends to write for my blog. That's why I made it an open invitation to all. Thanks for dropping by, Janette.
  • Wow! Kung magaling lang ako mag sulat, why not. hehehe :D
  • ako rin jehz, kung magaling lang sana magsulat tulad ni jan, ehehe!
  • Stop it already, bro. I will not have my friends shooting themselves in the
    foot. You're great bloggers. You wouldn't be my friend if you suck as
    writers. Got that? :)
  • Hahahhaha!

    I volunteer na nga eh! How about some sensual poem? Will Ms. Laguardia of MTRCB run after us? Hahahha!

    Hey, now I don't write posts that sucks? Wahahhaha! Just kidding. No bringing up of the past.
  • Jehz, you're being too humble. You have lots to teach newbies and clueless
    old bloggers on the art of being remarkable in blogging. I know you've been
    doing that without blog coverage of any kind - it's just your thing to be
    helpful without telling the world, isn't it. But you can only do so much.

    What about those who are too shy to approach you? Surely you'd be able to
    help more people when you commit these priceless knowledge on paper. Just
    saying. :)
  • sige nga. ill check if i can be an apologist for some of these seemingly nonsense fb apps. i say, bring it on! (if it doesnt fit the standards of your highness, tibby will be there to catch it). hahaha
  • Cool - I will send you something by email so you can have something concrete
    to reply to. This will be fun!
  • Farm Town or MyFarm? :)

    I kind of enjoy MyFarm. It has that tabletop Zen garden effect... meditative. Pathwords is fun, too.

    I'm not into biting necks, kicking the other girls when they're down, or getting involved with the mafia. But I'm not too proud to enjoy a little nonsense, sometimes.
  • Hehehehe.. (nosebleed)

    Oo nga.. tama ka. Try ko mag sulat ng something. hehehe.. try lang. woooooot! :D
  • Anything that will distract your attention from your (nosebleed - according
    to me) puzzles and quizzes. Ahehehe. Kidding!
  • nakakatakot naman ng house rules dito. hahaha... pero exciting!
  • Ows? Relaxed naman rules, my friend. It's a walk in the park for you. How
    about it? :)
  • baka jurassic park! hahaha... i want to write! teka lang... check ko muna self-esteem barometer ko kung kaya talaga.hahahaha!
  • I guess you'd rather be a farmer in Facebook for the meantime? Or meddle in Mafia wars? Ahehehe. There are harsh critics of Facebook apps - usually games. Stupid games - that's the common accusation aside from these being time sucks.

    How about writing a post in defense of these Facebook apps? I can give you a link to give you something to work on. No, it's not for my blog. It's for your own. lols
  • I wish I had the same writing skills that some of your readers have here so I could apply and do a guest post that's related to your blog's topics. Anyways, looking forward to see new writers and new content here on Writing To Exhale. :D
  • You write one of the best how-to posts hereabouts, Jaypee. I always raid it
    for inspiration and to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Ahem - I'd be a
    proud host to your useful posts. A poem for you wonderful son will surely
    delight your avid followers and readers. How about that. :)
  • Roy
    Wow! An open invitation!

    Looking forward to seeing great writers here ;)

  • Yeah, it's more democratic that way. I started with my closest online
    buddies and now it's time to hear new voices. :) But the original set of
    guest writers are always to contribute anytime, of course.
  • Roy
    Honestly Jan, this invitation is really too good to pass... but I've thinking of what to contribute?

    How else can I surprise you?!

  • What are afraid to write about? Then write it and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you on it. :)

    Seriously? How about micro fiction? Or something like, The Road to Blogging Perdition. Sounds like a movie, eh? lols
  • What a wonderful set of "submission guidelines," Jan - it actually looks inviting instead of scary! It has been a pleasure guest posting at WritingToExhale, and I hope to do it again. Thank you for the opportunity. For now, I'll happily turn the mike over to some fresh, new voices - and I look forward to reading what they have to say.
  • Holly your guest posting here couldn't have come at a better time. Don't
    you agree? Thanks a lot for giving me a mini-vacation. :)
  • I agree, and I thank YOU for helping me to return my focus to writing. It's been great, Jan. New bloggers could learn much from you.

    Me? My next project is to beat your Twitter Grade. :P
  • There's a grade in Twitter? If it were a course, I had just dropped out of it due to the number of absences. :(
  • Where have you been, Luke? lols. There's TwitterGrade which measures how you do well in Twitter class. And there's Twitterholic which measures your level of addiction. Ahehehe. And other apps which dig up your click throughs and other stats... But, of course, you're bringing this up because you're just sidestepping the topic of guest posting.

    Remember the last time I asked you to write a guest post? Yeah, you went ahead and put up your own blog. I'm a little leery asking you again. You just might launch another new blog to keep yourself seem too busy. lol. Not that launching a new one is a bad idea - it's all for the good. :)
  • Yes, but I don't expect everyone to live by them, Jan. ;)
  • I certainly hope so. Thanks for this vote of confidence. :)

    Tough luck, Holly. How can you beat me at Twitter Grade? Your standards are very stringent. Ahahaha
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