Grow Your Blog's Reach By Guest Posting

by Jan Geronimo on May 8, 2009

The Letter WriterImage by rita banerji via Flickr

Here’s another valuable way to attract readers to your blog: guest posting.

When you let a fellow blogger guest posts for your blog, you open your blog to new readers. Your guest writer has a blog community behind him or her. When you allow a fellow blogger to hold court in your own home, guess who’ll be knocking at the door to check out what’s up. Yes, it’s the guest writer’s friends, online buddies, fans and hangers-on.

The good thing about this is that the benefits are mutual. You both help each other out.

And it’s not all about the return on investment for the blog owner and the guest writer. Think of the friendship being forged and cemented. These buddies will be there for you when the going gets rough farther down the road. I just hope you hold your end of the bargain when your blogging buddies need you.

So what’s the latest? Let me invite you to check out the guest posts of our own friends:

1. Holly of Do I Have to Spell It Out? has a guest post in Elmot’s Ani-mo: Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Value My Family!

2. Dan Miranda of Command Your Time has appeared in Darren’s TwiTip: How to Avoid Making Twitter a Procrastination Tool

3. Sean of WriterDad has guest posted for diTesco: Make Money Online the Get Rich Slowly Way

4. George of Tumblemoose has featured Sharon Hall: Six Tips to Avoid Being an Overworked Writer

Go now, kids. Just say Grandpa Jan sent you.

And please greet my great friend Roy. It’s his birthday today. Happy Birthday, Roy!

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  • jan
    Aba, aba. Ayoko masyado dami pera. Baka makalimutan ko na ang blogging. I'd give you the bag na lang. ",)
  • jan
    I noticed too. You're getting comfortable saying chorva this and chorva that. Puzzled aketch! 8-)
  • elmot
    kuripot sobra, eheheh... b

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  • elmot
    ehhehe! now im feeling pink, ehehe! galing sa palasyo ni reyna eh

    Recent blog post: Beware: Manny Pacquiao is a Spook!
  • jan
    Okay, I'd allow it. But there's a catch to it. You still have to write your posts and your scheduled guest posts. When you're done with that you're home free. Go paint the town whatever. hahaha.

    And leave the bag of cash with me. Just take something that will last till morning. hahaha. Kuripot noh? :)
  • elmot
    wow! i want to join jena's invitation. this is crazy here, ehehe! i want to be roy's sidekick

    and the story ends this way: "big boss roy, the casino magnate flaunting his armani tux rightly fitted showing the built of who the real boss is in a place crowded by vultures, steadily walked past his beatiful trophies all in lingeree with his handsome sidekick elmot carrying their loot of the day.

    One of the lady almost all in flesh excpet for her victoria secret flashed to teh sidekick an irresistable smile saying, you can havehave me plus the all the cash.

    when they arrived at roy's private room at the penthouse of his own grand hotel that overlooks the sin city glistening with ligths, lust and greed, he took a bottle of scoth and pourred it gently to glass to dip with a sigh of relief.

    "drink?". roy asked his asistant with a an indication of ridicule to man who does not drink liquor.

    "sorry, i don't drink sir".

    at this, the big boss then reached for the bag full of cash that elmot was carrying with him a while ago and tossed it to his assistant with a grin.

    "it is all yours. i have too much cash down the bank. go out with the girls and take a break. out now."

    almost falling down to his knees after catching the bag of cash, he strode down the to his car with his buddy jan waiting with all the gangs, z and other burning the night.

    ayos ba? eheh!

    Recent blog post: Weekend Treat With Fiascos, Comic Judge and Crazy Stuffs
  • jan
    Wow, that reply floored me. You have the makings of a great screenplay writer, Roy. That's lovely. I'm proud you've made that here in my comment section. :)
  • jan
    This is so strange. I just wrote a post about how we put constraints on what we can do as a blogger when we say our writing sucks. Funny, this.

    Really! Roy spotted him, too! Those speakers were naughty huh?! But then again, if I were in their shoes I'd be sorely tempted to give this guy a chance to get a few well-deserved eyeballs, too. ;)
  • Roy
    hehe... I don't think I need help to damage my blog... I can do that on my own :-D
  • earthlingorgeous
    Ah I don't have the confidence to guest post, see my writing sucks especially my grammar and I am so afraid of the grammar police although I want someone to teach me the right way. But guest posting is something I shy away from I don't want to pollute other people's blogs because my post suck. At least in my own blog I can do whatever I want and I won't be told I'm such a loser lol!

    P.S. yes Carlo Ople was there and I sat beside him for a couple of secs until someone offered me a vacant seat two seats away from him. I think he was a bit embarrassed for being "popular" somehow because most speakers especially at the end of the session acknowledge him and his types of blogger thingy. Ahahahaha! But it's all good.

    Recent blog post: What I Learned From The iBlog5 Philippine Blogging Summit
  • jan
    You could have at least asked him to guest post for you. Sayang! And we would have been all be straining at the bit to pick at his brain in your comment section by now. :)
  • jan
    Oh, I like the principle of entrepreneurship bit. Casino can be a time suck. So my question is - what happens to Roy's other empires? For example, his blogging empire, what to become of it? My hunch is that Roy will be hiring an army of guest posters. Or barring that - he'd round up internet marketing wannabes from exclusive schools to ghost write for him. :)
  • jan
    I like the story line. Reminds me of the movie Bonfire of Vanities. My only misgiving is that Roy got the juicy role - all these gambling, womanizing, and the getting high on drugs. :)
  • Zorlone
    A vicious cycle! tsk tsk tsk.... now that is not an inspirational story. LOL! >:o

    Recent blog post: Simply A Mother
  • Roy
    the second paragraph should read...

    "...and will just go on a cycle..."
  • Roy
    but Roy went back to his old ways again... gambled and lost... and the ever forgiving (and naive) Jan accepted him again... and again...

    Wait! the story won't end this way... and will go just go on a cycle

    let Roy win a lot of money and he opens up his own casino where he can gamble anytime he wants. (That's the principle of entrepreneurship, enter a business which is your passion ;) )

    And Roy hired sleek card dealers who robbed all the players of their money... and he was able to pay Jan all his debts - ten-folds... and everybody was happy!

    The end....

    but wait! one of those unfortunate players who lost big money in Roy's casino was... of all people...


    oops! I don't think we're injecting any positive values here, hehe...
  • Roy
    yes, I saw him... and that was there is to it :)
  • Zorlone
    The doctor is in!

    Let's see... I have no objections to Roy's suggestions. Hey, if there is a bird that can't fly, why not a fish that can't swim??? How about a sea horse? It's a fish that seems to hover up and down the ocean. It doesn't look like it swims at all. ;) or maybe I'm wrong... I will look into that.

    Now, about the inspirational story, fiction and non fiction! Both. For me, fiction would be easier to do. You can put a character, let's say Roy who inherited riches (trillions!) but ended up spending all of it on women, luxury, drugs, and gambling - became a beggar. Then comes Jan who was willing to lend a helping hand to Roy. But, Roy still couldn't help himself and stole from Jan. Like all evil deeds, Roy again spent everything and lost everyone. But Jan, being the good soul that he is, accepted Roy's friendship and forgave him!

    Whew! What a story... good thing it's just fiction. It's easier to write. LOL

    Z >:o

    Recent blog post: Simply A Mother
  • jan
    There's so much leeway naman pala. Great. And I like the part about protecting the innocent. :)

    It will be hard searching for a fish that can't swim though. :-D

    This is very helpful, Roy. Thanks a lot.
  • Roy
    if the Doctor would allow me, may I butt in?
    "are inspirational stories true to life stories?"

    yes and no... yes, because it's really easier to narrate it when they actually happened. I said no, because they don't really have to be your 'own' experience. they could be someone close to you... your friend, sibling, a former enemy, a pet dog who used to be an underdog or a fish who couldn't swim... you can always change the name to 'protect the innocent' (and save you from libel later :-D )

    I can see the following question coming: Can a fictional story be an inspirational story too? Yes, of course!

    In fact (and I'm sure you know it), most fictional stories were based on real life events. Sherlock Holmes was patterned by the author by a person he knows (I think it was his teacher), who was very observant of the details.

    The Hulk, I would like to believe, is taken from the inner 'evil' within us. You know, from mild manner Dr. Bruce Banner to the rampaging green monster. What an excellent excuse to wreck havoc and claim innocence afterwards, right?

    I guess, I have said a mouthful. It's the Doctor's turn now...

    I'll just wait for your story Jan ;)
  • jan
    I saw your pics at iblog5 meet. I've read snow's post. ".) Tall ka pala Papa Roy. Doc Z was talking about a heated debate. What's that all about?

    And hey, did you spot Carlo Ople there? :)
  • Roy
    the law of averages, yes... that could work...

  • jan
    Excellent point, diTesco. That's a fine distinction indeed. I'm an example of that - newbie blogger, oldie writer. :)

    Guest posting is one effective way of getting a lot of eyeballs for your blog. With 100 posts behind me, I think I can do guest posting now. For others, the figure can be lower. There's no definitive rule on this one, I think. One of the good indications that one can do guest posting is if one has a good number of posts in your own blog.

    As a lot of people will be checking me out, I have to make sure I have something on my blog to interest them. I'd be uneasy entertaining guests when I have little else to engage them. A good number of posts is necessary too.

    Thanks, DiTesco. :)
  • jan
    You have rewarded me already, Jena. I still have not contributed but you've already rewarded me by providing links to my posts in your sidebar. :-[

    Okay, I will check this list to get me cracking. ",)
  • jan
    I'm using Zemanta, fifi. It provides a selection of free graphics and pictures for your posts. The images are from Flickr's Creative Commons database. It's all contextual - Zemanta displays pictures based on what your current post is. If you don't want to use the pics provided there's a search box wherein you can type the keyword. And Zemanta will give you new pics to choose from.

    It works with Blogger and a lot of blogging platforms. No need to tweak with your blog template. You just have to download Zemanta from your browser - I use Firefox. And the next time you open your blogger dashboard you'd see Zemanta integrated with your blogger dashboard already.

    Zemanta also offers a list of related posts from its members. Very helpful tool, Zemanta.
  • fifi
    where did you get the image, jan? i wonder if the typist had that woman for a client. about guestposting, i feel insecure about it. i think you must have some following in your blog first before you can have this 'right' to guestpost for another especially if you are guest posting for some hotshot blogger. but that is me and my lack of confidence to be 'widely read' (presumptuous, no?). lol. :-[

    Recent blog post: bordering between thinness and madness
  • DiTesco
    Hot post Jan. I really do not have much to add. One comment above did call my attention, and this is about being a newbie blogger. A newbie blogger does not mean you are a newbie writer. There are a lot of blogs out there with great content. Unfortunately, due to very little exposure, they stay within the annoying sound of silence.

    Guest posting is as powerful as it can be. In fact, it might even be more powerful than posting on your own blog (particularly if you are just in the beginning). What it takes is one to believe in him/herself and find the courage to do it.

    Recent blog post: Google Ad Planner - Connecting Publishers And Advertisers
  • Jena Isle
    The primary criteria is that the contributor must be an entrecarder. This is because I will be awarding EC credits, instead of cash. In your case, I would like your opinion on how you would like to be compensated,

    Here is the link to the criteria:


    You are free to post anything you want. In fact, I wanted to enlist you as I want your style. Light but informative. You can read some of the entries.






    So you're at liberty to adapt any style, genre or theme; as long as the reader would be able to glean something positive. In fact, I could also accept drawings and poems.

    if you have further questions feel free to leave a comment at any of my blogs. Thanks.
  • jan
    But first you must give me some tips.

    For example, are inspirational stories true to life stories? What's the form - personal essays? What kind of stories click with Jena's readers?

    I have some ideas, but I'm looking for lighthearted stories. Baka naman ma spot me ng talent scount ng mga telenobela pag nagdrama me. ahahaha.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Really, Doc Z. I really need those tips. When you've the time ha?

  • Zorlone
    I thought I'd make myself comfortable in this area since saw my name here. LOL. I was a guest at gewgaw long before I started blogging. A few poems at first then, jenaisle asked me to write an inspirational story. I did. Most of her readers commented on it (since I don't have anyone to bring with me). eventually, some of her readers became mine too.

    So, Jan, have you thought about guesting at gewgaw? I know you have a lot of inspirational stories, if not, posts to give a positive impression on the reader.

    This post rocks!

    (how about that for a comment to follow?)


    Recent blog post: Insanity Road
  • jan
    If you ask 10 times you might have 4 to 5 positive responses. You never know until you ask. hahaha
  • jan
    You're right there. It's like asking a friend to cover for you in case you're busy with something else. For example, a much needed vacation or an emergency. And the good thing is that this works both ways. Thanks!
  • jan
    Jena, you're wicked. You're bringing out the big guns to convince me. I so love Ken's writings! ",)
  • jan
    I will really have to dig deep to come up with something for your collection. That elite company gives me the jitters. :)
  • jan
    Hmmmn, ano ba iyan. May pa feeling blue ka pang nalalaman. What's up, bro?
  • jan
    Anytime, Bingkee. Your contribution is most welcome. ",)
  • jan
    Emma, that's great. What are you waiting for? Go for it. :)
  • jan
    It may not have tremendous effect now on your readership, Dan. But the important thing is you get yourself seen in high profile blogs. You're getting in the radar of a lot of people. If you do that fairly often that can only bring good things to your name recall.

    Don't mention it. :) I like to claim I've known you and that we're on a first name basis before you get famous. :)
  • cebloger
    roy's birthday? i just met him a while ago in iblog5. gotta greet him in his blog.

    as to guest posting, i agree that it is one way of getting more readership to one's blog. especially if you guest post in a popular blogger's site. or the guest poster is popular and refers his/her readers to your site.

    there are others who use guest posting as a filler to their sites especially if they're busy and can't post, say in two weeks. They just schedule the posts in order to have frequent updates of their sites.

    Recent blog post: Manchester United vs Barcelona in the 2009 UEFA Champions League Finals
  • Roy
    hmmm... don't know about Jan, I'm afraid to ask. I'm not really good at taking rejections :)

    Recent blog post: The Struggling Blogger on struggling bloggers
  • Jena Isle
    I have mentioned you in one of my posts. I enjoy your articles; they're like dew drops in a humid weather. LOL....I can't think of a better way to describe them. If you're familiar with Ken Armstrong; your post has the same effect, only you write in a different genre. Cheers. :)
  • Jena Isle
    Hello Jan,

    I do that all the time - I mean feature guest bloggers. It is "refreshing" to have new voices and new writing styles in one's blog; and yes, it indeed, brought some visitors to my site.

    Come to think of it, I would like to extend that invitation to you too. I need one more article for my "soon to be published book." I would be extremely delighted if you join, Doc Z, Roy, Ken, Jim, Jean, Patricia, Ray, Francis, Mathe, Tasha, and many more, in this anthology.

    http://gewgawwritings.blogspot... :) :)
  • Em
    Thank you for the encouragement - funnily enough I pitched an idea for a post to Twitip and got a nice e-mail back saying I should write it. Then I got so nervous about it I couldn't put a word down onto the page!

    Maybe I should try and write that now, carried along by the wave of your support. I'll let you know how I get on.

    Recent blog post: Persistence really is everything
  • elmot
    thanks for the link love big bro...but obviously am feeling blue

    Recent blog post: Don't Tell Me I Don't Value My Family!
  • bingkee
    Jan, pwedeng mag-guest write sa blog mo? Heheehe....joks lang....pero if you're serious, pwede ako.

    Recent blog post: L.A.TRIP PHOTOS AND A CONFESSION
  • Dan Miranda
    It's actually, surprisingly, not how famous you are on the blogosphere (although it does help), rather how good your guest post actually is. I didn't think TwiTip would accept my aforementioned post, but lo and behold they did. Try sending in a post to one of your favorite bloggers and see if success comes your way. If you fail, try again! I'm behind you, Em!

    Recent blog post: Why You Don’t Need To Read Self-Improvement Blogs To Succeed In Life
  • Dan Miranda
    You are right indeed, guest posting is a major part of the way a blog gains readers. Although I haven't gotten many readers from the guest post, Guy Kawasaki tweeted about it, as did Darren, and my follower count has gained rapidly since the post.

    There aren't enough ways I can thank you Jan. You're continuous RTs of the posts are greatly appreciated.

    Recent blog post: Why You Don’t Need To Read Self-Improvement Blogs To Succeed In Life
  • jan
    Yeah, size does not matter indeed. It's depth and the quality of the performance. Uh-oh - here I go again. :)

    Ah well, blogging dementia is still a long way off. A lot of blogging years still ahead of this bloke. :)

    Congrats on your guest post. That's shaping up to be one hot, hot post.
  • Holly
    You SEE? Longer is not always better - it's the DEPTH you go to that matters...

    We seem to have a lot of things in common, Jan - an inability to wrap up a blog post in "two or three paragraphs" is high on the list. Shoot, my comments become posts!

    It's okay, though, as long as you don't ramble on and on about nothing, or repeating yourself as if you have Blogger's Dementia. It's okay to rerun stuff, but at least wait until it hits the archives, right?

    Recto sounds like an interesting place, full of enterprising creative types. =-O

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 7, 2009)
  • jan
    No, you don't have to be famous to guest post.

    Check out Dan Miranda of Command Your Time. He's just started out blogging. A newbie blogger. Guess what - he has guest posted in Darren Rowse TwiTip. Consider for a moment the benefits to my good friend Dan with this feat.

    He's now behind him the readership of Darren Rowse's humongous following or readership. If only 5% of Darren's readers checks out Dan that will still be a good thing.

    And we're still not talking about tweets to this guest post. Darren has tens of thousands of Twitter followers. Do the math. Darren tweets about Dan's post. Imagine the ripple effect of that tweet as this gets retweeted again and again. It can only be bring good news to Dan.

    So you see, guest posting is great news for newbie bloggers and relative unknown like you and me. Pardon, I should speak only for myself. :)

    Of course, you should only submit your best ideas for guest posting. You have to. There are no two ways about it.
  • jan
    I'm taking the sting out of that moniker by appropriating it. Right here, right now. O, wala na kayong ammunition ha?! :)

    "Somebody got to do the other tasks." Yehey, that's a good one. :)

    If anything it's you who should recruit guest posters for your blogs. hehehe.
  • jan
    Ahahaha. You noticed! Yehey!

    You know my objective in this post? To write 2 to 3 paragraph post and nothing more. And I kept adding and adding.

    But in general still a lean post - by my standards. :)

    Yeah, we have lots of writers in Recto. Creative writers, too - crafting fake diplomas, fake term papers and thesis, fake class cards. :)

    The picture though is vintage me. Several years from now. Hohoho.
  • jan
    Ah, my killer one-two punch is here.

    That's so true. In Elmot's case, he's scrambling to come up with posts. You know, there's a ban on Twitter and Blogger in the office. In this sense, it's a God-sent. Gives him more breathing room.
  • Em
    I agree with all you say about guest posting, but I think it's a long way off for me yet. I can't imagine getting to the point where someone would want me to guest post... don't you have to be kinda famous - or at least internet famous for people to want you to do that? I couldn't possibly turn up and say Grandpa Jan sent me - as much as I'd love to! I blush at the very thought of it.

    And I agree with Roy about it being scary - I think some of the best blogs are the most personal, so I would be worried about tramping my stuff in like mud on the carpet.

    Recent blog post: Persistence really is everything
  • Roy
    Grandpa Jan lol... you really love that title

    Guest posting can be cool, but it can also be scary... unless of course if you know what you're talking about, which is what guest bloggers are

    I really wish I could find that confidence.

    But I'm fine doing the commenting. Somebody got to do the other tasks, right? :-D

    Recent blog post: The Struggling Blogger on struggling bloggers
  • Dee
    Oh, a short post now, huh! Short and sweet!

    I agree about guest posting. And the picture you included is quite interesting. Reminds me of the same images you see along the streets of Recto (oh, was that in Recto?). Those were the days... Is that man also preparing a guest post??? :-D

    Recent blog post: How Men And Women Differ In Terms Of Being Overweight
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hi Jan. I would also like add something. Guest posting can also introduce freshness to your blog. A different voice. A different perspective. It gives your readers something new.

    I also think that it helps during those times when you don't know what to write. A guest poster can cover for you. You can return the favor when it's her turn to have blogger's block. This is like a helping hand. One of the essence of blogging which is community.
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