27 Reasons Why Jena Isle’s Inspirational Book Rocks

by Jan Geronimo on October 14, 2009

Jena Isle's Book

Keep a blog and you can call yourself a writer.  Conventional wisdom has it, however, that you need to be a published writer to call yourself an author. Not in a magazine, not in a newspaper, but in a book.

For most of the contributors to Jena Isle’s inspirational book, “Inspirational Thoughts and Stories of Bloggers from All Over the World,” that dream of becoming a published author has finally come true.

It maybe just another day at the office for accomplished authors Jim Murdoch and Holly Jahangiri, but for most of us who contributed to Jena Isle’s anthology it was our first.

27 compelling reasons and then some

You’ve 27 compelling reasons why you need to get a copy of this  book: Your Jedi blogger friends are in it: Doc Z, Roy, Novz, Elmot, Rey Jr, Angel and other writers from overseas.  Isn’t that a fantastic reason for you to get yourself a copy?  If you’re a bit stumped what to give your friends this Christmas, this makes for one thoughtful gift.  Do you have an upcoming blog contest?  A book giveaway is always a knockout gift.

Why am I pushing for this book? There’s no commission in it for me, guys.  And for Jena Isle who shouldered all the expenses, there’s none to be had by way of profits.  Jena Isle did this for the sheer love of putting in one anthology great writer friends she has  met over the years.  After all, Jena Isle has mothered fledgling bloggers:  giving great advice, offering support, believing in unsure bloggers even before they know they have it in themselves to make a difference.

Jena Isle’s book and the art of the possible

It’s a logical step really for Jena Isle as writer and “mother” and teacher extraordinaire.   She has this uncanny ability to nurture newbie bloggers to make them trust in their abilities.  Her unerring instinct for the art of the possible  has made us achieve early in our lifetime a dream we can only dismiss as whimsy. She had made authors out of bloggers.

This early, Jena Isle is dreaming of publishing a book of poetry for next year.  Will you let out that poet in you to be a part of Jena Isle’s dream?  Maybe it’s your turn to become an author.

Check this out to order your copy of the inspirational book.

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  • I'll buy this book just because you recommended it :)

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Wow. Thanks, Jens. Yipee! :)
  • I've just checked out Jena's book on her site. I think it was a good one, a must buy book!
  • It's a good book. And I'm not saying that because I was invited to contribute an article in it. :) Thanks for checking it out.
  • Many congratulations to Jena for such wonderful effort. Keep it up !
  • Wow! Congratulations to Ms. Jena and to all the contributing writers! Astig niyo! More! More! Mama, pengeng pera pambili!
  • Bunso, ang tagal mong naglaog. Hugas ka muna ng pinggan sa kusina. Bago ka
    hingi ng allowance kay mother. Ahahaha. Oist, kumusta na. Mukhang you're
    a fugitive from your own blog now ah. Wassup? ",)
  • hey bro, can you please edit that duplicate name I got there on your top commentators? Elmot is already fine.
  • Wow Jan I'll have to check it out. It sounds wonderful.
  • This is just wonderful. Still have to find my inner poet for that next one. lol. It's hiding there somewhere.

    LJ, the reason is so compelling I went and bought 3 copies. lol!
  • Wow, that is the rare gift of Big Bro Jan, he certainly knows how to twist some arms by using sugar-coated words, LOL!

    We are excited for your poems getting published. The inner poet is just hidding somewhere...
  • Hahah, pressure naman ito. lol.
    I've never written a decent poem in my life! wah!

    Kailangan ko siguro nito ng medidation habang may relaxing music at massage to get my creative juice flowing. hehehehe.
  • Wouldn't it be great if we can give them as gifts to our friends offline who
    still eye us curiously every time we can't shut our trap about the latest on
    our blogging?
    "Here, I've got me a book. I'm a published writer now, thanks to blogging."
  • Ahaha, actually the opposite is true for me. Because of my nonstop talk about blogging to some friends, they've now considered putting up their own - and I've suddenly become their consultant. lol.

    Mantakin mo un, the newbie is now a mentor. Hehehe!
  • You just don't know it yet, but start talking about the rudiments of
    blogging to your new recruits. You'd be surprised with the sheer amount of
    knowledge and insights you've accumulated. Alam ko pala iyon?! Hah! Buti
    ka pa, may captive audience na karagdagan for your blog. ",)
  • You all rock!
  • Thanks a lot, Heather. ",)
  • zorlone
    This is truly a heartfelt post Jan. Are you sure you're not a Scorpio? You have characteristics of one. ;)

  • All lonely hunters have a bit of a Scorpio in them. Yay, what did I just say? Ahahaha. Thanks, Doc Z. Great compliment.
  • What do you mean Doc Z? Jan , a Scorpion? Like - ??? Come on.
  • Wow astig naman! Doc Z, Roy, Novz, Elmot, Rey Jr, and Angel! Book Authors na! yay! :D
  • zorlone
    Thanks Jehz! Order ka na pare!

  • hahaha.. oo nga eh. kay elmot ako mag o order.. wooot :P siya naunang mag sales talk sa akin eh :D
  • Tama, Jehz, ilang dosena sayo? Heheheh!
  • hahaha.. dosena? isa lang no. di ko kayang pag sabayin basahin lahat. hahahha!
  • Ahehehe. Thanks for saying what's on my mind, Doc Z. ",)
  • Korek. Dapat magpa-blow out mga yan. Ahehehe. Thanks, Jehz.
  • Oo nga.. ikaw din mag pa blow out kasi isa ka sa mga astig na authors! hehehe
  • And oh.. congrats to Jena Isle for the success of her book. Yay! :)
  • I forgot to thank you for helping out in the final draft of the book. Again, congratulations!
  • A small contribution, Jen. Anytime. :)
  • Hello Jan, I'm trying hard not to cry....he he he..You captured beautifully the quiddity of the book. You could be a mind reader you know. Thanks for that glowing description. Knowing that I did help some bloggers achieve their dreams is enough fulfillment for me. All the stress I went through for the book is now justified.

    I admire your flawless writing acumen, and the book would not be complete without you, Jan.

    Congratulations too, for being one of these "inspirational" authors.
  • zorlone
    If not for your motherly guidance, passion for writing, and persistence, this book would never have materialized.

    Congratulations to all the authors.

  • Ahehehehe. Thanks, Jen. You're the creative inspiration in this book. Initially, you just wanted creative expression. It wasn't too long ago you were surprised that you were being read. Remember the time you were starting out as a blogger? Now, you're not only widely read, but you had a book to your name. And the respect and admiration of your peers.

    The background stories were just as interesting, weren't they? I'm relieved you kept mum about some of them :)
  • Those stories would be for another book, he he he., kidding. Very interesting indeed.
  • Thanks Mam Jena! Wow, up till now I still cannot believe that my output is now published on that wonderful book.

    Geeh...So this is it...
  • I am truly grateful to have crossed your path my friend. You really know the true meaning of friendship. Great tribute and once again, congrats Jen for this effort and all who were just "promoted" to authors.
  • Thanks, Ditesco. We're barely one year into blogging - some of us are - and we're already promoted to being published writers.
  • Roy
    What a great write-up for the book Jan!

    and a great tribute for Jena for all her efforts in making our dreams become reality
  • I have no choice, Roy. You guys have beaten me to the punch. Ahahaha.
  • Yahoo! See? Told yah can write one very compelling post and for sure this book will skyrocket on top of NY Times Bestsellers wahahahah!
  • Roy
    oh, I'm not yet through Jan, that's only 2 blogs so far :)

    looking forward to 3 more (at least)
  • What a beautiful post, Jan. It's never "just another day at the office" unless it's really "just another day at the office." I like being part of an anthology that brings smiles to readers and joy to newly published authors. Just as Jena believes in the writers who contributed to this book, I believe in her, and was honored to be invited to contribute something.
  • And I'm happy your hot momma awesomeness squeaked past the deadline of submission with plenty to spare. Now, nobody can say you're just being called to provide air cover or heavy artillery. You're in it for the happy and more fulfilling projects, too. ",)
  • ROFL! Exactly!!

    Oh, I love your "Recommended Reading." Geez, I'd almost forgotten about that Zombie post - actually, a late-night conversation with my publisher that I pretty much lifted out of GTalk and turned into a post before asking her permission - that was fun to reread.
  • Commentluv via JS-Kit got my attention. That post sealed the deal for me. ",) Plus, of course, the fact you helped a new reader overcome his aversion with blog tinkering.
  • Jan,

    It looks like a real beauty of a book. I can't wait to get a read of it - sounds like it is right up may alley.

  • Thanks, George. It must be - it's Jen's labor of love. ",)
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