Hotshot On The Web, A Nobody At Home

by Jan Geronimo on February 20, 2009

Is it not remarkable you’re making progress on your way to being an internet hotshot while at home you’re still the same old you? The folks at home do not regard you any differently. Well, get over it.

This post is inspired by Diane who commented on my sister’s incredulous remarks, “He’s (meaning me) got a blog? What’s a blog?” This is Diane’s engaging anecdote:

A small group of my very close friends were together a few months ago and one of them said, “Do you guys read Diane’s blog? I read it all the time, it’s great.” Another woman said, “I don’t know how that works.” I started to explain that you don’t have to know how it works, you just go to the web address and read it. Then she said, “What’s a blog?” :-) It’s interesting to me how the human race can be all over the board as far as technology. We have people who are ultra tech savvy and then people who are living off the land and have no computer at all.

Diane, we have two computers at home. But it is to my sister’s credit she’d rather chat up her beloved potted flowers than swap pleasantries with total strangers in Facebook. Sorry, Matt Zuckerberg, that’s just the way it is.

My other sister – the brainiest in the family – has this ability to startle passersby. No, she’s not arguing with her husband. She’s just being herself – shaking her broom at the mango trees that ring her house – dressing down the hapless trees as if they were belligerent children. Just because they have the gall to make her household chores more difficult. She would have made a fine Dooce this side of Asia, but she will have to be dragged to the computer – to any contraption that requires plugging into the wall socket in fact. Her only concession to technology is receiving a mobile call, which means I press the answer button on my mobile and pass it on to her. Owning one is not her cup of tea.

I find it odd that I keep baring myself before this contraption called the computer and telling it stories as if it were a friend in the flesh. But at least the minute I hit the publish button my readers gleefully sprint to be the first commenter – at least I think so. Even my one-liners get retwitted in Twitter sometimes. At home, I have to work just as hard to get myself heard at the dinner table. It doesn’t matter to them Robert Scoble followed me in Twitter, or that Steve Pavlina friended me on Facebook. Or that Chris Brogan included my blog in his Rockstar links.

It doesn’t matter. I still have to take out the garbage. I still get the honors of opening tin cans and uncooperative lid jars. Family and friends both have uncanny ability to make you grounded. You’re still you – obscure and unheralded. That’s maybe for the best.

So what stories do you have about blogging and your family, relatives and friends’ strange ideas about it?

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  • i think i should tell my grandaunt about my blog. i'm sure she'd be amused.

    wifey learned about my blogs, two years after my first post.
  • Jan
    @Dee: Most senior citizens love email though. And chatting online. But mostly to connect with family and relatives and real life friends.

    If my father had lived longer, he would have made a fine blogger. He's good at networking, people skills. I bet he might have racked up more friends in facebook than I ever could. Well, that's a story for another day. :)
  • Dee
    Oh, a lot of the people I know are like Bingkee's mom-in-law. They wouldn't want to think out of the box. Hmpf, bahala sila, hehe. They're gonna be left behind. :D
  • Jan
    @Bingkee: She's pretty old fashioned all right. :)

    Really? That means a lot to me. Anyway, that's rather easy. Your posts have the power to make readers think. And you know me and thinking doesn't go well together. So I try to look hard on the quirky side na lang. hahaha. Thank you!
  • bingkee
    Hi Jan---that's not gonna happen. My mom-in-law is the traditional one who still believes that one can only make money going to an office or doing some kind of labor outside. Nakasimangot nga when I told her about. :-)
    Anyway, every time you comment on my blog, you make me laugh. You're very funny.
  • Jan
    @dede: Thanks. :)
  • dede
    Thanks for dropping by Jan, I guess you are quite busy nowadays!Appreciate your time!Btw, you have a beautiful design here!
  • Jan
    @bingkee: Introduce her to blogging. :) Perhaps you noticed it already. I'm friends with Grandma Lorrene of Pet Peeves and other Ramblings. It's quite refreshing reading the perspective of senior citizens like Grandma. She's funny and great storyteller. Maybe your mother-in-law just needs a gentle push to make her go into blogging. :)
  • bingkee
    Really nothing except my mother-in-law who's very fond of me and generously give me gifts do not understand how blogging works no matter how much explanation I would give her. She's scared that all my private information would leak out through the web and that people would use it against me. I said I'm not revealing my SSN, telephone number, home address, bank account, credit card acct., on my blog , but she's still not convinced.
  • Dee
    My parents doesn't have any clue about blogs. They don't even know I have one. And if I'd joke and say I'm planning to make a living out of it, I'm pretty sure there would be a lot of vehement dissenting opinions. It just isn't the mainstream kind of thing yet here. Although I can see that that is the path it's going to.

    Haha, I have a relative who's exactly like your brainiest sister who has to have someone press the answer button before receiving the call - exactly alike.

  • kathleenmaher
    My grown daughter complains that whenever she tells people both her parents have blogs, they ask if her she's 12-years-old. She's 23 and none of her friends parents write or read blogs. Her own blog focuses on music, mostly hip-hop.
    Before long, everyone will read blogs, if not write one.

    But taking out the garbage? That's probably not gonna change.
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