Notes From Under the Rock

by Jan Geronimo on December 15, 2008

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You are here under the rock with me. Isn’t this grand, you and I face to face at last? But what am I doing – make yourself comfortable. Let me just dump these pile of clothes elsewhere. There…

So what’s your choice of poison? Oops, I forgot, no hard drinks around these parts. Will beer do? I am big on coffee – will you have some?

I have a feeling about you. You were here before, right? You took a peek inside, then you moved on. No hard feelings. I do that myself on occasions. I’m not mister personality myself. Hehehe.

Do you know that I joined Facebook last night? That’s a big step for me because I’m not the outgoing type you know? I have reservations because of privacy issues. Does putting my name and face out there cause me to regret it in the future? I don’t know. The good thing is I have not done any horrible thing in the past that will show up in Google. Not yet anyway – who knows what terrible atrocity or level of stupidity I may yet unleash, right? Hahahaha.

Any scary scenarios that may befall me by putting myself out there is just that. Mere suppositions. I’m not a celebrity – so who will hound me? I don’t own a yacht, nor do I have secret bank account in Switzerland. Who am I kidding? There’s no greater waste of time and effort than trying to separate me from my riches. I have none. Of course there are voices in my head, if you’re interested, but that’s another story altogether.

The alternative, however, to self-imposed seclusion is just as dreadful. That’s much like getting lost or sidetracked on your journey to self-improvement. Living in anonymity, without a firmer sense of community, that’s a much greater loss, right? Because this very minute, I know friendships are being made, alliances are being forged among individuals in the creative arts and other circles that aspire to be the best in their field. I just can’t ignore and be left out in this vibrant give-and-take. Can you?

Besides, I can tweak this interconnectedness to suit my taste. I can always unplug when the noise becomes too much to bear, if it comes to that.

You’re going already? Okay, then. Thanks for coming and having this conversation with me.

Oh, I’ll walk with you outside. Yes, outside. Isn’t that funny – from under the rock into the sunshine? Well, as Woody Allen says, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” That I will do. On the basic premise that this will help me evolve as a better individual.

My friend, drop by again sometime….

I recommend Chris Brogan’s insightful post, Template for Building a Small Powerful Social Network

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  • Roy
    A very nice read Jan... wish I could say more, but it might just ruin my appreciation of this post.... believe me, I can relate to this so much...

    a nice read indeed!

    (have I dig deep enough? will I get to the earth's core next?)
  • Roy, what are you doing? I feel like I'm under investigation or something.
    I swear to God - I have no hidden wealth, sir. Only unexplained poverty.
  • Roy
    hahaha! you just don't know how I restrained myself commenting on some of your old post, because I'm afraid I might put you 'on guard' hehe...
  • I'm just joking, Roy. I feel safe with you. I'm just surprised when
    somebody bothers to search that deep into my archives.
  • jan
    Cool. I would have thought you were slacking off if you did not. That's a splendid story. :)
  • Holly
    Maybe I did...More recently, though, and inspired by this conversation, I did this...

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day: Vocabulary Quiz
  • jan
    Wow, that's a fantastic incentive for children to learn new words. And difficult at that huh? But you're unfair - you can't even get to spell "broccoli" right. :)

    Did you write a post about this? Great story, this. The boy gets his video game time and learns new words, too.
  • Holly
    Even better: I'm training my thirteen year old to confound his teachers. He earns six minutes of video game time for every SAT vocabulary word he learns (spelling, definition, usage). He can use "floccinaucinihilipilification" correctly in a sentence, and can - unlike his mother - spell "broccoli."

    Recent blog post: Chores: to Pay, or Not to Pay?
  • jan
    Ah, I slipped up there. I'm often told to be monosyllabic to be easily understood. That's what repression does. Trips me up every now and then. I don't know I was already flexing and showing off a little. 8-)

    It's okay. It's only you within hearing distance after all. And I have a feeling you too have the gift of throwing an occasional word to confound the unsuspecting readers. Or maybe I presume too much.
  • Holly
    Ahh, yes, "insufferable." The perfect word to describe that sort of blogger! Did I mention that I love words like "maudlin" and "insufferable"? Sometimes, a good four-letter Anglo-Saxon word is the only word that will do, but I do like to see a writer who likes to flex the mental muscle and exercise a more extensive vocabulary. Refreshing! 8-)

    Recent blog post: Blog Comments: Conversation or Junk Mail?
  • jan
    I'll heed your advice, Holly. Thanks, that's a lovely compliment. The last thing I need is to be slick, artificial and insufferable.
  • Holly
    I think they're charming, because you have an authentic voice and an inviting style of writing. There's nothing "pathetic" about it - just honest. And while old writing may make us cringe sometimes, it's worth keeping around if only as a reminder of how far we've come. You don't want to come too far and end up sounding slick and artificial. I don't think that would be a good fit for you, any more than it would be for me.

    Recent blog post: Blog Comments: Conversation or Junk Mail?
  • jan
    And pathetic too, Holly. Now, you know why I feel so enthusiastic about receiving comments. My need has its roots from a dark, mildewy place. :)

    These early posts need updating. They are not up to scratch as Darren Rowse said in his latest post. But I'd let them as they are for a little longer.

    Maybe this will serve as a reminder: you'd revert to this level again if you're not careful where you're treading and you fail to value those who keep you company when you were just starting out.

    Am I maudlin or what. :-D
  • Holly
    You're welcome.

    I thought it was kind of ironic. You specifically invite comments, and get nothing but...silence.

    Kind of creepy, sometimes, isn't it? :-P
  • jan
    How cool is that - you're my first commenter here. Thanks. :)
  • Holly
    I, for one, enjoy reading what you write. I'm glad you've come out of your shell a bit.

    Recent blog post: Blog Comments: Conversation or Junk Mail?
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