Zorlone is Top Commentator of the Month

by Jan Geronimo on June 2, 2009

Doc Z, the creative writer behind Zorlone, is this blog’s Top Commentator for May.

Doc Z spearheads the guys who keep me on my toes in the dead of the night with their deep, funny, and very engaging conversations. They are all responsible for my sleep deprivation and the laugh lines in my face. Here are the people who made it to the top 10 commentators for May.

1. Doc Z of Zorlone
2. Roy The Struggling Blogger
3. Luke of A Walk in the Dark
4. Holly of Do I Have to Spell It Out
5. Elmot of Animotivation
6. Fedhz of Home Buddies
7. Fifi of I Heart Tibby
8. Yatot of The Yatot Chronicles
9. Jena Isle of Gewgaw Writings
10. Bingkee of I Love-Hate America

Meet Doc Z or Doc Zayden

I don’t know where he gets the time to juggle his work as a physician, chase his creative muse and spice up the comment section of this blog with his impish wit and good humor. I have a good feeling I can leave the reins of this blog to him and take a vacation. He’s that good a friend and writer.

Here are my favorite poems from his creative collection:

* The Ice King’s Vow
* Friendly Betrayal

Among his short fiction Insanity Road is my favorite. The protagonist’s name is Jan who drives a car and has an Ipod and has a healthy appetite to dominate the world – nope, I made that up. It strikes me as true creative work because all of it has nothing to do with me. A creative leap of faith! I also love the O. Henry twist of the story’s ending.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez book for Doc Z

For his contribution in making this blog come alive, I’m giving him a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. You can take your pick, Doc Z: Will it be One Hundred Years of Solitude? Or Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Kindly send me your mailing address so I can send this first thing in the morning.

Q and A with Doc Z

What does blog commenting mean to you?

It means getting in touch with the blogger – sharing thoughts, emotions and what-nots. There are different types of comments such as appreciation, criticisms, and greetings. I would prefer to have a diversity of comments on my posts. But as you know most of my posts are poems so I encourage the reader to pour out his/her emotions about what he/she reads.

Any wonderful blog commenting experience?

Not exactly sure that it’s an anecdote, but Jena Isle keeps telling me to keep my feet planted on the ground. Humility. I plan on sticking to that.

What do you remember most – and why is it important to you?

The above lesson is important because it reminds me where I come from. The horizon is brighter and more promising if you know where you come from. Well, that’s just me.

Have you had an argument with any blog author?

I can’t exactly say that I had a clash with my fellow writer. No blogger has done that – not to my face anyway. Maybe, but I haven’t known about it. I can’t say that I directly clashed with anyone.

Do you have a funny story about blog commenting?

Something that made me laugh? Well, it was Roy and Holly. Roy said, Doc Z you can write about anything. Then Holly said, Doc Z, if Roy is right, I challenge you to write an ode to a roadkill.

Update on Top Commentator Award

This sucks, I know, but the top commentator award will be until the end of June only. As I said previously, I’d be saving up for the upkeep of this blog. I intend to keep this blog going for as long as I possibly can. I need to watch every centavo. If, however, a manna from heaven or from anywhere falls on my lap I’d be happy to share it with you. That’s a promise.

Over to you, guys. Tell us your blog commenting stories. Are you getting some headway in your blog commenting strategy? Pissed off any blog author lately? Discovered a kindred soul in your blog hopping trips?

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  • Congratulations Zorlone to become the top commentators of the month. you wrote very nice and informative comment about the blog post so u get the reward in this post...
  • oh dear, a gg marquez i've been lusting over! congrats, zorlone. puede pahiram ng chronicle of a death foretold? hehehe...

    i didn't expect to make it to your list this time, jan. got so busy over the summer and classes are starting next week.

    by the way jan, since you transferred to this new home, i haven't received updates of your posts in my mail anymore so i couldn't read them. also, i don't get notification of comment replies in my mail. why is that?

    <abbr>fifi’s last blog post..winning a freebie online for the first time</abbr>
  • ang ayaw ko sa mga blog e yung tipong pag binasa ko yung blog nila sasabihin ko sa ssariliko na 'sana sa yahoo na lang ako nagbasa." hehe. btw, yes, i'm considering you as one of my nominees sa influential blogger. goodluck!
  • Jan Geronimo
    Waaah. Okay, I admit it. Ganyan din iniisip ko minsan sa mga blogs na nadadaanan ko. If it's just a rehash of those news and features, bakit pa magblog kaya? Wala man lang personal investment mula sa blog writer. Di man lang pinersonal ang approach. Kahit man lang sana ginawang katawatawa ano? Pero mas mahirap yata yun - mas mahirap magpatawa ng mambabasa. :)

    Oh, hays salamat sa pagkonsidera mo sa blog kong walang kaayos ayos pa kahit kurtina. Pagsilip sa bintana kita na pati kusina. Sana di ka mausog sa pagbasa. Salamat sa pagbisita. Love your observation. Swak na swak. :)
  • congrats to Doc Z!

    <abbr>ceblogger’s last blog post..Not In My Blogroll</abbr>
  • And thanks Jan for the 9th honorable mention.

    <abbr>Jena Isle’s last blog post..Poets and Poems</abbr>
  • Hi Jan,

    I apologize for the late comment. I have been busy with a set of 29 new blogs, and two of them have been banned already. I have to closely monitor them or I'll get the full brunt of the blame.

    And I will have to choose the best blog for this week. Tough job!

    Thanks for the mention Z. I'm glad that you remembered. We have worked hard for it and now that you have succeeded. Who would be the happiest, but me?

    You deserve all these good things coming to you. Don't forget to show simple thoughts of concern for those people who had helped you through. Remember, they'll also be the ones you'll meet on your way down.

    The only permanent thing in life is change and life is like a wheel - whether you like it or not.

    Keep going and take everything in stride. I'll be here always, as a mentor and guide .

    <abbr>Jena Isle’s last blog post..Poets and Poems</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Oh, banned from what exactly?... Come and go as you please. I'm not keeping count. Of course, the widget does. But that's not me. ",) You're welcome...Ah, don't mention it. When I have more money I'd bring back giving prizes away. It's fun kasi. :)
  • Two blogs were banned kasi they copy pasted. They learned the hard way.

    Congrats pala to Z, for being top commenter. Kelan lang noong unang punta ng batang iyan niya dito ah. lol

    <abbr>Jena Isle’s last blog post..Poets and Poems</abbr>
  • Dee
    Congrats to Doc Z. :)

    <abbr>Dee’s last blog post..Electrical Contractors</abbr>
  • jan, first of all, congratulations on the transfer and the new site. nice to see a blogger reach another milestone. i am sure this site will be double the success of salabasngmandaluyong. second, congratulations to Doc Z! he has been a regular commentator for sometime now and he deserves to win. more power to you guys! thanks!

    <abbr>lemuel’s last blog post..Local and Overseas Employment</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thank you, Lemuel. Indeed it is a milestone just in time for my sixth month of blogging - tomorrow this blog is six months old to the day. I'm glad we still have each other. We have stayed close together. :)
  • Jan Geronimo
    @yatot: Friend, have you registered your blog with Commentluv? I think you should so you can showcase your recent post every time you do the round of blog commenting. Just a suggestion though. Look at Elms comment - there's a footer link to his post.

    @elmot: It's a last minute thing, that Q and A. If I have more time, I would really love to make Doc Z to sweat buckets...You like Garcia Marquez somewhat? Come again? You're kidding me, right? No stock for that book when I visited National Bookstore - don't have time to look elsewhere. You know me, all my trips to Manila are quickies. I love quickies! :)
  • and it was so funny that your last minute boy abunda or kris aquino which i think you would like to be more associated with, sent jitters to Z while he was at the wake, ehehe!

    no kidding, i really like garcia marquez big bro...ehehe! most NBS does not have his latest book yet, though i found some copies at powerbooks

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Juggling Work, Thesis and Blogging This School Year</abbr>
  • Roy
    matanong lang...

    ba't kulay blue ang banda rito?

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..One-words: death</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    I don't know, Roy. This color is perhaps for gifted people. You know: gifted children? Gifted bloggers.? Ahahaha
  • hhahaha! this is your own version of the red carpet? ehehe!

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Know the Origin of A(N1H1)</abbr>
  • Roy
    maybe it's the red carpet version of your blog hehe...

    a sort of a 'welcome back' page for our bro elmot

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post.."The Day We Touched the Sun" - 19th Story for the Inspirational Book</abbr>
  • so this is what kept you busy all night and kept Z very nervous and excited when you sent all your probing questions to him...

    i thought he was summoned to the Senate hearings on the sex scandal. eheheh!

    congrats Z! sipag talaga!

    wow! Garcia Marquez!!!!!! gusto ko yung Love During the Time of Cholera, somewhat like that, ehehe!

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Juggling Work, Thesis and Blogging This School Year</abbr>
  • i cant believe it i still made it to the top ten list for may! nyahahahha... well... congrats to you doc z! you well deserve it! :D
  • This is for you: you're in my Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thanks, Ramon for the nomination. This made my day! I'm glad your blog is back online again.
  • I made it to the top 10...I even don't get my feeds anymore. Plus, there are some posts na wala talaga akong comment. Heheehe!
  • Jan Geronimo
    I still can't resolve the problem with my feeds, Bingkee. With regard to the lost comments, I had lost lots of comments when I made the transfer to WP. Some recent posts even had zero comments.

    Rocky suggested we should reinstall or redo the blog transfer to salvage those missing comments, but I thought it's better to move on. I'm sorry this happened. I didn't follow exactly Rocky's instruction from my end of the blog transfer. And this is the result. :(
  • It doesn't help. I just set up a new WP blog and imported posts/comments from Blogger, and lost about 200+ comments. Most imported just fine; those that didn't...I don't know why they didn't, but they consistently didn't despite three attempts. I think you're right to just move on, and I don't think it's anything you did. I know that sometimes, Blogger and js-kit would get a little out of synch - they could recover between themselves, eventually, but maybe that's what happened. Were your lost comments sort of in the middle or random? I had old comments and new comments - just completely lost all comments on random posts, here and there.

    See http://jahangiri.us/news - and don't ask. I think I just needed a challenge and a reason to bash my forehead against a brick wall. I really don't have a great reason to switch from Blogger to WP, other than...I could. I'm running a poll to see which one people like better and why: http://jahangiri.us/news/2009/...

    <abbr>Holly Jahangiri’s last blog post..That's One Tall Baby!</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    I didn't dig deep into the archives to check what else is missing. But the most glaring ones were the most recent posts at the time of the blog transfer. Three of the most recent posts had zero comments. My instinct to just let it be after that first attempt was right though. No need to aggravate myself further. The post which had 200+ comments was spared though. :)
  • If anyone deserves it, Zorlone does!

    <abbr>Dan Miranda’s last blog post..Thirteen?!? Really?</abbr>
  • zorlone

    Thank you so much!!! I owe you!


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..One and four at the woof contest!</abbr>
  • Wow! bago na? so you decide on keeping the old one hehe. may ganito pala. sana nga kinarir ko ang pag comment. ano kaya isasagot ko sa Q & A. buti na lang si Doc Z ang nag-hari, kundi malilintikan ako sa pag isip ng sagot hehe.

    The best commenting experience siguro is with the nocturnal creatures at night.. ehem. ikaw ba yun? hehehe. sa blog ko usually ang nagcocomment kase mommy bloggers eh. kakatuwa magkaron ng ibang "commenters". speaking of which, wala pa rin akong commentluv. next time na. dami pa ko ayusin. hayz.

    <abbr>fedhz’s last blog post..Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite</abbr>
  • zorlone

    I forgot to include the part where i would say, "World peace!"
    Kita mo naman ang support ng mga knights, hehehe. Full force! Kaya kahit pang mommy, e makikisagot kami.


    Thank you LJ for the book. I have to look the titles up from google. hehe. The question is, will I be able to read it? LOL. I guess I'd have to make time, right?

    Dude, thanks again!!!!! I am touched!


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..One and four at the woof contest!</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Don't rehearse answering those questions, Fedhz. Everybody has a set of questions suited only for him/her. Sa iyo iba. What are these exactly? Secret! Don't postpone registering with Commentluv, Fedhz. It will not take too much of your time anyway.
  • I was also planning to add commentluv but their site is not accepting new registrations as of the moment. Sayang nga eh. But it might be available again by the end of the week or by next week.

    <abbr>Lucrecio Emerito’s last blog post..A Walk In The Dark—A Poem</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Ooops, I forgot that Commentluv isn't fully operational yet especially for new registrants. :)
  • Roy
    well, you know what they say being second...

    it's the firts loser... lol

    I just couldn't keep up with the Z, hehe

    congrats Doc Z!

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..Sharing a part of my life</abbr>
  • zorlone
    Pareng (comrade) Roy,

    Here is to a very skillful and competitive commentator to Jan's blog. I know you had to maintain more than thirteen blogs and I only have one. So, I have more time to comment with Jan here. I shall share with you my success in this contest.

    Seriously? I was actually the one who tried to keep up with you. It was just a stroke of luck that my comments made it in time for the cut off.

    Okay, when I go to Angeles, first bottle of ice cold beer is on me. You buy the pulutan (beer snacks).


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..One and four at the woof contest!</abbr>
  • Roy
    actually, the main reason why I was included in the top list last month was because of the guest post I did... of course, I tried to acknowledge most comments

    then... digitel's line problem... then, the cramming for the month-end quota

    those, aside from my 13 excuses :)

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..Former classmate shakes hands with President Bush</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Roy, you and Luke and Doc Z have no entries yet to my contest. Who will be my 10th nominee? The first correct answer gets P300 airtime load. The first who gives the correct answer and a nice explanation gets P500. Come on, guys. Katuwaan lang naman eh. :)
  • zorlone
    Okay I will be nominating, err, guessing a blogger worthy of your number ten spot.

    Btw, I resent that word "possessed." I am addicted!!! LOL

    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..One and four at the woof contest!</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Oo nga, Roy. Parang possessed si Doc Z ano. I'm sure he'd not believe it. He's a doctor after all. Dalhin kaya natin sa magtatawas? O magtatawak? Ay, sa nakagat pala ng aso yun. Erase, erase. :)
  • Hi, Roy. Well y'all also know about being the 3rd. It's signifies kingship. :D

    <abbr>Lucrecio Emerito’s last blog post..A Walk In The Dark—A Poem</abbr>
  • DARE I ask, "What's fourth?"

    I'll just have to try harder next month. Congrats, Z!

    <abbr>Holly Jahangiri’s last blog post..President Obama Setting an Example for Schoolchildren??</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Luke has the master list, but if my memory serves me right "fourth" refers to a duchess in exile. Or a diva in hiding because of a pesky roadkill case that wouldn't just go away. Or maybe I'm wrong.
  • zorlone
    King Luc,

    Hep hep, hooray! Hep hep, hooray! Hep hep, hooray!

    Just practicing for wowowie!

    Z ;)

    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..One and four at the woof contest!</abbr>
  • Idol pala ito ng wowowie o! :D

    <abbr>Lucrecio Emerito’s last blog post..A Walk In The Dark—A Poem</abbr>
  • Congrats Doc Z! Ayos 'tol. Ang lalim ata ng sagot mo sa Q&A. Pinawisan ka ba?

    <abbr>Lucrecio Emerito’s last blog post..A Walk In The Dark—A Poem</abbr>
  • Huwaw, congrats to Doc Z! ^_^

    <abbr>Snow’s last blog post..To Reyna Elena and Her Majesty’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers</abbr>
  • zorlone
    I was using a "borrowed" smart bro prepaid wireless broadband at my lolo's wake while entertaining a guest. Then, I saw LJ's set of questions. Okay, so I started typing, while chatting and eating "mani" (nuts) and "buto ng pakwan" (watermelon seeds).

    I was in a hurry to type coz my friend kept repeating his questions. I guess I let my fingers talked. "Good fingers, here's a cookie, share it with your brothers and sisters, okay?"

    Kidding aside, when you answer from the heart, you'll surprise yourself with the words. Just let LJ do the spell check and correct the grammatically incorrect sentences.


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..One and four at the woof contest!</abbr>
  • Haha Good fingers nga. Kala ko nuon, based sa phone book ad, let your fingers do the walking; ngayon pala, let your fingers do the talking na? Nice.

    <abbr>Lucrecio Emerito’s last blog post..A Walk In The Dark—A Poem</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Ooops, I didn't know you were at the wake last night. I could have just invented the Q and A part. That's even lovelier. I would have created an uproar...Thanks, Z for humoring your LJ with a spur of the moment interview. :)
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