Waiting to Exhale

by Jan Geronimo on December 9, 2008

Will anybody ever come? I have checked and rechecked the people I have sent invitations to see my blog. Did I miss somebody? The idea is that they get to see this – my new home – before the world makes a beeline to appreciate my latent genius. So they can feign no surprise when this blog becomes viral. Ahahaha.

Spare me your contempt, all right?

Now what.Something’s holding them up.These are my theories:

1. They’re just sprucing up their Friendster account. But hot prospect Zac Efron look-alike goes online. And there’s a must-see in YouTube. One must be current so as not to look like a retard in case this topic comes up around the office cooler.

2. They’re challenged to a best of 3 game in DOTA. Must preserve reputation in Garena. Wimps they are not. Bring it on, I can almost hear the thirst for blood in their voices.

3. The Christmas season has lured them to the dark side. The siren call of materialism. Can’t just do a darn simple task I ask of them just because I have not spread some goodies on the table for them to cart away when they go? I have no budget for this. Do you perhaps think its about time I sold my kidney to make a reasonable splash in the blogosphere?

4. Or I am dead wrong. They have come after all, removing their shoes so as not to leave any noise, careful not touch anything for fear they’d leave a trace of their DNA. One quick scan at my turgid posts and they’re gone. They’re confident that I have no idea about tracing IP addresses and if I ever bump into Google Analytics, never knowing what to do with it even if a month’s supply of coffee depended on it.

Flash of insight
: Okay, I’m alone. So what? To get you up to speed, I’m a reformed internet whore. It’s no skin off my nose if you don’t pay me attention. I can take care of my self. Sheesh.

Resolution: I’d rather cosy up to Mr. Google, and watch out for tell-tale signs that its cute spidey bots have finally come a-crawling my new home. Hello spiders. Pitter-patter into anything, except my cup of coffee, okay?

PS: Final call, are you coming or what?!

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