My Top #FollowFriday People and Their Best Posts

by Jan Geronimo on October 9, 2009

my #followfriday list

In this post, I’m raising a toast to a bunch of excellent posts of my Twitter buddies.  Yeah, it’s #followfriday love fest  – a perfect excuse to say my thanks to friends who have helped me keep at bay this overstaying blogging funk.

My #followfriday shout-out has evolved yet again.  It’s too constricting to confine this Twitter meme to just brilliant conversations or tweets.  Those stuff might have broadened my mind and made me burst out laughing, but you might find it odd and silly.  There is, however,  universal admiration for brilliant and useful writing.  Makes more sense, eh?

So I raided the comment section to check who made my posts  brilliant with their insightful contribution.  I also rummaged in my Google Reader in search of posts worth sharing all the while praying, “Please, you got to have a Twitter ID. Please, please…”  As you can see,  two buddies have no presence in Twitter.

No way will this stump me though.

See?  I redefined yet again my #followfriday list.  But who says I can’t?  If a content thief can suddenly spring from nowhere and snatch away my previous #followfriday post, I should have my way with this  to suit my taste.

A touch of humor and dollops of class

Is it just me or morose guys just love humor in writing more so than others?  Well, that’s me being attracted to quirkiness, a touch of humor and dollops of splendid writing.  Note:  Followers of @tumblemoose, please take note that he prefers using @GeorgeAngus.

Creative writing goodness

Despite evidence to the contrary, I love checking out creative fiction and poetry.  Nothing compares to creative writing gems to make you yearn  to be a writer, too.  You’ve blogging down pat already, but to be writer?  Caramba.


Sometimes, I just don’t want to learn another how-to.  Too much of it can sometimes hurt the brain – that’s me speaking from experience, of course.  The quest for uberness can wait.  Just want my cup of coffee and let the voices of writers wash over me.

Blogging resources

Read me at your own risk.  I’m as buggy as a poorly written code.  And I have this suspicion it will take a while before I get out of my Beta version.  Not to worry, I’m working on it with the help of these people.  Hey, I have a Gotcha moment last week.  I discovered Dave Doolin who breaks down SEO processes and tweaks as well as easy on the brain practical WordPress tips in his WebsiteInaWeekend blog.

Hot Issues

A splogger scraped the post of my good friend Elmot and he wrote a breathless account of his experience.  It may be old news to you, but it’s our first brush with content thievery so pardon our excitement.  Barbara and Holly examined the implications of the new FTC guidelines and how it may impact on bloggers.  Rey Jr who’s got a first hand look at the lousy state of disaster preparedness in the country has come up with a list of helpful suggestions and asked his readers to do the same.

Have I left you out?  Do you want to recommend a post?  Send me a tweet so I can consider it for the next edition.

Photo by PCharlon

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  • “Please, you got to have a Twitter ID. Please, please…” As you can see, two buddies have no presence in Twitter.
  • Fabulous offeirngs, I enjoyed most of these based on your tweets recommending them. Kudos!
  • Awesome roundup of links and articles. Will try to check 'em all out later. Thanks for sharing! :D
  • Hi LJ! Once again you've floored me with your generosity. Thank you! I am much flattered by the great company here.

    Visited Fr. Felmar's post and found it very interesting and engaging. Who knows, he just might change my mind about priests. ;) (No offense po Fr. Felmar - just had some bad run-ins with priests in the past.)

  • I did? Ahahaha. Rest assured, the floor is not flooded with murky
    waters... Hey, that's an intriguing story waiting to be told if you haven't
    already. Time to raid the archives again? Ahehehe. I hope it gets written
    about. ",)
  • Wahaha, baka magalit sakin CBCP wag na lang. :)
    Suffice it to say not all of them are very fatherly no. lol.

  • Okay, duly noted. Some things are better left unwritten about. Only
    whispered about.... Kidding! Ahahaha
  • Hi Jan, just visiting your blog. I'm trying to cope up with you guys(#jedibloggers #pg50)... Oh boy, you're really active to blogging. But until now I'm still trying to manage things up. A lot of ideas but such lil' time.

    Nice post! Congratz to all!

  • We have the same 24 hours, Jhong. But you'll get used to it eventually. :)
  • All goodies, Jan. It was worth keeping track of the great things happening out there. I am truly humbled to be mentioned in this group. There will be a little extra sumthin in your paycheck!

  • Anytime, George. I know I should apply butt to chair and just write and write. But the great stuff out there, they have a special way of invigorating one's writing. That's my number excuse...Oh, I've already got it via email. Thanks, George!
  • Congratulations to the best post twitters!

    hayz, when can I tweet baka maisama sa best post (heheheh)
    Just kidding...

    Hey, i've noticed the congratulations phenomenon lately.

    First here comes Pres. Obama with his 2009 Nobel Prize. - Congratulations number 1.

    Second here comes Dr. Z with his new published book - Congratulations number 2.

    Then this one...

    Most of all, congratulations Jan for being thoughtful!
  • Thanks, Darbs. One technicality, my friend. The book is Jena's child. She had compiled the creative work of her blogger friends from all over and had it published out of her pocket. But Doc Z and several of your friends are contributing writers in it so in a sense, Doc Z is a published author as well.
  • Jan, thanks for pointing this out. (lalabas na lalabas talaga ang pagka-journalistic minded mo. un bang walang b.s.)

    Sigi na nga.. Congratulations to Dr. Z and to all of my contributing writer friends.
  • Thanks for the mention!

    I have a bunch more goodies in queue... so much to do, so little time!

    This a great template for reviews. I really like your paragraph summary, then the list of links.
  • Yeah, I know. You deserve a stand-alone post because of the great resources you've posted. And there's more from the drawing board!
  • Hi Jan, I like your inventive (and well executed) approach to Twitter network building - thank you for including me. I may have to steal your idea!
  • Thanks, Brad. Really? I'd be flattered if you do, considering I've adopted
    several of your blogging ideas previously. :)
  • Roy
    thank you very much Jan!

    still short for words, but I'm sure you know that this is very much appreciated.


  • You're welcome, Roy... By the way, I've seen the cover of the Jen's book on
    Doc Z's blog. Handsome looking book. Have you got a copy already?
  • Roy
    I was supposed to get it this afternoon, but something came up. now, I have to wait until monday :(
  • Ah well, you're just a heartbeat away anyway. ",)
  • fielsvd
    Ohlala! group hug to everyone here!


    group hug!

    thank you for the promotion. hehehe. na-surprise ako to see my name in your post. thank you, thank you...(emo mode)
  • Yes, Father. A group hug will be nice for times like this.... Kahit wala
    kang Twitter, okay lang. Di na papalag mga yan. ",)
  • Thanks so much LJ!

    It's an honor to be part of your post. :) I'm really proud to have a friend like you. I'm always open for my Lolo Jan..anytime! :)

    More power! Keep shinin'! :D
  • Anytime, Jed. :)
  • Where are you?
  • Present! ahahaha. Maliligo tayo sa ulan? Iyong anak mo si Lyle aalis na daw pa Dubai. Nagpaalam na ba sa iyo?
  • I'm back. It has been one extremely toxic week what with final exams and the book...whew! But all's well that ends well, so I'm on a slow mode right now. Only for a while though, I will have to attend to work again, even on a weekend. Hey, I'm griping here. enough.

    You're becoming creative now Jan, this post is the first of its kind I've seen so far. What better way to connect and honor your twitter friends than to write a post about them and give them some linky love.

    This post should be tweeted and retweeted because it deserves all the RTs it could receive. Way to go!
  • Thanks, Jen. This one works for me because it's less work for me in Twitter. I only now have to thank those who cited me in their #followfriday tweets and I'm done. :)

    You should check out Ditesco's Weekly Echo - a round up of links. He's got beautiful thumbnails of the blogs he mentioned. Another great idea. Looks good on the page.
  • Hello Jan,

    Thanks for the link. I just dropped by to say hello. Been having toxic days at work....Another enterprising post. Will come back later. Trying to figure out something. Keep going.
  • Uh-oh. What's wrong? You've lost something? You came here and you forgot what you're looking for? Ahehehe.

    Northern Luzon is being battered by this typhoon. How are you bearing up? Is there flooding in Angeles?

    My computer at work refused to come to life this afternoon. That's why I can't reply to comments immediately.
  • Hi Jan,

    You've been busy in blogosphere.

    Thank you for posting this great list of resources and thank you for including me. I am humbled and honored to be included.
  • Anytime, Barbara. ",)
  • Dee
    Hey, enjoyed reading your blog I may reference it in one of my upcoming posts -- if you don't mind.
  • Sure, no problem, Dee. Feel free to do so. :)
  • Hi Jan. Once again, thanks for the mention and for yet giving another list of awesome people to follow. At this rate, I will have to unfollow many undeserving Tweeple from my list, hehe.

    BTW, I meant to ask you, have you set up some sort of filter because, I have having a hard time to track your tweets. I have you marked VIP on both Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, but I can not see your tweets. Any thoughts?
  • Nope, no filters for me. I can't tweet and stay online past 12 midnight that's why there's a drop in my number of tweets. It's been like that for several days now. And now my pc at work gave up the ghost on me. Maybe needs a reformat now. :(
  • Jan,

    Another terrific post, maybe too much that it might attract new plagiarists our there. Well, I'm sure you made the necessary precautions already.

    Excellent choice of posts from our dear friends, well, give me time to drop by their sites and we'll be friends soon enough. The blogosphere is shrinking everyday, thanks to twitter and to the other social networks, one could easily spot a friendly face amidst the crowd.

    By the way, I would say that these are the best posts yet because they could still out do their own work. Wouldn't you agree?

  • Nothing by way of preventing it, but I installed a WP footer plugin that points to my blog in my RSS feed. And I put a link to a previous post, too... Yeah, I believe in that. Doc Z. The longer we stay at writing the better we become at it. :)
  • At some point I intend on making enough money to outsource plagiarism checking. There's tools for it, some of which are free, but I'd rather write for now.

    And I'm starting to get far enough up in SERPs that it would be difficult for very many sites to permanently game me out of my own material. That's the benefit of cranking out quality content.

  • It's so easy to get distracted by these plagiarists. There's a fine balance to be made between protecting your work and getting you closer to achieving your goals in blogging. Yeah, if one's consistent in cranking out quality work you'd also helping the search engines figure out you're the real deal and reward you in SERPs eventually. That's a great point, Dave.
  • Wow, I am number two! Awesome. I am now addicted too with this awesome stuff...

    Thanks for including me on your lists of great posts to read....that China Man is still flaunting that post I made. He gots the balls after all the commenting spree you did with DiTesco, and include me too.

    To ReyJr...all shall be well bro.

    Wow, what a way to get back at Doc Z after all being left out after 62 posts and counting at the elite group of inter-galactic blogging police. LOL

    I am imagining how thrilled Doc Z beside me reading this post...his stunt surely worked out well, wahhhahhaha!
  • I bet that splogger is not showing our comments, right? What a jerk. What to do now? Hmmmm

    Well, this is not a makeup post for Doc Z or for anybody. He's written great poems last week and sadly, I can only pick one.
  • Sorry to stump in here, but it is my strong belief that the site is not managed by a human. My comment is visibly under moderation and despite some efforts to track his IP and DNS, I am still facing some minor setbacks. Did not give up as of yet, and closely monitoring the situation, lol.
  • Hi Jan, I have been to some of your #followfridays. I love The Curse of the Billy Goat too :D
  • Yeah, I noticed that. Went back today to verify the URL and I saw your comment. Thanks! ",)
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