CommentLuv Plugin For Blogspot Users

by Jan Geronimo on April 27, 2009

That’s right, you can stop drooling now, fellow blogspot users.

With CommentLuv integration with blogger using JS-Kit comments you too can have it in the your blog. I’ve to thank Holly of Do I Have To Spell It out for helping me overcome my fear of the blogger dashboard. Holly kept me company in the wee hours of the morning just so I’d not turn my back on such a simple task. Thanks, Holly.

Benefits of using CommentLuv plugin for blogspot users

Blog promotion. It encourages readers of your blog to leave a comment. While your visitor is busy composing his thoughts on your comment form, commentluv is busy too picking his latest post so it will be displayed on the blog. CommentLuv does it automatically, making your reader a happy visitor.

It also promotes cross-commenting between and among blogs.

How-to integrate CommentLuv with JS-Kit

1. Step-by-step tutorial

2. Video tutorial made by Andy Bailey.

Please follow the steps in the tutorial exactly as presented. No skipping. Secondly, back up your current template before uploading the new one.

JS-Kit Nifty Features:

Aside from JS-Kit wonderful integration with CommentLuv there are other benefits of using this plugin:

1. Threaded comments
2. Spam filter via Akismet
3. Rating system in comments
4. Moderation tools – you can look up IP addresses and block them if the need arises

Play it safe

Back up your template code
. When you’re in blogger dashboard you can download a copy of your template code to your hard drive. Alternatively, you can also copy your template code to Notepad, WordPad or any of your favorite text editor and then save it on your hard drive. In case you accidentally screw up your template you only have to upload your current template to Blogger and it’s like you hit the Undo icon in your office app.

Just in case you mess up your template partly or in whole, here’s a guide to how to restore your blogger template code.

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  • Wow, thanks for this! I am trying to increase the comments in my blogspot blog, maybe this will help.
  • I follow your blog for quite a long time and should tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers. Keep up the great work
  • I have been using JS-Kit before. But since I changed my commenting system to Disqus, I don't have a chance of using commentluv. Hope commentluv and Disqus can work out regarding the integration....
  • Wow, we basically went the same route. I started with JS Kit, too but later
    shifted to Disqus. Andy Bailey of Commentluv said once they're having talks
    with the Disqus people as regards commentluv integration. Guessed nothing
    came out of that discussion. Thanks for dropping by.
  • I'm optimistic they will come up with a favorable result of collaboration.

    You're welcome, bdw...
  • That's my hope, too. A link to the reader's latest blog post is a very nice
    way of appreciating the contribution of readers.
  • Do you find you get a lot of junk comments though when using this?
  • I'm not using comment luv for quite sometime now. Not much junk comments
    though when I still used it, but that was during the time when I wasfairly
    new to blogging. I'm using Disqus comment platform now.
  • This is a great plug-in for Wordpress users and Source Blogger has been contemplating using it as well.

    But, honestly, it looks like an opportunity to encourage more comment spam.

    Source Blogger
  • It's a good plug-in. Encourages active reader participation in one's blog.
    Any reader who leaves a comment on your blog gets a notification email that
    the author or another reader replied to his comment. Now, that's something,
    some readers frown upon because the amount of email can be disconcerting.
    But you can turn it off from your own end if that's your worry.

    Spam is not much of a problem. Trolls? You can trace IP addresses with
    JS-Kit (Commentluv is integrated with this comment platform), and even block
    users if it comes to that.

    JS-Kit by the way has now transformed into Echo. Same beast with added
    features. Makes it easier for readers to use it. They sign in with Facebook Connect, Twitter account, FriendFeed account, and their OpenID.

    What makes it good is that conversations generated by your post can be funneled back to your blog where they truly belong. Readers comments get published in Twitter, FriendFeed or Facebook - depending upon which socialmedia site they used to sign in.
  • jan
    Yeah, you can give Senator Miriam Defensor a good run for her money. :-D
  • elmot
    hahhaha! i surely know when to pull of a great pun...

    Recent blog post: The Grand Engagament of Romance and Politics
  • jan
    That's a first! Signing as guest - you've got a fine sense of humor, my friend. :-D

    There it is - I can now see your smiling damned ho! ;)
  • elmot
    actually i was so dumb together with the network problem that i signed as a guest. imagined that?!

    hahha. i know. i know...people are really up to my pic. am i that damned ho? ehehe

    Recent blog post: A Sold Out Senate Boxing, Wresting and Shooting Match
  • jan
    Yay! That's totally from left field. What a surprise. 8-)
  • jan
    I'm sure you'd be back with a vengeance. :) Tell us about the real world out there. I'm sure you have some something to report to us when your schedule becomes a little less crazy. ;)
  • Holly
    Good morning, Jan. I hope you don't mind that I used screenshots from your Twitter home page in my latest blog post. :-D

    Recent blog post: How to: Get Twitter Tweets on Your Cell Phone
  • fifi
    i haven't been writing lately, i've always been out in the field. i realized it was more fun making comments than keeping my blog updated. tsk tsk... :-[

    Recent blog post: bracing for crazy times ahead
  • Guest
    No other commenting platform in her blog. Just plain ol' blogger pop-up. Yeah, maybe you're right. Something got wrong and she just got tired of trying...
  • jan
    My first try installing this plugin I found out that commetluv was not showing. Maybe that happened to her, too? Well, I started all over. The second time was a success.

    Maybe she had other blog commenting platform on her blog. Disqus is a good alternative. Intense Debate is fine too.
  • Dee
    No, she did not migrate to Wordpress. If she did, then I wouldn't have found it odd that she took off her JS-Kit.

    Recent blog post: The Noticer: Review And Giveaway
  • jan
    Hi, Dede. Thank you, that's nice compliment on a dreary, rainy Wednesday morning. ;)
  • dede
    Morning Bro!
    Its a good break fast for me, viewing your blog tutorials post!

    Thank for sharing

    :) :)
  • jan
    The number of comments doesn't show at first. But it eventually does...That's strange. Maybe she migrated to WordPress? WP has it's own commentluv plugin. Maybe that's why she got rid of it. Look at that, it shows off your recent post. Other readers might take a glance at this link and check your recent post. Di ba? Nice promotion.

    Disclaimer: this is not paid comment. :)
  • Dee
    This is really cool. I actually saw another blogger using this from way back, but she has since took it off and I don't know why. I noticed, though, that her number of comments count still remained at zero even if a post had a lot of comments... I wonder why that is... Anyway, will check this out. Thanks!

    Recent blog post: The Noticer: Review And Giveaway
  • jan
    Great acronym - RTFM. That says it all, your frustration. But why do you have to log out? I don't log out in mine. Well, of course, if you dropped by in an internet cafe, it goes without saying you have to.

    And there some questions too that need resolving. Like, why my gravatar isn't showing sometimes. Or how to display a different post in commentluv, say you want to display a post that ties nicely with the blog post you're commenting on. Holly does that. She visits me with different posts showing on her commentluv footer. :(

    Means only one thing. Yeah, you can say that again. We really have to - RTFM!!! :-D
  • Zorlone
    Thank you for showing me the way... you are the sparkle of light in the dark, cold and fearful night. Together, we conquered fear, well, something like that. I now have JS-kit too! Yahoo! Isn't that great. I think it is also worth mentioning that the notification is via the e-mail add you specified. So, you will get an email for every comment received. That, I think, is cool!

    I just don't know why it always display guest when I already have a JS-kit registration. And have you noticed when you log out of JS, you can't easily log in? Had that problem this morning. Had to RTFM (read the f#$$#@ manual) i this case the FAQ. >:o >:o >:o

    Last, I ask of you once more my friend to raise your sword with me and migrate my home to another land where the cows provide fresh milk (think bear brand country) and the earth grow plentiful harvests (think "bahay kubo")

    Later Jan the conqueror! 8-)

    It is I Zorlone the traveler :-D

    PS Roy is? ;)

    Recent blog post: A First at the WOOF
  • jan
    That's what got me hooked on this plugin - the commentluv. I'm glad it's working now.

    You're migrating soon? Me, too! But only if heaven allows it. Let me be cryptic now, Roy. I just hope I can have a new home soon if all goes well. ;)
  • Roy
    that's great! yes, the first time I was here, there was no commentluv, but that's fine really. I know I can pull you with such plug-ins... it gives the element of surprise, hehe...

    don't bother with the latter part of my comment though, I can see that it still count the comments for you. I thought you were going to manually count them.

    I would love to follow suit, but I'm migrating anytime soon, that's why I passed on this one.

    Recent blog post: A blog for Angel
  • jan
    Waah, you did not tell me you hated the pop up. Should have changed it outright if you've told me. I'm hardheaded, but you're one of the few people I listen to, diTesco. Feel free to tell me anything that needs telling. :-D

    Ooops, I had to scramble last night to your blog to make that clarification. Elms and I are buddies, but others would not have understood it's just a case of one blogger pulling the leg of his online buddy. Thanks for alerting me. :)
  • jan
    My frenetic blog-hopping has paid off huh? I've returned Holly's visit here and walla - I discovered her blog has commentluv plugin and the threaded comments look great on her blog. It did not matter that it was 3am in the morning. I added it to my blog.

    The JS-kit worked, but there was not commentluv showing up. I started from scratch anew. Buti na lang Sunday. :)

    Thanks, among my blogspot buddies only Z has followed suit. But there maybe more.
  • diTesco
    Hi Jan. This is definitely one way of moving your blog to the next level. I like it and I really appreciate you getting rid of that pop-up:) This makes it more easy and fun to comment. I guess I will have to read your step-by-step tutorial and find the guts to install this plug-in myself. Way to go, bud. BTW, saw your response to @elmot about the.... you know.
  • Roy
    I can see that you are really proud of your find... and you should be! And I like the way you write your post without soundng 'authoritative' on the subject (you know what I mean ;) )

    It got smileys too! Cool! 8-)

    Although one thing I noticed Jan (not that I want to play the devil's advocate), you now have to count your comments manually. That is if you still have that top commentatory thing going.

    Otherwise, you're really doing your readers a great deal with this JS Kit! Kudos!

    Recent blog post: I have a hole in my socks....
  • jan
    Which is like writing a post itself. Even if you need to be brief that still involves a lot of reading and thinking. And editorial judgment: which of the many things you can say goes into the comment? Which thoughts get discarded, not appropriate or maybe appropriate but quite obvious.

    Ok, I will stop right here. The next thing I know - I'd be making a sales pitch for you know what. :)
  • jan
    Uy, you're improving. You're on the front page of this comment section. In last post, you're on the second page. Anyhow, it's the quality of comment that matters - and yours is one the few ones to beat.

    Dynamite? Why, thanks, Joji.
  • Jojigirl
    Pretty cool widget. Perfect for the dynamic blog. Perfect for the author who is such a dynamite. ",)

    Recent blog post: Recycling the Paper Some Other Way
  • jan
    Good. It must be your own network's fault, not google. I have no problem with google yesterday.

    Your gravatar is not showing up on your comment. I wonder why. Pandagdag sa fans din un, di ba? ;)
  • elmot
    alas, i can now post on your blog!

    hahha! nice work out big bro. I will bes installing this soon on my blog too. thanks for the tutorial.

    i am quite pissed off already of our internet network, ehehe!

    :'( :'(

    Recent blog post: A Kiss of Death to Lady Justice
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Yay, hurray for being first! That is the benefit of not having a blog to maintain. All I do is comment.

    Growing a brain? I think not. It's there all along. It just learned new tricks.
  • jan
    Hehehe. That's funny. You can choose to leave a comment by using your own blog url. Did you use Open ID this time? That's one of the options, too. And Facebook connect.

    Fifi, you forgot to type your blog url in the box. If you did, your latest post will have been displayed as a footer in your comment. Please do so the next time you leave a comment. So we will know when you have new post in your blog.
  • fifi
    oh dear. are you online 24/7, jan? the first time i noticed that your comment section was changed, i had to acquaint myself and closed your page as i was afraid if i might click the wrong button. hehehe... turned out you really made changes on it. i find it cool though that i found an answer to my comment in my inbox. replying from there becomes a breeze. but still i am too scared to click 'leave comments as.' am i doing the right thing by clicking open ID? im such a techie phobe.
    =-X =-X
  • jan
    Holly, I noticed how it added great functionality to your great blog. And I thought - I must have that!

    Okay, I'm done with the self-deprecation bit now. I promise!
  • Holly
    "Growing a brain"? Jan, your modesty is appealing, but this self-deprecation has to go. You had a brain, all along. And I can hardly take credit for keeping you company in the wee hours of the morning - okay, I guess it WAS the wee hours of YOUR morning, but I deserted you to sleep while you were still redoing your installation of CommentLuv. But I thank you, nonetheless, for giving me credit for introducing you to Andy's very nifty widget for Blogger comments, and the cool features of js-kit.

    P.S. I wanted to give someone else a chance at commenting first. ;)

    Recent blog post: A Winning Recipe
  • jan
    Luke! You're the first commenter. You've beaten my uber blogger readers to the punch. Way to go. Thanks.

    I've got it installed without the help of Yatot, friend and technical guru. I'm growing a brain now. :-D
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hi, Jan. This is a good widget. It is easy to see the flow of talking. It is also easy to see what comment the reply belongs. And it is good of you to share this how-to. Have a nice day.
  • Wow! The reply function does work! It's the first time I've tried it. Haha! Sadly though, there's something wrong with Facebook Connect. If you have another facebook widget (E.g. a Fan Page) on this blog, the moment the comments block show that said facebook widget disappears... Sigh... Someone should really get into this...
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