Warning: Next Time You Say Your Writing Sucks I'll Agree

by Jan Geronimo on May 10, 2009

September 11th 2008 - It's not great art unles...Image by Stephen Poff via Flickr

Your writing sucks. You did not tell me that directly. You don’t have to. I can smell fear. You have this tendency to shoot yourself in the foot every time we talk about your writing.

So how can I help you?

The power of words

Let me begin by saying that I believe in the power of words. You are what you say you are. If you say your writing sucks – you’d achieve the awesome feat of writing sucky content in record time. It does not not matter -

1. that you’ve mastered writer’s block
2. that you’ve squeaky clean posts – no grammatical errors at all
3. that you’ve people skills and knows how to network
4. that you’ve a brain humming with wonderful ideas

These things are all for nothing if you don’t believe in yourself. So get this self-limiting belief out of your system fast.


If you don’t, I’d be the first to say, “Yeah, I agree. Your writing indeed sucks.” And the sad part is that the world will in all likelihood nod in agreement.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Don’t give a damn – just write

The good news is that you still have time to shape up. Keep at it. I’d be here with you on your journey. We’d help each other out. We’d find ways to raise our writing mojo.

I’d be with you, my friend. Totally. Unless, of course, our perceived enemies use water-boarding and they bribe me with coffee – can’t stand torture, can’t resist coffee – you have my complete loyalty.

Sinclair Lewis says, “It is impossible to discourage the real writers – they don’t give a damn what you say, they’re going to write.”

There. Isn’t that something?!

So, for a change, I’m asking you to leave a comment telling me why your writing rocks. Are you the next Hemingway? The next Faulkner? What makes you a great blogger? Time now to toot your own horn, my friends.

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  • Roy
    So, here I am in the archives... digging up memories and beautiful posts for sharing to the rest of the world.
  • Kitty
    I don't suck because I'm aware of the sucky pit-falls that I have a tendency to tromp into -- I put up a warning sign and skip right around them.
  • jan
    Why? The ending sucks? Bummer! I'd make it up to you next time you win again. ",)
  • elmot
    and i totally got real hard tips from that book big bro. salamat ulit.

    but the ending sucks! i read that book for two consecutive days until early morn pero ayun, nabadtrip lang ako sa dulo, eeheh! hay....

    Recent blog post: They Are No Angels Either!
  • jan
    You're a newbie like me too?

    Well, about page views - I don't look at them often. It's discouraging view for a beginner like me. But I had only good wishes for them. And prayers, too. That is if you can call wishes as prayers. Ahahaha.

    But that's nice trick you've got there about pageviews. Is that true? I don't know that. lol

    Well, we must be patient then. And write for ourselves first. If the inner us approve of what we put in our blog, then maybe a few kindred soul will start trickling in and interact with us. That's what sustained me in the initial three months. Oh boy, was that hard and lonely. But I survived. Pakapalan na lang ng mukha. Ahahaha. No. Patience nga pala ang ideya ko dito. lol.

    Ei, thanks a lot, Mahalia. I owe you one. :)
  • jan
    You're a newbie like me too?

    Well, about page views - I don't look at them often. It's discouraging view for a beginner like me. But I had only good wishes for them. And prayers, too. That is if you can call wishes as prayers. Ahahaha.

    But that's nice trick you've got there about pageviews. Is that true? I don't know that. lol

    Well, we must be patient then. And write for ourselves first. If the inner us approve of what we put in our blog, then maybe a few kindred soul will start trickling in and interact with us. That's what sustained me in the initial three months. Oh boy, was that hard and lonely. But I survived. Pakapalan na lang ng mukha. Ahahaha. No. Patience nga pala ang ideya ko dito. lol.

    Ei, thanks a lot, Mahalia. I owe you one. :)
  • Mahalia
    Thanks for the encouragement. I guess it doesn't really matter if others roll their eyes when they read my blog. I just write, even if there are times that I had one and only one page view throughout the day. (well, I just hit refresh about 100 times to increase the stat report. hehehe)

    Recent blog post: The Greatness of a Stack of Paper
  • jan
    And I started my blog knowing I want to connect and have conversations. That's it for me.

    There were moments I'd be tempted to blurt out what's inside me. Some things I haven't told my family and friends. Some things I have not even discussed with myself. Ahahaha.

    But I had second thoughts. Although of course there were the occasional posts that were revealing. Not openly but by oblique references. Pa subtle effect pa. hahaha.

    Eh mas masarap magsulat tungkol sa mga ideya. O sa mga events. So my writing tends to lean more in those directions.

    Can't reply kagabi. Nagluko ang internet connection sa lugar namin. Which is fine anyway kasi past 1am na.

    Thanks for this chat. It's been lovely. :)
  • Silver
    Hahaha.. I also started December 2008. Medyo malungkot nga but I treated my blog as my online journal, not a blog itself. Until it got noticed when I made commentaries on several issues, that's the time na tinatrato ko na siyang blog. Haha.

    As a writer, your audience is a mirror nga. And yes, as a writer, you need to find your own niche audience.

    Ako naman e different. Hindi ako takot kung walang makinig sa akin. What's important to me is that I am able to express what's on my head and what I think about. That I what I take note for at the end of the day. :D

    Recent blog post: Dare to Ask: Do You Think that the Philippines is Really Sh*t Poor??
  • jan
    Thanks, Dee. :)
  • jan
    Yeah, lots of different styles in writing.

    One would think if one gets high grades in college it would be a easy to blog. Well, to qualify that I think it's rather easy. But to be successful at the same time? That's another ballgame altogether, right? :)

    When I started in December 2008 I had to deal with loneliness and not getting myself heard. That's tough. Especially when I see other blogs having the time of its life with its readers. It drives you to question your ability as a writer. Let's not even say that - it drove me nearly nuts and led me to doubt my worth as a person with a story to tell. Ano ba ito. Wala man lang makinig.

    But blogging teaches us to be patient, if nothing else. And I'm glad I stick to it and still here, shining my trusty flashlight inside my guts, trying to find my inner Shakespeare. hahaha.

    Kahit man lang 3rd or 4th cousin ni Ka William may makita me inside. :)

    Oi, nanibago ako sayo ha. Akala ko may profesorang naligaw sa blog ko. :)

    Thanks ha. I'm beginning to enjoy your company.
  • Silver
    I have been writing since I was in high school. True, that we should observe the basics in writing like vocabulary and grammar. But from what I observed, language keeps on evolving and so do the different styles among writers.

    I admit sometimes that I just write what I really think irregardless of language rules. But basically, its one of the ways of letting yourself go into the heart of writing. That you, as a writer, have to release the inner Shakespeare in you and dont be afraid of what people say if your writing is crap or not.

    It depends on the topic if strict language rules should be observed. If I write a formal article, then I go formal and have my squeaky clean article passed to my editor. But if I am writing to express myself (just like what I do in my blog) then, I'll be relaxed with a few language rules and go vernacular then talk to the language of my audience.

    I believe that as a writer, he or she should be in touch with his audience - just like a speaker establishing rapport with his audience. That will start from there - building rapport so that the audience will understand and appreciate what you are writing. :-D

    Recent blog post: Dare to Ask: Do You Think that the Philippines is Really Sh*t Poor??
  • Dee
    Wow! I'm impressed with this post! It's short and sweet and it makes so much sense. You're getting better and better, Jan. And I meant all of that! :)

    Recent blog post: Good Websites
  • jan
    Conversational style of writing - now, this is something I'm trying to master myself. Kinda tough to master though. The temptation to slide back to the inane is all too real. What the heck, I can only learn by doing. And there enough blogs out there that set a proper example. Yours is one of them. :)
  • Tumblemoose
    Oh Jan. You naughty boy.

    That is one heck-a-rooski way to get a conversation going.

    My writing rocks because *I* say it does, and so do a lot of other folks. My voice is natural, my style is conversational.

    I've got the credits to back it up, literary competition awards and publication in nationally (US) circulated magazines.

    So there, Mr. Man. 8-)


    Recent blog post: Trying something new
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Jan, thank you very much for correcting that. No worry. I honor oaths. ;)
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Haha. Thanks. I'll have to say goodbye to her first. BTW, I like the title of chapter 3. ;)
  • jan
    Drinking so you can write? Ah, shades of E.A.Poe!

    Incidentally, here's a funny anecdote. Somebody here mistook you for authoring Tales from the Mom Side. Of course, I corrected this. So you see, you're coming up in the world, Luke. Someone has already thought you're a blog author already. :) I'm under oath though so I'd not reveal who it was. lol
  • Holly
    Hah - I've made Jan my evangelist in the crusade to eliminate self-deprecation and false modesty. Yes, indeed, you rock - you're super! Practice is the only way to improve, but it's a double-edged sword; practice enough, and you cannot stand there and credibly claim to be "new to writing." I think you've passed that point now, Lucrecio. Throw your inner Edna through an airplane toilet and get on with it, man.
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Well I have to say that she is worse than my English teacher. But close. :) Edna must be from a side darker than the dark side. :-D

    Familiar? So very yes.

    My experience in English really stuck. But this blog of Jan is like my, ahh, therapy. Before, I will only write when I'm drunk. Now, I can a little but I sometimes still feel the need to disclaimer. Like, I'm new in writing and stuff like that. I use that to overcome my inhibition. So that I can write because, I tell myself, anyway I already warned them. So I can write and make mistakes. But since Jan is lurking here somewere, I rock! I'm super! Okay, enough. :)
  • Holly
    Let me know what you think, when you're done. Does Edna sound familiar? *DONT_KNOW*

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 8, 2009)
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Wow, thanks a lot ma'am Holly. I already checked it. I will return to it to finish it.
  • jan
    Hi - ho! Thanks, Silver. Waaah, naunahan mo ako sa pagbisita. :)
  • jan
    Ay, that's not too shabby, Elms. Go, go, go John "Elms" Grisham. ",) And it even rhymes! :)
  • Silver
    Hello Jan!

    Spotted you as on of RE's Top 10 choice... Nagikot ikot din ako sa blog mo. Galing mo din. Keep up the good work and more power sa iyong blog!

    Recent blog post: Good Social Climbing Pays Off!
  • elmot
    nice post!

    ooppss.. sorry, i havent gotten over your last post, eheh! that sucks!

    i felt that way totally. "oh, my writing is a total wreckage, i better sink down the atlantic with the titanic".

    but as what you said, and many others have already shouted it out on the blogospher: just write you damned vagabond! i thought you wanted to become a writer?!"

    heheehe... i will be the next, john grisham, wahahahhaha!

    Recent blog post: Weekend Treat With Fiascos, Comic Judge and Crazy Stuffs
  • jan
    See? My grandpa-ness is showing! :)

    Yeah, now it's all coming back to me now. :) Ano ba yan parang pelikulang Filipino - nahulog sa hagdan, nabagok ang ulo, presto nagka-amnesia. lol

    Yeah, they do that all day and night. Trying to put the last word in. I'm beginning to think they're trying to prevent me from getting anything done around here. :)

    Feel free to butt in anytime you want to. hehehe
  • fifi
    i used to write for newspaper before, now i'm doing freelance research/writing work for some organizations when there are no classes. so maybe i could say that i write for a living. you forgot to mention that you first convinced me to make my comments known here than just send you emails. hehehe... i am enjoying your exchanges with holly, luke and roy here.

    Recent blog post: bordering between thinness and madness
  • jan
    Your mother and I - we're both proud of you. An A+ for perseverance. That's how I like it. Cool. :)
  • Lemuel Ponce
    blogging changed my attitude in writing. before i was asked to contribute to a magazine but i politely told no. then i was asked again, this time, i asked the help of an officemate (to check grammar, sentence construction, etc.) other than a few mistakes, i was surprised to see that what i wrote can be accepted at a magazine. this time, through blogging, i get advice from you and other readers plus the satisfaction of others sharing their opinions. hopefully in the future, i can confidently write just like you and bingkee.... thanks!

    Recent blog post: The Best Gift for a Mother
  • jan
    Here's to fearless writing then - a toast! Let's all drink to that.

    I'd remember these lines: "To write great pieces, one must engage his or her private passions, and present them fearlessly. Nobody manages this without crashing and burning sometimes. But without risking what matters most to your heart and soul, you'll never soar to new heights. You'll never discover unclaimed territory."

    Thanks, Kathleen. For your inspiring words. And for shooting at the moon. Every day. Without fail. :)
  • Kathleen
    All great writers, I believe, are incurable dare-devils.
    Jan, I may or may not be a great writer, only time can determine that. But I'm convinced that great writing demands great creative risks. You absolutely must be willing to fail. Otherwise you're never going to write something new and exciting. To write great pieces, one must engage his or her private passions, and present them fearlessly. Nobody manages this without crashing and burning sometimes. But without risking what matters most to your heart and soul, you'll never soar to new heights. You'll never discover unclaimed territory.
    You might get published; you might make money. But you won't get that rush of the imagination; you won't find your own way or create your own vision.
    I may or may not be a great writer but I love writing. I give it all I've got, every day I possibly can. When I write for four hours, it feels like four adrenaline-fueled minutes. So if tonight I didn't hit the moon, I'm still gonna aim for it tomorrow, because writing like that is the biggest thrill there is.

    Recent blog post: Want More
  • jan
    Ooops... Darn! Why do I always associate upload with video! Okay, no time for recrimination. Checking it out now. lol
  • Holly
    This one's not a video - just a humorous (albeit unfinished) novel. Lucrecio's comment reminded me of it, so I posted it. Hope you enjoy it!

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 8, 2009)
  • jan
    That sounds interesting, this video you've uploaded. Is it something you've made? I will go check that one out.
  • jan
    You're way too modest, Fifi. All along I thought you were already dreaming in English!

    Now, from what you said, it seemed your dreams have sub-titles in it. :)

    Did you feel I was talking to you? I hope I did not sound like your teacher in law school - the one who had an axe to grind? :)

    No, this is not meant for you. I've asked you many things in the short time we've known each other and you've humored me by following them all.

    1. I asked that you return to blogging. You did.
    2. I asked to get yourself on Twitter. You did.
    3. This slot is for some things I forgot now. But you can fill this in to remind me.

    You earn your living by writing. That's awesome. Not everybody can say that, Fifi. Hold your head high, Fifi. You rock! Gosh, this sounds juvenile, but I mean it.
  • jan
    I can always take a rain check, my friend. And I always defer to big projects of my friends. Writing a bestseller tops that list.

    I quite agree: You rock!
  • fifi
    i feel like you are talking to me, jan. even if i am writing for a living, i still feel the ineptness in my ability to write. i have my own parameters in gauging why a writer is a good writer. someone snapped me back to reality when i had been feeling insecure about my writing. he pointed out how writing comes so easy for some people like me while others struggle to have have their subject-verb agree with each other. even with that i still consider my writing as mere translation of my non-english thoughts into english. others appreciating what i wrote (like my editors before) is a bonus.

    Recent blog post: bordering between thinness and madness
  • jan
    With a track record like yours, I'd feel unstoppable myself. hahaha. The difference is I'd like to pat myself on the back each time. It's just me. And I'd like to celebrate by walking off the euphoria - sometimes good writing can give you that kind of high, you know. I'd walk it off - cause it may lead to other ideas. Walking is a great ally of writers, I'd like to believe.

    Any attempt to brag on my page I strike out. It's simply not me at all.

    And hey, I celebrate too by having coffee. It's my way of making a toast to all the positive influences in my life and my writing. Some of them are here, some are not. Drinking coffee is a nice way of connecting with them. Kinda weird huh? lol

    So there. Now, I've just revealed one of my aces in writing. lol.

    But I do ramble on, Viviene. Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Holly
    Lucrecio, I uploaded this to Scribd.com just for you:

    Eradicating Edna, an unfinished novel dedicated to all writers plagued by their inner critic.

    Your teacher sounds like Edna. Enjoy. 8-)

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 8, 2009)
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    I was the last part of your (este, atty-in-fact) comment linked above that did it. :)
  • Chania Girl
    I would write a lengthy comment but I'm too busy writing my next bestseller. I rock. I know it.

    Recent blog post: ????? '?????? - Welcome to Crete
  • bingkee
    I don't classify myself as either good or bad writer. I write because I love it and because I have the talent. I can write but I don't know if I am good. All I know I practiced since I was age 8, been editor-in-chief for so many years in school, trained in college as a copywriter/scriptwriter/newswriter, and has worked in the writing profession for more than 10 years. Had written for clients, had written to beat deadlines, had written out of a whim, out of a desire and even had written because I was forced to.
    For me, writing is like telling a story to a friend. Without the fancy-schmancy tricks and words...I just write it the way I want to say it. At the end of my writing, I don't give myself a pat on my back that I did a good job. All I say is "Thanks, I'm finished."

    The best writers did not write to impress their readers. They write because they have a story to tell and they write it the way they like to be "revealed " through their writing.
    You are right----just write---don't try too hard to impress that y are great because it can turn everyone off.

    Recent blog post: THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD
  • jan
    Honesty is a good thing. Can't go wrong with that. And that's a rare quality in writing as it is in blogging. You too just earned an A+ on that one. :)
  • jan
    Ah, they know me well enough, Holly. I'm all bark and no bite. Besides, I can't be too harsh with Doc Z. He's promised me a burger after all. :)
  • jan
    Yeah, I've read Dee's comment.

    Ah, forget about your teacher. She's just a technician. You've come a long way already, Luke.
  • jan
    That's a nice and creative way. Nicer than providing a link to all of them. :)
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hahaha, cool.
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Aha! Planning something, eh. Well, I'll be looking for some good template. My attorney-in-fact, J.G. & Associates, made a comment here. And it seemed to work. ;)

    But a few thing about commenting to ma'am Holly's blog. And why it's such a big deal. My English teacher scared the crap out of me. Really. Now, if she had a blog, no way I am going near it. And she is not a published author. Had she been one, I will be miles away running. So, that puts in perspective my first comment. :)
  • Holly
    Huh. It almost worked - until I reloaded the page. Sorry for the HTML garbage up there, Jan - feel free to delete it. I couldn't resist the curiosity that prompted me to try it. I'm actually kind of glad it DIDN'T work, you know? It would've made moderating comments that much harder. LOL!
  • Holly
    No dark chocolates for Zorlone? You're a harsh taskmaster - Machiavellian AND Draconian. Now you're scaring me! :-P

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 8, 2009)
  • jan
    "Real self-confidence is the most attractive thing in the world."

    Amen to that, Holly. Touche!
  • jan
    We stick with Luke as a commentator, we'd get a steady stream of comments or guest posts as you aptly called them. Fine.

    We make Luke a blogger. What do we get? Not just one person. This would-be blogger has all the minions of the dark force with a flick of his fingers. We'd be getting an entirely new community for us.

    See? I'm more Machiavellian than you are, methinks. :)
  • Roy
    Honestly, I didn't know I can thread together all my blogs in my reply.

    It was fun though :)

    Recent blog post: Can we really expect the unexpected?
  • jan
    *hangs head in shame* Uh-oh, I so totally asked for this. :-[

    I'm satisfied, Roy. That's a brilliant answer.

    Note to self: Don't be cheeky with a man who has 12 blogs.

    This is so much fun. I'm loving every minute of this. Thanks, Roy. ;)
  • Zorlone
    Noted... I've been called cheeky once. Oops! i should keep my mouth shut. :( I'd just reply from the sweet and honest corners of my heart. 8-)

    I too, a young padawan, shall become a jedi like lolo jan. :)
    (it rhymes!)

    Z ;)

    Recent blog post: Simply A Mother
  • Holly
    Jan, you're looking at this all wrong. So long as Lucrecio doesn't blog, we have the benefit of his "guest posts" on our own blogs. Look at it as an act of generosity on his part. If he started his own, would he still comment on all of ours? I, for one, don't want to lose one of my best commentators.

    Recent blog post: Mother, Touchstone, Friend
  • Roy
    oopsie! Dang! Why didn't I see that bait?!

    Hmmmm, let me think about it...

    Okay, while I refer to myself as The Struggling Blogger, I definitely write from the heart. True, I may Sugar Coat my words at times, but I make sure that they are REFLECTIONS of my innermost thoughts and sentiments, every LETTERS and every words.

    And when I write about currents issues, I make it a point to put my own signature on them to show that they are More Than Just Copy-Paste.

    While I try to earn my keeps, I definitely write more than just to get Money OnLine, in fact I would really want my readers to Be Inspired from my writings, whether it be in a form of a poem, Short Stories, Etsetera-Etsetera!

    I make it a point too, to keep in touch with my roots, as I write in my own language too - Kapampangan, after all, I am writing from my House Of Puroy, inside my own Roysville so nobody can tell me what not write... and even if they do, I won't listen anyway.

    And that is why I believe I am an excellent writer!

    Recent blog post: Can we really expect the unexpected?
  • Roy
    Haha! I remember this, Jan hehe...

    those were the days ;)
  • Yay. Naku, Roy. Nagbago na ako ngayon. Nagbabait-baitan na ako ngayon.
    Ahehehe. Tinitingnan ko na lang sila nang pasulimpat. :)
  • Holly
    The tough thing is to find the balance between reasonable self-confidence and annoying arrogance. False modesty gets old quickly, but so does unfounded arrogance. Real self-confidence is the most attractive thing in the world.

    Recent blog post: Mother, Touchstone, Friend
  • jan
    Ah, a cheeky student we have here. Well, Luke, this one here is not getting any dark chocolates tonight. :)

    Stumped I'm not with that moniker, Doc Z. Nice try. :)
  • jan
    Okay, that will do, Holly. Bravery is not something to scoff at.

    Just between you and me, Holly. Pardon the cliche, but we must strike while the iron is hot! There's a far awesome battle to be won: we must conspire to make Luke do the final leap to blogging. I'm not getting anywhere with him on this matter, you see.
  • Zorlone
    Got that Lolo Jan!

    Will be thinking of some other reply. hehehe.

  • jan
    Yeah, that's great. When someone compliments you on your writing, say your thanks. You've just connected with another human being. Isn't that something? It's always comforting to say "hey, I'm just a newbie writer." But this gets old. Very fast. :)
  • jan
    Great reply! I love it. Anyone wanting to write well will do himself a favor by reading writers who make sense. A+, Luke. :)
  • Holly
    I knew I was good for something! There! See? There you have it, Jan - my writing rocks because it encourages bravery in others! (Thanks, Lucrecio. I was really reaching for a reply to this one, and you saved me. I owe you one.)

    Recent blog post: Mother, Touchstone, Friend
  • Zorlone
    Uh oh... I might have said something like,

    "I am still a newbie learning the ropes and I hope to be able to be able to write like you." when someone commented on one of my poems.

    Okay, from now on, I'd say thank you and agree with them and that guy Roy from the comment above.

    I am the greatest writer of all time, so read my posts!!!

    Uhmm... too much?

    Z ;)

    Recent blog post: Simply A Mother
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    My writing does not suck. I'm super. And after I had commented on ma'am Holly's blog, there's nothing I can't do. There. 8-) But then, there is reality... :'( Okay, okay, I don't suck. =-X
  • jan
    And, pray tell me, why are you an excellent writer? You honestly think I'd let you off the hook? Please come back here and tell us. I have fairly good ideas why I think you're an excellent writer, but other readers might miss the obvious signs.

    So come back and please tell us here why you're the bomb! :)
  • Roy
    "I am a great writer... I am an excellent writer... I am the best writer...."

    Boy, I do hope this mantras really work

    When I say my writing sucks, you don't have to agree! Otherwise, there wouldn't be any conversation at all :-D

    Honestly, I am challenged (read: threatened) by the title of your post... I guess I should mind my writing from now on

    Recent blog post: Can we really expect the unexpected?
  • jan
    Ding. Ding. That doesn't count as a reply. And you know it. ;)

    So here I am being presumptuous on your behalf. What's with your horn? Not squeaky clean this time?

    Okay, here goes: You write well. As if that's not good enough - you write with humor! There take that! Writer's block, my foot. :)
  • Holly

    Wow. You know how to induce Writer's Block, don't you? ;)

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 8, 2009)
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