Being Jehzeel Malkovich

by Jan Geronimo on December 10, 2008

Yehey! I have my first Filipino commenter today. It’s no less than Jehzeel Laurente, the super friendly, creative, funny and prolific creator of Jehzlau Concepts.

I can only think of two blog authors that really give me the final shove into blogging. Jehzeel is one of them. The sheer joy and enthusiasm and inspiration I find in their blogs has kept me sleepless for almost two weeks. The thought of blogging nagged at me even during the day. And so I hiked up my pants and waded in.

Most of the high profile blogs get me fired up too for their excellence, but they are high up in the clouds and out of reach. And if you’re one befuddled newbie you need all the encouragement and inside information that you can get. Jehzel has that gift of friendship – answers your email, replies when you text, even invites you on his social networks.

And to think he’s one of the top guns in Pinoy blogosphere. I’m not sucking up, mind you., a web directory which ranks Pinoy blogs based on subscribers, page rank, Alexa rating and Technorati data, ranks him as No. 4 as of this writing. He had already reached the coveted first place at , but he got bored and lonely at the top, I guess.

He’s been featured several times in Manila Bulletin’s Blog-o-Rama. He’s got it made, but fledgling that you are, you won’t feel the difference. Because he’s a decent and unpretentious guy.

Will he give the shirt off his back to help a fellow human being? I am positive. But why settle for the shirt when you can very well ask him to donate to you his aging laptop, in the spirit of Christmas? Hahaha. After all, he’s buying this Christmas a Core 2 Duo quad, equipped with the latest strange-sounding state-of-the-art contraptions. Hehehe.

I have Jehzel as a mentor and friend. How about you – are you as lucky as I have been?

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  • Very very interesting post..I like this one. gotta bookmark this one.
  • MoneytiseOnline
    si master Jehz... hehehe isa rin ako sa libo-libong fans nya! :)
  • i need to update my link here.. hehehe :D sa labas ng mandaluyong pa yung link ko dit sa recognitions page eh.. haha :D

    <abbr>Jehzeel Laurente’s last blog post..iBlog5 is the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit</abbr>
  • Jan
    Jehzeel: Thanks, frend. Ano ba ito at may time pang malungkot. Hehehe. Your other comment, di naman naligaw. Di ko lang nabasa kasi madaling araw na. If I stay up longer, di na ko papakinabangan the following day. Hays, what's your secret ba, are you on steroid or something? Thanks po uli, frend.
  • Jehzeel Laurente
    wooooooooooot ang daming nag comment ah.. ang saya :D hehehehe.. :) nilink ko to sa para basa basahin ko pag malungkot ako.. hehe :D
  • Jan
    yatot: oo nga, friend. biruin mo pinost ko lang si jehzeel, nagdatingan na sila. iba talaga hatak ni idol no?

    I sneaked in kanina during work. hahaha. I know what you mean - di ko pa na-visit other blogs mo. Na sa lineup ko na po yan. :)
  • yatot
    o di ba most commented na itong blog post na ito... wahehehhe... salamat sa pagdalaw sa isa kong blog! hehehhe
  • Jan
    Anonymous: Okay lang humanga sa ibang tao. Di naman kabawasan un sa akin. Sa good qualities ng ibang tao mo makikita kung ano mga kakulangan mo as a person. Then you do something about this. Or not, whatever suits you.

    Thanks for joining the conversation.
  • Jan
    Jehzeel: madami pa po ko inedit dyan. Kasi baka mag over the top na.

    Jayvee: Thanks sa pag visit at sa pag comment.

    Eligio: Agree ako dyan. I wonder kung ano cabinet post ibibigay sa atin. Ahahaha.

    Yatot: Thanks a lot.

    Micammyx: Inimbento ba nya ang Nyok-speak? One of my faves un post na un. Thanks for the visit.

    Hannah: Tama ka dyan. Siguro dapat he starts spreading the love sa BIR inspectors. Alam mo na mga yan. hahaha. Thanks for taking the time to comment here.
  • Hannah
    haha, jehz is really mabait at matulungin kaya he's blessed with a lot of friends and a lot of money :D
  • Micamyx
    Jehzlau is loved by many simply because he is lovable hehe basta da best si nyok :P
  • Anonymous
    Okay ka sana kuya kaso panay ang English mo. Puede ba Tagalugin mo naman. At saka palahanga ka pala. Peace.
  • yatot
    wow! yah... jehz has always been so friendly that's why a lot newbies are looking up on him as an idol! he is very approachable... at talaga namang mayaman na! hahahha... hi jehz! and hello jan! welcome to the world of blogging!
  • Eligio
    agreed... nyok nyok, Jehz is the most down to earth, super friendly guy I met online. Pede ng pang presidente ng Pilipinas :D. nYok
  • jayvee f.
    oo nga! magaling at mabait si jehz!
  • Jehzeel Laurente
    wow thanks for this blog post :D nakaka taba ng puso :)
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