Link Goodies For Your Pleasure

by Jan Geronimo on February 10, 2009

Here are some link goodies for your pleasure.

To Make You Laugh:

1. Jojigirl aims for our jugular, er funny bones with a wicked post. She claims innocence, denying she’s written it herself. It’s laugh out loud funny nevertheless – This Computer-Savvy Wife Got a Problem

2. I’d gladly give Dee a hefty retainer for writing this hilarious piece. – 10 Excuses If You Were Caught Sleeping At Work

3. Diane Fitzpatrick is just tinkering with her blog when her entire site disappears. Or so she says. Check out her humorous experience with tech support. – Cookies For the Apple Genius

To Make You a Better Blogger:

1. Subject-verb agreement still boggles your mind? Befriend this grammar police before she hunts you down – Gege

2. David Pierce exhorts writers to make your writing sticky and effective by making your readers the focal point of your piece.

3. On the off chance you haven’t read this yet I’m recommending a Brian Clark post. I don’t know the exact date, but when Brian climbed down from the mountain he brought down a tablet which contains Ten Commandments for writers . Priceless.

To Make You Earn More Money:

1. Be $150 richer. If you’re knowledgeable about PHP, AJAX, jQuery, Wordpress, or HTML/CSS and can write a tutorial and screencast try this – NETTUTS+ Writers Needed!

2. Solve Jehzeel’s next puzzle – a contest on his blog – and earn $ 50 and other prizes. The mechanics will be posted soon, but in this post you’d see a preview of his next puzzle contest – The Blue Stickman First IQ Puzzle Winner Is…

3. Will have to thank Marghil for this find. Just the job for you, dudes – Wanted: Condom Testers

To Help You Achieve Your Goals:

1. To help you snap out of whatever it is that gets you tied down – Conquer the Fears Lurking in the Dark Corners of Your Mind

2. Pardon me, but what’s holding you back? Go for it, man. – You Are Enough

Enjoy. I’m off to Twitter now. Are you coming?

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  • Jan
    @Diane (Ordinary Housewife): Thanks, Diane. Aw, that's all right. Oh, the ads. I consider them overstaying relatives. If they wise up and someday pay for the board and lodging - then good news for me. I'd have something to help pay for the utilities. :)
  • Ordinary Housewife
    Yes, Jan, this is a good lookin' site. I'm going to steal some ideas. I hope your ads are paying off.
  • Jan
    @jojigirl: so it's you pala. hahaha. i thought she had google alert or something to see who's talking about her and her blog. hehehe. nice. thank you for spreading the word - the old fashioned word of mouth way.

    Ah, the outfit is the handiwork of my friend Yatot. He went under the hood of this blog and got dirty. I owe him big time...

    You have to register you google account with google adsense first to get the code you'd place on your page. O di ba. Feeling adviser na. Hehehe. Then we will work from there once you get your adsense code.
  • jojigirl
    And oh, this is a new outfit you got here. Coach me please on how to work around with having ads on my page?! BTW, you were right about using "under the rocks" - kind of giving me Flintstones paramnesia, although my use of "pastoral" also is a bit hircine and makes you think of chickens and cow dungs and all that, haha! But yeah, the poetry aspect of the word - I agree with you. ",)
  • jojigirl
    Haha! Guess who bruited Diane (Ordinary Housewife) about the link. ",)
  • Jan
    @Diane (Ordinary Housewife): Okay, that settles it then. But all is not lost - you found out I was talking about you, after all. :) I find it very funny. I was reading it from my reader and I thought I had better share this one on my blog. Just to prove there are gems in my reader. And that it's not all about meta-blogging and such dreary stuff. Thanks.

    @Dee: There's no doubt at all - you deserve the link. I may not have the budget to move to WP, but at least I have good taste. :)
  • Dee
    Oh, I don't know if I deserve all these links...but who cares, I like it, haha. :) Really, from the deepest bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for all the links. One of these days, I will certainly do the same.:)
  • Ordinary Housewife
    Imagine my gleeful surprise when I saw mention of my blog in your blog. (Have your blog call my blog) Thanks for the plug! I did, however, detect some skepticism in your voice (" . . . or so she says . . .") What - you don't believe me? It's true. It's all true.
    I'll be back here often.
  • Jan
    @jojigirl: It's vengeance in installments. This is just a link. Compared that with what you posted about me and your avid readers this is just small change. I still have dark plots for you, rest assured. So don't go slacking off. :)

    @tonex: come on, tonex. if that's true, that can be remedied. It's the paucity of ideas that's hardest to deal with. And I'd trade lack of grammar comprehension to have blog design like yours. Any day. Till now, I'm still haunted by dreams of minimalist WP themes. :) Oh well.

    @gagay: hmmm, my blogger friend on steroids. Istatyu? Hahaha. Which reminds me to go see what you're up to these days.

    @Jason: Much tempted to put that in the post title, "Condom testers and other link goodies." I backed out the last minute. Hehehe.

    I don't know what's wrong with Jhez though. Been helping him to promote his contest (as if he needed the extra push - hehehe) so he could at least email me a leaked report on the answer. No can do. Whaaa.

    I didn't even try to answer his first puzzle. In my book, stickman should be jailed, not solved. Hehehe.
  • Jason
    LOL @ condom testers. I tried solving Jehzlau's IQ quiz but i didn't win. Its ok, ill try again next time. Thanks for sharing these links. hehe

    dropping by kuya jan!

  • tonex
    Yea, my subject doesn't always agree with my verb.
  • jojigirl
    Oh, i know you will get back at me. But this is too much sweet vengeance I am going to get diabeteees! Excuse the spelling, don't you know, I am grinning like Garfield here. You're sweet guy, may the ants get back at you! Megathanks! Toink! Oh, is that your book at me? Har,har...
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