A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

by Jan Geronimo on February 14, 2009

Just because I choose to go it alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean I’d fail to use my time productively. Might as well give awards to friends and those I hope to be friends with online.

Ismail of Passionate About Blogging honored me with this Friendship Award early February. It’s hard to argue with lawyers – you know how they can slap you with restraining orders and stuff – so I accepted it and promptly filed it away. Thank you, Ismail. Indeed, you have discriminating taste.

Now is the time to pay it forward. The awardees are a happy mix of online friends and new acquaintances. I hope you will all promptly recover from the devastation Valentine’s Day brings to your purse and ego as the case maybe. If you’re still huffing and puffing from your juvenile assignations, pick up your awards later, you lucky dogs.

The honorees are:

1. Yatot of The Yatot Chronicles
2. Jhez of My Not So Personal Blog
3. Dee of Tales From The Mom Side
4. Jojigirl of Rainbows and Thunderstorms
5. Tonex of Blog Ex Machina
6. Jaypee of Jaypee Online
7. Ms. Earth of Earthlingorgeous
8. Diane of Just Humor Me
9. A friend who is suffering from multiple ironies – Pinay Single Mommy
10. Jed who is after our personal growth by plotting to make us better bloggers.
11. Bingkee of I Love Hate America
12. Gagay who went inside the minds of guys so she could write a list of reminders for girls. Example: “Don’t rub the lamp if you don’t want to see the genie.”

Now it’s your turn to pass this on to pals and even acquaintances – you know, people who Ambrose Pierce describes as “person(s) whom we know well enough to borrow from, but not well enough to lend to.”

Recommended Reading especially on Valentine’s Day is this exquisite story posted by Jason. It’s in Filipino – I wish it will be translated in English soon.

Another good read on Valentine’s Day – and every time we feel mushy and romantic – is Cupid and Psyche written by Jo of A Majority of Two.

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  • Jan
    @tonex: yay! hahaha
  • tonex
    Alright, I'll ask my mother if I can do it.
  • Jan
    @Miss Earth: I'm glad you like it. :)

    @tonex: Do as you please. It's not a requirement as far as I'm concerned.:)

    I have this other reader. The moment I gave the poor guy an award/tag he stopped coming over. I scared him away. Hahaha. Perhaps he has too much on his plate right now - maybe this is the real reason. But I'm not taking chances. So it's your call, what to do with it. hehehe
  • tonex
    Hi Jan,

    What do you mean by re-gift? Do you mean that I write a similar post in my blog?
  • Jan
    @marites: oh, thanks marites. :)

    @yatot: hahaha. Yaan mo na - it's good while the supply lasts. :)
  • yatot
    aaaww... shucks... im again... tats! thank you...!
  • marites salce
    friend, visit my blog .i have tagged u an award,, three in one award
  • Jan
    @Kathleen: I would have preferred to spend it with friends, but I was on the road for most of the day. Had a quick trip to Manila and was back here at night. But thanks, anyway. :)
  • kathleenmaher
    Jan, Do you celebrate Valentines Day in the Philippines?
    You do, I sees: just read the other comments.

    Better late than never, and it's still 2/14/09 here: Happy Valentines Day to you and everyone you love.
  • Jan
    @bingkee: thanks. oh, that. it's all right. i'd rather read at home and blog anyway. it's a non-event to me, valentine's day.
  • bingkee
    Hi Jan, thanks for this award. Of crse what are friends for? Congrats on your well-deserved award.
    Happy Valentine's Day (sorry late -kasi 8:00 a.m. Feb 14 pa dito)
  • Jan
    @tonex: hehehe. thanks, you made it easy for me - I don't have to break the news to you anymore. Was thinking in what way could you re-gift this award in your blog. Your blog after all is about something else. Well, as the cliche goes, it's the gesture that counts.

    @ghee: thanks, happy valentine too. :)

    @Dee: I know, Dee. I saw how mischief lit up your eyes there. :)

    @Cherry: :) so it's Cherry. Hi, Cherry. I keep looking for your name in your blog, didn't find any clue. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Happy Valentine too.
  • cherry
    hi new friend Jan...thanks for this award and for the encouraging comment you posted a few days back. btw, happy valentine and my name is Cherry.

    a {GIRL for all status

    tales of a pinay single mommy

    1716 South

    Garage Sale
  • Dee
    Thanks for the award! This is nice. I'll have fun writing this again. :)
  • ghee
    congratulations to your award!
    happy valentine`s day too! :)
  • tonex
    Thank you for the award...

    I would like to thanks my pamily and prends and.. er... Thanks God!
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