My Grandson, Me and the Politics of Blogging

by Jan Geronimo on April 29, 2009

DamarisImage by Jimmy_Joe via Flickr

“Grandma, come here. I have something for you,” said Keizer, our 9-year old grandson and bundle of joy.

“What is it?”


“Okay, I’m coming,” said my sister. She’s amused that Keizer is serious at practicing his English. Keizer’s father is working in London, and next year he might be able to send for his wife and only child.

“Here’s your bread.”

“Why, apo (grandson), thank you. But I’m taking only one.”

“No, no. That’s for you. Take it away.”

“Thanks, apo.”

“Keep the change,” said Keizer.

It’s been ages since I felt like a 9-year old boy. What I feel though is similar to Keizer’s awe when his attempt at conversational English reduces the whole household to teary laughter.

100 posts and still counting

Back to grandpa – that’s me. It still amazes me that my previous post was my 100th. Please allow me to be sentimental as is usually the case. Here are some of my thoughts on reaching this milestone:

1. It boggles my mind that you’ve kept me company through the highs and lows of blogging. You people just don’t know how to practice the art of lurking, don’t you? You just have to let me have an earful each time I write a post – yeah, that’s quite obvious.

2. It boggles my mind that I have learned more from you and blogging than my stint in college.

3. It boggles my mind that you people have the guts to call me out when I fumble. Looking the other way is just not your cup of tea, I realize.

4. It boggles my mind that you shoot me emails, chat me up, send me DM in Twitter. It’s as if I don’t reply to your comments. Don’t you have a life?

5. It boggles my mind that you don’t pay heed to the caste system or politics of blogging . It does not matter to you I’m living under the Google bridge; that I jump with glee at the prospect of freebies, free food and simple praises. Aw pshaw! Show some taste, will you?

6. It boggles my mind that you like me much more than I like myself. You’re all Mother Teresa wannabes all of you. What a pain in the neck.

7. It boggles my mind that you not only read me but that you also care for me as a person. Heh, I love you too, for crying out loud. But shut it already, okay.

I feel like the luckiest blogger hereabouts. I could have not been more grateful. Thank you, my friends.

If Keizer were to ask what you think, he would have said: “Come now, you tell me already. Don’t shy!”

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  • jan
    Waaah. So you now why a sleep deprived, straining-at-the-leash blogger ought to keep his trap close at 3:00am. That's a good example of what not to do. But my irritation got the better of me. Afterward, of course, I had misgivings. My consolation is that my comment is at the bottom. I don't know anyone would notice. :'(

    Must be the arrow tipped with warhead that really got to me. :)
  • jan
    That's awesome. Two ex-Dota players who are now owning the blogosphere. =-O Quiet, somebody must thinks us nuts. hahaha. If you put in more personal videos, I'm sure readers will form a long line in your blog. You've got something there. Work it. ;)
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Yes, I visited Reynz's blog. I read a quite a few posts there and had fun. I also agree on your comment regarding warheads on arrows. That was fun. 8-)

    As to "ill-educated", I was also confused when I read it. But the commenter seems to know his/her thing. So I thought the phrase must be correct. But if that phrase needs a caretaker, like you said, then he/she has no business correcting others.

    But if I were you, ask the commenter where to buy that arrow with a warhead. You might need to buy and stock some in case they come here. ;)
  • xprosaic
    Hahahahaha... same here... I already gave up my Dota for this! hahahahhaha... anyway, thanks for the comment...I really appreciate that! :-D

    Recent blog post: Triple Treat!
  • jan
    Oh, you've checked RE's blog. Nice. Now, you know what I'm bristling against now. It's as if they know better. Perhaps, it might help if he's friends with the blog author and the blogger asks for help. Di naman eh.

    That's the appeal of that blog. No pretensions to high falutin discussion. One reader said she's been frequenting RE's blog as a tambayan or a place to hang out with friends. They share their stories. They banter, make fun of each other, make kulit and stuff real friends do. Some comments ran by the thousands. Imagine that. There's something there. The blog resonates with its readers. What's wrong with that?

    And for someone who deplores RE's English. Just at look at what he said: ill-educated. Whoever taught him the rudiments of English must be already disowning him. "For your info, dear bloggers, this guy is dense. I've washed my hands off him. Ill-educated - this I did NOT teach him." :-D

    I'm just a product of public schools and state U, Luke. Thanks for your kind words. If there's something you want to learn from me, please don't say ill-educated. That phrase needs a defibrillator. That or a caretaker. One terminally ill phrase, that. :-D
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    I could not agree more. That mentality belongs to the past. Really backward.

    So they are grammar police? I don't see the fun in pointing out the mistakes of others just to show that you know a little bit more. It's better to succeed due to your own merits than due to the shortcomings of others. I wonder if they never make any mistakes.

    Don't worry kung maligaw sila dito. If that happens, they will witness real writing. 8-) Show them what this blog is made of. :-D

    Nothing to worry with your English. It is squeaky clean.

    BTW, I read a comment made by someone in Reynz blog that Reynz's English is like ill-educated. For me, English is important but it is only part of a well-rounded education. It is not everything. Obviously, not everybody in the world have English as their native language. So, those people have less than stellar English. Are all those people ill-educated also? Me thinks not.
  • jan
    Yup, the Ilustrados are here. The penisulares are here trying to impose their colonial ideas. E di siempre magpuputok ang butsi ng mga aliping saguiguilid, mga aliping namamahay, etc. lol

    We're so backward. Some of us are, I mean.

    Napuyat nga ako kababasa ng blog ni Reyna Elena. Kasi pinupuntahan sya doon ng defenders of the faith ng mga elitist bloggers: correcting Reyna's English, way of blogging, etc.

    My God, I fear for my youngish blog. Wag naman sanang maligaw dito mga iyon. Baka magdikit na ang kilay ko sa pagsimangot. hahaha.

    Luke, watch out for me ha. Baka nagkandabaluktot na English ko, kelangan malaman ko agad. Ayaw kong malaitlait ng mga Herodes na yan. :-D
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    So that's what it is. Haaay. Ano ba naman.
  • jan
    Under my post is the related post links. It's Carlo Ople's post in the Inquirer. He classified bloggers into 5 categories. One to four - okay. The fifth one - he's invented a term for "PGB." It stands for Patay Gutom Bloggers.

    He's an internet marketer. He's writing for companies on how best to maximize exposure to the media, using bloggers. He's since edited his article because of the uproar this post created among bloggers.

    Janette Toral's Politics of Blogging is an answer to that demeaning labeling. Janette's link - I listed anew on my latest post along with Reyna Elena who put Ople to task for his elitist remarks.
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    What is that caste system about? Is there a link about that, Jan?
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hi there, Suwari. Maybe we can learn together from Jan. That is why I hang out in his blog. The guy's good in English. It would help to read and re-read his posts. I feel I am learning.
  • jan
    Hahaha. Gotcha. I'm a grandpa. You know us Pinoys, we're very productive people. Well, the nieces and nephews in the family are. lol. I understand - you've too much on your plate right now.

    Thanks, fifi. A thousand more seems a lot, but I'm working on it. :)
  • fifi
    hey jan. i read this post on my phone. i couldn't reconcile the fact that you are both a grandpa (hey you look young in your pic) and a blogger at the same time so i didn't leave a comment because i was afraid that i might have miscontrued what the article is all about. excuses!! i was even thinking that you were talking about somebody else's post. my god! i am such a 'slow' kid. enwei, congrats on the 100th post. still a thousand or more to go! cheers! ;)

    Recent blog post: bracing for crazy times ahead
  • jan
    Hi RE!

    I was still sleeping when you came over. Where are your palace courtiers - there's no advance party to warn me of your visit! :)

    Ah, the boy is obviously not Pinoy - a Flicker boy cutie calculated to melt the heart of mamas and grandpas and grandmas. Throwing everything into the mix to up my social climbing skills. waaah.

    Ah, that caste system in Philippine blogging, yes. Bakit ba sila napaka-conscious about their class. Bakit nga ba sila napaka insecure? Wala siguro readers noh?

    If that is a desperate link bait to gain attention I pity them, these ilustrados and peninsulares of Pinoy blogosphere. All they gain is notoriety.

    I'm so glad that in the internet there's such thing as immortality. Their bad words will do live after them. I just hope that the record of their ill-educated (their word!)hallucinations will bite their ass every single day.

    Oi ha, I'm so lucky you're one of the first people I read up on this issue. Teaches me a lot on the proper ways of social climbing. :-D

    Thanks Reyna Elena. Your blog is a hoot. Will be back for more goodies.
  • reyna elena
    thank you for visiting my blog, i was wondering who that cute guy was (nakiki-social climb) hahaha! but this was not the 1st article i read on your site, i think it was about answering every comment, it's just that my laptop went out of battery and so here i was - back again on a different article.

    yah, so you've been bitten by this caste system in blogging hehehe

    Recent blog post: Bon chance mon cheri Salve Duplito!!!
  • jan
    Goodness gracious, you're here. Thanks, Suwari.

    Now, isn't that a perfect gift or what!

    With practice comes perfection, Suwari. Or something close to it. We learn something new every day. If anything, it's me who should learn from you, especially on the technical side.

    You can always email me if you need something. It will be fun to work with you. A lot of people have helped me along the way, you know. It's my way of paying back.

    Aw, don't mention it. You make me a little proud when you asked for my review. Somebody trusts my opinion enough to ask for a review. It's a pleasure. Anytime, Suwari. :)
  • suwari
    I can deny that you have good blog design. I like your simple design and with quality post. I think I need to learn more for improving my English and how to attract reader.

    Thank you so much for your review.
  • jan
    Apples and oranges, Kathleen. Creative writing is a lot more demanding taskmaster. Therein lies the difference.

    But thanks!

    Yeah, sweet kid. At nine years of age, he's volunteering to teach his grandma how to use the computer. Imagine a kid teaching a retired teacher the ins and outs of computing.

    But my sister will have none of it. She'd rather chat up her flowers in the backyard. And network with her friends who she can actually see and touch. There's no going virtual with her.

    Yes, languages. It's a walk in the park for them. But as old as I am I still want to learn conversational French. That's one of my dreams. I'd always thought French is the sexiest language. It must be. Will see if my brain can still be hardwired for this stuff.

    Thanks, Kathleen. Been a long time. But it's all right. I felt blessed nevertheless by your visit. :)
  • KathleenMaher
    Jan, Congratulations! You've learned more about blogging, writing posts, getting readers, etc. in a hundred posts than I have in 700+. Could it be because, same as here, I am typically way late for the party?
    Of course, but that's only part of it. I spend all my time writing--and reading what you have to say. Within a few months, you've taught me more than anyone has.

    Congratulations, too, on your bright little grandson. I read somewhere that most people can learn other languages as well as they're native one--until they turn 30. But then, the brain isn't quite as plastic. So I'm always nagging my 20+ kids. In school they excelled at foreign language. Now they're busy with other things. Very busy. But still, the clock is ticking.

    Not so with your little guy.

    Recent blog post: An Interview with John Baker
  • jan
    Aww, booze? Can beer be considered booze? Beer will be nice. :)
  • elmot
    hehehe! its a treat big bro. you have all the right to be senti, it is a grat feat.

    ok...let us celebrate instead!!! take out all the booze!

    Recent blog post: The Grand Engagament of Romance and Politics
  • jan
    Waaah. :'( You're a bad boy, Elms. Look at that - you've highlighted the most senti part. Yay!


    *blows nose*

    Thanks, Elms. I'm just biding my time. I'll get back atcha.... :-D
  • elmot
    wow! what a feat bro! i am happy for you. for sure, i am for a treat now.

    "6. It boggles my mind that you like me much more than I like myself. You're all Mother Teresa wannabes all of you. What a pain in the neck.

    7. It boggles my mind that you not only read me but that you also care for me as a person. Heh, I love you too, for crying out loud. But shut it already, okay."

    sentimental? hmmmehehhehe! well, it is your day, what can i do? i give in. hear is the hanky big bro


    Recent blog post: A Kiss of Death to Lady Justice
  • jan
    Cool. Hey, joji. You should check out the link in my post. The politics of blogging by janette toral. It's a great read - you will enjoy it. If you email me I'll give you the related posts to that piece. Very intriguing,Joji. Your sense of outrage will be given a good workout. :-D
  • Jojigirl
    The carabao said the mud tasted as good as the dark chocs, hehe...

    Recent blog post: Take Two
  • jan
    I forgot that angle. Yeah, you had better be up on your toes.

    I meant to ask Dee about Qumana, but I always forgot. Will look it up though. Thanks for the tip.
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    "Are you sure you don't have a secret blog?
           You know so much!"
    I work on Dee's blogs sometimes. So, I have to know little stuff. If I don't, my angel will pout. When that happens, big problem for Lucrecio.

    BTW, you might also be interested with blog clients. Dee uses Qumana. There are also others.
  • jan
    Counter Notes:

    1. Thanks. Sometimes, my enthusiasm gets the better of me. I love getting real feedback.

    2. The echo chamber was the pits - the signal got faint outside the campus walls. Laughing

    3. A lot of you have saved me from major embarrassments already. Thanks.

    4. Cool. I'm afraid to be caught up in your cross-hairs.

    5. You're wicked, Luke. The blogosphere is suffering an economic downturn in fun blogging all because you refuse to join us. We need your wicked stimulus package to brighten up this gloominess. Smile At ginawa ka pang kengkoy. ",)

    6. You're welcome.

    Luke, I'm not that savvy yet. Future posting, I mean. I know the value of it. Gosh, I can really use a vacation. And I can't have that without a buffer of posts to keep things going around here. Superb point, Luke.

    Will work on it, my friend. Are you sure you don't have a secret blog? You know so much!

    Wow, I will. Keizer will be pleased. Cool
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Congratulations to your 100<sup>th</sup> post. I see you are very boggled. Some notes though:

    1. Lurking ain't fun. Giving you an earful to keep you in line is.

    2. Your college writing ain't global, was it?

    3. Looking the other way? where's the fun in that?

    4. Shoot emails? Others may. Me, I don't do that. I bomb emails and down servers.

    5. I do have taste. It's just not that good.

    6. Some of your readers may be but I'm not a Mother Teresa wannabe. :throws tantrum and rolls on the floor: I'm from the dark side remember?

    7. Why, thanks.

    Seriously, keep it going. It might help if you schedule postings. This will account for down times. (But your doing this already, right?) I mean if you post MWF and you are very creative on Monday, you could write 3 posts that day. Then set Blogger to automatically publish the other 2 on Wed and Fri. You will then have a buffer. If you have a month worth buffer, you can vacation while blogger continues posting your works MWF. But don't do that because who will reply my comments? 8-) Say hi to Keizer for me.
  • jan
    Great. I'm sure Yatot will be pleased. He's a blog on weight loss which doesn't dampen his love for dark chocks.
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Oh, what did I miss ma'am Joji? ;)
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    I told you they good for you!
  • jan
    Talking about somebody else distracts people from noticing I have holes in my socks. Another important lesson I learn from you. 8-)
  • Roy
    wow! a special mention! :)


    Recent blog post: A peek into The Struggling Blogger’s past
  • jan
    There's no problem in your end and in mine. But my fried @zorlone is having problems replying to comments left on his blog. *DONT_KNOW*
  • Holly
    Just a quick test to see if I can leave comments on your blog...

    Yep! 8-)

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (April 29, 2009)
  • jan
    Way too cool, Jayde. But for my sanity, I have to choose only one. And it's blogging, of course...Wicked, wicked. I'm not using adult diapers, Jaydee. Not yet anyway. :'(
  • jan
    Thanks, Joji. Speaking of Luke and his chocs, do you think there's a correlation to uber blogging and dark chocolates? I suspect there's something there. We all need the extra push, right?

    How is the carabao this morning? ;)
  • jan
    Cool. A new title! :) I like. hahaha
  • jan
    Yeah, you're right. This is the 101st post. The secret to keeping it up is - at least in my experience - just to show up on the appointed hour and write. Honor your appointment every time. I don't put much stock on muses and all fancy allusions to inspirations.

    Appointment or keeping a date with your writing sometimes produces a dud. But it doesn't matter. There's always the next one to look forward too.

    Cool. I always have this freaking fascination with mind-boggling stuff. Shoot. :)
  • jan
    I've got the link to this plugin for blogspot users from one of my new online buddies. Which only goes to show the value of blog-hopping and more importantly - blog commenting. :) It's the end of the month. We all know what that means. I'm not unduly keeping my hopes up, however.

    The chance of moving to WP? Let's check the weather first. And how the stars are aligned this May. ;)
  • Jojigirl
    Oh, my regressive tendencies had me oblivious of this blog's precocity. Happy quadruple silvers, double golds, or a silver and a diamond, how 'bout that. You're simply nonpareil! Luke is sleeping anyway. ",)
  • jan
    Am I getting lucky or what! Thanks Janette. I so love your most recent post. I'm itching to bounce a post off it, but I don't think I could have said your rational point of view on the politics of blogging any better.

    It's Roy of House of Puroy who tweeted me about your post. I'm maybe holed up in the boondocks, but Roy here keeps me current with his useful tweets.
  • jan
    DOTA is my only concession to online gaming. It's one addiction I'm proud to say I've mastered.

    That's one of the drawbacks of having chalked up 100 posts. Your vision clears and you don't care anymore if the little kids call you grandpa. :-D
  • xprosaic
    Happy 100th! jijijijiji... Yeah blogging and DOTA are cool! Hahahahhahahaha...although blogging now is even better! hehehehehe... As a grandpa, do we still blog about how we poo?! Kidding! :-D

    Recent blog post: Tropang Astig!
  • Holly
    DOTA!! Never played it, but the song's catchy. You're a hoot. But "Grandpa"? What the...?

    Recent blog post: How to: Get Twitter Tweets on Your Cell Phone
  • Roy
    Congratulation on your 100th post grandpa Jan.

    Recent blog post: I have a hole in my socks....
  • diTesco
    What can I say, merry 100. Hope you find the energy to keep it up and I will be here and continue to boggle your mind a little bit more:) If your previous post was the 100th, this means, that this is the first off to 200, am I right. Cheers

    Recent blog post: 11 Tools For Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO Tools)
  • Dan Miranda
    Wow, I really liked this post. And I love the new comments section. Congrats on 100, I hope to be there one day myself.

    Question: any chance you are going to be switching to Wordpress?

    Recent blog post: How To Start Cleaning Your Desktop… Now.
  • Janette Toral
    Congratulations to your 100th post. Look forward in reading the next 100. Cheers!
  • jan
    He thought I was playing DOTA every time I locked myself in my room to write. He's a sweet kid. This afternoon he chided me for smoking, "Gusto mo akong mawalan ng uncle?" We love him to death, this kid. :)
  • cebloger
    LOL! it boogles my mind what a 9-yr old has to say about blogging.

    congrats on the 100th post milestone!

    Recent blog post: Free Cebu Pacific Airlines Tickets and Travel Vouchers
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