TerryHeath.com: Kick Ass Blog To Help You Demystify Writing

by Jan Geronimo on April 11, 2009


Authors Update:  Writer Terry Heath had retired his blog on simple blog tips Bloggity. This post was rewritten to point you to his main blog.

If you’re looking for great writing tips you’re in luck.   Nope, I’m not going to point you to just another generic blog obsessing about meta writing.

Check out Terry Heath’s  creative work blog.

Why?  Well,  Terry Heath is not a snake oil salesman out to separate you from your wallet. Gosh, no. He’s a writer. Period. Meta blogs on blogging can induce brain paralysis at worst. At the minimum, they drive you up the wall or induce you to sleep. Not Terry, I assure you.

Terry Heath’s writing is crisp, lucid, and humorous.  Here are few of his gems you might find inspirational  -

Hop on over to Terry’s – don’t be a stranger now . Mosey around his blog, read and learn, and leave a comment like a good visitor. It has taken me a while to leave a comment, I admit. But only because there are lots of lovely celebs drinking tea and nibbling bagels in Terry’s blog. It takes me a while to stop being star-struck and find affinity with the likes of Count Sneaky and @GeorgeAngus, among others. And you will because Terry presides over his blog community with an even hand and healthy dose of humor.

Over to you, guys. Discovered an inspiring blog author lately? Kindly tell us in the comment section why he or she inspires you so all us here can benefit from your recommendation.

Recommended Reading:

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  • jan
    Well, look at you, you followed my recommendation. I'm flattered my recommendation has weight. Really, I'm pleased. What one good thing about Terry is his humility. And he has a fine sense of humor, too.

    His posts are not formulaic, right? Very creative - his use of fictional methods. You're on the spot there, Elms. :)
  • elmot
    terry heath is one hell of a good writer. i liked his post about goldilocks and the three copywriters. a fictional way of presenting a thought in a blog post.

    Recent blog post: The Grand Engagament of Romance and Politics
  • Jan
    @Fifi: I think so, Fifi. Take it one post at a time. And walk away and rest a little. ",)
  • fifi
    thanks, jan. maybe i'm being too hard on myself.
  • Jan
    @Dee: Thanks, Dee. Truth tag? Woo - scary! lol
  • Dee
    Nice. I have a tag for you, by the way - the Truth Tag. Please check it out if you have time. :)
  • Jan
    @PeacefulWmn9: Wow, I have a visitor from a small, but cool town in Michigan. I'm a from small town too. We have just discovered the Internet and this sweet thing called broadband several years ago. Can you imagine that?

    So we are virtual classmates, too at Darren's 31DBB? That's marvelous. Done your assignment yet? ",)

    Thanks for this surprise visit. Love it.
  • PeacefulWmn9
    What a humorous (and informative) post. I am going now to check out the link. Pssst...I found you in the comment section of ProBlogger.

  • Jan
    @RhonB: Cool. You have visited me here and even commented. That's good enough for me. Thanks for the tag. ",)
  • Jan
    @fifi: How about imagining all your readers are naked? lol. Come on, Fifi. I've got the jitters, too. But don't second-guess yourself too much. Editing and revising is good. I'm all for that. But we're not exactly making our submissions to the New Yorker, Fifi.

    This is our blog. It's personal. Maybe a little flawed. But who's going to comment on a perfect post?

    Not me. I'd be scared to even comment on one, if I maybe candid about it. Perfection can be a scary thing to behold sometimes.

    And complete posts where readers have nothing to add anymore. This too.

    So that's my take. We can't be all knowing and perfect.

    We can be lovable too by being personal - a little flawed, quirky, and candid.

    Besides, we have the next posting schedule to astound them - if we miss the mark today.

    Cheer up, you have many things going for you already. Build on that. Uh-oh, time is up. lol
  • RhonB (aka Pinkoy)
    Hi Jan! pinkoy here visiting your amazing blog. btw, I never really thanked you for visiting pinkoy. So here I am tagging you because I have an award for you. I hope you like it.


    Take care :)
  • fifi
    making it as a series is a good idea. but still, how do you gain confidence in your writing? i feel like i bore people with what i write. i really am very insecure with my writing that i end up consuming more time in self-editing than actually writing.

    im using yahoo. i've clicked the 'not spam' button so it's okay now.
  • Jan
    @fifi: If you're comfortable writing long posts then perhaps you can make it a series. That works, too. And if it's an interesting topic your readers will have no choice but to keep coming back for more. But of course you know that already.

    Funny thing about length of post is that sometimes I tell myself: okay, this time to mix things up, I'd write a two-paragraph post of say 500 words.

    That's when I'm about to sit down. Guess what, I've done that all right. But there's a 3rd, a 4th and so on and so forth. I'm working on it to make some of my posts lean.

    Re: email subscription. You've used Yahoo mail? Yahoo is tough on mails, even legit one, but if you've marked it as not spam today I think it will not be routed to the spam folder anymore.
  • fifi
    jan, i finally discovered why even when i subscribed to your blog, i don't receive updates on new posts. i just discovered that it's being sent to spam mail. some of your subscribers might have encountered the same problem. :)
  • fifi
    hey, jan. paid terry's site a visit, very informative. writing blogs on a regular basis can be taxing for some people like me, might have been the reason why i quit writing for a publication. it's difficult when writing becomes a chore.

    i used to think that blogging is sheer self-expression on anything that catches one's fancy until i stumbled in your site and realized that blogging is one serious business that must be honed to perfection.

    my writing is reflective of my background on ethnographic writing, which tends to be too long and detailed. i am getting a lot of tips here to polish my writing for an audience whose attention span is as short as the time it takes to click the mouse. now, if only i'd have the time and confidence to apply those learnings from here.
  • Jan
    @diTesco: That's wonderful,diTesco. Terry will be pleased. Thank you.
  • ditesco
    Did visit Terry's blogs and I have just subscribed to his RSS. The man knows how to write. I enjoyed reading his most recent posts, just as much as I enjoy reading yours. Happy Easter
  • Jan
    @Bingkee: Workshops and seminars around here are all about livelihood. You know, reflexology, catering business, computer maintenance and repair. But I'll keep an eye on the horizon. Who knows, right?

    For fellow bloggers, however, I suggest to look up some posts in Terry's creative writing blog. He has some challenging creative prompts there. I have not given it a try, but I will one of these days.

    Thanks, Bingkee. Your suggestions are always welcome.
  • bingkee
    When I was in college and also when I was new employee in an advertising/pr company, we used to have "creative workshops"---not creative writing per se, but how to unleash your creativity. I think creative writing flows out not only from your ability to write but to think outside the box and deviate away from the normal pattern of thinking process. That's why the most famous artists (composers, writers, painters, etc), are successful in their expertise because they do not conform to regular patterns of thinking.
    I find it out the hard way because if I try too hard to stick to the rules of writing, my writing sucks. I have to, at least, "write what I feel" or "be myself" in a way that people can also relate and understand.

    Those creative workshops are great because it urges you to think really hard and come out resourceful like once I remember we were asked to do with a "tansan" in 20 ways.

    If there is a creative workshop offered in your area, try to join there. It will be worth your time.
  • Jan
    @XP: I'm glad it appeals to your inner child. lol
  • I am Xprosaic
    Ang cute ng image... jijijiji
  • Jan
    @Terry: Look at that. There's a new buzzword: purple hippopotamus. Watch out, Seth Godin. Your pet phrase is on the way out.

    I'm quite careful maintaining my rep as the village gossip, which means I only talk about remarkable people, Terry.

    It's my way of saying thanks for the many things I've learned from your blog. And I suspect Bloggity will not be any different as this early, I'm starting to see it as a success. Now, who doesn't want to be a part of something successful? I know I do.
  • Terry Heath
    Holy cow! Now, I've been quoted, referred to, and even slandered but a whole blog post about my blogs and me? Holy cow!

    And you know, I always did feel a little like a purple hippopotamus.

    Thank you so much, Jan. You made my entire week.
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