Gerson Garcia Poem: “Bells and Women”

by Jan Geronimo on August 28, 2009

Bells and Women

Ah, women singing like
blood-breasted robins!
Mine and Xoxe’s Muses, and
I love them as I love the poet.

But I love them more when
naked as the afternoon sky,
with their golden bells singing:
swinging in her fertile belfry.

Oh no, not only one to behold
Though not many.
But two bare lovable breasts,
that moisten my dry lips with manness.

Lovable twin breasts of milk,
pregnant bells of Eve – of
invaluable treasures, as gold her
golden-tanned skin.

Infantile ignorance and dependence,
I love to suck those bells of gold,
nourishing me persuasive graces, they
hid under heaven’s cloak.

Now unearthed, disrobed before mortal eyes!
A spring rushing forth from the twin
virgin passage of the Queen

Spring Adam in confounding silence hid;
for golden bells gifted he has not been,
nor fertile and perfect twin milk-springs.

Ah, my lovely Eve,
my immortal Magdalene,
your breasts, those perfectly golden bells,
is my spring of eternal poetry.

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About the AuthorGerson Garcia also known as Elmot writes commentaries on socio-political issues and blogging at Pinoy Sounding Board in his signature breezy, irreverent writing style.  There’s no disconnect between his online persona and real self as his blogging buddies found out in a recent blog meet up.  Gerson is as good as advertised – a true gentleman belying his youthful good looks.  You can also find Gerson holding court in Twitter as  @elmot when he’s not mocking politicians and celebrities in his blog.

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  • I am beginning to connect the dots, and I am thinking, are the jedibloggers a community of poets? All of you were really great at it. And almost every blog of jedibloggers I visit is now posting poems. Could they be influenced by Doc Z? :)
  • Most of my friends are poets and great at creative writing - that's true.
    Some are into other fields as well. We're pretty democratic. Some are into
    high tech news and reviews, some into blogging and SEO and internet
    marketing. Some into travel, food and photoblogs. :)

    But that's right, Doc Z is a good influence.
  • Yes, Doc Z is a real influential blogger. I had also written a poem just this week when I'm sad. But I had deleted it already, he he. But writing that poem is influenced by him.
  • I could have been in the influential bloggers meet Jan. But that was the same night as my bestfriend's bridal shower. I could have met all of you then, and be a witness of what has been, he he.

    Doc Z is surely talented, ha ha. I was imagining what you have just said. I don't experience having trouble with my vocals by mere dancing. :P Can Doc Z write a poem and scientifically explain how did it happen to him? LOL!
  • Let me suggest one thing, Minnie. How about writing an interview post with
    Doc Z. Perhaps you can ask him about the anatomy of a good poem. Or if
    it's essential mastering "Careless Whisper" before one can write good
    poetry. Or how one can have time writing poems that rock if one is being
    hounded by the adoring girls? O di ba? Be playful with him para masaya un
    post.... I could have written that myself kaso masyado na akong biased. Mas
    maganda pag ikaw magsulat. :)
  • I'll look into that Jan. That would be interesting. If I already
    freed myself from my programming responsibilities, will have an
    interview with Doc Z :D
  • Yes, yes, yo! Psst - make the good Doctor Z sweat a little ha? Ask hard
    questions. Yes! Ahehehe
  • I already thought about it last night. I was thinking of asking him
    about the Animal and Plant Kingdom since Biology is his favorite
    subject, LOL! Will that make him sweat? :P
  • Is it about the birds and the bees? lols. Go for it. Make the good doctor
    sweat a little. :)
  • You should have come with us to Angeles City. We had fun touring the night
    spots - listening to show bands. Doc Z has unveiled a new talent to us his
    friends. We thought "Careless Whisper" was the only number he could. Ding,
    ding! He can sing - we went to KTV later on.

    And one other thing. Have you voice became hoarse because of dancing? How
    can that be possible right? If I asked you, "have you ever passed out while
    dancing?" you would have understood me? Well, that's another talent of our
    good friend. He can make his voice hoarse just by dancing.

    How? Maybe that deserves a post all its own eh? Ahahaha.
  • Just returning to the party as I heard a call out for the female perspective on, shall I call it erotica? Anyhow, recognizing that men are wired differently in terms of how they relate to sexuality and fantazing, I would propose more males write this way compared to females due to mores and norms. Perhaps its a double standard, and one I may be contributing to, but it seems when women profess their desires they are seen as 'loose'. I know from having read Gersons poem, and not many others like it that a little shock is titellating. Enough now, before I reveal too much. :-)

  • Wow Elmot, parang oedipal to ah. hahaha. This is a different side of you floating to the surface!
  • ang guapo pala ni elmot? and your name is gerson. is that comment allowed? hahahaha...

    i didnt know you write poems. but i am always curious how men can be so creative when describing women. is that pure reverence or sheer marvel? i am yet to see poems depicting men in similar light.
  • Wow, gwapo? Hahhaha! Mukang aaraw arawin ko mag guest dito nyan ehehhe!

    actually i have been writing poems even before blogging.

    it is both pure reverence and marvel. but depicting men on such similar poems? naku yari baka mas iba ang dating kapag gumawa ako eheheh!
  • The magic of Point of View - di ba, bro. Make it a narrative poem as seen
    through the eyes of a woman. :)
  • Maybe men just don't deserve such reverence or marvel. :( But maybe you can prove that wrong. :) Just like Jan said...
  • I can write that poem with a smoke and a cup of coffee to power me up Doc
    Z's level in poetry. But let's hear from the ladies first. :)
  • luke and jan. well, i can't write a decent stanza of a poem. poetry, with its power to evoke the senses, is a gift. i must have been out when the muses decided to hand that gift to the world. (must be tending my farm at those times). hehehe...
  • Guapo ba? Bat ngayon mo lang sinabi - hindi ba obvious? Ahehehehe.....
    Well, the ball is your court, women with magnificent bells. Humor us with a
    reply. :)
  • zorlone
    Isa kang pintor elmot! Kasi naipinta mo ang kasarian ng isang babae, hindi lang isang babae, si Eba pa!

    Wowowowowow! (Sabihin ng mabilis na mabilis)

  • we want more of these, elmot! if you need more inspiration, join Doc z on this weekend trip.
  • Naku patay if I will join Doc Z, baka makabuo na ko ng encyclopedia ng erotic poems! wahaha
  • Isa nga siyang pintor sa lumang kampanaryo - si Elmot. :) Isang
    kampanaryong nabalahura - di kaya? - sa makamundong pagkakalembang ng mga
    batingaw. Tama ba ang term ko? Sitahin nyo ako. Sa una'y malamyos at may
    pag aalinlangang pag ugoy ng kampana. Anong nangyari at naging mapusok,
    maharot, at tila hinahabol ng kung anong kangkarot?

    Sobra na ito. Bumalik ka rito at magpaliwanag, Kampanerong Elmot. Ahahaha
  • Whoa! I was completely caught off guard Elmo.
    :D Woot! May alam na kami about you. lol.
  • What about it, Rey? You stopped short of saying it. Sige na, wala pa naman
    si Elmot eh. Ahahaha
  • Hey, dito na ko, wahahahah!

    Ano yun Rey ha? ehhehehe!....
  • mabigat na to para sa utak ko...
  • Let go of your thinking cap, Tonex. Relax. :)
  • Now this caught me by surprise, Elmot, a poet too? Way to go...

    Just to counter Elmots last blog post. I wonder how this poem will sound translated to Tagalog (or filipino as Mr G presents), lol. I tried, but I do not think that it has some sense into it:)

    Now, what the hell can a SEO, Internet Marketer and all that crap can say about this? Sounds triple XXX to me. Then again that's my imagination:) I agree with leaving the "sequel" on a more private reading.
  • Thanks bro, wahahah! And I am wonder too how this poem is translated into Filipino, it will certainly be a pinoy xxx scandal thing...

    Private reading? you want me to send you some? LOL!
  • Yeah. I'm the culprit of your sleepless Sunday, haha. Have you tried to translate it into Tagalog (or Filipino as they say)?

    About the private reading thing, sure send me some, I always like to read good poems:)
  • I bet Google translator machine will conk out on Elmot's poem. Bad for
    business so don't even go there, Mr. Google... This may not attract web
    search traffic, but hey, blogging is not all about that, right? If we can't
    dig deep inside ourselves and live to write what's down there what joy is
    there in living?

    Don't worry, I'd go for balance, my friend. And tame our fascination with
    risque (triple xxx) writings - but just a little. Ahahaha
  • Haha, Actually Elmots poem might just attract more visitors than you expect. Think about all those perverts out there typing in "i love to s***", lol Just kidding.

    Way to go Jan. You hit the mark on balance. That is the wise choice:)
  • It could indeed drive you lots of traffic, wahahha! Perverts are so many lurking...

    So, this is the guy who made me nuts trying to decipher who among all the millions of Jan's commenter said this is a xxx, wahahah!

    @Roy: I would have rushed to the nearest internet shop, wahahha. But Sunday is TV day, wahhhaah! I know, Jan can handle all these peepz in here.
  • @DiTesco: I told Elmot via a text message that someone took exception to his poem and called it Triple XXX. He asked who it was. Didn't tell him except that it was just another anxious reader. You see, I'm not above making an ex-seminarian sweat a little. That's my brand of friendship.

    I failed though. Elmot knows me too well. What a spoilsport - he waited till the holiday is over to check it out. Foiled again. Ahahaha
  • Roy
    I can imagine Elmot rushing to the nearest Internet cafe after your text Jan :)
  • Sundays mean family day to Elmot - no blogging, no inbox to tame,
    suppressing the urge to tweet and to obsess on his blog. He sent me a text
    message though, "Bro, the comments on my poem are pretty interesting huh."

    "Yeah, I know, bro. There's even a reader who thought your poem was a triple

    "Hah? Who said that, bro?"

    "You'd soon find out, bro. On Monday."

    "Come on, bro. Tell me."


    And that, dear Ditesco, is how I repay my guest writers. Or the story of
    how I drive them nuts. Ahahaha.
  • flamindevil
    nice poem.

    thanks for sharing it to us. :p
  • Thanks, Rye. Will it surprise you that Elmot is an ex-seminarian?
    Priesthood's lost is blogging/writing's gain eh? Agree agad. Lagot ako sa
    bro ko. lols
  • Thanks Rye!

    So could we also say that these kinds of poems are my own way of sublimation? Wahahaha!
  • You can say that again, bro. But you've done remarkably well. Apt term -
    sublimation. :)
  • TrinaMb
    Lovely celebration of the beauty of women.
  • Thanks Trina...:D

    An early mardi gras at Writing to Exhale? Cool!
  • Thanks, Trina. Indeed it is a celebration. A fiesta. A mardi gras pinned
    on a page. :)
  • Roy
    wow! beautiful poem bro!

    I'm just wondering? If this poem would have a sequel... where would it lead?

    just asking ;)

  • Oh, my spiritual director is here, ahahaha! Got a little bit late of going back on my guest post....

    Sequel? Sure, I've got almost one hundred of these kinds of poems, ehehhe!

    @badongsky: private reading? sound better...
  • Bro, you've infected your spiritual director. He's now toying with the idea
    of doing a Neruda. Ahahaha. There goes the directorship. :)
  • Have you noticed Roy, all of our posts seem to deal with sexuality , etc. My post at Random Thoughts too.

    This poem deserves a re-tweet.
  • I have an idea to make every poem a more sublime experience on a blog. We
    need to have an accompanying podcast of it. What do you think of that,
    Jen? That will be just lovely - with muted music in the background and
    there's the poet's voice. Ka-pow! I already love it.

    Elmot, you've got to learn making a podcast. Luke, too. For next time.
    Well now, Doc Z's poem is coming up. Is it too much to ask Doc Z to record
    a podcast of his poem? What do you think.

    This will enhance the post - makes it more like a proper poetry reading. :)
  • Roy
    oo nga e, is it the sign of the times? hehe...

    should I be inspired? hmm... let me see...

  • Roy
    The problem Jan is that I am not as eloquent as Elmot, and my imagery my be to 'uncomfortable' for your more conservative readers... hahaha!

    Don't tell me I didn't warn you

  • Well, here's to reassure you that you can count on me to afflict the
    comfortable, conservative readers. After going the rounds seeking the
    advice of my trusted friends, of course. Ahahaha. I nearly panicked when I received Elmot's poem. What saved me from trashing the poem was the prospect of Elmot calling me a wimp. And I will risk offending some readers just so I won't be called a wimp, if you know me that well. Ahehehe
  • Roy

    Don't taunt me Jan... you know I might do it hehe...

  • If you're hesitant to publish it on your own blog, you're welcome here.
    Elmot has given me a lot of practice in the art of being bold or brave with
    his poem. Ahehehe.
  • How about a steamy, romantic story? That's bound to set your blog on fire,
    Roy. Ahahaha.
  • It would lead to - well, a celebrated mass? Andun na ang bells, and belfry
    eh, di ba? Nagtatawag na ng mga apostoles? lols
  • uhm, for the sequel, i think it would be better for private reading. hehe
  • The sequel will be found in your blog, Badongskie. I'd love to read your
    version of this - when you ratchet it up a notch. Ahahaha.
  • Your timing is incredible. This poem is absolutely perfect after a week of seeing some amazing nude photography and lots of art and images of female beauty. Yay!

    I agree it reminds me of Neruda, though a little less subtle.
  • Thanks Ruth! I really adore the female beauty, and nude paintings...I I have done actually a couple of sketches and paintings....
  • So, he went over to the Dark Side na? Did he? Did he? This poem sounds like proof to me. :)

    Great one, Elmot. Had this poem been in existence during the First Council of Nicaea, it might have been mistaken to be part of the Song of Solomon (The Song of Songs). :)
  • Dark side? hahahha! Of course not bro, this is just part of me, who loves to write poems, that is very sensual...actually I have almost 100 of them, a volume of this kind of poems! And could that be called the Songs of Elmot? Hahhaha! I

    I think, I just love the human form...especially that of the women. In this poem, I try to adore them, to worship motherhood and femininity as the sources of my poetic inspiration and creativity.

    So certainly I have not crossed the path unto the Dark Side, ahahahha! *winks*

  • I have an answer to that question, but I'd rather the poet speak for
    himself. :)
  • JenIsle
    Brilliant Elmot, I didn't realize that your baby face hides so much sensuous passion from within. The poem flows so beautifully and unerringly.

    Next project, poetry book by the Jedi bloggers...he he he.
  • Thanks Mam Jena. I was all nervous sending Jan a copy of this poem, coz as I know him, he keeps really a very high standard of decency here on his "famous" blog, eheheh!

    "nasa loob ang kulo" LOL! :D

    Wow, I am excited for that next project of the Jedi Bloggers! Count me in! :D
  • Nasa loob ang kulo? Please translate that to Holly and friends. They might
    think we're selling them down the river. Ahehehe.

    I'm very transparent with you, guys. Am I not? Ahehehe
  • This side of Bro Elmot took me surprise, too, Jen. Remember my anxiety
    when I received a copy of this poem?
  • Sorry bro, but I was really all smiles and could not really imagine your reaction after reading my poem for my guest post here, ehehehe!

    I actually even thought of withdrawing this poem I sent you, thinking that MTRCB people will be coming over to do their work and send you a memo, ahahah!
  • hmmm... seems like im reading a poem by Pablo Neruda. very nice one Elmot!
  • Hahahah! Thanks bro!

    You got it right Novz, I am not really trying to imitate Pablo Neruda and his love poems, his is immortal!

    But he is one source of my inspiration on my poetry...this poem is nothing compared to Neruda's very sensuous love poems.

    I hope I am not making Jan's blog kinda some porn site,w ahahah!
  • Hahahah! Thanks bro!

    You got it right Novz, I am not really trying to imitate Pablo Neruda and his love poems, his is immortal!

    But he is one source of my inspiration on my poetry...this poem is nothing compared to Neruda's very sensuous love poems.

    I hope I am not making Jan's blog kinda some porn site,w ahahah!
  • Not quite...but it certainly erotic. Took me by surprise, Elmot! My, my, my...
  • Hahahah! I hope my spiritual director Roy, was not at all surprised...
  • I almost consulted you on this poem, Holly. It made me sweat. But when in
    doubt I tend to go on so there it is. Ahahaha.
  • Bro looks up to Neruda and Garcia Villa. Ahehehe. Thanks, Novz. ",)
  • Before I even have known and fell in love with Neruda's poem, I was already a big fan of Jose Garcia Villa or Xoxe, who wrote some of the greatest filipino love poems, and take note, very sensuous poems in a time when the country was still very conservative.

    Reading his poems seems like going through a creative porn, wahahah! If there is such thing? LOL
  • Songs of Elmot is not a bad sounding name at all for a collection of your
    poetry or a book. Give it a serious thought, bro. ",)
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