4 Lessons Learned from Manny Pacquiao's Win over Oscar de la Hoya

by Jan Geronimo on December 7, 2008

Manny Pacquiao won over Oscar de la Hoya, practically forcing the golden boy to consider retirement from boxing. The whole Philippine archipelago stood still and celebrated during the live broadcast. We cheered ourselves hoarse, consumed bottles of beer and what-have-you, twittered about it, raced to put our two-cents worth in our blog, and generally made ourselves proud we are Filipinos. When the euphoria, however, had died down what valuable lessons do we get from this experience? Here are my thoughts about it:

1. Hard work and training pays off. Let’s not drive ourselves silly counting the millions Manny Pacquiao earned during this mismatch of a fight. Think instead of our idol’s humble beginnings and the sacrifices he endured to become a great world boxing champion. We marvel at his abs and awesome fighting form, but let’s also wonder about the toughness of his mind and spirit. That’s a treasure trove waiting to be mined for those of us who want to better our lives.

2. Value of diversification. To secure our future, we must learn how to diversify and reinvent ourselves to adapt to our economic condition. Manny is at the top of his game, but he has a singing career on the side. Not much of a Plan B? Don’t scoff now – he can always renew his interest in politics and make a serious jab at it. What are Oscar’s options? Maybe it’s time he dabbles at blogging.

3. Manny Pacquiao’s English is cool. He’s improved a lot. Even if he has not I can live with it. Okay, there are unconfirmed reports of grammar nazis taken to the hospital to stabilize their blood pressure on account of Manny’s television interviews. Do we even care? Naah.

4. The vice presidency of a country is a perilous, unforgiving and thankless job. I am glad our vice president took this occasion to unwind and become a part of Manny’s groupie. After all, one must maintain a balance between work and pleasure.*evil smirk*

So, what do you think?

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  • Jehzeel Laurente
    yay! ako wala me na22nan sa pagka panalo ni pacquiao :D
  • Jan
    Jehzeel: Anti-climactic kasi iyong laban no? Parang pera-pera lang sa part ni de la Hoya. Uy, thanks a lot sa pag visit. Masaya na ko. Napadaan ang bigatin sa Pinoy blogosphere. Yehey!
  • Jehzeel Laurente
    hahaha.. no i'm no bigatin.. nyok nyok :D yung mga bigatin like _____________ at ________ at ______________ yun yun! :D
  • Jan
    Tsuri po, tao lang po. Ang Heartthrob pala ng Pinoy Blogosphere. Hehehe
  • stephanieslocum
    this guy also hosts TV shows and acts on movies. what else does he have under his sleeves?

    that's something we might find out out of the blue.
  • He's got songs released locally. He's got loads of television commercials.
    He's eying politics though. The majority of his fans prays though he
    doesn't enter the dirty world of politics. :)
  • I wish that he FAILS in his endeavor to enter politics and stays focused on his multi-faceted rare talents that not many are blessed to born with! Amen.
  • Except for politicians who wish to ride on Pacquiao's popularity, majority
    of Filipinos prefer him to stay out of politics. I hope he listens. :)
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