Come to the Dark Side…

by Jan Geronimo on August 27, 2009

I'm your man
There’s no cold without warmth
nor Autumn without Spring.
Both sides must be taken
not one, forsaken.
There’s no Jedi nor Sith,
no Light nor Dark;
Only power to crave
and opponents to crush.
So feel the anger,
feed the flame;
Release the hatred
from deep within.
Unsheathe your sword
in righteous rage;
Then cut and slash
’till all are none.
Embrace the Dark Side,
be complete.
Bathe in darkness,
dance with death.

Photo Credit: Viola***

About the Author: Luke is a starry-eyed dreamer who always wanted to work in IT, but unfortunately ended up with a wrong major. Thanks to the blogosphere, though, he can still be the tech guy he wished to be even if only in his make-believe world where he blogs about computer and network security. He believes that darkness does not really exist but is merely the absence of light. Secretly, he hopes to construct his own dual-phase light saber one day.

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  • mizdi
    i changed my mind about Disqus ... don't ask .... c u!
  • mizdi
    @Jan_Geronimo.. wtf ? u mean i need to register at that Disqus to have my avatar showing here?.. ok.. i'll do it.. for my avatar's sake.
  • You can sign in with your Twitter username or with Facebook connect -
    alternatively. lols.
  • mizdi
    THAT is a poem... Do i need to say more? Ok.. i'll say more.

    No high falluting words to make u stare at your screen and contemplate whether to Google the meanings or ignore them instead...

    simple words.. yet intellectually stimulating....

    simple lines that dont necessarily rhyme, but nonetheless captivating...

    simple poem yet evokes deep meaning....

    my rule: keep it simple... its not what u say... its how u say it.

    Kudos Luke !!
  • Why, thanks a ton, Mizdi! Those were actually my goals--use simple words and simple forms to bypass the thought and go straight to the heart.
  • wow! poetic na poetic! :D
  • Hi Jehz, Luke is the better half of Dee of Tales from the Mom Side. Sayang
    di natin na-meet itong husband-and-wife blogging tandem na ito noong awards
  • Oo nga eh.. di kasi pumunta nung awards night.. tsk tsk tsk..
  • Till now di ko pa alam kung bakit di dumating. Yun excuse alam ko na un
    reason di pa. It's one of those things maybe na very rarely magpakita o
    dumating. Like an Adsense cheque? Ahahaha.
  • Hi, Jehz. Pati next na guest post dito kay Jan poetry din. Poetry mode si Jan ngayon.
  • Oo nga eh.. astig nga eh :D woooooooooot!
  • Truth to tell, Luke - next week is my schedule for Elmot's poem. I was
    tweeting last night and he kept asking me, "Ngayon na, ngayon na." I told
    him he had not submitted yet a bio profile. He asked me to just copy what's
    on his blog. Of course, I did not - I wrote it myself. I would have wanted
    more time to ponder about his luscious bells, but he pressed on. This is
    the result. Perhaps he really thought I could hike his Alexa to 100k with
    his guest posting. lols. Or perhaps I really thought I'd have significant
    impact on his blog. Just between you and me? He called me Darren.
    "Darren, please publish my poem na."

    I'm so easy to please. Ahahaha.
  • :D I guess Elmot can't wait that long. He's willing to skip the bio just to be published by "Darren" agad. lol
  • Luke, he's got something like 100 poems. Maybe that's got something to do with it? lols.
  • JenIsle
    Wow, Master Jedi Luke, what a lovely poem. It seems the dark side is no longer something to fear about.

    You presented it , oh so nicely.

  • Yep. It's not something to be feared. Avoided, yes; feared, never. Fear was Anakin's first step towards the path leading to the Dark Side. :)
  • Nice poem Luke!

    A total understanding of man's being and existence; ruled by a dialectic between the good and evil, the right and wrong, dark and light...from whence the Creator's divine gift to man of "freewill" comes into a constant dynamic play.

    A poem totally realizing the truth. A poem that is not hiding or holding back a dichotomized understanding of man's power to transcend; a man not living in a state of constant denial of the existence of evil and the internal battle between the light and darkness that lurks within.

    As they say, a temptation will always remain a temptation, and man has not yet erred. Unless you drink to the temptation's cup of vile, only then that you have chosen to succumb to the dark side.

    Nice work Luke!
  • Say what? Bro, that is so deep. :)

    When I was a kid and afraid of the dark, I always thought that hiding under the blanket and shutting my eyes tight would make whatever it was I feared, disappear. (Little did I know that my toes were poking out of the blanket. :D)

    Seriously, (but still laughing) one cannot hope to avoid the Dark Side if one does not know where the boundary lies. To locate the boundary, you have to come nearer... Closer, Elmot... There! lol. Peace, bro! :D
  • hahahah! Same experience here. I could still remember a story of my friend of a saudi woman who was naked in her room and then this pinoy working on the building wiping all the windows suddenly appeared...the woman got so surprised and ashamed that her real identity be known to the pinoy worker that she covered her face with her towel but leaving her whole body all exposed, ahahahha!

    It is indeed very difficult to know where the boundary lies...quite subjective eh? But I guess when you try to go nearer, don't let yourself be carried away to jump to the other side of the fence.
  • Bro Elmot's comment is so deep I nearly drink my cup of vile. Ahahaha. It's barely recognizable - Elmot's comment. Even if you add "Poof!" at the end of it. Elmot, I'm just kidding - just pulling out your toes. It's poking out of the blanket, you see. Ahehehe
  • Hahahha! You will still never know that it is indeed elmot who commented...for all you know it is darth vader using his name, ahahaha!

    Oh, sorry mu cute toes are poking out of my darth vader costume, wahahah! PoOf!
  • I sometimes have this thing - holding the warm cup of vile in my hands. So
    help me God I don't ever mistake it for coffee. Ahehehe. Thanks, Elmot.
  • Hahaha! Won't you offer all the peepz here a cup of brewed coffee? A cup of coffee is any so tempting....
  • TrinaMb
    Oh such a dark offering, but so deliciously laid out. I am really glad I could just read the words, and not have someone say this to my face. Well done Luke! Great guest post choice JG
  • Thank you, Trina. :) Darkness (or negative energy or whatever one wishes to call them) is everywhere. No one has total control over them. And sometimes, despite your best wishes, they permeate into your very core. Resistance is futile. In fact, they might only be bringing you closer to the Dark Side. :) So, I learned to redirect the destructive into something creative instead. Afterall, energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can be converted from one form to another. I guess that applies to negative energy, too. :)
  • TrinaMb
    I luv the idea of converting negative energy, I tend to deflect, and avoid it, but converting it would be a whole different strategy.
  • I'm glad you do. Here's a sample of recursive redirection and conversion:

    So feel the anger,
    feed the flame;
    Release the hatred
    from deep within.

    Unsheathe your sword (Pen, keyboard--whatever)
    in righteous rage;
    Then cut and slash (write)
    ’till all are none. ('till it is done--the poem)

    Embrace the Dark Side,
    be complete.
    Bathe in darkness,
    dance with death. (publish it and wait for Jan to say "This SUCKS!" . lol. Peace, Jan)
  • I heard that, Luke. ",) Nope, I don't do that anymore. I tend to say, "Can
    you tighten this up a bit?" Or something like, "This piece can use a little
    more passion - what do you think?" In short, there are lots of ways to skin
    a blogger - er a post. Ano bah! Ahehehe
  • Luke is good friend of mine. And that's me saying that "package unseen."
    Our interactions are all online. But I love his blog comments - his
    temperament, his ideas, his choice of words - and his blog and his tweets

    What do you need real life friends for when you can't have intimate
    relationship with them. Strange huh? I'm not debunking real life
    friendships. It's just me saying online buddies are the best, too! Funny
    how online sharing and conversation does odd tricks to the mind, eh? But
    that's how it is when you strike gold with online buddies.

    I have struck gold with Luke. And making him guest write for me is my way
    of sharing my good fortune with readers. :)
  • Hi, Jan! Package unseen? What, like the submerged part of an iceberg or something, or a beer submerged in ice? :D Take it easy, dude, and may the light shine on you. :)
  • TrinaMb
    Well, you certainly know how to be a friend, which in turn rewards you. You know, the giving and what comes back from that, so to speak.
  • Thanks, Trina. :)
  • darkness came before light. we're all in the dark, until someone pulled us from darkness out into the light.
  • Uh huh. So let's spread the light, Novs:


    ...And there was light.
  • When there's light there's darkness, each complement each other. We have to be in both to gain wisdom. :-)
  • Uhm, the master of the house doesn't seem to be around so I hope I'm not overstepping the boundary if I post some replies...

    @lionslinger, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts to us. :) They do complement each other.

    "We have to be in both to gain wisdom."
    If a light switch doesn't turn on or if it doesn't turn off, it's broken. :D
  • Luke, you're the host here. Feel free to reply to readers' comments. I'd like to add you as moderator but you've many emails. And then you chose to use your twitter account. :) So I just lifted the moderation so everybody can comment and you can reply at your convenience.
  • :D I used my Twitter because I thought that would free you from the trouble of having to approve every reply I post. Turns out that you still have to approve it, even. lol.
  • Bakit kaya di lumalabas reply ko sa inyo ni doc Z?
  • It's Holly's Edna speaking, I guess. Moderation problem? Let's see...
  • Oh nothing that an armload of dark chocs can't remedy. :)
  • lol. Dark chocs always remind me of the early days when I was still testing the waters of your domain. I said it before and I'll say it again... we have dark chocs in this side of the boundary. hahaha.
  • zorlone
    Excellent Master Luke!

    There is nothing like beautiful poetry elegantly portrayed in a rhythm of words flowing soothingly on the lips of the naked truth of this emotion.

  • Mine is nothing compared to your creations, Z. Your poems are deep and mysterious. Mine is so simple it doesn't even require interpretation. lol
  • Hi, Jan. You rock! Thanks for the opportunity to post here. Can I do it again next time? :D
  • You're always welcome here. I've always dreamed of featuring your work
    here, but you've always balked. I hope you grace my pages again. :) One
    thing though - I don't know what's the matter with Disqus but it's always
    holding your comment in moderation. I've already whitelisted your email and
    username. Ang kulit. Ahahaha.
  • Roy
    yes, the darkness beckons... and it's pulling me strongly...

    fortunately, I still have the light of 'friendship' showing me the way even when I'm engulfed with darkness

    great poem Luke!

  • The beauty of having a writer's block is that you always get to be the first
    to comment on your friends' blogs. Correct? Ahahaha. Thanks, Roy.
  • Roy
    hahaha! So right Jan! ;)

  • Thanks, Roy. Friendship is a treasure. Yes, it is.
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