New Twitter Social Proof: Are You on Everyone’s List Yet?

by Jan Geronimo on October 16, 2009

Twitter List

Twitter rolled out today Twitter user list – a new killer feature that’s built around the concept of #followfriday. The real beauty in this new feature is that  you can create a list of your top picks of tweeters which other users can follow with just one click.  Or unfollow with just one click if you change your mind.

Twitter  says it’s open to a small group of users and asks us not to tweet about it yet.  Sure – no problem.  I’d just write a post about it then.

Twitter list as the new social proof

As of this writing, @mashable figures in 242 lists, @chrisbrogan in 85, and @problogger at 54.  The big names are lording it over as usual which,  of course,  doesn’t come as a surprise.  Expect some those numbers to go up dramatically as this becomes the new status symbol in Twitter.  I figure in three lists, but I can live with that.  Genuine engagement resulting from a manageable list of friends is nothing to scoff at.

Twitter list as discovery tool

It’s a great discovery tool for users to connect with like-minded people.  And it’s great because these lists come from you and me.  Trust factor is high when real persons go to the trouble of sifting through their list of users.

Top Pinoys

Bye bye #FollowFriday?

I’m not sure yet if this will mute the ruckus raised by #followfriday meme in the coming weeks. Rest assured, the spammers will be hard at work just like you and me to come up with their own laundry list. Sure thing though – I love the one-click functionality of following a prepared list of another tweeter.  No need to entrust your passwords to a third party app just so you can bulk up your Twitter follower count.

My brand of #FollowFriday will still push through because I find it’s more personal than an dodgy list with only a descriptive phrase to go by. A #FollowFriday post gives you more elbow room to highlight valuable posts of your Twitter friends.

How to create a Twitter list

Twitter List

In your Twitter home page, check out the right sidebar and click “New List.”  You’re then prompted to create a list with a name or category of your choice.  Create a Hot Mommas list, for example.   To add to your list, click on your follower page.  You’d find a List tab to the right of the user names.  Click it to show the drop down menu of lists you’ve made earlier.  You can then add a friend to categories of your choice, which can be anything you fancy:  poets, bloggers, web designs, internet marketers, etc.

Alternatively, you may choose to go to a user’s profile page to add him to your list.  It’s easier if you prepare  several categories beforehand so you don’t need to shuttle back and forth between your page and your friends’ profile page.

Still on beta

This new feature is still in beta but may available to every user soon.  The hassle of organizing lists will be  addressed  soon when Twitter release its Lists API to developers.  Says Twitter List pointman Nick Kallen, “This will allow developers to add support for Lists into your favorite Twitter apps.”

My Twitter list

  • My Twitterati – my mastermind group consisting of friends who I collaborate with on projects related to blogging.
  • Cream of the Crop my catch- all group for  excellent writers, bloggers, and friends in Twitter.
  • Top Pinoys – a group of Filipino friends who may not have a big following but who are outstanding networkers, supporters and brilliant friends.

My lists are  not final yet – I’ve just made them today.  I’d add friends to these lists on a daily basis and might even come up with other categories to suit my needs.  That’s my excuse if I happen to overlook your royal highness, by the way.  Tell me in a comment so I can add you to my list.

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  • I guess I'm not yet in any of your list. Where would I be?
  • Ooops, sorry for the oversight. You're in my Top Pinoys List now. :)
  • I am still wondering "to twitter or to twitter, that is the question?" For now, I better off staying with my blogging habit.

  • Yes, that's a good idea. Stick with what works and activities you're
    comfortable doing. :)
  • Awesome! Thank you for letting us know about this!
  • You're welcome, Rocky. Have I added you already to my list? I think I already did. :)
  • Basically it's an alternative of simplifying our list via grouping. I didn't realize it can work as a follow-recommending list as well, not bad.

    I don't think #FF will die off simply many are still enjoying acknowledging people live and be informed when others are promoting them. Sort of like 'hi! I like you and I'm promoting you to my network' - a friendly gesture. =) Some thinks #FF is useless, but I think otherwise - if you handle it wisely, providing reasons or brief intro of those mentioned, I actually enjoying some #FF tweets sent to me and meeting new friends too.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
  • You've got a point there. I just wish people will bother to give reasons why they recommend so and so. Usually, tweeters just cram as much usernames in a tweet. Of course, if I trust the one giving the recommendation it's not a problem for me. Even if the tweet is just a list of names, I'd add the people listed and would like RT the message.
  • bugits
    hello master! please add me in twitter too @tanom

    thanks a lot all!
  • Are you sure @tanom is correct? I can't find it in Twitter.
  • You're so into Twitter Jan :)

    As for me. I do have an account. But I am not that active. Aside from being busy lately, I probably gone tired of my social sites. But sometime, I get to log-in and update it as much as I can.

    Will probably use that list feature to have a quick look to the important tweets :)
  • You can use our group list to monitor what we're talking about in Twitter. That way you'd know who has a new post, who has a new hair cut, or who has a new lover. Kidding! Ahehehe.

    Madz, mastering Twitter is less of a bother for me than mastering web search optimization although I'm improving a little in that department. Thanks to our cool learned friends.

    But you see the future of search is shifting. It's becoming more social. Even Google and Bing are adopting to this new trend. They have to to keep their share of the market.
  • As always an excellent source of information you are my friend. Sounds like a useful tool, yet another stick to measure by.
    As for the loss of followFriday, who knows. With the advent of a certain celeb now using #lovelist instead to convey their love in a followFriday fashion, time will tell. I'm betting this particular use will die down though.
  • That has escaped my attention, this #lovelist. Perhaps I should start a counter list? A #lovelorn followfriday list? LOL
  • hi jan. i still don't understand how twitter works or it's just that i really don't appreciate it at all. i've received mails notifying me that i have been followed and i don't know how i appeared to be on their list. i feel like twitter is some ghost town without much interaction or at least that is just how my twitter page appears to be. it just doesn't appeal to me at all.

  • You're not missing much, Fifi, considering the hectic schedule you keep... Although it will be cool to connect with Twitter friends who are from Davao, for example. Communication that's short and sweet? Twitter takes care of that.
  • zorlone
    Looks like I missed the party here. he he he. Just got home from selling our book. Yeah! I sold a total of five today.

    Okay, about twitter, I am happy with tweetdeck right now, but, just like Reyjr., I am also an advocate of innovation. Will give it a try, err, not tonight, maybe on those days when I'm a bit sober than right now.

    Cool post, you rock. he he he.

    Hey, that last line was just a joke LJ. You know that.

    Anyway, there may be some mixed issues here, but as twitter has showed us, it has become easy to read or update ourselves from our friends latest posts and must read blog posts of friends of friends, and making a list specifically for the purpose of knowing where the tweets would come from would probably add credibility about an RT.

  • Five books sold in a day? That's great, Doc Z.

    Twitter list is great that for keeping out the noisy spammers so you'd easily get the nuggets of useful info you're looking for. For example, you can create a list just for poets and fiction writers. With this kind of list you'd be less likely to miss if there's a new posts from your cool poet friends. You don't have to search for them individually just to check up on them.

    A twitter list can be your listening post on interesting people. Adding tweeters on your lists is easy - you can even add people you don't follow. Unless of course he or she blocks you then I see no problem adding them.
  • When it comes to lists or "groupies", I use TweetDeck. :) And honestly, I only have one category -- halo2x of friends and bloggers. These are the people whose tweets I read everyday. Haha!

    Hmmmm. I wonder where I'll be in your Twitter list. Hehehe!
  • I haven't drilled my lists down to specific categories. For now, you're in
    my Top Pinoys list. ",)
  • i will check it out! but before that i have to make first a new account because in my first account i got banned by the admin, i really don't know why!lol thanks for this sir jangeronimo...
  • You're banned by the admin. Is it in your place of work? That's strange, I think you can still access your account outside your place of work... If it's Twitter which banned you, what steps did you take to get it back? If you've not done anything to deserve your account suspension, I think you need to get it back... My friend Holly'saccount was suspended once but she was able to get it back.
  • This is soo nice! Thanks LJ! come we cannot try this beta? Is it only open for AWESOME twitters like you LJ? ;P I'm really excited.

    Well, #followfriday is a culture, a tradition of every tweeps. In my opinion this will still be practiced. But it seems the importance of it somehow decreased because every tweeps has their own #followfriday-like gimik: #foreverfollowfriends #cooltweeps #worthy2follow and the list goes on...

    Thanks for this teaser LJ! Stay awesome. God Bless!
  • Yeah, it has many children now if we can call it that. Even the spammers have wised up to this meme... Speaking of spammers, they're more brazen now. It used to be they only spam your DM. Now, they're sending you @username messages, constructed in a way as if they're your friends. The gall! That calls for instant block in my book. :)
  • oh, kewl! unfortunately, i don't have that yet. oh well. i'll just wait until it goes out of beta :)

    please add me on your list, btw. under the Clueless Klutz list. niahehe.

    nangungulit lang. it's my first time to comment here no? wahaw this calls for a celeb! woot! :D
  • You're already added to my list.... If I have a Clueless Klutz list, I'd have it for private viewing only. LOL
  • Wooo! I'm on your list!

    I like this feature but I've yet to play with it and make my own lists.
  • You betcha. ",)
  • hmmm... hanggang ngayon di pa rin ako nagpapaexpand masyado sa twitter... ginagamit ko na lang siya as alternative for ym ko... jejejejjejejejjeje
  • Ahehehe. Instant messaging pala. Kaya pala di nakikita sa Twitter time line noh. :)
  • alkapon
    i will try also to register and to have my twitter account.
  • Please do. Then send me a tweet so I can add you. ",)
  • For those that already manage groups in services like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Peoplebrowser, Seemic, Cotweet, and the mobile versions this is going to be simple to take these lists over to Twitter.It will still take time. At least you have your group ready.

    Maybe Now the companies that I just mentioned need to look at creating the ability to just one click those lists over. I know this will not happen- but be able to take these and sycn them in all your apps- allowing export function like moving your bookmarks from Explorer to Chrome would be great.

    I spend 98% of my time in an app because of the group functions it is more productive than the Twitter site.
  • Cool suggestion - exporting links to third party Twitter apps. They're likely to iron out these anytime. They must know the importance of ease of use. That's what makes Twitter a monster social hit - because of its simplicity.
  • Twitter is simple in design but what you can do with it is complex, because of their open api the number of apps is the range of 1700 or so. Once you get past Twitter site and use apps- brand new day and ah ha moments over and over, the twitter app site is like the Apple app store is at check it out its free and will let you really take off with twitter.....

    The developers of the apps need to take the group api and just make it where you can pull the groups from twitter and integrate them with theirs and also so that it can go from the app to twitter.... Then it would rock but going back and forth is a pain..
  • The list won't really matter, as long as I know I have helped promote someone's work. If they recognize that then it just shows they're "positive" people, who are worth the RTs , if not then, I'll just shrug my shoulders and go on retweeting whatever I want to twit whether they recognize me or not.

    Even in blogging, I link to those I want to link to, even if they don't link back and I don't link to those I don't want to, even if they have linked to me. That's me. Take it or leave it....he he he.
  • Ah, a women after my own heart. Thats right on Jena!
  • Hi Trina MB, I'm glad you agree.
  • Yes, mom. Ahahaha
  • Well, :P - obviously I'm not one of the "cool kids" on Twitter. I still don't have it, and I'm not sure I care. (And it's too late for coffee, Jan - ask me tomorrow. LOL!)
  • Only because you're a Hot Momma. Leave the cool kids stuff to Justin and me. Ahehehe... And Twitter must have remembered you were once called to the principal's office in Twitter. :)
  • And they should've remembered they owed me one from back then, too.

    But you're right, I'll let you "cool kids" work out all the bugs and make sure it's fit for this "Hot Mamma's" use. IF I deign to use it.

    Why does this comment make me think of this? (ROFL!)
  • I think things like Follow Friday are cool and all, but I hate to take part in something where I can't include everyone. I haven't really bothered with followfriday that much mainly because of this and time.

    I will check this out though, just to see. That is when it's released. I didn't get it in my sidebar yet either. Thanks.
  • Great point. And if you go the democratic route - being generous with your recommendation, you'd likely spend the better part of the day doing it... Thanks for leaving a comment.
  • Looks cool. I'll have to check it out for sure. FollowFriday was becoming a little cumbersome. Thanks for the heads up
  • It is! Thanking the people who mention you takes a big chunk of your time. I'd feel more inclined to go with it if those who cite you give at least a short description why they choose you. Most cases, you'd just read a wall of tweets... And spammers have wised up and joined the bandwagon, too!
  • Well, It will be good if #followfriday dies! It has been reduced to a dust cloud, looks big but of no use! I mean, who will find a list of 6 people with #followfriday and no description about them!

    Looks like lists can do that. I will make my own list soon.
  • And if you ignore #followfriday, you'd feel a little uneasy, especially from people who've been engaging you in Twitter - lest they think of you as a boor. When it's become a robotic exercise then it really loses its value.
  • Roy
    oh great! another thing for me to ignore lol

    I'm always the "traditional one" and the "if-it-ain't-broken-don't-fix-it" kind of guy

    okay, so I'll take a look... I just can't tell when :)

  • Well you can always limit your list to just a few with as few members as you like:

    1. Top 10 Writers Block
    2. Team HouseofPuroy
    3. Angeles City Tweeters
    4. Top Comedians
  • Thanks for the information!

    I think this will be a great tool. I just wish it was private oly so people wouldn't have to face public humiliation over their lack of being included on lists.
  • How about their lack of being included in the beta? :P
  • You can choose to make your own lists private, Heather. But a lot of people
    will likely make their lists public. It will please their buddies more
    seeing their names on it. It's another matter for those who don't figure
    much in other people's list. Thanks for pointing that out. Missed that. :(
  • Turn that frown upside down, sweet man! It's not YOUR fault. :)
  • Did you have any idea when they'll roll this out to the rest of us? It's gotten to the point that I largely ignore Follow Friday now.
  • Did you check your Twitter page. If there's a tab for new list on your
    sidebar, you can start making your list right away... I'm not sure when this
    will become available site-wide though.
  • Nope, I got nada. I guess I'm just not as special as you ^_-
  • They must have opened beta testing only to the hopelessly addicted then. LOL

  • Looks like some very interesting technology coming this way from twitter. I know some real power users around here (SF), I'll have to hit them up for practical details.
  • Infusion of fresh capital never lets up for Twitter. Which makes it come up
    with innovations. Just wish it has more robust way of curbing spam on
    Twitter though.
  • Wow i like innovation. Twitter is really trying to haul users back to its page no? ;)

    This might be Twitters answer to the proliferation of social media tools based on Twitter that actually doesn't even make you visit Twitter anymore. hehe!
  • Ahahaha. Great trick there by Twitter to lure us back in. LOL
  • Jan. This is an awesome feature in Twitter. Makes me want to use its interface again when some cool feature like this one is added. Just started to create P50 lists and I was really having a hard time at the beginning figuring it out, but your tutorial here made everything so much easier. Heading over there to create more lists:)
  • Yeah, we have to go back to the Twitter page to do that. It's so easy to forget the Twitter homepage because of all these fantastic twitter apps - TweetDeck, Hootsuite, and the others.

    I'm at a loss how to import this list to our third party Twitter apps so these will appear in our groups. Do you think adding a hashtag to a user list might do the trick?
  • That will be a neat trick, although I did try using a hash tag on the list and it did not work. I'll keep looking for a way to import the list, and if you find a way to do this without having to do it individually, let me know.
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