Too Big For My Breeches – Part 1

by Jan Geronimo on August 11, 2009

Two days before the August 8 awarding of the Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009,  I’ve found out I’ve become literally too big for my breeches.  So I asked for my family’s help.  After all I have a non-existent wardrobe.

“What do you need a pants for?” my elder sister asked me.  I don’t exactly wear kilts around these parts.  Walking shorts and slippers will not do in the city, right?

This means my secret is out.  My family does not know I keep a blog, let alone receive recognition for it.  It’s a tiring session.  I have to explain what the award is for, which led them to ask what is a blog and all that arcane stuff.  It’s very hard explaining to the uninitiated what a blog is.  But I did very well – I managed to borrow a pair of pants, a polo shirt, a digicam.  Even leather shoes were promised.

Now, they know I’ve not been playing DOTA in my room in my spare hours.

The original influenza bloggers

Good thing, I arrived in the city early enough to have coffee with online buddies. Doc Z, Yatot and I were the first to arrive at a coffee shop outside of Mall of Asia.  We were soon joined by Lyle Ham, Elmot, Novz, Jhongmed, Roel and Boni. We had so much fun everybody thought it a great idea to just hold the awarding ceremony in the coffee shop’s premises.

Influenza Bloggers: Jhongmed, Lyle, Elmot, Doc Z (standing), Boni, Roel, Jan, Yatot & Novz. Photo Credit: Doc Z

Now, I have not met these guys before.  But anybody who might walk in on us having fun there would have thought we’ve been buddies for life.  Lyle kept the table rocking with his funny stories about his experience in online freelance work as a web designer. And there’s Novz with his quiet humor.  Roel with his exploits as SEO expert.  And Boni – how can I forget Boni and his Naruto posts.

I screamed a silent scream when Boni was introduced at the table.  So this is the blogger that inspired me to write that tirade against Naruto posts.  I felt very smart when I wrote that post.  Guess how I felt when I was introduced to Boni?

But Boni is a gentleman blogger.  He let me off the hook.  I swear I’ve counted the times Elmot tried to get the rise out of him by mentioning about Naruto posts.  And yet the cool, quiet Boni just smiled it off.

A whole month’s worth of post can be written as a result of that fun-filled moments with the Influenza Bloggers.  Lyle with his funny story about how his wife’s buddies screwed his chance at earning his first $100.  Jhong and his close encounter with thugs.  Yatot’s intimate knowledge of the dark side of SEO.  Roel and Boni with their SEO expertise and on-target advice.  And lastly there’s Doc Z.  How can God be so unfair!  How can a man with dashing good looks and great voice be gifted as well with creative writing prowess?  Beats me.

There was so much star power in that table alone that I felt smarter just to be in their company.

I wished Roy was with us with his one-liners.  He had timed his arrival for the awards just so his children would not get impatient.

But no matter.  He’s part of the group.  He’s been rewarded too with the Influenza Blogger Award.  There was plenty to go around.

For Jedi bloggers Roy, Doc Z and I, it’s our first award on that fateful 8th of August.

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  • Bwahahaha. I have to say honestly jan, I couldn't for the life of me understand why you kept saying 'thanks for letting me off the hook' before. And everytime those guys kept bringing up Naruto I had a funny feeling that they were alluding to something. So that was why! Sorry, I've never been much of a bloghopper. Nyahahaha. Don't worry about it mate. I truly understand your sentiment. I had blogging friends before (they're no longer blogging) that suddenly talked about rhinoplasty and california lawyers (paid posts) which really annoyed the heck out of me back when I was a blogging puritan. I tried hiding those naruto posts from my feed and even in my blog's front page so those who purposely go to my blog (i wonder why) wouldn't be that annoyed. Looks like I have to work on it a bit more.

    Cheers! Oh, and sorry for the long comment.
  • ark
    It's always fun to finally meet friends in flesh. Friends that you just encounter online and don't really know if they are really what they claim to be.

    In my part of the Philippines, I can count on the fingers of my 1 hand the bloggers I personally know but the virtual ones, about a thousand or so. I'm also dying to finally meet them in a gathering like this.

    I hope to attend the Wordpress Camp in Davao City or the Mindanao Blog Summit in Cagayan soon.
  • "Friends that you just encounter online and don't really know if they are really what they claim to be." It's my good fortune that indeed they're are what they seem to be online. And more - because the friends I have chosen online are humble. My instincts have not failed me yet. Ahehehe.

    WordPress Camp in Davao City? Awts.
  • uy, in the flesh! so you all exist after all, eh? was thinking all along that i have been commenting to blogs by entities from which outerspace... so jan, did you get to go home with the coveted $100-raffle prize? er, were you too anxious not to smile when you received your award?
  • No $100 for me. But I've got coupons or whatever you call them you can trade with chips. You know, so you can try your luck at the casino. I already felt lucky that night so why gamble for more, right. Winner na nga eh. Ahehehe. I got a Pagcor bag, souvenirs, a t-shirt. At talagang nag inventory pa here ha? Hayaan mo na, mababaw talaga kaligayahan nitong friend mo eh. lols
  • Ehem. Hello.

    I won't forget that day really. It was really fun meeting you all. And I hope I didn't scare anyone of you with my shameless laughs. Hahaha.
  • Lyle! Nice meeting you here, my friend. Hey, guess what, with you on board, I'd be happy to take the back seat and just enjoy your stories. Tagatawa na lang ako. May natutunan na ako, nag enjoy pa. Akala ko taga Harvard ka eh. Seriously? You're the life of the party that night. That is, kung papayag si Roel. Ahahaha.
  • if boni and i knew eric (blogdemanila) was joining, we could have asked him to join us. matagal na naming kaibigan yun. and it was a surprise seeing him at the awards night.
  • Roy
    hahaha! natawa ako nung tinuro kayo sa akin ni eric, matagal na nga daw kayo magkakilala. but none you knew na bloggers ang isa't-isa hehe...

    a funny note... which only mean na serious kayo sa paglalaro nyo ng badminton hehe..

  • it's also a similar thing with boni and roel. eb kami ni roel in a makati building. i told him a friend (boni) would come along. nung nagkita sila, whoah, tagal na rin pala silang magkakilala, and haven't seen each other for a long time. reunion!
  • Jan, here' s the link to boni's story:

  • Wow, fast on the draw. I like it. ahehehe
  • What a nice blogging buddies story, Novz. Have you written a post about this? That's very interesting.
  • Nice story, Roy. That's funny. Ahehehe
  • it felt weird nga eh, meeting you guys... parang meron taung sariling mundo... siguro the waiters in the resto are all blank when they heard we were talking about SEOs, adsense, blog posts and the like! not all people can understand blogging di ba... hahhahaha!
  • It's more likely they'd get sign up in Blogger in the hope of getting their slice of those fabulous dollars being bandied about in our table. :)
  • it was fun. loved it. see, we all have stories to tell offline and it is best that we meet before the event itself since wala na time yung iba for some after events chitchat.

    jan, i listened attentively to your speech. di mo makalimutan si boni ah! lol!
  • Yeah, I'm glad we all listened to your suggestion. It's the best idea. The second best was the idea of the Influenza Bloggers. Put things in perspective, doesn't it. That we should not take ourselves too seriously.

    Truth to tell, I really like Boni a lot. I like his writing style. Very, very decent. You know naman the general run of make money online blogs in the Philippines, di ba? His is not garden variety. Iba siya.

    When I spoke, I suddenly became unsure. His name is really Boni? What if it's not and it's something else? So I switched it to Thirdworldgeek. A mouthful, but at least I'm very sure about that.

    Yeah, I can't forget mentioning Boni. Maybe, I should start hating some of your topics, too. So I'd get to remember thanking you as well in my speech, if it comes to that. :)
  • Kainggit naman! If I was back home, I would do a gate crash Jan but unfortunately, I'm 8,000 miles away. I remember the old days when my tech buddies meet. Since we talk msot of the time online, getting together for a cuppa coffee was rare. It was fun and crazy! Crazy in the sense that everyone is a comedian, everyone has a funny story to tell.

    And this is how relationships begin..You start by being crazy and do fun stuff.
  • Yeah, the crazy parts of it are what appeals to me as well. I was silent most of the time, taking it all in and trying to remember every detail. That's the strange part about being a writer or a blogger: you experience every thing twice. First, as a person and then as a writer.

    But you know what? Strange, I did not have coffee! I had mango juice. Can you believe it? Ahahaha. Don't tell anyone or I might get excommunicated by the coffee community. :)
  • zorlone

    Such is a story teller! So, here is the introduction of characters. Wow! I can't wait to read more.

  • So perhaps you thought I was done with you and just concentrate on the others? I have the juiciest bits about you held in abeyance. ahahaha. I'm looking for the right context to put them in. Once I've locked it on my cross-hairs there's no going back. Kinakabahan ka na ba? Ahahaha. Kidding! :)
  • zorlone
    I went back as soon as you finished writing! I forgot what I said during our chat, but, hek! I didn't expect you'd actually put that here. hehehe. So, another cup of coffee, perhaps? LOL

  • I remembered everything we've said, Doc Z. Need a summary? Nah. As you already know - anything for a friend as long as you keep me caffeinated. :)
  • Looks like a great time. Bloggers are the best.
  • Hi Kathleen,

    It's my first blog meet up. And it's worrisome at first - after all, I'd be technically meeting strangers. But alas such was not the case. I'm glad I went. :)
  • Congrats uli sa lahat ng mga Jedi Bloggers! So happy for you guys. You not only won but also grabbed the top spots. Roel, Boni and Yatot pala are SEO gurus? Now I know who to apply for apprenticeship. :-D Pa-tag along naman tol!
  • Nasaan ka kaya that day? Daya nyo kasi mag-asawa. As if naman kayo ang magdedeliver ng speech e kami naman. ahahaha. Well, there's always a next time. Oo, Luke, the good thing about them is that they talk about their insights like they're sharing showbiz secrets. Parang ang daling gawin - hearing them explain these tactics.
  • @luke: wahahahha... hindi naman masyado no! wala pa akong second $100 na nakukuha! hahahhaha, unlike the other two! hehehhe... bonding tau next time for SEO purposes! :P
  • Dee
    Wow! Ang saya-saya! Bonding is really great! Glad all of you found a fun group.

    Btw, why Influenza bloggers? Share naman.
  • Influenza bloggers, I am being reminded of my son who thought influence means the flu, hahaha...
  • Really - that's funny. He's got the making of a funny blogger. Can he blog now? Ahehehe
  • It's good-natured mockery of Influential Blogger Award or even all blog awards for that matter. It means we're not full of ourselves, recognizing awards as just that - awards. It means we're not above giving each other awards just for the fun of it.

    Kaya masaya. Sometimes the whole gathering fell silent as we intently listen to Roel and Boni and Novz - the experts. E Dios mio, yun pala may punch line sa dulo ng kwento. It's that fun.

    Kaya I was a bit disappointed not seeing the two of you. It's different, Dee, than our nightly sessions online. :)
  • @dee: dahil spin-off yan ng influential blogger award! hahahhaha!
  • influenza dahil i think they are in the height of H1N1. they are too happy to entertain it as a scare. hahamakin ang lahat, para sa eyeball. hahaha.
    nakinig naman kaagad sila kay Z. hahaha.
  • Congrats ha! #1 pa! jejejejejeje
  • Thanks a lot, Jaydee. Sayang sana nataon na nasa Metro Manila ka. :(
  • Roy
    Part 1, hehehe... looks like we're headed for a trilogy ;)

    Congratulations again Jan!

  • Tapos, pagkatapos ng original trilogy, prequel trilogy na naman. :) That's my fellow Jedi Blogger--the Most Influential Blogger of all time!
  • Waaah. Showbiz na showbiz ang dating. We're encroaching in Yatot's turf here, Luke. Baka mapagalitan ako. lols
  • Roy
    hahaha! Star Wars na Star Wars ang dating! hehe...

  • Exactly what I was thinking Kuya Roy! Pero wag natin unahan si Lolo Jan. Baka inspired sya at balak gumawa ng mala-Saw or Nightmare on Elm Street na hanggang Part 7 yata na yun. Hehe. Not that I think your post was scary! Hahah!

    Now I feel bad that I didn't get to join the earlier EB! :(
    Hehehe. Next time sama tayo!
  • Roy
    hahaha! part 7... now we're pressuring the most influential blogger hehe...

    don't worry Rey, there will be next time... say, August 22?

  • Roy
    The Aug 22 will be in lieu of the Sept 5... I still don't have the details yet, but we will know about it soon

  • Doc Z emailed me about the Aug22. Will get back to you on that! Oh and what about that Sept 5?

    LJ, magkano bribe ni Doc Z sa 'yo? Haha! Joke!
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