My Twitter Friends Mosaic

by Jan Geronimo on February 3, 2009

These are my friends in Twitter. They are only a little over 100 so I’m posting them here. This post is totally inspired by my online friend Jaypee who posted his Twitter follower mosaic in his cool blog. Thanks Jaypee.

You can get your own twitter mosaic here.

You can also buy from the site a t-shirt with your twitter name and the first 100 followers only for only $21.95.

Twitter is such a cool micro-blogging tool. Through it, I have harassed enough misguided souls to drive by here in my blog and take a peek. Okay, maybe a dozen or two. That’s a lot to me anyhow.

Through Twitter, primarily on Chris Brogan’s happy tweets, I have discovered writer extraordinaire Ann of Annarchy. Thanks, Mr. Brogan. And there’s short fiction writer Kathleen Maher. Well, I discovered her in Blog Catalog but it’s in Twitter that I’m trying my darn best to keep in flight formation with Ms. Maher.

And there’s my Pinoy Blog Idol Jhez who tried to sign me up with Plurk. I prefer melodious tweeting, however, to watching my karma. It’s great he’s on Twitter as well (Jhez is omnipresent in everything social media) so it’s not as if had snubbed him after all.

Lots of interesting stories in Twitter. And colorful characters, too. Sign up, if you haven’t already. You can follow me at Twitter here.

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  • Bakit wala ako??? Hu Hu hu... dignified ba ang pagiyak ng ganyan. Iyan ang hirap pag medyo tumatanda (medyo lang ha) kelangan ng konting pakiyeme. Wala ko ..waahhhhh!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..CHAPTER 3 - UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?) =-.
  • Jan
    @Brian: I think so too. Thanks for commenting. :)
  • Brian Elliott
    Thanks for the idea. This is really a handy tool to get more followers on Twitter.
  • Jan
    @Jehz: I'm glad you're pleased. :) Clearly, your visit did not cause me a nyok moment. Napahaba ang sagot noh. Hehehe. Thanks. :)
  • Jehzeel Laurente
    @Jan hahaha.. ok lang no :D nyok.. thanks sa link wahhhhhhh! grabe ang haba ng sinabi mo nag nosebleed ako ~_~.. teka basahin ko ulit.. hehe :D
  • Jan
    @Jehz: You are not on my blogroll because if I put you there it's natural I will expect you'd do the same. I try to squash every expectation of this kind. I don't want to be disappointed because of unrealistic expectations. Because I don't want my online friendships to be swayed by such considerations. It's so business-like. A tit for tat in a good way.

    My readers will say I always link to you every chance I get. They can attest to that. It has been that way since the beginning. Maybe they're starting to suspect now I owe you some gambling money. :) The gambling is not true. Do I owe you? A lot.

    Okay, I'd link to you, Jehz. This is what writing does - it clarifies issues and things one has shoved back in the backburner. :) Consider this my amortization for this month.

    Thanks for this visit. You've made this a sweet Sunday indeed. :)
  • Jehzeel Laurente
    wow and2 ako ah.. pero ala ako sa blogroll mo T___T *iyak iyak*

  • Jan
    @JedChan: I'm fine. Could be better but can't complain. :) I find it nice too - finding one's pic in a place other than your own blog.
  • Jan
    @Jaypee: Yes, you did come back here. Hehehe. I'm flattered immensely.

    Dear readers, go head out and visit jaypee's blog. He has a contest going for top commentator for February. Up for grabs is a cool WordPress t-shirt.

    Although, it's a done deal. I'm going to take home that WP shirt. Go amuse yourself, and join. And give me a run for "my t-shirt." hahahaha
  • JeD Chan
    Hi Jan! How are you? It's nice to see my photo on this mosaic. Thanks for this information. :)

    By the way haven't tried Plurk how is it?


    JeD Chan
  • Jaypee
    Nice, I see my avatar! Btw, you're welcome! Glad I could share something. :D
  • Jan
    @Dee: I have to give it to Leo, he's persistent. And who am I not to give him the light of day huh? But every time he's on Twitter I sign off. It's that or I keep ferociously silent. He just might take one look at me and make me a better man: a total makeover. And that will be the unmaking of this blog. Hahaha.
  • Dee
    Wow! Leo Babauta of Zen Habits is your follower! Wow! Good for you! :)
  • Jan
    @yatot: Hehehe. There's you somewhere in there, all right. The good thing about Twitter is you can totally ignore it. And be none the worse for it. Like pretending you have better things to do. Nyahaha.

    @Ambo: It's cool. Cross-dressing can be such a blast, too. Hehehe. But I know it's you anyway. From your phrasing and tone and of course the dead giveaway - your perfect quarter turn. Wheeee. :)

    @Ismail: It's cool. Big names can be such a choosy lot. The other day a big name video blogger followed me. Great. It made my day. :)

    It's not very intrusive, twitting. You can sneak it in between writing posts and diaper changes. Hahaha.

    Thank you for that award. Will check on it later - I'm still at work, pretending to be super busy. :)

    @Bingkee: Yesss! :)
  • bingkee
    I follow follow me too. Have a blessed day.
  • Ismail N
    Wow, so many friends already. Good for you pal. I have not used my twitter for more than 1 year now. Maybe should start using it again. Look's very cool and better now.
    Btw, got an award for you friend. Pls. check it out @ http://passionateaboutblogging... . Come & grab it. Happy Blogging and Twitting my friend.....
  • Ambo
    Hahaha Jan i'm sorry ibang account ko pala nagamit ko! Ako si Admin at Gf ko yang nakatupis lols.

    Sorry akala ko nakalog ako sa pinoyambisyoso. weh
  • yatot
    ohhhh... me is there... and there is me!!! hahahhaha! thanks for following me... i just saw your name in my followers' list... it was like yesterday when i decided to follow because i was too busy making myself pretending to be busy.. hahhaha... :P
  • Jan
    @Admin: :) I'm one of the first to find it on Jaypee's blog, I hope. Which one are you there? You're in two-piece in blog, but all covered up in twitter? Kidding...
  • Admin
    Wow this is nice Bro. Nice find! Lucky me i'm in the mosaic! ;-)
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