Favorite Blog of the Week: Grandma Yakima

by Jan Geronimo on January 3, 2009

Some loving-cup trophies seen in the London Ir...Image via WikipediaToday’s Blog of the Week belongs to 80-year-old grandmother Lorrene Lemaster, author of “Pet Peeves and Other Ramblings.”

Grandma Lorrene or Grandma Yakima as she calls herself in her blog started using the internet since 1990 after retiring from her job in Yakima, Washington. Boredom, however, got the better of her and in 2007 she started writing her own blog.

My favorite octogenarian blogger will put to shame a lot of the current crop of high profile blog authors with her gentle wit. Her good-natured stories about her early life as a 17-year-old bride married to a service man, her 3 children and 6 granddaughters and 3 great grandsons and living in the 1930s are hard to put down.

She writes with a hint of mischief about ordinary subjects such as the internet, cable company, newspaper delivery guys, food recipes, aging issues and other mundane concerns. Never fails to elicit chuckles.

On the current meltdown of banking institutions Grandma Yakima posts a query to bank executives,” I was wondering if you could advise me… if one of my checks is returned marked ‘insufficient funds,’ how do I know whether that refers to me or to you?”

This is how she described her early marriage: “I was a mere child when I married. At the ripe old age of 17 to be exact. “What was the urgency you might ask”? Let me assure you, I cannot answer that one because I am totally clueless as to the reason. I just chalk it up to ‘young and very dumb’”

She pokes gentle fun at her in-laws as she recalls the anxiety of her meeting them,” Well, meet them I did!!! I was expecting to be judged, but not at that exact minute. The following picture pretty much sums it up. My first thought was, ‘ Wonder if this place has a back door.’”

The blogosphere is starting to notice this marvelous grandma. She got featured in an online publication resulting a big spike in traffic in her blog. Increased awareness of her blog means the people she pokes fun at get to read about them, too. Says Lorrene in her post, “When I started this blog I honestly was naive enough to believe only my family, and people I sent the blog to would ever read it. Needless to say I was not very discriminatory with what I said about anything. I have poked fun at almost everybody in town.” She proceeded to make apologies to a long list who she thought she had slighted, which include doctors, office clerks, neighbors, bystanders, dog and cats, fence people, relatives, internet server and a whole lot more.

Well, Grandma Yakima, I hereby presume to speak on behalf of the office clerks and the fence people – we don’t mind. We can live with your gentle critique and entertaining stories. Your vigorous mind shatters the stereotyping and prejudice against the elderly. You have not only shown that ageism belongs to the garbage bin but also raised the threshold wherein senior can seek personal growth.

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  • Grandma
    What a super blog. Teehee hee.
    I must confess it is mine. I want to thank Jan for endorsing my blog this way. I am not sure I deserve it, but I sure do appreciate it.
    Thank you !!!!
    You made my day!!

    Grandma Blog
  • fatherlyours
    Hello Jab, Nice find. I'll visit the blog later.
  • dede
    I cant believe it! If Grandma Yakima can be a Blogger of the week, why dont we? heheeee

    Nice post!
  • Jan
    Hi Grandma: There's no question in mind "Pet Peeves and Other Ramblings" is a super blog. It's not enough to add you in my reader feed. That's a little selfish. So I have to feature you. Thanks for dropping by. :)
  • Jan
    Fatherlyours: Please find the time. You will not regret it. :)
  • Jan
    Dede: You had better believe it, my friend. I'm rather amazed myself at the high standards I had exerted to come up with this first awardee. Pretty discriminating taste, I'd say. :) Take heart, this is a weekly feature after all.
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