God's Gift To Jessica

by Jan Geronimo on January 6, 2009

Johnathon Livingston?Image by tattoodjj via FlickrLet’s call her Jessica. And this is her story.

Jessica wistfully recalls the time how her husband pursued her relentlessly to win her hand in marriage. The husband was generous to a fault, treating the whole tribe with gifts – chocolates, flowers, the works. The ploy did not work. The guy was playing truant in college, transferring from one course to another. Jessica told him to graduate first from college. After that, she might consider him.

The guy got his act together and finally graduated from college. When he resumed wooing Jessica, he found another roadblock: she was more interested in her career than entering into a serious relationship. The guy asked the help of Jessica’s friends to lobby for him. What sealed Jessica fate was this guy’s flair for drama. He made a mess of himself, lost his enthusiasm for everything, got drunk, made scenes, threatened to take his own life. This guy’s family begged Jessica to reconsider. She relented. And he reformed his ways. Several months later they were married.

With four kids under her care, she cut short her career and became a full-time mom. Great. The husband proved his worth as a breadwinner – he still does. “I’ve been in love with the same woman for forty-one years. If my wife finds out, she’ll kill me.” That was Henry Youngman. But it could well have been this guy’s mantra. He made a semi-career out of chasing after skirts.

Their intimacy died soon after. Their communication become snarls, scowls, arguments. The guy only comes home to eat and to feed his game cocks. Then, he goes out again to gamble and to womanize, whichever comes first.

My friend knew all right. Lucky for him Jessica is God-fearing. She draws strength from God, and this closeness with her Creator keeps her sane. Occasionally, she blurts out, “Diyos ko, bakit sa dinami-dami ng tao, siya pa ang itinoka mo sa akin?” (God, with so many man to choose from why did you assign this man to me?)

If I were you, I’d consider arsenic. Hahaha. But this is not so you. If, by some stroke of fate, you remove God from your speed dial, give it a thought. Another suggestion: you’re a whiz in the kitchen so make use of your talent. You know how bad cholesterol wrecks havoc on the human body. Take it from there.

Keep your wits about you by writing a blog. I made it easy for you. You need not exact poetic justice by flogging him to death online. Because I just beat you to it. :)

The thing is you’re just wearing blinders. God has more meaningful gifts for you. Open the door – look, the world through the internet is at your doorsteps. Take a vacation from your grief, meet new people who can value you for being a beautiful person that you are.

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  • I am a lover of children's lit
    Sounds like arsenic would be just too good for the creep. I say: give him Cyanide laced cookies! It's quicker and more painful!

    Seriously, such creeps are to be found everywhere these days. Poor lady, I feel sorry for her.
  • Jan
    Lover of children's literature: It's a sad story indeed. Separating from her husband is out of the question for her - duty to husband and sanctity of marriage, that kind of thing. Though she's boxed in by God's will and her devotion to her husband, she keeps up a brave front and even finds humor in what she says is God's practical joke on her.
  • Jesse
    If the Lady just listened to God before she got married, chose whoever God destined for her, things should be at its best.

    You see, God has someone destined for us. God already chose for us and it's most definitely the best for us. It's only up to us (our freewill) to choose: The best, the better, or the good.

    Nice Post!
  • Jesse
    @I am a lover of children's literature:

    Lol. Just feed thyself to hobos. Hahahaha: just like the the thing that happened to the guy in the movie 'Perfume'.
  • Millionaire Acts
    Hi, I invite you to visit my blog too. =)
  • fatherlyours
    The early sign is already there before she agreed to get married.Ganyan din nangyari sa Clerk namin, dinaan sa drama ang pangliligay kaya naawa yung girl.Ngayun, separated na sila kasi nag iba ang pag-iisip ng lalaki(attituide).Muntik na siyang masaksak.Nice post.
  • Jan
    @Jesse: That's true. But we just don't do it. We don't even listen to our parents sometimes. And the early warning signs. :)
  • Jan
    @Millionaire Acts:
    Maybe, maybe not. Hehehe. Sure, why not..

    You're on the money right there, Ramon. She did not heed the signs. Thanks for your input. :)
  • Ambo
    I believed there's no perfect relationship and marriage should be taken seriously before getting into it. Hindi yung hinog sa pilit. She'd still be thankful that they've parted ways. Maybe they're not destined to each other. I don't see any mistake. That's God's plan.

    A very interesting post.
  • Jan
    Ambo: Spoken like a priest. :) Thanks for dropping by.
  • Ambo
    Muntik lang magpari dati hehehe. You're welcome newfound friend!
  • Jan
    @Ambo: Talaga? Well, church's loss is blogging world's gain. :)
  • Ambo
    Naku that's not true! Boladas! Lols
  • Jan
    Ambo: Eh di scale down natin ng konti - you're Pinoy blogosphere's gain. :)
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