I Know What You Did In The Elevator

by Jan Geronimo on February 5, 2009

Are you an original bloke? Are you a trailblazer? Do you heed Robert Frost’s advice to take the road less traveled?

Or are you just one of the herd – afraid to break from the pack? Afraid to be labeled quaint, cuckoo, touched in the head?

Perhaps after watching the video below, you’d feel a flash a recognition. That guy could well have been you. For all the blogging world to hear, you’re all being the purple cow.

But deep inside, there’s this nagging doubt – are you really? Or there maybe none at all.

So what makes you remarkable? What sets you apart as a person and as web author?

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  • Jan
    @Dee: I was looking for something sleazier, but I chickened out. :) Are you on my blog list? I wonder who made that decision without my consent. That upstart will be fired pronto. :) Do you happen to know the song Afternoon Delight? Well, you're kinda like that. A delightful blog author. I'm pleased you're my neighbor. In real life, we can't choose our neighbors. In blogging, we sure can. :)
  • Dee
    Oh, I've only just seen this post now. The video is funny and true. It is sometimes quite difficult to hold one's own when everybody goes a different way. I experience that difficulty sometimes. Oh, and thanks so much for the link. :)
  • Jan
    @bingkee: :) Good arguments do not shut up trolls - these only whet their appetite to goad you more...It's good you can laugh about it now. Frown lines detracts from your beauty. :)
  • bingkee
    Now , it's working. This is so funny. yea, people do things though they don't know why or what is it for just because everybody is doing it.
    Thanks for that funny comment. You cheered me up. It made smile...err..laugh.

    Thanks for being a friend.
  • Jan
    @Bingkee: yikes, it worked last night. *sighs*

    @yatot: Hehehe. There's life eternal after all - in the internet. All our glory, all our stupidities. :)

    @jojigirl: Hey, what's a recusant? Hehehe...Dee has nice words about you in her tales from the mom side blog. So I took a detour to your blog. Well, you've something going there. I'm glad I bothered to have a peep from the hedges. :) thanks for dropping by. :)
  • jojigirl
    I always wanted to be a woman sui generis, ",) without having to become an absolute recusant, or to be called queer.

    Enjoyed the video. BTW, thanks for taking a peep at my page, ha. It's an honor to have a briliant blogger drop by.
  • yatot
    tawa ako ng tawa dun sa video! hahahhha... uso din pala ang stupidity nung mga 1960s... hahhaha... mukhang 60s kasi ung video clip eh... hehhehe...
  • bingkee
    The video is just a black screen. It does not work.
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