Yatot Wins Top Commentator For January

by Jan Geronimo on February 4, 2009

TYC Online Magazine author Yatot is this blog’s Top Commentator for January. For this distinction, he will receive the following mouth-watering prizes from this blogger:

* The right to collar me when I show my face in Metro Manila so I can be forced to treat him to any posh dining place of his choice. Granted of course that by that time I will have earned enough money for fare and night of proper depravities.

* The rare privilege and right to go under the hood of this blog to tweak this and that. After all, he had promised doing it sometime in December. I have yet to collect on his promise, waiting for the right moment to pounce on my hapless friend.

* The exclusive rights to a pair of Mangyan g-strings and a photo shoot paid for by yours truly so Yatot, who’s fond of anything cultural and indigenous to the Philippines, can properly chronicle his exploits in Mindoro.

Author’s Update, 05 February: Because I woke up on the right side of somebody else’s bed this morning, I’m adding a modest amount – P500 – to Yatot’s prize. It’s in the form of mobile airtime credits. Globe or Smart – it doesn’t matter, I have both. He can also get it through Smartmoney or Western Union if he so wishes. Please send me an email so I can send you your prize.

Like many of my online friends, I have yet to meet Yatot. I don’t have any ideas how he looks. All I can go by is his avatar. Has any of you seen Yatot in person or in cam? I haven’t – we only swap emails. He cools his heels around here, poking here and there for something to nourish his enormous appetite for fun and banter.

Because that is what he brings to the table. His sense of fun. And irreverence. He’s the gift of turning discussion into a delightful conversation between friends.

So it doesn’t matter I have yet to see his picture in his YTC About Page. Is Yatot (yatot: a local term of endearment for someone thin) actually thin? Or is he a man-mountain?

It doesn’t matter. Says Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood, “Wanting to meet an author because you like his work is like wanting to meet a duck because you like pate.”

These things so far have proven to be irrelevant. I treasure Yatot for his friendship and his mind. And his contribution to blogging.

My friend, take your place of honor as honorary barfly in the comment section of this blog. This time drinks are on the house.

Worthy Runners-Up

Yatot edged out two worthy commentators by one point. Whew. Tied for second place are Jesse and Bingkee. Third place went to Ambo. I will have to say if Jesse is not so consumed by coming up with a perfect design for his blog he might have overtaken Yatot. The same can be said of Bingkee. But of course I unwittingly (or perhaps by design?) made it particularly unpleasant for her by unnecessarily littering the blog with polysyllabic hurdles. Peace Bingkee. Just pulling your leg.

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  • Jan
    @Dee: Thank you. I love that comment. :) It's a modest sum lang po. I'd make it worthwhile in the write-up to compensate.
  • Dee
    Hmmm, now I have another reason to keep coming back here . . . :)
  • yatot
    waaaaaahahahhaa... hindi ko alam na contest pala ito at may cash prize! thanks talaga! i am really surprised! email ko sau ung cell number ko... wahehehheh... i know i want the money, but i can earn that naman eh... so the cellphone load would be a great deal! thanks talaga... it's very generous of you! just wait for my email.. hehehhe... thanks! :D
  • Jan
    @ghee: hello, ghee. :) kumusta?
  • ghee
    nag hi-hello lang po from james blog :)

  • Jan
    @bingkee: Honestly, I have no idea I'd be holding this contest/incentive for readers myself. Hahaha. A Jamaican blogger I frequented had announced he had a top commentator going for February. Then I forgot about it. I was at Jaypee online the other day and found out I was a runner up to his top commentator for January. Well I did not know that there was a prize for the top commentator. Sayang!

    Well, I could have just started the contest this February. But I thought this initial top prize, which include you, Jesse and Ambo, are particularly special. There's no sense of "artificiality" involved. No commenting for comment's sake just to rack up some points.

    Although I can live with some induced commenting frenzy this February. I'm grateful for your share of the conversation going on in this blog.

    Waaaah. My blog is not so eerily quiet anymore. And I can't be any HAPPIER.

    @yatot: Look at that, people. Bingkee had beat Yatot as the first comment on this post. Hehehe. I'm having my doubts na talaga. Did I miscount something? Nyahaha. Kidding

    Are you on prepaid, my friend? If you are I can give you some souvenir for your efforts at helping me build this blog with your helpfulness. It's a modest sum. P500 worth of airtime credits for your mobile phone. Maybe you'd prefer cash through Western Union or Smartmoney? Shoot me an email with your personal details.

    I am not joking. The bulleted prizes in the post is the joke on you. But this is for real.

    You're allowed a long comment. It's your acceptance speech anyway. Hehehe.

    @Ismail: I'm glad you like it. You figured somewhere in the middle of a long list of readers. But then again, you'd been blessed with a new baby. That I think is a more substantial prize. :)

    @Ambo: Oo nga. Maski ako di ko alam may pa-contest pala ako. Hehehe. Spur of the moment, this.

    This is an ongoing thing though. So if you're bored with the many blog hats you wear, when you can take only so much culinary arts for the day, when - basta, do drop by and see what the crowd here is up to. Take note I said crowd. Mayabang-yabang na ano? hehehe.
  • Ambo
    Wee nanalo ako! Di ko alam me pakontest ka pala o nalimutan ko lang? Hehe sensya na at sobrang busy ako these days. Ako'y mangangarir muna sa kusina at mag aaral ng culinary ;-) Thanks Jan!
  • Ismail N
    Lol. What i like about you man, u got a lot of sense of humors and you're a very good writer, especially the way u put all those words together. Even simple post like this makes a good reading for me. Keep it coming! :)
  • yatot
    aaaawww!!! im tats! thank you sooooo much!!! hahahhaha... i really appreciate it! ^_^

    and as for the mangyan g-strings... i have to make my butt a bit firmer pa, so that it can be so delightful to see... mine's a big butt and soggy... lols! wahahhaha...

    about the blog that i have to tweak.. yes... i am still willing to make tweak your blog with ready-made design templates... just tell me when... maybe we can talk through YM or gtalk regarding this... hheeh

    all bloggers meet whenever there is a blogger meet up event sponsored by multinational companies! i will post a blog event on my blog when i sniff some juicy news about an upcoming blogging event!

    and oh, yeah... jehz have already seen me, but i opt not to expose myself too much in cyberspace! hahahha... i rather be a silent protester without a face than to be a loud mouthed person without the brains... hhhahaha... but yeah, im a loud-mouth in person, okay maybe sometimes! haahhah...

    my God, this comment is so long! hahhaa... and thank you too for exchanging ideas and thoughts via the comment page of blogger... i really appreciate it! :D
  • bingkee
    Ay hindi ko alam na may contest....I just enjoy your post and can't help to comment. 2nd place pa? Feeling ko nanalo ako ng beauty contest..LOLZ!
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