A Drive-Thru the Oddities of the English Language

by Jan Geronimo on May 12, 2009

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When Jan read my post called “Can we really expect the unexpected?” which is really about words and phrases that aroused my curiosity, he asked me if I have another list which he can feature in his blog with me as his guest blogger.

Such an honor is definitely not something you want to pass up. But there’s a problem: I don’t really have another list. So I whacked my brains out… walked around the city… dug old notes… browsed books and magazines… scrounged around so I can write my second list.

And these are (the best of) what I can come up with – signs, words and phrases that you might want to take a second look at.

Buy one, take one
The complete sentence should be “Buy one, take another one free!” but for marketing purposes it was shortened to “buy one, take one.” However, one sleek businessman does not give “free one” to his customers even though he has the sign “buy one, take one” in his store.

When a customer complains, the store owner’s ready answer would be, “I’m not cheating! That sign is correct. When you only buy one, of course you will only take one!”

So you had better pin down any ambiguity the next time you see the sign in any establishment.

No parking on both sides
It was actually my English teacher in college who mentioned to us this street sign. She said it is definitely wrong because no vehicle can park on both sides, unless it is really big or long enough to cover both sides once it’s parked.

She said the correct sign should be “No parking on either side.”

I have always wondered about this. Why do they refer to it as drive-thru when they don’t let vehicles inside the store? And you don’t actually drive-thru, but you drive around instead.

Just imagine the damage it would create once you try to drive through any restaurant.

The Lift

A very common term for the elevator, and rightly so, because it ‘lifts’ you up and takes you to higher floors in the building.

But what about when you’re going down? Is it appropriate to say that you are being ‘lifted down?’ Haven’t really heard of a movie with the dialogue, “let’s take the lift to go down.”


Okay, this is actually included in the original post. But I really want to know… if a spouse is referred to as the better-half, what kind of half does that make of the other party?

A perfect example of how we only want to see things from our ‘own point of view’ even if science has already proven that the sun doesn’t rise nor set. It is actually the Earth which revolves around the sun.

But I guess, in the absence of a more convenient term, we’ll do with sunrise and sunset for a long time.

Help: Wanted
When I see this sign in any establishment, I’m always itching to rush inside the store and ask the store owner, “What now? What’s the problem?” Signs like these are like Bat Signals to a loony on the loose like me.

“Now hiring” or “Looking for” I guess would make a more comprehensible sign, don’t you agree?

PIN Number, TIN Number, etc.

Isn’t that redundant? The ‘N’ in the acronym already stands for the word ‘Number’ so by saying ‘PIN Number’ you are in effect reciting it as ‘Personal Identification Number Number!’

Saying PIN and TIN alone would do.

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. See above.

Expired ID
It hurts when they say your ID is expired, when the expiration actually refers to the privileges attached to the ID card – such as a driver’s license or a professional practitioner’s license.

And I have a separate post about this, where I argue that an expired ID card should be considered a valid ID, because in fact it is. The sole purpose of requesting for an ID is to ID or identify a person. An expired ID card doesn’t change who you are – you’re still the same person on the ID for heaven’s sake!

Press ENTER to exit
This is a classic because you don’t see it these days anymore. Lucky for you if you haven’t encountered this during the pre-Windows era. I am referring to those who have been using computers during those DOS prompt days, and some applications would suddenly flash in your screen “Press ENTER to exit.”

There you are… my latest finds of ordinary words and phrases. They are supposed to be innocent… until I chanced upon them.

How about you – are there words or phrase that leaves you scratching your head in puzzlement? What other expressions have stumped you lately?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Roy is a prolific blogger, poet, short story writer and entrepreneur. He pens The Struggling Blogger and presides over a constellation of 12 other blogs covering his varied interests. Roy is a widower and practices brinkmanship daily as he doubles as a mother to his three kids. It’s this daily struggle that inspired the name for his flagship blog, but to me it’s his commitment that largely informs his writing which are spread over 13 blogs. Visit Roy’s blogs and discover what perseverance, courage and integrity really mean as applied to blogging.

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  • It's since occurred to me, too, that any American using "lift" would possibly be considered rather pompous and a little too in awe of Britain. I bet Madonna uses it . . .

    <abbr>Clare Lynch’s last blog post..Advertising taglines – can you guess the brands?</abbr>
  • I know I'm coming to the party a bit late here, but I have to take issue with your problem with the word "lift".

    Surely "elevator" presents the same problem - one can't be "elevated down".

    Lift is short and not Latinate - always a good reason to use a word, in my opinion.

    But maybe it's just because I'm English and "lift" is our favoured word. Any Brit using the word "elevator" would be considered rather silly and a little too in awe of America.

    <abbr>Clare Lynch’s last blog post..Twelve ways my PhD prepared me for blogging</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Splendid point on "elevated down." That's a lovely observation. Thank you for coming over. Rest assured I'm not at all in awe of elevator myself. ",)
  • jan
    "At first, I thought it as Jan at the keyboards.." Jesus! this has escaped my attention. What a beautiful turn of phrase. I'm thrilled with that, Jena.

    I'm keeping it for future use. I hope you don't mind, Jena? ",)
  • jan
    Thanks, Dinah. I know, i know these guys are cruel. They can't be trusted,
    these guys. The comment thread has upstaged the post itself! Thanks to my

    energetic readers. ",)

    Wahahahaha. But no problem. I'm big enough to take it well. ",) Hey, I'm

    glad you dropped by. Thank you, thank you. Very much appreciated.

    Psst. Please don't look these commenters in the eye. They might not let

    you out of here to go back to your blog. Adik sa wentuhan mga yan.

    Pinabili lang ng suka ng mga nanay nila nakipagtsikahan na dito. Ahahaha
  • Dinah
    this is too funny! and the comment thread is even funnier :)

    Recent blog post: Rough Road in Rodriguez, Rizal
  • jan
    Pasensya na po, Ryan. Ganyan talaga kaming mga tambay - gising sa gabi,
    tulog sa araw. Kamusta ang Hong Kong? Ahahaha
  • yatot
    e di ba nga... nasa hongkong pa ako! tsaka im not like you na sumasali sa comment discussion at 2 o'clock in the morning eh... hahhaha... hindi ko kaya...
  • elmot
    ano ba to, puro kayo sex change dito, nasubrahan at si doc z sa pagkapa ng bukol ehehhe!

    Recent blog post: Beware: Manny Pacquiao is a Spook!
  • Zorlone
    I can teach you the five Fs of masses (bukol) Hek hek hek!


    Recent blog post: Friendly Betrayal
  • elmot
    and our next goal if i may, is to find a hot momma for you,e hhee! would that be just fine my spiritual director? eheh!

    Recent blog post: Weekend Treat With Fiascos, Comic Judge and Crazy Stuffs
  • elmot
    ehhehe! pinag uusapan ka namin ni jan, ehehe! pang hila na chikas ang killer smile mo kasi... tingnan mo si todo ngiti,e hehe!

    Recent blog post: Don't Tell Me I Don't Value My Family!
  • elmot
    and roy as i learned lately is taking all our jokes seriuosly, ehehe!

    and it surprised me indeed! roy is trailing here, he is all over. eheh!

    Recent blog post: They Are No Angels Either!
  • elmot
    ehehe! don't worry roy, i have been so amused of your pang chochorva sa kaharian ni reyna, and it so funny!!!!

    paturo ka ng ibang tips kay Z, sa pagiging comedian...lalo na sa mga tungkol sa bukol at kapaan, ehehe

    Recent blog post: They Are No Angels Either!
  • jan
    Wow, salamat naman! Kamusta na po kayo? I hope all is well these days. ",)
  • pmonchet
    To Jan and Roy, Congrats for being included in Reyna Elena's List of Top 10 emrging Influential blogs. Galing niyo!

    Recent blog post: Webpinas- My Web Host
  • Roy
    hahaha! I knew you would react, hehe... lucky me, you have a deadline today.

    I went to Dee's blog and I can't find a link there

    I'll just wait for her email... or your tweet, whichever comes first ;)
  • jan
    So it has come down to this. Porke alam ni Dee ang email address mo.
    Bakit Dee? Anong meron si Roy na wala ako? Paki eksplika nga. Otherwise,

    I'd slap you a restraining order so Roy will not get THAT email.

    Power play pala ha, Roy? Darn! I can't compete with you, Roy. I have a

    post to write today. Bummer!

    Ahahaha. Pasensya na mga apo. Privelege ko yan. Kayo na ang maging LJ! ",)
  • Roy
    Hi Dee!

    I'm glad you like them. I don't know really. One friend once told me, "why do you always want to create a problem on everything?" because I ask a lot of questions on even the trivial thing lol

    So Luke's finally having a blog. Great! You know my email addy, email me. I want to beat Jan to it :-D
  • jan
    Ahahaha. That's great news, Dee. It's very appropriate it's you who broke
    it to me. So where is it? I've gotta be the first commenter noh?!

    Thank you, thank you. You made me very happeee! Ahahaha.
  • Dee
    @Roy: Great list! I'm impressed with what you came up. How did you do that? Or better yet, what did you eat for breakfast 'coz me wants some of that too. :-D

    @Jan: Luc's no-blog days are over! Hays!

    Recent blog post: My Bible And A Couple Of Rants
  • Roy
    of course, hindi naman mag-a-approve ng sablay no

    with precautions pa rin
  • jan
    *flash of insight - kazzam*
    Ahahaha. All is good then, Papa Roy. Yun naman pala eh. Tricks of the trade.

  • jan
    "That's why when nobody is looking, I approve an expired card."
    You're one cool dude, Roy! Ahahaha
  • Roy
    Hi Badet

    I used to work in the bank, and I hate that policy. That's why when nobody is looking, I approve an expired card. I believe it is in fact a more binding proof of the person's identity
  • Roy
    Sorry Jan, I can't do that

    Even in my "most smilingest" it would have the same effect...

    that's why I'm good at throwing punchlines, people thinks I'm always serious :-D
  • jan
    Oh, I'm mulling it over. ",) But can I do that? Include myself in the
    list? Di ba parang bad form iyon? Dyahe. lol
  • jan
    Which reminds me, Roy. We're talking about you behind your back - is it not
    the national past time? - and Elmot and I agreed you need to update your

    blog picture. A more smiling Roy needs to be showcased. Well, you know,

    for the chicks factor.

    You didn't ask for it, but you've got LJ's blessings! You're a widower

    after all. Ahem
  • jan
    Hi Badet,
    Thanks for dropping by! As for me, I have this strange suspicions about

    ATM. I can't figure them out, except of course the part about withdrawing

    cash from them. If not for the long lines at the bank, I will have

    preferred transacting with a teller, especially one with a wondrous smile.

  • Badet
    Re: PIN Number, TIN Number, etc...

    Same goes with ATM Machine, when in fact the last letter to the acronym is machine.

    That's a good point on expired IDs, I always have difficulty opening bank accounts since they only accept 2 government issued IDs and my company ID does not count. They don't accept my PRC license because it's expired na daw.

    Recent blog post: Cheap accomodations in Hongkong
  • Roy
    "undergoing scheduled maintenance"

    nabitin pa ako, gusto ko pa namang mabasa latest mo sa "enough is enough" :-D
  • Roy

    mukhang interesting ang latest blog post mo a

    I think I'll check it out ;)

    Recent blog post: Viral Marketing - at whose expense?
  • Roy

    mukhang interesting ang latest blog post mo a

    I think I'll check it out ;)

    Recent blog post: Viral Marketing - at whose expense?
  • Roy

    I'm all smiles already in those pictures! :-D

    Recent blog post: Viral Marketing - at whose expense?
  • earthlingorgeous
    Off-topic, I think you should make your own list of Top 10 emerging blogs you have a lot of good bloggers you write about in here. But don't forget to include yours :) I'm a fan! :)

    Recent blog post: Nuffnang Philippines Poor Blogger Relations
  • Roy

    that should be "We're" and not "Where"

    no wonder it doesn't sound good... it doesn't still?
  • Roy
    yes, I actually can testify with that. with you just say PIN or TIN, they're staring at you because they think you're not yet finished talking... they are waiting for the 'number' lol
  • Roy
    yes, I actually can testify with that. with you just say PIN or TIN, they're staring at you because they think you're not yet finished talking... they are waiting for the 'number' lol
  • Roy
    hey, I'm just a contributor, your still the host.

    you can always comments in your blog, besides you have to gaze through 13 constellations before you can find me. so, it's really a good idea not to wait for me :)
  • Roy
    there is actually a twist to that, which I'm sure you already know..."the last one who laughs... didn't get the joke" :-D

    I'm curious though, how to apply "buy one, take one" in a SPA business... but a line entered my min...

    "Need to relax? Where here to give you a helping hand..."

    uh-oh, doesn't really sound right, does it?
  • jan
    Thanks, DiTesco. There are only two so far, my guest writers. But I'm extremely happy with both. That will do as I'm getting tired of saying I have discriminating taste. Ahahaha.

    Roy, pasensya ka na. Inunahan kita pagsagot kay diTesco. Special child kasi ito, dapat entertain agad. Baka magtantrums. :)
  • DiTesco
    As always, it appears that I am the last one to comment, lol. But you know they have a saying here in Portugal, "the last one who laughs, laughs best"... Wonder if this means anything to you and Roy.

    I really had an excellent relaxation time while reading this post. It is great and makes us think about our "marketing" techniques:) I might just implement the "Buy One, Take One" on my SPA and see how it goes, hehehe Thanks Jan for bringing in another quality writer

    Recent blog post: Blogs.mu - An Alternative To Blogger and Wordpress?
  • Holly
    Jan, I think you're missing something here - everything you just said could applied to NATIVE, U.S. born speakers of English. Well, you know this; you have many languages and dialects in the Philippines. Now, imagine that in a country the size of the U.S.

    "You" is the proper form of address when speaking to a number of people. But depending on what part of the country you're in, it's "you," "you guys," "youse guys," "you'ens," or "y'all." And I'm sure I missed a few. It's still English and readily understood, but usage varies - care in speaking and writing "correctly" varies a LOT - and we get the same results here. I really have been known to correct signs and menus with a Sharpie (permanent marker). Some of these phrases are colorful and imaginative; some are careless and reveal a complete lack of thought; some are merely typos. All languages evolve this way. When I was in college, I learned that (supposedly) the English of the colonists remained truer to the mother tongue far longer than the English in England.

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 11, 2009)
  • jan
    You've got Holly. I've got Roy. The symmetry in the cosmos is thus restored. I'm now appeased. Akala mo ha! Ahahaha.

    I was half-joking, half-hoping when I left a comment on Roy's blog. Good if he heard me. Not so bad, if he ignored it - he's got wonderful reasons not to humor me with a guest posts. Thirteen big reasons after all.

    I felt like I had a second birthday celebration yesterday when an email from Roy greeted me. And with a document attached! Well, you know the rest. I did not tell you in our chat session.

    I wanted this to be a surprise. Gotcha??

    Ahahaha. Beh!
  • jan
    The one showing in your icon is a heart-shaped American flag. Di ba may gravatar ka? I wonder why it's not showing. It should though.

    Ahahaha. Thank you, Bingkee. Typepad has me jumping through hoops before I can finally post comment in your blog. Perhaps that's where my inspired comment came from? :) But it's all good now. I made sure - I refused leaving the site until I saw the evidence of my outburst in your comment section. Ahahaha.

    Oo nga, trouble is, I'm not too businessman type mold. lol
  • jan
    We have a special fascination with the quirkiness of the English language, Holly. It's not our native tongue. We have a weird way of communicating, most of us. We first think in our native language Filipino, then we translate our thoughts into English - the best way we know how.

    So the results? You can either be happy with the comic turns of those English phrases. Or you get murderous if you're a great defender of the purity of the English language.

    I take the middle road. I love how Filipinos put a special spin on English. It's comic, it's laugh out loud funny. And of course exasperating too in a formal setting when all you want is for everything to be perfect - but it doesn't work out that way at all, of course. Screw ups have special powers, insinuating themselves into moments when all we aspire for is to speak or write elegantly - to be impressive or at least to be taken seriously.

    But we smile through it all. We call this Filipino English. It's a strange beast saddled with baggage of the many strange, delicious, ridiculous and yes even some sublime take on your beautiful language.
  • Bingkee
    Sure Jan...you want me to repost them in your blog for your readers too?
    I am very touched by your recent comment in "Best Mother" post. Galing mo ng sumulat, magaling ka rin mag-comment. That's why special na special ka sa akin.....mag-negosyo na lang tayo ....kung may pera sana ako....hahahah!

    Paano ba maglagay ng pic dito sa comment system mo?
  • elmot
    wow! SO THIS IS IT! kaya pala ha...wow, and you have roy over here big bro. he is a big fish, you twisted his arm? ahaha

    gling naman ng mga iyan... wait, guilty ako sa mga crimes na yan, pero minsan lg.

    congrats jan...and for roy too!

    roy, smile naman dyan....eheh!
  • jan
    That's a startling sign. Flush twice - otherwise it might make you flush a
    few more. And that surely will be wasteful.

    I guess you would have found a lot employment opportunities in Istanbul. ",)
  • jan
    Hahaha. Good point.
  • Holly
    Weren't most of those early games written by fourteen year olds? ;)
  • Holly
    He also gets a little testy over things like "110%"

    Despite their literal inaccuracy, though, these phrases do clearly communicate an idea. They're widely understood. And despite our wishes, sometimes, language does evolve. It always has. No doubt, given how widespread and varied its speakers are, English will evolve in interesting ways.
  • Holly
    How about "PIN code" or "TIN code"?
  • Holly
    In the airport in Istanbul, it says "To conserve water, flush twice." That left me scratching my head, but apparently these were low pressure toilets that wouldn't effectively flush anything, um, solid unless they were flushed twice. So once MIGHT do...

    Again, a good tech writer could have eliminated the confusion. And I think a public restroom is NOT the place to leave people confused.
  • jan
    Yeah, Luke. That's the correct term. "To let." :)
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hi. Could it be that let in "to let" is related to lease? I read a contract once which said "The lessor agrees to let the premises to the lessee". Well, just a guess. *DONT_KNOW*
  • jan
    I used to have office mates who asked me every time they wanted to try speaking in English, "Hey, Jan, tama ba ang English ko?"

    Of course, I'd say, yeah you're doing well. Or occasionally correcting some lapses.

    Until napaghalata ko na ginugudtime ako. Bat ba laging mali mga English ng mga hinayupak na ito. Ahahaha. They're just pulling my leg pala. Mga bwisit na yun. :)

    And those that don't and can't express themselves well in English? Ah, those have a special place in my heart. Not because I take perverse pleasure in correcting them or making it known that I'm better. I am not. Not by a long shot, I tell you. Their strengths lie somewhere else. And I can't even begin to duplicate what they're capable of.

    They're dear too me because - wala lang - eh nakakaalis ng pagod un mga expressions nila.

    "Asan yun supervisor natin?"

    "Over there in the field." By field, they meant the work place - making rounds or inspections.

    Hay, there are lots of those gems. I should have listed them all in a journal or something. But that's how it is - wala pa namang blogging nun.

    We keep in touch though. By SMS. And their texts are a riot. Classic cases. Maybe I should start saving them, too. Hahaha
  • Silver
    Iba lang ang pagkakaintindi ng isang yun sa plywood. That's all I can see. hehehe...

    pero di ko mapigilang tumawa. anyways, i dont have any problems with barriotic english kasi they always make my day happy and as long as nagegets ko ang sinasabi nila - that will be fine with me. I am not a murderous grammar nazi kasi. hahaha...
  • Lemuel Ponce
    nice discussion here, parang forum sa isang website.... roy's post is very entertaining, one would not notice since we see them everyday... i just have 2 comments:

    better half- said when mentioning a wife or a husband. so the word "better" depends on who is saying the word. i guess no one would say he or she is the "lesser" one

    pin/tin number- yes redundant, but if you just say pin or tin, people would just stare at you blank.

  • jan
    That must be an expensive plywood! How much daw o? Bakit kaya tayo ganito ano?

    Malaki ba talaga ang hinanakit natin sa USA at kay Shakespeare? We are a peace loving people, di ba? Pero may murderous strain din pala tayo? hehehe. Bumabawi sa language ng dayuhan! lol
  • jan
    I bet Filipinos ang nag put up ng sign kaya naging barriotic un English. hahaha. Baka mapanghi un apartments kaya "TOLET" ang sign? Ahahaha.

    I can't still get over my euphoria (ahem)- you chose me in your top ten. Sure, you got the whole chicken pen from RE, BUT. But it's the thought that counts! Ahahaha. I'd be on the lookout for RE hanggang ngayon yata hinahanap yun mga manok niya sa kural. lol

    Thanks, buddy!
  • jan
    It's your fault. You don't come here anymore. Try dropping in occasionally huh? We miss your laughter and light touch here, buddy. ",)
  • jan
    Well, Well, well! "You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid." Ahahaha. That's great - a classic. I bet a Filipino said that or I will be extremely disappointed. :)

    Ah, bummer. Okay, I'm slacking off, I know. I'd scribble something, Jena. :)
  • jan
    Ah, that means, I'm correct in choosing Roy for a guest posting stint here. I'm glad you love it. :)
  • jan
    It's sounds ugly, but people dropper appeals to me. Maybe it's the untended perverse side of me talking here. :)
  • jan
    It might? Oh, bummer. Di bale, go na lang. As long as we're enjoying ourselves. Ahahaha :)
  • Silver
    I always find myself giggling whenever I see funny signs here in the Philippines. Recently, I found one in our pueblo, saying "Flywood for Sale". Flywood actually meant to be PLYWOOD. :D

    Recent blog post: Dare to Ask: Do You Think that the Philippines is Really Sh*t Poor??
  • Roy
    Hi Jena!

    I was fortunate that Jan allowed to put my signature in his blog... I guess he doesn't realize what's coming to him :-D
  • Roy
    I followed the link you gave, yes, I think I have encountered them before

    although the second group were rather new to me.

    thanks! now I have a chance to save them.
  • Roy
    how can I argue with that kind of reply?! :-D

    in fairness, it's not too many times I encountered 'Press ENTER to exit' then

    but they were mostly found in games
  • Roy
    lol I love your reply :)

    I hear "double redundancy" more often lately

  • Roy
    I believe I also heard someone said 'almost exactly'
  • Holly
    "God bless" is short for "May God bless you." Implicit in that is, "if it is His will." So it might be presumptuous to say, "God blesses," even if it is grammatically correct.

    The act of turning a verb into a noun is called "nominalization." To change a noun into a verb is called "verbification."

    You might also enjoy this site.Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 11, 2009)
  • Lee
    hahaha naku jan naalala ko tuloy nung nasa south asia ako, instead of posting "for rent" dun sa mga appartments they put "TOLET" which usually they use even in England i heard(dunno never been there yrt)im so supet tanga to think, what was that? what was the meaning of tolet?means toilet???hahaha what a stupid me. :-[

    Recent blog post: Pinoy New Bloggers, ang aming mga manok...
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hahaha, galing naman. You all deserve dark chocolates. :) Yes, you are correct. Combining the comments would make a lengthy post. And this is getting to be a forum. I should check on that. Whether that will compromise Jan's blog's SEO.
  • dede
  • yatot
    waahahhaha... very funny post... it reminds me of myself and my grammar nazi nature! whahhahaha... =-X
  • Jena Isle
    Ay saya ninyo ha. Pasali; I thought at first it was Jan on the "keyboard", si Roy pala. This is an amusing post. What about " kung hindi mo makikita, makikita mo?" ..okay. English pala....Let me see, This sign was seen in a Japanese Hotel: "You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid". This is from the internet.

    Let me contribute something original, these words : God bless!

    The noun is singular so shouldn't it be "God blesses"? he he he...or "good read" , read is a verb made into a noun, so shouldn't that be "good article" etc. he he he.

    Btw Jan, what about your guest posting in my blog and the book?

    Recent blog post: A Life Worth Living - 17th Article for the Inspirational Book
  • Zorlone
    Blog Commenter Extraordinaire, Luke is. Priviledged to have visits on your site he has. Envy, I might have for him. hmmm...

    Dark chocolates as well, I desire to have.

    From the dark side, I shall explore my options found only.


    Recent blog post: Number one at Woof, but not in poetry :(
  • Zorlone
    if you combine the first comment you made and the rest of the discussions here, then that would have been a lengthy post on it's own. wouldn't you agree? :)

    Recent blog post: Number one at Woof, but not in poetry :(
  • Zorlone
    This doesn't look like a comment section anymore. It's a forum! LOL :-P

    Recent blog post: Number one at Woof, but not in poetry :(
  • Zorlone
    A barangay captain still holds a position worth following. don't say "lang." haven't you learned from the commercials yet? hehehe. ;)

    Oh, si ReynaElena nga naman ang tunay na royalty. I have just been a lurker on HER site.


    Recent blog post: Number one at Woof, but not in poetry :(
  • xprosaic
    Hey Jan! At first, I was surprised to see a picture in one of your post so I was intrigued.. when I read your article I was laughing my butts off... simply because it was true. And most of it I already argued before... but it's nice knowing someone else has the same predicament as what I had before...only better! hahahahhaha :-D

    Recent blog post: Sky Experience Adventure
  • Holly
    I don't think I've ever seen the parking sign rendered incorrectly; I've only seen “No parking on either side.” Or, more commonly, "No parking." Which, incidentally, is the derivation of my friend's Web site name: "King Nopa"

    I was hoping you'd object to the spelling of "thru" in "drive-thru." Some of these, you do drive through - at least you drive through the equivalent of a small carport. Perhaps they designed them that way just so you wouldn't quibble.

    In the U.S., we call it an elevator. Of course, that means the same thing. Perhaps if we'd called it a "People Dropper" it would've had nasty connotations?

    Better half doesn't need the hyphen. And speaking as the better half, your point would be...?

    Sunrise/sunset: If this is ethnocentric, it must've been very confusing for the British Empire, once upon a time. But really, it does appear to rise - from the speaker's point of view, and to "go down" or set as it becomes dark. I think this one's fairly reasonable; all the alternatives I can think of would be awkward and convoluted.

    Help: Wanted - obviously just a typo. It's "Help Wanted." Without the colon, it's clear enough. I'll bet you carry a Sharpie for just such occasions, don't you? It's okay - you're among friends.

    Redundancy and unnecessary repetition bug me, too.

    Press ENTER to exit? They just needed better technical writers. "Press the ENTER key to terminate the program" - oh, wait, that implies we're going to send a hit man after the software application. Very dated expression, too. "Press the ENTER key to close the program" works well.

    You've probably read this - if not, I think you'd like it.

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 8, 2009)
  • Holly Jahangiri
    One of my dad's pet peeves was the expression "almost exactly." How can something be "almost exactly"?

    Recent blog post: Learn Something New Every Day (May 8, 2009)
  • Brad Shorr
    Great stuff - If you go to the ATM machine and forget your PIN number, you've committed a double redundancy, or a ... quadundancy?

    Recent blog post: Social Media Squeeze Endangers Midsized Firms
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hahaha. I'll tickle you to submission. :-D
  • jan
    Hahaha. Small time barangay captain lang ito, Doc Z. Ang royalty nasa palasyo ni Reyna Elena. :)
  • jan
    Hi Doc Z,

    Luke is my Blog Commenter Extraordinaire. He can take as much space as he wants.

    Not everyone is as privileged to have visit/visitation from the Dark Side. Perhaps this will explain my partiality to Luke.

    There's no light at the end of the tunnel yet. Can't even see if there are dark chocolates waiting for me at the end of it.

    But! Sterner stuff my faith is made of. See his stranglehold even in my speech? :)
  • jan
    I would have opted for galaxy, but I had to curb my enthusiasm. Someone might just go for my throat if I do that. ",)
  • jan
    About Roy: Only one thing I can say - my taste is sublime. Di ba papa Roy?

    About Luke: Matagal ko nang sinusuyo si Luke. Let him be muna. Nagpapataas pa ng presyo. He's hedging his bet in a period of economic downturn. Maybe there's some merit in doing that. But this eludes me for the moment.

    Luke, I'm just kidding you. Remember, I have come up nicely in society. I have a security guard at the premises already. Ahahaha
  • jan
    Ay sayang, we could have woven some of them in. Pero next time na lang, Viviene. Sa part 3. :)
  • jan
    "Sunset and sunrise are usually used to mark passage of time not an event."

    Cool! Go, go, go - Luke.

    Roy, don't go for a sex change as Luke advised. Konting tiis muna, apo. It will invalidate your ID. :)
  • Zorlone
    Forgive me your highness... I didn't mean to intrude. Ako na po ang eescort sa mga kokontra. :(

    Recent blog post: Number one at Woof, but not in poetry :(
  • jan
    Toink! That's a classic! For Pete's sake, you forgot to put that in? Hmmmp, ang daya! Ahahahaha
  • jan
    Excuse me, I have the right of first refusal, people. Luke has not actually signed on the dotted line.

    But for every one's peace of mind I suggest Luke had better make his guest post appearance here.

    Take it or leave it, guys. Ahahaha.

    Guard! Paki-escort sa labas ang kokontra. :) :)
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hahaha, that is just like a multiple choice exam. :D
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    No, it's not. :) I won't destroy blog of friends. Just their comment section. ahehehe 8-)
  • Zorlone
    So, are we going to team up and invite Luke to guest here? Perhaps a short story or poem at my site? Or at Roy's? Or a post at elmot's? Take your pick Luke.

    Z O:-)

    Recent blog post: Number one at Woof, but not in poetry :(
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hi, Doc Z. hahaha, yeah, that was long. Because I can only see part of it when writing, I think it is still short. After submitting... =-O
  • Roy
    To be honest Z,I have always wanted to be a comedian...

    unfortunately, nobody takes me seriously :(

    Luke as guest blogger? Now, there's a great idea!

    Recent blog post: Bloggers Connection: Elmot
  • Roy
    yes, I remember parkways, and some other words, like shipments which doesn't come via ship and cargos which doesn't come via car :-D

    Recent blog post: Bloggers Connection: Elmot
  • Roy
    and this reminds of the escalator too, you escalate to go up... you escalate to go down too? :-D

    Recent blog post: Bloggers Connection: Elmot
  • Roy
    how could have I missed pork and beans?! actually I have deciphered that mystery as soon as I learned the singular/plural form of nouns

    great answer on the sunrise/sunset, although I would contest that not all have that same reckoning on the words

    yes, I guess they do take the stairs to go down :-D

    Drive-thru, I do observed some having roofs, but not really exactly covering the entire vehicle. Most only covers the side of the stores. Although there were some with complete roofing all around the store

    Recent blog post: Bloggers Connection: Elmot
  • Roy
    "a constellation of 12 blogs"

    I love that line!

    Recent blog post: Bloggers Connection: Elmot
  • Zorlone
    Ah ha! This is so pinoy! he he he! I should have kept the pictures i got from a friend of mine who loves taking pictures of signs (we pinoys make).

    Jan, you chose a comedian for a guest writer. You know what they say about comedians? (please don't make me site the source, it's from some English article online ;)). They are very intelligent.

    Roy, you are very keen! You are more than meets the eye.

    Luke, read your comment. It looked like a post on it's own.

    Going back to Jan, is Luke your next guest blogger?



    Recent blog post: Number one at Woof, but not in poetry :(
  • Bingkee
    I have about 3 posts that makes a list of similar English phrases like these. It's actually listed on my "Most Popular Posts" on the sidebar.
    But I would like to add; some highways here are called "parkways" . Nobody parks in the parkway.

    Recent blog post: THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Ay, pahabol. Hehehe

    Not only lift. Also, elevator refers to only go up or elevate. *DONT_KNOW*

    And other half is not synonymous with spouse. It is usually used by one spouse referring to the other. Also when referring to one spouse in relation to the other. Well, maybe.
  • Lucrecio Emerito
    Hahaha. Funny list, Roy.

    These might be some excuses to some of the above. But of course not to all. Anyway, the ff are just guesses: ;)

    Buy one, take one - You are right. Understandable but easy for the merchant to escape. Just like pork and beans. Don't ask why there is only one pork. :)

    No parking on both sides - If your English teacher said it's wrong, I won't complain. =-X

    Drive-thru - Well, maybe they are thinking the roof at the counter and the post supporting it at the right as part of the store. So, you are driving thru a part of the store.

    The Lift - Perhaps they only use it to go up and use the stairs to go down? :-D

    If one is the better half, the other must be the ordinary half. *DONT_KNOW*

    Sunset and sunrise are usually used to mark passage of time not an event.

    Help: Wanted - They should immediately call 911!

    PIN/TIN/LPG - No excuse I guess.

    The ID thing - yeah, the privilege can expire but for identifying, it should still be valid. Unless they are thinking that maybe the address has changed... or you had a name change... or a sex change... :-P which they think would not be reflected as the ID is old.

    Yes I used DOS. But I was fortunate that applications I used said press Esc to exit. :-D
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