March Top Commentator Update

by Jan Geronimo on March 30, 2009

Joji Kato (JPN) at a World Cup in Thialf (Heer...Image via Wikipedia

Here’s an update on those in the running for top commentator award for March which will end tomorrow. As of 8:20 pm today, here are the figures:

1. Yatot - 21
2. Elmot and Roy - 16
3. Dee - 14
4. Joji - 12
5. Bingkee - 10
6. Fifi- 10
7. Lemuel -9
8. Adrian - 8
9. Earthlingorgeous - 7
10. Petit and diTesco - 5

The top commentator widget on the sidebar sums up the last 500 comments made on this blog. This means if the total comments made for March is less than 500, this widget poaches on the comment count in February. That sucks right? But I will have to make do with it until I find a widget that can be configured to reflect the monthly comments made on a blog.

As you can see, I made a tally of the scores by hand a la Comelec. Pshaw, I should be on Twitter but here I am doing my little assignment. :) Which leaves me no choice but to ask you – do you have something to recommend? Please feel free to suggest a trick to make this a less bloody exercise.

Fifi, do you have a blog? Perhaps you want to share it with us? You can always start one, you know.

I’m also asking your recommendation for a popular post widget that’s applicable in Blogger. Maybe you can help me out on that, too.

At stake for March top commentator award is a book. No, it’s not Kama Sutra. Do you fancy John Grisham? Or perhaps John le Carre. Take your pick. It’s a modest gift for now, dear friends. It’s something I set aside from my modest salary. Lol. I hope that sufficiently explains it.

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  • Jan
    @Fifi: Okay, added to my shopping list. :) Well, that's perfect. Just tell me the grand opening or the blog launch. lol. We will be there.

    Have you considered the other free hosted platforms like looks cool, too - if you're not concerned with monetization. is not so bad looking either.
  • fifi
    yeah, that book also by marquez. was told that it was among his best works. :) aba, demanding... i am starting a blog jan, in between cramming and feeding tibby, i will give it a shot. chos! drama. lol.
  • Jan
    @Fifi: It's by Garcia Marquez, this Chronicles of a Death Foretold? Well, okay, duly noted then. :)
  • fifi
    hey, have you watched that movie (love in the time of cholera)? it really tried its best to be consistent with the book. love that book, kaya jan, chronicles of a death foretold na lang because i haven't read that pa! lol.
  • Jan
    @elmot: We will about that. Sure, that's one terrific novel. I love Garcia Marquez, too. I'll buy it. Pero I'll read it first. hahaha. Joke!
  • elmot
    ei jan, ill be next on the top slot, ehehe!

    padre yatot is a certified rabid commentator.

    how about love story during the time of cholera? am i right?

  • Jan
    @Fifi: I might not have updated it yet when you checked. Yup, there's a winner already. And it's Yatot. :)
  • fifi
    so have you declared the winner yet? haha!
  • Jan
    @joji: Not dearth of words. Limited blogging time, I think. :)
  • jojigirl number is 4. That's some accomplishment for the person who is usually dearth of words. Nice to know that my inputs were worth counting, hehe.
  • Jan
    @Dee: :) Should have checked in my incoming comments. If you're subscribed to this comment, I'd like to say you still have an hour to close the gap. lol

    @Fifi: Now, it's less than hour to go. Nope, no tally yet. I've been tweeting as it is non-posting day today. hahaha.
  • Dee
    Uh-oh, I should have done my best to land the first place! I would really want to get a new Grisham or Le Carre. I'll sure do my best next month. :D
  • fifi
    omg, it's 2 hours before 12 mn. any final tally yet?
  • Jan
    @Roy - I quite agree with Yatot, but then some off-topic comments will pass through - unfair for those who stayed on topic.

    Really? That's a nice compliment although you did not intend it to sound like one. :)

    You're still the shy type,the only exception I know is when you're in the company of burgers and that sexy woman in the video you posted. :)
  • Roy
    Yatot's suggestion is the most logical one at this, while you can't find the monthly comment counter you're looking for.

    never thought I already have that much comments here...

    and I always thought I was the shy type :)
  • Jan
    @Petit: It says so in my manual count. :)
  • Petit
    oh? really? kasali ako? wheee...unbelievable.
  • Jan
    @Fifi: Splendid book, 100 Days of Solitude...

    Oh, I love threats. I have a healthy respect for threats. I've threatened once that I'd win Feb top commentator award in Jaypee's site. And I did win. Of course, it cost me a lot. But it was fun. :)
  • fifi
    a friend bought that book (100 days) on a sale, i borrowed it and she never claimed it back. hihihi... any book would do, jan, really. it's not like im gonna win this contest this month anyway (*sigh*). :) but who knows next month? humanda!
  • Jan
    @xprosaic: It's just a monthly thing. Otherwise, I wouldn't have patience for it. :)
  • I am Xprosaic
    Nice! manual counting... You do have lots of patience! jijijijiji...
  • Jan
    @fifi: I bought these books a month ago. Sure, I'd look up your suggestions. I have One Days of Solitude at home, but that copy is for me. lol.

    Oh, we love revealing stuff, Fifi. It's our cup of tea. :)

    @yatot: Is that foolproof? Well, let me consult first the Department of Useless Statistics on this problem. :)

    @bingkee: Really. hehehe. Welcome to the club. I'm doing the manual count too because I'm weeding out comments that are not on topic.
  • bingkee
    I made it again. Well, I cannot recommend anything . I also do it by manual counting.
  • yatot
    i have a suggestion to you to prevent manual count of comments every month... since you have the widget on the side... why dont you just write down the previous month's overall tally and subtract it to the current month's overall tally and the difference will be the current month's tally... that will be easier to do instead of checking all the comments and counting them one by one... hehhee... just my thought to make life easier...
  • fifi
    how about gabriel garcia marquez's chronicle of a death foretold or laura esquivel's like water for chocolate? my then boss gave me money when i left work to buy any of those titles because i have been bugging him about them (i read ebooks instead so he won't find out that i didnt buy the books).

    my mom's into grisham so we might have that at home (ahem!). i'll make do with a le carre, though. lol. feeling ko naman ako ang winner!

    i'll update my blog so it wont be too mushy or too revealing, the posts there sound like they have been culled from the pages of my diary and read by someone when i'm racing for my last breath while fixed on my deathbed.

    now, let me go back to reviewing for my upcoming exam and get through with it...

    you see, i only have one whole day of catching up to do so i could clinch the number 1 spot of your blog commentators for the month of march! lol.
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