Warning: Are You a Caveman Blogger?

by Jan Geronimo on June 21, 2009

Image by jamingray via Flickr

Here’s my fool-proof way of making my favorite blogs shoo-ins for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009.  Hear me out, guys.

Off-tangent:  My French maid will attest that my blood pressure has returned to normal levels  since my last post.  In short, I’m fit to make a fool of myself once again.  Hold on to your seats,  guys.

World Domination Blueprint

I will harness the sheer voting power of Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro to catapult, for example adopted son Rob Angeles and nine other bloggers to the winners’ circle.  Wait, my French maid had given me a note.  “What!  I’m the lone blogger of Pinamalayan?  WTF.”

Okay, Plan B.  I will harness the sheer voting muscle of Oriental Mindoro.  Okay, here comes the French maid again.  Guys, the note says, “Only you and Buraot of Naujan are Mindoro-bred.”  Darn.  Foiled again.

Regional voting

Okay, for the last time – I will harness the humongous voting block of Southern Tagalog Region.  Ah, that will keep my French maid busy for an hour or two.

Seriously, is this your idea of helping your friends achieve some measure of success – at least through this writing project?

Are you nuts?

Are you fools?

Strut your stuff on the world stage

This is the Information Age, guys.  What are you – still living in caves?  At this very moment, my good friend Dan Miranda – all of 13 years old – is stamping his unique uberness on the world stage, impressing even the likes of Darren Rowse to make him a guest blogger in TwiTip.  That was weeks ago.  Think  what this passionate young blogger has achieved since then.

But what are you doing?  You’re doing bird calls to your fellow cavemen so you can band together in a vain attempt to make a good showing for your candidates.  Crap.

The folly of regionalism

If that is the only weapon in your arsenal, let me ask you this:  what will you think if I round up  50 cavemen in Oriental Mindoro, sign up each of them a blogger account, write a post for each of them with only 10 blogs from my region, and submit it to Ms. Janette Toral?

Who’s stopping me?  You can’t.  My 10 candidates surely meet the cut-off date requirement.  The blogs of my 50 cavemen surely are eligible to vote.

Are you shaking yet in your breeches?

Are you salivating yet?

Be regionalistic, if that’s your cup of tea.  It’s not mine.

Because I am not a caveman anymore.

Are you?

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  • incidentally, i happen to be from mindoro too. so that makes us three mindoro-bred bloggers. :P

    hi mr. geronimo. (i purposely hid out here so no one would find out that little bit of info i revealed just now.)

    love your writing. cheerios!
  • Oh, that's wonderful, deejay. Who would have thought! But why are you anxious about your origin? Our province is not too shabby, right? Is it me and my rep you've a problem with? Ahahaha. Don't bother answering that. It's just me saying I never thought blogging can be this frustrating and fun at the same time. :) Thanks a lot for dropping by, deejay. :)
  • i'm not anxious about my origin, jan. but as it is, i'm still trying (vainly) to keep my identity under wraps (which incidentally you seem to have found out - how in heaven's name?!? - but please don't answer that here.) hehehe. :P
  • Not to worry, Deejay, you can count on me on that score. :)
  • Roy
    aahhh... it's nice to look back at this post now Jan... how's your French maid?

    is already friend with Inday?
  • Hey, what are you up to, Roy? Hehehe. Why is it I get paranoid when
    someone goes deep into my archives? :)

    My French maid is asking for desktop pc of her own. She's talking about
    missing her Facebook friends. I have to let her go if she pursues it, I
    guess. Ahehehe. This little story is getting a life of its own huh? lols
  • hi jan, this is the blog post i was talking about.


    tabi tabi po sa regine fans. :)
    .-= nobe´s last blog ..SPEAK SOFTLY =-.
  • Just like Darbs, I also did not understand the post at first. But again, just like Darbs, I'd like to say that it's not because of your writing, Jan. I think it's more because of some happenings about this contest that I'm not privy of. Anyway, nakuha ko rin sa katagalan by reading the comments. Siguro, it's just that the blogging society here in the Philippines is still young and like any young society, it still has the barrio mentality? Dunno for sure.
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..The Seven Ancient Sciences =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Novz: Perhaps it's working because they can feel na I don't care if I don't make a convert out of them. I need it and I can live without it at the same time. Cara y cruz lang naman yan. Kahit maganda produkto kung hindi din naman nila gusto tabas ng pagmumukha ko, wala na, game over na ako. Nakakabulag pa rin naman ang lolo.

    Oh, there's a question I had not answered before. You asked something about Elmot. The two of can be still be called brothers. I'm the eldest, he's the youngest. So it's not too much of a stretch whenever I call him young bro. But it's up to Elmot. I can live with Itang or Itay. But of course sumakit ang tiyan ang huling tumawag sa akin ng ganyan. Hanggang ngayon naghahanap pa ng manggagamot. Ahahaha.

    @Elmot: Thanks, bro. Wala ka kasi, pinangahasan ko na mangampanya mag isa. Mabuti na lang madaling kausapin si Rey. May takot sa matanda. Ahahaha
  • Hi! I was having some problems accessing your blog for the past couple of days. Uhm. I still haven't figured out why.

    But I'm here now, and glad that I am!

    Your writing is awesome. You were right in saying in your profile that it is indeed your strongest suit. :D And because of that I am including you in my list of nominees for this year's (tada!) Emerging Influential Bloggers! Congrats!
  • wow! you made LJ very happy with your inclusion of his blog on your list. he is one uber blogger who deserves to get his due.
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..How A(N1H1) Could Ruin Your Day =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Hi Rey,

    I'm very happy you thought me qualified to join your elite list. Thanks, Rey.

    Quite frankly, I feel quite leery making a pitch every time I visit a new blog. It's an uncomfy feeling. Sounds artificial and at worst mercenary.

    But you've got a warm, friendly blog there. It helps us get over the importance of making a pitch. My friend Roy is right. If we're indeed influential - do we still need to sell ourselves?

    I'm truly happy, Rey. Very nice connecting with you. :)
  • Haha! True, selling yourself is not as "easy" as it sounds. :p
    And in that aspect I'm glad I'm no longer qualified to be nominated. Heheh! (Feeling ko lang may mag no nominate sakin. haha!)

    Glad you think my blog is warm and friendly! That's how I am in real life too! There's an occasional blog about politics or rants about lousy concerts, but all in all, I try to keep my blog "issues-free." :p
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Rey: You're not qualified anymore? Bummer. And just when I'm ready to ditch 4 uber blogs for you. Ahahaha.
  • Good points there Jan! Why sell right? True skill doesn't require any effort (crouching tiger?). LOL Ok, matutulog na talaga ako. Catch you later Jan!
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..How To Craft And Send Professional Email Messages =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    I'm a shy person with a foul mouth. I love subtlety but I can also be very direct. Alam mo naman modus operandi ko e.

    If I don't know a person very well, I don't gamble. I say directly what needed to be said. If I see an occasion for subtlety, I'd use it. Pa-effect eh.

    I know it feels like I'm selling myself. That can't be avoided. Remember - a call to action doesn't have to be confined to a blog post. Puede rin sa comment di ba? Ahahaha. O sa tweets. Conversation online has evolved into many forms and so does call to action.

    Of course, if I know what's good for me, I'd see to it I'm not all about getting the vote. I'm all about making friends. And that's not hard. Eh village gossip ako eh. I have to be everywhere the action is. Ahahaha.
  • Jan, you're a salesman, right? aha! subtle selling, and you got yourself a reader and a voter. when i grow up, i want to be like you!
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Manny Pacquiao and the 2010 Elections =-.
  • hahaha, Unfortunately and as you know, most of the people around me here in Portugal are Portuguese bloggers. Some of them even asked me why I am blogging in English. I told them that I wanted to be to able to reach a wider audience and while I am not participating in the "most influential bloggers", I would think that they will eventually give me support. Wait, my Portuguese maid just gave me a note, what, oh.. she said she'll set up a blog only to say 10 bloggers is not enough:) Maybe 11?
  • Jan Geronimo
    I always have a strange fascination with European maids. It's a titillating fantasy - a comeuppance of sort. Ahahaha.
  • Tribal loyalty kamo? In my blog, there were only 3 from my town who have left comments so far. Tribal loyalty - this won't surely be a voting advantage for a Mindanaoan even if Mindanaw is one big tribe itself. "Tribal wars" seem to be still running the archipelagic bloodline hehe.
    .-= dfish´s last blog ..Spelling God, spelling what i believe… =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Tribal fears - fire breathing dragons out there. Carnivorous dinosaurs. Carnivorous plants. Any tribe that lives beyond the demarcation line has to be regarded with extreme suspicion. Don't go out. Don't relish whatever great ideas they might have. Appreciate your own kind. Confine your reading to your own cave writings. It's the best.

    But hey, I think Davao has a great concentration of great bloggers. Just saying. I just hope they're kind to the rest of bloggers coming from other places in Mindanao.
  • french maid? may blog ba sya? that would be another voter. haha! there are plenty who have not voted yet. it's actually difficult to find ten unless you're that social in the blogosphere. as to multiply, it sends updates to those in the network. maybe only a few had tapped it. but then, most may not be bloggers.

    the easiest thing to do is nominate fellow cavemen in the same cave. "those who got blogs created may 2008 onwards, raise your clubs and show your teeth!"
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..Latest Fare Promos From PAL =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Novz: My maid only reads New Yorker magazine. She doesn't read blogs. She doesn't even watch television, for crying out loud. She says it's going to make her dumb. Ahahaha.

    "The easiest thing to do is nominate fellow cavemen in the same cave. “those who got blogs created may 2008 onwards, raise your clubs and show your teeth!”

    Cool! I mean - Ka-pow! Ahahaha
  • Interesting. I learned this the hard way. When I created my list, I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't change after 24 hrs. It's hard to be firm especially a lot of bloggers out there are good in giving value. Right Jan?
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Understanding The Basic Social Media Marketing Principle =-.
  • Hmmmm..Hey, saw my name up there. Do you really want to put me in a catapult? Interesting. I appreciate a picture of me sitting on a catapult. But I think there are more people out there, undiscovered and offers more value, who will be more worthy of it.

    When I created my cave, I really wasn't sure if it will be a communal cave. Though I carry the name of our mother cave, I have this goal of showcasing other foreign caves that we too "get it" and we are doing it right. But are we?
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..The Social Web Is Not Really That Social =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Rob: Are you volunteering to lessen my burden by taking your name off my short list? Ahahaha. Gentleman Rob. :)

    You've got an impressive communal cave, Rob. And I have a feeling you're getting it just right. Show 'em.
  • Ahhh the only problem I have is that my chosen path is not the "IN" thing to do and has a tendency to challenge the status quo. I know your familiar with communal caves. If one cave do indeed challenge the traditions, you are the bad banana and will often be called an elitist. But this is just my paranoid thinking.

    And yes, I am volunteering to lessen your burden. Go get them tiger! We all have our time and right stage. It's just a matter of proving its true value. And for some, they are just waiting for the right time to release their bankai.

    Damn it! Too much arabica!
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..How To Craft And Send Professional Email Messages =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Rob: The first paragraph of your comment just went pass right through me. There's something there that failed to register the first time I've read it... That's a very enigmatic comment, Rob. I'm intrigued with that statement. :)
  • Rob, it's me, remember? This is my pen name.

    Remember the song : "... we give and offer our loyalty...man for God and humanity...forever we will be....." etc. Yes, that one.

    If Elmot has a problem at work about blogspot , I have also a similar one - "Thou shall not divulge the name of your instituion in vain..." something to that effect. lol.

    Thanks to our most-esteemed writer, I met another Kabalen. Thanks, Jan!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..Blogs of Note =-.
  • I've been searching for some Cabalens lately and wasn't really that lucky. I got to know Roy and you. Sooner or later we will see them out there.

    And yes, Manny has a weird thinking about the institution. Tell him I miss his and would gladly put another hole in his tires.
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Understanding The Basic Social Media Marketing Principle =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Rob: That's a revelation, Rob. Don't know you have that skill. Well, this is the internet, Rob. A vast parking space does exist in the internet as far as the eyes can see. You'd find here lots of tires that are just begging to be punctured.

    Can I be your assistant in the puncturing business? Ahahaha. It appeals to my dark side. :)
  • Roy
    haha! that 'hole in his tires' caught my curiosity Rob... looks like you enjoyed your school days ;)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Salamat at Walang Anuman =-.
  • Well, Rob, Roy,

    I admire the man. I don't say this because of anything else. I say this because it's true. He has done many significant things that only good men can do. I salute him for this, and I respect their rules regarding online activities.
  • Yes, Manny the dark lord of the sith..I really love that guy!
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..How To Craft And Send Professional Email Messages =-.
  • Roy
    aha! now I got it!

    I know that Manny!

    He told me get out of his way once, while I was standing inside a hallway in the hospital
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Salamat at Walang Anuman =-.
  • Oh yes I did! Since he and his minions are fond of making are lives miserable by adhering to such and such, we had to express what we feel.
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Understanding The Basic Social Media Marketing Principle =-.
  • Really Rob?! Were you the one who made it to the Dean's list because of???? he he he...He's now into a greater, noble pursuit for the nation.

    Jan, you wouldn't mind if we reminisce here about the good old days? would you?
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..Blogs of Note =-.
  • hi, ninakaw ko muna ang blog header mo. kasi nasa top ten kita. :)


    .-= nobe´s last blog ..IN WEAKNESS =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Nobe: Are you sure you're not writing for telenobela? Pampelikula iyung lines na un sa itaas ah. Puede pagkakitaan. I suggest a movie director - si Joey Reyes. Para di masyadong sentimental. Light and witty. :)

    Sure. A new header is coming up. Got held up somewhere - maybe it's still being tweaked by the designer.

    Thanks for the nomination and putting me on your blog roll. You're in my blog roll, too. :)
  • ahihihi!
    .-= nobe´s last blog ..WHEN I SHOUT =-.
  • ikaw! ikaw pala ang matagal ko nang hinahanap.
    .-= nobe´s last blog ..IN WEAKNESS =-.
  • too bad flicker is blocked here in Dubai. sht. patawarin mo ako sa aking kapangahasan pero ser jan hindi ko makuha ang point mo sa caveman o baka mahina lang ako umintindi ng inggles. kung anu man e sa tingin ko ang mananlo sa emerging ay mga da bes talaga at sikat talaga at yung mga nangangampanya. may bumoto sa akin, isa lang ata haha. at least may isa. haha. caveman din ata katulad ko haha.

    ingat ser!
    .-= dencios´s last blog ..[88] Oras para sa Ehersisyo =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Flickr is banned? Or do you mean Twitter? Dencios, this writing project is just a meme with an attitude. In short, popularity contest lang ito. I'm not selling it short. It just is.

    Look at the quality of those cited. Many of them are excellent. But a lot of them? Mapapahiya kung ikukumpara sa blog mo. O sa blog ni Dfish. Or kay Rey Jr. Marami kasi nagpapadala sa kuyog mentality. Tayo tayo system.

    That's my take on cavemen mentality. Lawakan naman natin abot ng tingin natin. Porke ba taga Tawi Tawi ako halimbawa e pulos taga lugar na lang namin iboboto ko? Ganun ba ang merit? Nakaangkla ba ito sa isang pulo o rehiyon ng ating bansa?

    Magalit na sila. Mali talaga ito. So this early, I'm saying I will win or lose on popularity alone. Papogi points lang ito. A few brave souls bother with the question of merit. Pero marami ang hindi.

    I'm not saying my blog has merit. Relative naman ang appreciation ng merit eh. Wag na lang dagdagan ng kabalintuanan na ikukulong mo ang pamantayan sa aspeto ng rehiyonalismo. Mali. Maling mali.

    Bow. Ahahaha. Sus me, aga ng talumpati ko. Ano bah, bossing Dencios. :)
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Roy: Di ba ikaw ang magsusulat nung post na iyon about the selfishness of some bloggers? Pasensya na, I couldn't help but take a swipe at those flies. ahaha.

    @Doc Z - Naguguluhan ako sa comment section ko. :)

    Doc, I have decided which blogs to consider for my last slot. I have at least four in mind. The problem is that I'm conflicted about which one to pick among the four. Dati dalawa. Mas lumala kasi naging four strong contenders.
  • zorlone
    I have a feeling that I know one of those bloggers. LOL. O baka nagaasume lang ako. Por que may kesup ka lang e... hay...

    Don't worry Jan, your blog is fun to leave comments on. A lot of people hang out here. We are the lucky ones. To have a tambayan blog, how col is that?

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..WOOF Contest – Top Picks for June 19 =-.
  • Roy
    I would love to do that Jan, but after some deep thinking, I figured any one or all of three might happen:
    1. I would lay down my cards (not good)
    2. I might get disqualified (nay! blacklisted even)
    3. They might call off the whole thing altogether

    I'll just concentrate on the draft I told you before ;)
  • Jan Geronimo
    Roy: It's always the two of us who get to use the blue background. What's this a bug, a flu virus? Ahahaha.

    Know what? I was very close to naming the group and particular blogs that call for bloc voting last night. I chickened out. Of course, I can use the controversy. It's good to be talked about and disparaged behind your back.

    But come to think of it. It will benefit us. Your item no. 3 said it all. If they persisted, who's gonna lose? Yeah, we're on page one on that. Let's just make sure bloggers who nominated us get to complete their line up before the deadline of submission.
  • uh oh, that is some pressure on us who plan to nominate you..

    but don't worry caveman style or not, I will ask all my mommy blogger friends (who will make a list) to include you (and fedhz and um, me..lol)
  • Roy
    siguro, dahil tayo lang ang nakakapansin sa blue carpet haha!

    it's best you don't name, that might give them free traffic lol

    precisely my idea Jan, their stubborness will cause them failures haha...
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Isang walang kwentang tula! =-.
  • actually I got apprehensions din sa To 10 emerging blogs na iyan eh because the requirements like yung May 2008 na creation date cut-off eh somewhat hindi maganda. A pro blogger could make 50 blogs :p on that date or delete his/her archive when he/she moves domains para lang makapasok dun sa qualification. Hahaha sour grapping parin ako kasi nadisqualify ang blog ko lol. When I just heard of this contest and was just active to "celebrity" blogging since November 2008 .

    Ah ewan basta enjoy ako sa contest ko dami sumali daming new blogs na nakita. Nagnonominate din ako dun sa orig na writing contest para baka manalo ng $100 woot!
    .-= earthlingorgeous´s last blog ..2nd Update On Emerging Influential Blogs =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    I'm sure Ms. Janette is very aware of the likely shenanigans that might take place. She's doing this for 3 years already. She knows her stuff.

    If you have concerns about this writing project, I suggest you inform Ms. Janette by email. She's very accommodating. I know - I've written her many times. And she replied to my questions and concerns promptly and very decisively. Try it, my friend. :)
  • Hi Jan,

    I still wanna read all your post but unfortunately I only have less than a minute left of my lunch break. I admire all your posts and comments in your blog. I believe I can learn a lot from your blog.

    Congratz bro!
  • Ah well, just feel free to come back anytime at your own pace. No one is
    keeping time and checking attendance here. Ahehehe. No, Jhong, WE can learn
    a lot from each other. Enjoy your day. :)
  • nah ok kami ni ms. janette nakikirant lang ako ahahaha. we talk in person, online or email. she is very nice and accommodating. and exactly she knows what she's doing she is the pioneer here :)
    .-= earthlingorgeous´s last blog ..2nd Update On Emerging Influential Blogs =-.
  • Jan, the truth is... your writing is a little bit of nosebleeding blues ... the (dfish) kind.

    Being said that... I could not really give my reaction at this moment because I need to read it again... maybe again... and then the reflection and time to absorb the information you convey.

    then... I will react, but not at this time. fair enough right?

    Hey, but at least I have now the guts to respond in ENGLISH!


    Note: Please edit if you see anything to edit. I have an original copy of this comment so I could compare.

    Sowee, kung sa wari mo ay ginawa ka pang taga correction. hehehe.

    I'll be baack!

    .-= darbs´s last blog ..Father’s Day: June 21, 2009 =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Darbs, that only meant one thing. I failed in this post. Waaaah. Back to the drawing board for me. Kailangan neto maraming tasang kape para mag improve.

    Don't worry, Darbs. I'd do better next time. Don't worry about the grammar. Nasa living room tayo. Wala sa classroom. Ahahaha.
  • Darbs, that only meant one thing. I failed in this post.

    @Jan, please don't get me wrong. Waaa, too! you cannot lower your standard because of a challenged brain like mine. waaaaah, too.

    The problem is not your writing. Your writing is excellent. Keep it up but the point is I don't want to pretend that I understand clearly.

    Your writing is in another level. I could not perceive it as a prose but some kind of a combination between poetry and shall I say parable. I have to dig deep. It is just me.

    Again, it is me who has the problem following your flow of thoughts. I am just a little slow decoding the underpinnings.

    I am not sure but I think the key to understanding is to read the comments and your response as reinforcement.

    I'll get to the bottom of this. It is a challenge for me.

    Nasa living room tayo. Wala sa classroom.

    hahaha! that is one problem. I felt like I am inside the classroom taking English Literature.
    .-= darbs´s last blog ..Father’s Day: June 21, 2009 =-.
  • hahaha! that is one problem. I felt like I am inside the classroom taking English Literature.

    Wait! I will take it back. It is not a problem. It is more of a challenge. Thank you.
    .-= darbs´s last blog ..Father’s Day: June 21, 2009 =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    It's all right, Darbs. Please be assured that I want you to be no one else but yourself here. You're in the company of friends.
  • Update 1:
    I have an idea what your entry is all about. But I will stay what I can handle. So, as a start, I would like to tell you that I received an email from Ms.Toral regarding the August 8, 2009 announcement of the WINNER- - who's who?
    .-= darbs´s last blog ..Father’s Day: June 21, 2009 =-.
  • zorlone
    I don't know anyone in Malabon who blogs. But, in the next City, I know a veteran blogger by the name of Ezekiel. He's the champion of the Navotas bloggers! (I think there is only one blogger in Navotas LOL, could someone please prove me wrong? We can all have Pancit Malabon here and talk about tactics)

    Btw, I had a patient yesterday who writes for a woman's magazine and freelances on different newspapers. I was interested in his work. I told him I do some writing too. He asked me where, I said online. He looked down on me. As if online isn't good enough.

    Good thing that didn't ruin my day. he he he.

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..I am my father's son =-.
  • Doc Z, I have a blogger friend from Malabon, he's also a doctor but not a medical one. Mahilig lang mang doctor ng mga pictures, haha coz he's a graphics designer.

    "He looked down on me. As if online isn’t good enough." Baka naman di sya aware kung ano yung online... hehe... joke lang. :)
    .-= Amor´s last blog ..Can’t You See =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Hi Amor: Thanks for dropping by. And thank you for trying to convince Nobe to replace Letter to Mama with The Struggling Blogger. I hope Nobe would consider your suggestion. Every little thing helps. :)
  • Jan Geronimo
    You let him go just like that? Kaya siguro I'm not meant to be a doctor. I used to fancy myself in green scrubs. Ganito pala yun, I understand na kung bakit.

    I used to think puede ako pari. Buti na lang hindi natuloy. Siguro para akong Padre Damaso sa kakupalan. Ahahaha.

    Life! Buti na lang di ako nakaharap ng pasyente mo. Tutulian ko siya malamang. :)
  • zorlone
    First of all, the guy was my patient. Second of all, I was in a good mood, so I let him off.

    Akala nya di ako papalag? Isusumbong ko sya kay Lolo Jan!!! he he he.

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..WOOF Contest – Top Picks for June 19 =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    In the real wold, many still regard bloggers as not that accomplished. Published authors are the real deal. George /Tumblemoose has a nice post about this.
  • cavemen! ahahha! badtrip talaga tong mga ito...name theme here, name all these cavemen bloggers here nang mahagisan ng bulok na itlog ehhehe!

    si cro magnon kasama ba dito? ehehe! bisitahin ka raw nya,e ehhe!

    tawagin kaya lahat ng mga jedi knights from all over the universe para magkaroon ng council...pugutan natin ng ulo ang mga cavemen na to eheheh!
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..I Can't Understand Why Politicians Say the Darndest Things? =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Elmot: Cro Magnon will only register a bleep in my radar if highly evolved human being na siya. Not until then. Ka-pow!

    You're asking for a pogrom, bro. Jedi Luke will not like it. That's swaggering into the bowels of the dark side. LJ has no stomach for it. Ahahaha
  • ahoohooo! sorry, i must be violation the code of conduct of the jedi knights by now,e hehe! mea culpa fellow jedi bloggers. ehhe!
    ah....the dark side is seeping through me...
    .-= elmot´s last blog ..Don't Tell Your Children Not To Lie? =-.
  • Roy
    I'd go with Luke... take mine too, you'll be formidable with lightsabers on both hands
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Salamat at Walang Anuman =-.
  • Embrace it, Elmot. Feel the rage and quench the blade..... >:-D
    Take my lightsaber
    .-= Luke´s last blog ..The Seven Ancient Sciences =-.
  • Hi Jan,

    Like Kuya Roy, I am more known elsewhere than in my hometown.
    .-= Snow´s last blog ..Happy 148th Birthday, Dr. Jose Rizal! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Snow: That's very true. It will make me very uncomfortable pag nalaman dito sa amin na nagba blog ako. Hahahaha. Nakaka- conscious! :)
  • Good morning Jan, I just receieved a reply to my question from Janette Toral that they are accepting blogs from multiply and friendster.com..so there you go guys.

    You start the ball rolling!
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..Blogs of Note =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Jena: Buhay pa pala Friendster blogs? Ahahaha. Ang alam kong active community e Multiply. I've got an inactive account nga dun eh. Yatot has a great Multiply blog. Tip: he's got an army of friends there. Papa Yatot? Are you here? Ahahaha
  • Roy
    yes, I believe they are. I've already seen some nominations from them
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Isang walang kwentang tula! =-.
  • Deadline is July 30. Final reports August 2. No answer yet if multiply and friendster blogs could nominate blogs. Good night Jan.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..Blogs of Note =-.
  • Of course hindi. If we can squeze in all of you, then by all means. Sayang! alam namin natin ang puti, pag ayaw -ayaw. Hindi nakukuha sa langis...he he he...when is the exact deadline ba? Mapunta nga kay Janette at matanto ng maige.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..Blogs of Note =-.
  • Jan,

    You're part of the triumvirate, so where the two (2) will be, so you shall be! he he he.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Thanks, but are we forgetting Dee who is from Davao? Am I right? And our other worthy candidates - they're from everywhere. For example, Izzy is from the United States. Hah! Can they boast of the same caliber of a blogger? Ahahaha. Payabangan na ito. :)
  • Roy
    you forgot... can they speak French? :)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Isang walang kwentang tula! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    @Roy: My comment section is freaking me out. I don't know which comment to reply to anymore.

    My French maid knows only haute cuisine. She sticks up her nose on French fries. :)

    My French maid speaks a mean Bisaya and halting Kapampangan. A polyglot, my maid.
  • Roy
    hahaha! you're getting lost in your own comment section?

    What?! No french fries?! What are you going to do with the ketchup?!

    hmm... knowledgable of many tounges, your maid is... is that a prerequisite for French kissing?
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Salamat at Walang Anuman =-.
  • Hey Roy, you're okay with me and I'm here from Pampanga. It's just that the blogging fever has not yet taken hold of the Kapampangans. At work, a lot of colleagues don't have any idea about blogging. Can you imagine that!

    So most probably, these "caveman" are much the same way, afraid to venture outside of their comfort zones. It takes genuine maturity to accord people what they truly deserve. We call that also justice, honesty, and fairness.

    Winning is not everything. It is the meaningful journey towards your quest that makes it significant.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..Blogs of Note =-.
  • Roy
    I've no doubt of your support Jena, but there's only 2 of us from our side of the planet...

    then again, maybe it's not really how loud and noisy you are... but how good you sound ;)
  • Jan Geronimo
    Doc Z is the adopted son of Pampanga, di ba? :) Ahahaha. Ampon si Doc Z - pinulot sa lahar. Wohoo. :)
  • zorlone
    Anong lahar lahar? di pa ako ganun katanda. LOL Think Robinson's San Fernando. he he he
    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..I am my father's son =-.
  • You from Pampanga?
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..The Social Web Is Not Really That Social =-.
  • 1990s? Lahar? Ikaw naman Doc Z, 18 yrs. ago pa lang iyon - not eons ago.

    I thought, ikaw rin Jan? Ayaw mo ng sisig? he he he...masarap iyon, di ba Roy?
  • Jan Geronimo
    Jena, you're too trusting of your fellow cavemen. You should read what they are publishing on their blogs. I've read them. One just this morning. And it enraged me enough that I've vented my irritation at my dirty clothes. Pinaglalabhan ko silang lahat. What a miracle - bigla akong sinipag.

    If we don't venture out and discover new deserving blogs, can we truly say we're finally emerging from the shadows of our caves? I don't think so. :(
  • Roy
    just want to ask Jan... buo pa ba mga labada mo?

    hindi pa ba punit-punit?
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Isang walang kwentang tula! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Roy: It didn't show up in my post because another friend can write it with more aplomb than I can possibly pull off.

    Buo pa mga labada. Nagwashing machine me. Gotta preserve my blogging hands. Ahahaha.
  • Roy
    who could that be? can't wait to read his post
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Isang walang kwentang tula! =-.
  • zorlone
    "Ah... me go blog. Me ask fellow cavebloggers to blog too! Me vote for you and submit to Janette. mmm... Janette."
    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..I am my father's son =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Wohoo. Cavebloggers - love it. Doc Z, what's good about you is that you connect with fellow cavebloggers from around the world. You're an international star. Uwian mo ako ng imported ketchup ha?

    Yun nga lang, nakasakay ka pa rin sa Bapor Tabo ni Jose Rizal. ahahaha. But we're getting some progress, Doc Z. Take heart - we're going to conquer other caves. :)
  • zorlone
    Don't worry LJ,

    It is still early and we still have time. Oh My Gulay! It's the last week of June. Whaaaaa!!! I'll have to wake my cavemen buddies already! They are not exactly the fastest thinkers out there. he he he.

    Do you like Heinz? Or just the local JufRan? ;)
    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..I am my father's son =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Heinz. :) But Jufran will do nicely.

    I have a question: What are bloggers thinking if they don't complete their line up? Let's say they post only 7 or 3 or 1 nomination?

    They know very well their votes will be counted only in the weekly update. BUT this will not be reflected in the final tabulation of valid votes. What's the agenda there?

    I only see one thing in that strategy. More eyeballs for their pathetic blogs. How selfish! Am I right? Or am I absolutely right? Ahahaha.

    You're a deep thinker. Enlarge my aging mind, Doc Z. :)
  • zorlone
    I don't think we have to waste a lot of neurons on that thought LJ. You know you're right! And you know that I know that you know. LOL

    That was why I made my list already and finished it in one post. Speaking of which, have you decided which blog to include to your list?

    We need to talk more offline about a party list LJ!


    PS ketsup is on it's way!!!
    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..I am my father's son =-.
  • Roy

    it didn't show up in your post, but you just can't hold it inside can you?

    did you have your coffee already?
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Engagement Rings =-.
  • Roy

    I wish I could gather all bloggers from my side of the town and influence them to vote for me. Unfortunately, I seem to be more popular elsewhere, except in my own town.

    That's what I both love and hate about blogging. I get to meet more people, and get more disappointed to know that they live elsewhere.

    While I do know they exist, bloggers from this side of sphere aren't that noisy... yet.

    Of course, that could change once an influential blogger emerged from their midst lol

    Oh! I'm itching to write some more, but I realized, I am the first commenter... so I'll hold up for now and let the others speak ;)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Because I’m a Dad… =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Roy, that's how I feel, too, these days. Of course, months ago I felt wary of meet ups. I'm not too trusting eh. But us and our other friends - we're in each others face every night and day. Or at least it seems so. If we could only beam to each others location, right? Like in Star Trek.

    Well, I think, in two months time the mayor of Angeles City will give you a key to the city in your honor. Will a motorcade be too much to ask? What do you think? :)
  • Roy
    the key to the city doesn't really interest me Jan, I'd prefer the key to the treasurer's office :)

    motorcade? I fear they might get disillusioned. Who would appreciate a waving town hero who doesn't know how to smile? :) :) :)
  • Jan Geronimo
    Huwaw - that's more like it, Roy. A key to the treasurer's office. Oh, I forgot about your much vaunted persona. Okay, I will consult first with my French maid who doubles as my think tank. :)
  • Roy
    yes, the French maid... our distinct advantage...

    say, can she cook french fries? :)
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..The longest English word =-.
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