Gaza Air Strikes On My Mind

by Jan Geronimo on December 30, 2008

Gold Market, Gaza CityImage via WikipediaAs I write this post, terror and grief is taking a stranglehold in Gaza as Israel squares itself for more airstrikes into Palestine. Death toll has climbed to over 360 while civilian casualties are mounting as Israel targets Hamas military and security infrastructures.

Israel towns close to the border with Gaza are themselves being subjected to rocket attacks, and with election only a month away in Israel, it is believed that this incursion into Gaza is meant to cozy up to Israeli electorate who has increasingly shown low regard for Israel leadership’s handling of security matters vis a vis the rocket attacks. It doesn’t help that these same leaders are believed to be taking advantage of the last remaining days of George Bush administration who has proved to be Israel’s top supporter; the same could not be said of President-elect Obama who has professed sympathy to the Palestinian peoples’ aspiration.

I write this post because I’m simply astounded by the sheer non-sense that has gripped my consciousness the past few days. Yesterday, I posted a shameless plea for more reader interaction in this blog. Unrealistically likening it to a wasteland. I feel like I have whored myself with that post.

True I have been lonely. And longing for companionship. But try this – imagining your house getting blown to bits. And your mother, or sister and little brother – shredded to pieces right before your very eyes even before they can fully experience how it is to have lived fully. Try that for size.

And the help you thought will come – international aid in terms of medicine and food – getting rammed at high seas and blockaded elsewhere. Try wrapping around your mind around this.

I’ve been staring at the tempest in my teacup. What a shame. Sheer and utter non-sense.

I’m deeply sorry.

Incidentally, do you have a family member or relative working in Israel? In Palestine? How are they doing?

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  • Jan
    GreyOwl: I couldn't agree more, sir. Thank you for the visit. :)
  • GreyOwl
    very sad ,not only whats happening between israel and my muslim brothers but also the rest of the world...lets have peace
  • Jan
    Argentum Vulgaris: Why, thank you, sir. I'd check out what's brewing in your other blogs for sure. :)
  • Argentum Vulgaris
    I have posted against the Israel/Palestine situation on my blogs.

    I have also avoided the like sof Entrecard, as you say, I prefer to be the postman... nice turn of phrase.

    Thanks for visiting my blogs. There is a lot to keep you entertained and amused.

    SERaplana, they were at war before Moses, when the Byzantines bannished them into slavery in Egypt.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, you write well for a village idiot. LOL




  • Jan
    @SELaplana: And I can't seem to wipe the big grin off my face because you sir have honored with me a visit. :) Thanks a lot.
  • Jan
    @Preston: It must be the season. Hehehe. Oh,isn't Entrecard all about visiting blogs and dropping something? I'd rather read and interact - I'd feel like a postman if I do that; not there's something wrong with the postman. Hahaha.
  • SELaplana
    Israel is not tired of engaging wars. For thousands of years starting when Moses led them up to these days, they're always at war.
  • Preston
    I have no family in Palestine or Israel. I can only imagine the horrors that must be felt to go through what you have described. I am sorry that you are lonely; it sucks to be lonely, but I have found that life usually goes in cycles so hopefully things will improve. If you want to increase your readership, have you ever taken a look at Entrecard? I've gotten a lot of readers from Entrecard and the Secret is in the Sauce (SITS). SITS however is a blog group of women but being gay I barged in there and they have accepted me. Anyway, I think the more active you are in the blog groups you belong to, the better chances you have of getting and keeping readers.
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