Guess My Last Nominee in Top 10 Influential Blogs to Win Free Cell Phone Airtime Credits

by Jan Geronimo on May 31, 2009

Padre Geek
Image by LuChOeDu via Flickr

It’s quite simple.  If you can guess which blog will finally complete my top 10 list of emerging influential blogs of 2009 I will give you P800 worth of mobile phone airtime credits -

  1. P500 worth of mobile airtime credits – Smartload or AutoloadMaxx – for the reader who can both guess my top choice candidate and provide a good reason why this blog will get my vote.
  2. P300 worth of mobile airtime credit – Smartload or AutoloadMaxx – for the first reader who can guess my 10th influential blogger nominee.
  3. If the winning reader resides outside the Philippines, he or she will instead get a decent write-up from WritingToExhale.

Why am I doing this?

  • Because I am somewhat worried.  I still have one slot to fill and I have at least 10 strong candidates to consider.  Can’t quite make up my mind.
  • Because I’m feeling the heat.  This early an otherwise sensible blogger is  becoming quite handy with sending me IM.  Feeling suddenly close huh?  That’s a tad annoying.
  • Because I feel my loyalty is being checked.  Should it not be checked?  Oh well, it’s all right. I really, really like you, but will we still be friends if I pick another blog?  That worries me, you know?
  • Because I’m irked at myself.  Should have completed my top 10 list of emerging influential blogs days ago.  Should have put in Aling Dionesia up there and be done be it.  Now I’m hemmed in between the devil and the deep blue sea.
  • Because I need someone else to blame.  Reader so and so provided a perfect reason why I chose A instead of B.  Harass him/her not me. Am I slick or what?


How is it with you, guys?  Have you completed your list yet? Or the relevant question perhaps is – have you added me to your list yet?  Okay, you can smirk now. But take a crack at this guessing game first.  I know you wanna.

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  • Roy

    is this a guessing game or a nomination game?

    I kinda' saw this coming ;)

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..Former classmate shakes hands with President Bush</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Mind reader ka, Roy! How did you know? Come on, now. :)
  • Roy
    remember my email "how are you?"

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..Former classmate shakes hands with President Bush</abbr>
  • now, LJ is really a good apprentice of our wise man here! ehehhe! kunwari pa kayong dalawa, yan lang talagang styles nyo, ehehe!

    ako kaya, guess my other 3 crazy nominees! ehehe!

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Elmot's List of Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009!</abbr>
  • Roy
    elmot! nice to see you!

    welcome back!

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..Sharing a part of my life</abbr>
  • thanks is really good to be back ehehhe!

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Juggling Work, Thesis and Blogging This School Year</abbr>
  • ayos to ah? talagang may contest ah? hehehe cool!

    nga pala, pls do support me here if you haven't registered pa. pls! thanks!

    <abbr>fjordz’s last blog post..Hiraya on ABS-CBN's Katorse</abbr>
  • Ada
    Oi fjordz! Aku na lang tulungan mo, nadadaya aku ng mga kalaban jan.

    <abbr>Ada’s last blog post..Make Money With Your Passion</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Hi Ada, what do you mean? You're being cheated - exactly how? How can we be of help?
  • Ada
    Dun sa link na pinost ni fjordz, hehe kasali din kasi ako sa contest na yun, nagkakadayaan. aw.

    <abbr>Ada’s last blog post..Make Money With Your Passion</abbr>
  • pano ka nadadaya?

    <abbr>fjordz’s last blog post..The Big Switch! Convergys on G5!</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    If this is about the free laptop contest, I'd already signed up. Jehz beat you to it, Fjordz. :)
  • Ada
    Sasali ako dito! Hahah Why not Coconut.
    Sayang ang load hehehe.
    Hulaan ko boboto mo :)
    PatayGutom blog ftw!

    <abbr>Ada’s last blog post..Make Money With Your Passion</abbr>
  • Roy

    ba't sayang ang load? nawawala din ba ang load mo Ada?

    <abbr>Roy’s last blog post..Former classmate shakes hands with President Bush</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    If you're correct, you might win P300 airtime load. But why stop there? Please provide a brief reason why you think I'd vote for PG and you might get the P500 prize instead...Your answer is duly noted, but you still can add your brief pitch for PG. :)
  • oo nga ada, sayang ang load...di na napupulot ngayon yan sa kalye, ehehe!

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..A Bald Joke and Some "Hayden" Cameras</abbr>
  • Hmm... Funny I did not get this in my feeds.

    I also have a problem with making choices. Not that I won't make them if I have to but if I don't have to, I'll just either get them all or avoid choosing. Now, dark chocs or cookies... cookies or dark chocs... Oh well, I'll get them both. :-D

    Your third reason reminds me of the game of thrones where contestants play with each other and with the nobles and where people suddenly encounter unfortunate hunting accidents.

    Oh, you're slick all right. Looking for a fall guy, are we? :-D

    <abbr>Lucrecio Emerito’s last blog post..A Walk In The Dark—A Poem</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    I'd like to play it cool - that I'm beneath this little excitement in Pinoy blogosphere. But if I can only take out the element of "voting for people you like" out of the equation, this will be great. Truth is that's how we operate, we choose a blog if we like the person behind the blog first of all. We are hardly democratic about it. Head aches. Hmmm, why is it Ada was only reader who made a guess? What about the others? What about you?

    Incidentally, do you see a "subscribe to comments." near the comment box?
  • Oh, you're really slick. Making me guess and be a fall guy huh? J/K Well, I'm not good at guessing. Second, I think most of the bloggers in your circle that I do know are already on your list.

    I entered your feed url in my Dashboard's Blogs that I Follow. I think I'll try it again.

    <abbr>Lucrecio Emerito’s last blog post..A Walk In The Dark—A Poem</abbr>
  • I think it's me... lolz... just kidding... my blog is not that influential after all..^^

    <abbr>JDSalinger’s last blog post..Recap of the past days</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    In due time, you'd get to be influential. I see your face everywhere in Pinoy blogs. You'd find in your blog hopping that not all nominees are influential. Some have only a handful of readers. Interesting right? But if they make good in their blog promotion they will get their own readers. This writing project can be that, too - a self-fulfilling prophecy. In that sense, we are qualified. You are qualified, JD.
  • this is a no-brainer.

    eto oh:


    kidding. :p

    thanks sa pagdaan kuya jan

    <abbr>flamindevil’s last blog post..Feeling Real and Surreal At The Same Time</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    No-brainer talaga. Your blog got under my skin on the first hello. First look and I told myself: this blog has got to be in my list.
  • Hi there!It's my first time here. I included you in my list since i also find your blog interesting.Keep it up. Oh how am i supposed to guess your last nominee? hmm...gusto ko din ng prize.haha
  • Jan Geronimo
    Goodness gracious. Thanks a lot! That totally comes from left field. I'm humbled . I just hope I'd not disappoint you... If you're interested to know what clicks with me, you have to go back several posts. Maybe you have other cool nominees. Perhaps, I've been to their blogs as well. We might even have same blogs in mind.
  • hahaha! wow! ayos to ah...

    ako di pa complete list know, all the crazy stuffs that i wrote about all those i nominated, wahahhaha! guess is....ako un! ehehe!

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Elmot's List of Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009!</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    You're number one in my list with all due respect to Roy, but baka pagalitan ako ni Janette. Sabihin nun makulit ako. Yay!
  • ahhahah! i know that, and i am pretty sure that roy would not contest it,e hehe!

    hindi lang makulit, pasaway kamo.

    now i can see your all smiles because i can comment here with liberty...remember those rabid commenting days? wahajajaja

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Elmot's List of Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009!</abbr>
  • anak ng tinapa, may comment moderation dito sa blog mo big bro?>?????!!!

    i thought you are not interested on commenting on blogs that are into comment moderation...naku, naku....balik lang ako dito kapag wala ng moderation... eheheh!

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Beware: Manny Pacquiao is a Spook!</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    You're quoting me huh? Did I give you permission? No, Elmot. First time commenters here are moderated by default. The next time will be a breeze unless the commenter spams me with links in his comment. Then it is flagged for moderation or deletion as the case maybe. I'm coming up in the world, young bro. I've been visited by spammers na. My first time! Ahehehe.
  • so that means, you are one delicious treat right from the can,e heheh! ako mahilig din sa spam ehehe! yung imported sympre, wahahha!

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Elmot's List of Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009!</abbr>
  • zorlone
    Si Ada ba? Babalik ako... drive lang papuntang clinic. hehehe.


    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..A poet's meal: Oven baked</abbr>
  • zorlone
    I just thought Jan will write Ada in number one and to close it off, Ada again in number ten!!! (worship the cuteness)

    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..A poet's meal: Oven baked</abbr>
  • Ada
    ui hindi ah! hahaha :D

    <abbr>Ada’s last blog post..Make Money With Your Passion</abbr>
  • sali ako! :D

    eto hula q...

    kc... famous sya? and magaling?


    <abbr>Kelvin Servigon’s last blog post..My Weekly PSP Wallpapers Blog is Growing!</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Duly noted, Kelvin. We will see if my decision matches yours.
  • Aba aba aba aba anong kaguluhan ito. Sali ako ahahahaha kung di over sa due date ang blog ko malamang ako ang magcomplete ng list mo kaso over na sayang ahahaha. malamang PGB nga ang magbubuo sa influential bloggers list mo kasi kasi kailangang kailangan nila ang nomination mo ... ika nga feed the hungry :D ahehehehe....

    <abbr>earthlingorgeous’s last blog post..Lizanne Cua At The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday ‘09</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    So your entry is Patay Gutom. Okay, writing it down, Ms. Earth voted for PG. Well, let's see kung lalabas sa tawas. :)
  • teka teka jan ikaw ba ito wala na ba si labas ng mandaluyong? is this site new? hi there! :)

    <abbr>earthlingorgeous’s last blog post..Lizanne Cua At The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday ‘09</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Yeah, Sa Labas ng Mandaluyong was left in blogger. His role now is like that of a traffic aide. His job is to redirect traffic here. :)
  • waaaaaah! interesting (woot) hmmp.. isip...isip.. ang kewl nito weh..

    <abbr>webslave mc'coolot’s last blog post..what about red mobile?</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Tell when you're done thinking. :)
  • zorlone
    I am having a hard time to choose. There are so many qualified blogs out there.

    I have two guesses, the first one, I have already told you about. I'm not sure if having three posts (to date) qualifies him to join. I was under the impression that he isn't (yet). You know this guy, right? Very close to us. I can actually see him here. hehehe. No names, guessing game nga ito di ba? LOL

    My second choice is a group blog. After it's birth, there was already a strong following. Most of the followers are the ones from a particular blog that we have all read. His influence reached from the other side of the world and back! This blog is still very young, but, if you want entertainment, I'd go there and "laugh my a@# off." (I learned that from you know who). So, influential, YES!

    Which brings me back to you... who do you think they are? I might be disqualified for having two guesses... hey, this is a guessing game, right?



    <abbr>Zorlone’s last blog post..One and four at the woof contest!</abbr>
  • here is my vote big bro! you really gave me one big headache huh?... but well, sabi nga ni ada, sayang load, ehehe!

    just like Z, i am rooting for two blogs that are both deserving to be included on your list. and weighing the two is like one hell of a job for lady justice...but let me present my guess.

    i will go for Rob Angeles. he is one good guy and blogger...i have stumbled on his blog many times and most recently once again checked his work. this guy speaks with authority, but with gentleness and connection to his readers. his blog looks great, just like this blog. his blogging topics are also very apt, very closely-knitted, blogging and social media; something you both have in common. i also notice that he is enjoying this blog, and you are enjoying his presence here...I also see that you are enjoying your time in his blog.

    rob, knows how to socialize and create friendship with fellow bloggers. given the opportunity, this guy could rise even more to become one known blogger not only among our circle; something that i think this writing/blogging project also aims to accomplish.

    the other one that i have in mind is Barrio Siete. but i think Barrio Siete could handle itself really well on this project. it is composed of a bunch of uber bloggers who would also certainly nominate it, and one nomination not coming from you would not hurt. Besides, Barrio Siete will certainly get one nomination from me - so that evens it.

    rob should be given the opportunity he deserves: he is a good blogger and cool person. if you pick Rob instead of Barrio Siete, this is just one vote. it will not dampen the spirit of all those people on the barrio coz all those happy bloggers (including many of us) are on steroids LOL!. and Reynz, impressed it on me: he likes to give chances to newbie but talented bloggers (when he nominated me but got disqualified). Rob is on the same path that i was when scouted by the queen. if Rob, on the other hand, will lose this one last spot of nomination, i know it will not dampen his blogging spirit, but if he is nominated, he earns what really is his due.

    hey, i am no private lawyer for rob. Although if Rob is disqualified then Barrio Siete should take the last spot in your top 10 list.

    eheheh! im done with my arguments...i think i deserve an ibuprofen capsule.

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Juggling Work, Thesis and Blogging This School Year</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    That's one hell of a pitch for Rob Angeles. You argue with passion, conviction and cunning. But is it enough? Your reason is very convincing to say the least. Well done.

    Let's see how the cookie crumbles in due time. Meanwhile, I still have to hear other entries from the readers.

    Come on, people. I'm listening.
  • Hmmmm Jan did mention that an awesome guy suggested that my blog be part of Janet's project. I appreciate it. Jan and I almost have the same theme in terms of our main topic which revolves around the social sphere. Though the Pinoy blogosphere has its reputation of being one of the most active bloggers around the world (I always tell this to my friends here), I think we shouldn't stop there.

    I believe in the Pinoy spirit. Ideas, thoughts and opinions are powerful tools for us to contribute to the community. In due time, not only individuals will be crowned as influential but the entire Pinoy blogosphere.

    Again, I appreciate the heart-softening comment you gave. This is not just for me, but for all of us who shares.

    <abbr>Rob Angeles’s last blog post..Take A Sneak Preview On The Future Of Conversations</abbr>
  • you are welcome rob! but don't forget my balut ha? ehhehe!

    anyways, you deserve to be on that spot. no more questions asked.

    and you are totally right, bloggers in the philippines are the happiest in the world, coolest and the most exciting people to exchange ideas with.

    <abbr>elmot’s last blog post..Know the Origin of A(N1H1)</abbr>
  • Hi Jan,

    This is a great new blog from yours, so if I win with this contest
    I won't get the prize because I am abroad. Well, at least I will
    be featured to your site with lots of hits back to my site I bet :)
    Salamat po!


    <abbr>Julius Orias’s last blog post..7 Social Networking Websites Your Business Should Be Involved In</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    You're studying abroad, or working abroad? Julius, thanks for visiting.
  • I am currently working abroad and trying to save money para padala sa pamilya sa pinas and to study again. :) BTW, thanks for following and leaving a excellent comments to my blog :)


    <abbr>Julius Orias’s last blog post..hello...i vote for your blog on bloggers choice aw...</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Wow, the things we will do for our loved ones... Julius, you are welcome here. Do drop by when you feel the need for company and conversations. :)
  • Dan Miranda, aka @timecommander

    At least he'd be on my Top 10, if I were eligible to nominate.

    <abbr>Holly Jahangiri’s last blog post..Survey says…</abbr>
  • P.S. That's totally unbiased; I've hardly spoken to Dan and I first learned of his blog from your post. But I'm impressed!

    <abbr>Holly Jahangiri’s last blog post..Survey says…</abbr>
  • Jan Geronimo
    Duly noted - Holly nominated Dan Miranda.

    You are eligible to post your own top 10 list, Holly. Every blogger in the world can join. You only have to drop a comment in Janette Toral's blog and provide a link to your post so it will be counted in Janette's tabulation of votes.
  • o may ganito pa palang factor, let me guess... no, no, no. just kidding...

    this is my guess SAlabasngMandaluyong?
  • Jan Geronimo
    So your guess is Writingtoexhale (Sa Labas ng Mandaluyong is now renamed writingtoexhale)? Okay, duly noted. We will see in a few days if I have the guts to toot my own horn. That's very interesting - and tempting. :)
  • jan you can nominate your own blog naman. as for me, i havent posted my top 10 yet but you are surely included. ^_^ barrio siete party list solid ako...hehehe...
  • zorlone
    Jan, can I still nominate?

    I respectfully nominate there are so many reasons, but if you visit my site and read my poem about an Honored Tailor, then you would understand why.

    Good enough, for me it is... ehehe

    Kampai!!! (Toink!)

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Memories of you =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Doc Z: If I pick my own blog for the last slot in my top 10 list, you will not win. You might have guessed right, but Orchicpixel had already beaten you to it. :) See the comment above yours? There it is.
  • I know for sure it was suppose to be me but you were told that I am overqualified right? Ahahahaha! :D nangungulit lang po!
    .-= earthlingorgeous´s last blog ..2nd Update On Emerging Influential Blogs =-.
  • dapat talaga nag subscribe ako via e-mail dito.. via Google Reader kasi ako tapos di ko naman nababasa.. hehe

    nanalo sana ako ng load.. woooooot! haha :D
    .-= Jehzeel Laurente´s last blog ..The Undeciphered Puzzle =-.
  • Congrats to all who won - Roy and Ada,. :)
    .-= Tyrone | Millionaire Acts´s last blog ..Success Story of Chikka =-.
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