by Jan Geronimo on December 5, 2008

Internet AddictImage by husin.sani via FlickrLocation: Yahoo Chat Room No. 27.

What’s cooking? I’m chatting with a new friend, passing the time with small chitchat. Exchanging notes about favorite online games, links to our profiles in social media, and mundane topics.

Buzz! A chatter with a weird username cuts in.


For the uninitiated,here’s a good resource to go to when people inflict you with their internet jargon.

An online buddy theorized my extreme displeasure this way, “Baka Ala ka Sex Life?” (“Maybe you have no sex life?)Hehehe. So young and so insightful.

Back to the buzz-happy, ASL-wielding interloper. Nothing stops his/her kind if you reply daring him/her to explain why he or she thinks he (okay I give up) is God’s gift to meaningful conversation. Demand that words be fully spelled out and expressed in complete sentences. With subject and predicate.

Guaranteed conversation stopper. Hahaha. Don’t get me wrong though. I can be as silly as the next person, especially if you use a seductive avatar. Ka-ching.

But when the moon is full, I’m easily provoked. It gets me every time. ASL, my foot. Is that a way to start a conversation? And you’re not a cat, and I’m clueless about cat-speak so don’t “eow” me to signal your friendliness. Maybe that’s the norm, but should you follow? You had better come up with something sensible to share. Make it worth my time to answer you.

Expediency is the name of the game. That part I concede. But, come to think of it, for what? So we can trade inanities at a faster rate? I say keep it to yourself.

There are sterling exceptions, of course. Decent and funny conversationalists especially at Room 27. You know who you are, peeps. Hmmm. Ok, let’s have it then.

JM, Camille, Abnoy, Jeyel, Mot, Freakshot, Red, Dreadie, and Tipsy. There maybe more, but you can register your protests on my comment box.

If you happen to drop by here, aba, welcome to my room. Now you know why I’ve been missing in action in your chatroom. Hahaha.

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    Trying to improve one's life and oneself is always a good thing. The blogosphere needs information like yours. Saw your blog mentioned on blogcatalog's Introduce Yourself and Your Blog, and decided to visit. Nice work. Keep it up.
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    The Logistician: I'm still fumbling around, tinkering here and there as though I know what I'm doing. :) But hey, thank you very much. You're my first visitor! Yesssss!
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