Let It Slide

by Jan Geronimo on December 23, 2008

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis!

It’s all right, I know you want to. Let it out. You can tell me. What am I here for? Don’t keep it bottled up inside you. If you do it would leak and eat anything in its path, if ever so slowly.

What’s bothering you, man? Oh that. The sinking almighty dollar. Very bad for business indeed.

But you know what, let it slide. Dude, thousands have lost their jobs, you still have yours. You have lots to be grateful for. And if worse comes to worst, you have other prospects, right? Just the other day, we’re talking about your multiple streams of income. Think about that. You were ready even before this economic downturn. You have continually reinvented yourself.

For sure, this is crimping your style. You have to cut down on eating out, buying fancy but for most parts non-essential stuff, blah-blah-blah. Therein lies the beauty of it. It’s back to the basics for all of us – a continuing appreciation of what is truly essential. All else is fluff. What is it again – all is vanity and vexation of the spirit? I wonder who said that, totally escapes me now. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

Preoccupy yourself with the problems that bedevil your fellow man. Compared to their burdens, your concerns seem hilarious at best. The most precious personal growth can be achieved not only in times of plenty but during adversity as well.

I know you’re made of sterner stuff. Take heart, my friend. If all else fails, scream. :)

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