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by Jan Geronimo on January 10, 2009

Six blog authors win the Blog Love Award from salabasngmandaluyong this week. They are -

1. IsmailPassionate About Blogging
2. KathleenDiary of a Heretic
3. KelvinKelvinonian Ideas 2.0
4. JesseEdelweiss
5. RamonFatherlYours
6. YatotTYC online magazine

These people brew strange magic in their writing that alternatively makes me chuckle, talk to myself like a loony, and turn green in envy; sometimes they have the power to make me want to tear my hair out – don’t ask why. Hehehe. This is my reward to you guys for wanting me to lurk in your blog instead of putting my nose to the grindstone. :)

Go check their blogs and find out why I consider them my happy pills.

Bingkee, prolific author of I Love-Hate America has presented to me this Blog Love Award the other day. Maybe this is for always darkening the door way of her blog. I am not sure. But if Bingkee, who dilly-dallies about things American, suddenly makes up her mind about salabasngmandaluyong and deems it post worthy, I will not stop her. :)

Thank you, Bingkee.

We’re not supposed to look at the gift horse’s mouth. If, however, you want to pay this forward you are advised to follow the following rules:

1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add the link of the blogger who shared the award with you
3) Pass this award to bloggers whose blogs you love
4) Add your link to the list of participants below
5) Leave a message on the blog of the blogger who passed this award

Bloggers Lair/The World of Nothing/ The Macky That Doesn’t Exist/ The Spoiled But Not a Brat/ Holding On/ The Mark of an Explorer/ Feel Free/ Shout Out/ Proud to be Filipina’s Corner/ My New Way of Living/ I Love-Hate America/salabasngmandaluyong

Favorite Blog of the Week will resume next week.

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  • Jan
    @Kathleen: That's good news. But the second time was not me, I'm sure. Which means your fan base is growing. :) And this reminds me to visit you again for a refill. I've been pulled this way and that, too. Life. And blogging which is fast becoming a compulsion in itself.
  • kathleenmaher
    Jan, Just as I feeling remiss for not putting the award up yet--my mother-in-law was visiting last weekend and my sister-in-law the weekend before, both from Chicago--I discover that someone, a person of great know-how, has Stumbled my super-short story, "Guaranteed Happiness."
    Was it you? You did it before and I saw a surge in readership beyond anything I'd ever known. This time? You or someone like you has brought in more hits in two days than I've gotten during the both WEEKS as a two time Weblog Award finalist for Best Literature.

    520 yesterday and 518 this morning--with a full day left to go! For a fiction blog that's enough to make me think I've got an internet best-seller.

    My average, after all, is 40 to 42 visits in 24 hours. Imagine then how astonished and deeply grateful I am, Jan. But if StumbleUpon offers a way to discover who heaped this great, good fortune upon me, it's not a path I could find. But as I said, if you didn't do it for me, someone very much like you did. So I'm thanking you for the first time and this time, and in any case, saying thanks overall for being you!
  • Jan
    @Kathleen: And I'm sorry for not directly telling you about this. I thought it had no place in Diary of a Heretic, this being a writer's blog. Didn't know you had another. Well, that's good news. I have another blog of yours to visit then. :)
  • kathleenmaher
    Jan, I don't what I did to do deserve such a kind friend. Thank you for the award--you know how I love awards! And I'll be posting it and forwarding it on my Review and Memes blog. It may take me till next weekend, but I'll let you know. Thanks so much!
  • Jan
    @Yatot: The men behind the film had wised up to the ways of the internet? Hehehe. Cate Blanchett is one of my favorite actress pa naman. Sayang. :)
  • yatot
    @jan: thanks for the compliment! hehehhe

    btw, nalungkot din ako nung nalaman kong inalis na ung file ng streaming video ng benjamin button dun sa links na pinost ko after just less than two hours of posting it! i dont know what could had happened...

    and oh, do not open the links posted on the comment section of that blog entry, it might be an attacked site or a spam site! may warning naman sa comment ko, mamaya buburahin ko ung links! and yah, included ka sa reader ko nuon pa! hehehhe... thanks again!
  • Jan
    @Dede: The Chairman of the Board of Judges sadly does not entertain any appeal, my friend. Just keep on writing your passion. Rest assured when another award comes along that requires me to pay it forward, it will be in your hands in a heartbeat.
    Like a hot potato. Hehehe.

    @Ramon: Choosing you is a no-brainer. I love your brand of humor. And your writing style, too.

    @yatot: Kumbaga sa movie stars, ikaw yung underrated. Eh very deserving naman. Ewan ko ba sa Chairman of the Board of Judges masyadong star-struck e you're here now naman doing quality work.. You bet I didn't know I'm in your feed. Thanks. :)
  • yatot
    wow! thanks for giving me an award... i really appreciate the link love! :D

    in case you don't know, you are also on my reader... hehehhhe... :D
  • Fatherlyours
    Jan, thank you.Although I have limited time now due to my daytime jobe(istorbo talaga ang trabaho)I make it a point to visit your site.You have great content.
  • dede
    Fantastic, its a great blog awards i have even seen, congratulation to all those receives this awards, i was wondering! why its not my name on list? hi, dede wake up, are you dreaming what? just kidding>
  • Jan
    @Bingkee: Ai, mabuti you asked your husband about it. Now, alam ko na rin ang meaning. hehehe.

    Ismail: It's a small token of my appreciation. Congrats for being a new father. Again. And belated Happy Birthday, too.

    Jesse: My pleasure! :)
  • Jesse
    Huwaw! Thanks for the award dude! ~XD
  • Ismail N
    Thanks for the award my friend. I'm truly honoured.
  • bingkee
    Ikaw ang mas prolific...hindi ko ata ma-gets ung "darkening the doorway" until I asked my husband what does it mean. Hhahahah you don't darken it but readers like you actually lighten me. You deserve it...keep blogging.
  • Jan
    Kelvin: I'm glad you like it. :)
  • kELviN
    Wow, that was so cool, thanks for that! Actually, that's my first award here in Blogosphere. Hehehe, ^___^
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