Don't Look Now But I'm Flush With Cash

by Jan Geronimo on January 28, 2009

I have inadvertently been inducing a brain bleeder thinking up ideas to post when I should in fact be sitting pretty. But I don’t know that. I have not opened my mail. Because I have heeded the advice of Jonathan Mead by being unbalanced in my life so I can be more productive.

So understandably, I only discovered I’m already filthy rich rather late. Aw shucks. But to recap I have earned the following:

1. £950,000 pounds – allegedly from Compaq in their New Year Promo.

2. £864,008.00 – from UK lottery online promotions.

3. £500,000.00 – allegedly from Dell in their New Year Promo.

3. £250,000.00 – from an email online lottery.

The timing is just perfect. Now I can properly pay my good friend and neighbor Mye just so she can keep quiet about the nosebleed my previous post caused her. Her injury – thank goodness – is not internal, but we can’t be too careful, right?

People who represent charitable institutions, folks from any hastily conceived foundations form a line to the left. New found friends and even newly discovered blood relatives to the right. No jostling please.

It’s interesting these winnings are all in pounds. Obama has his work cut out for him bringing back respect to the US dollars. I’d like to win too next time with US dollars – to even things out.

Because I’m flush with cash today, I can’t write. I’ve since given up wiping this silly grin off my face. I can’t help it.

Blog Recommendations

Just because I can’t sit still to write doesn’t mean I can’t give a shout out to people who keep their noses to the grindstone to come up with a gem of a post the past day or two. So I can take comfort knowing that it’s not a complete waste of your time. Here they are:

1. JCMangubat – for posting a hilarious video about an OFW. James, my relatives who are overseas can’t be relied upon to visit my blog as is customary with my people. So I’d just send them a link to your site to make sure. That’s a great find indeed.

2. Brandon Gilbert – for writing a Washington Post experiment and its surprising result about our ability to spot genuine talent in a commonplace environment and at an inappropriate time.

3. Ruth – who at 52 is said to be learning to be a girl again. Sure I’m curious about her marvelous photographs and posts. But this much is certain, my admiration for her blogging spunk is not shrinking. It has grown so much I’d rather not keep my find to myself.

4. Finally, here’s Jo of A Majority of Two with her tour de force of a post about letters of complaint from a triple XXX English village. Find out how an innocent list of pastoral concerns can be hilariously charged with sexual innuendos. Now you’re intrigued huh? Go.

That’s it folks. I can only be generous today with my recommendations. Perhaps a couple days after when I figure out how to cash in on my sudden wealth I’d be less of a Scrooge. Only then can you separate me from my fabulous millions. :)

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  • Jan
    @Dee: I know where they got mine. It's on my about page. Put it there during the time there were no visitors taking the time to comment on my posts. As fate would have it, in one moment of clarity or genius, it occurred to me - perhaps my readers would love to scribble me an email. Maybe they prefer to go that route.

    And of course they did - these spammers.

    That's how it is with me. I'm still sweet-talking a friend to please please put in a contact form for me on my about page. ;)
  • Dee
    Haha, I also get similar e-mails. Sana, one of these days, it'll be true that I really won cash or something. I wonder, though, where they are getting our e-mails address. Hmm, fishy ... :)
  • Jan
    @James: Oh, na-retrenched ka? That's a bummer. I'm sure you'd find something. Meanwhile, you can always blog full time.

    Re the video on OFW. I found it on your blog so that's where the attribution goes. :)

    Spams have not let up one bit, James. If this goes on, I'd have to open a grocery store to recycle the stuff. Or feed the visiting Manyans from the boondocks who love food that come from tin cans. :)
  • James
    with regards to such spams, I found out I have an uncle living in south whales UK dying of pancreatic cancer. I have to reply with my complete contact information. even passport number so he can send me a handful of his millions in my account. I think I now know how the dollars drained to void. hahahaha.
  • James
    jan.. balatuhan mo naman ako dyan.. hehehe... ala na ako work e.. hahahaha. Keep it up.. it's very enjoyable this thing you're doing... BTW, I feel guilty - the find it's not mine original. pero ok na rin, i'm just spreading the words. :D hehehe.
  • Jan
    @bingkee: Thanks. :)
  • bingkee
    Now , your post is "reading itself"---which is way much better and very apt w/o losing your proficiency and brilliance. Way to go!
  • Jan
    @lemuel: They appeal to man's greed through easy money. They will have a hard time with me. All I need in life is to be able to post sensibly here - without unduly embarrassing my family. Hehehe.

    @gagay: I'm hiring a boy friday to handle my cash. You don't where this cash comes from - imagine the germs. :)
    hi kuya jan..flushed with cash talaga..whew!

  • lemuel
    i also receive several emails informing me i won the lottery or contests from different companies, plus several emails coming from different people in africa pretending someone died and left huge amounts of money. imagine.... daily. i guess people who send these emails still get victims who answer their questions
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