Obama and Other Mind Bogglers

by Jan Geronimo on January 24, 2009

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...Image by jmtimages via FlickrNo I have not have made myself scarce in my blog to escape being tagged to promote prayer for the Philippines. :) I must admit online games had caught up with me the last few days. For a few days, I was Nortrom the Silencer, caught up in a death grip with minions of the dark forces that comprise the scourge camp.

I survived the onslaught.

The last time I wrote a post here was when George Bush was still president. Now it’s Barack Obama’s time. Well, good luck, sir.

Of course, I would much prefer Sidney Poitier to be the President of the United States of America. Or Morgan Freeman. Maybe Denzel Washington. But such is life – with its surprise twists and turns.

I was at the mayor’s office of this small town, renewing business permits for a small computer store we have. The town mayor was bantering with a retired female school teacher. Both are in their 60’s. The mayor told the teacher, “If you deigned to keep me then as your boyfriend, you’re now the first lady of this town.”

The female teacher broke in laughter. “You’re always drunk then. How could I even consider you seriously no?”

The mayor’s eyes lit up in amusement. “Yeah, I was always drunk. Even landed in jail for rowdy behavior a couple of times. Hahaha.”

This former good-for-nothing bloke has now become an exemplary mayor. The missing puzzle – how he got his act together – remains a mystery to the casual observer. And thus the surprising twist in the story.

I hope life dishes us all more happy surprises. For the world – a kinder and gentler American government through Barack Obama. For the Philippines, a prayerful nation may serve her in good stead perhaps. We can only hope so. And for me, not to be sucked in the world of make-believe again. Fingers crossed and hope to die. :)

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  • Jesse
    Hahaha! Whata-Mayor. He's being a total ass by saying that to the 'teacher'.

    Anyway, Since I've posted a comment here, maybe you won't mind if I ask your opinion:

    Do you thing that Racial Discrimination in the US would stop at this point in time having that Obama is the president of their country?

    Oh yeah, changed my domain name to:

  • Grandma
    We can only hope for the best. Things just seem to have a life of its own, no matter who we vote into office.
    Whatever will be, will be.
    Prepare for Impact!
  • Jan
    @Jesse: That's awfully hard question, my friend. But the American people chose overwhelmingly for Obama. Is that an indication it would put a stop to racial discrimination in the US? Maybe not immediately. But the stage has been set. And thus I am hopeful. :)

    @Grandma: Indeed the seat of power tends to change any well-intentioned leader. At the end, we gasp, "Who's this man I've voted into office? Oh my, he's turned into a rascal." But any new man at the helm, we must give the benefit of the doubt. Now is Obama's chance to turn ringing rhetoric into action. I hope he succeeds magnificently.
    dropping by!just kissed some ads!

    dropping by!

  • lemuel
    was wondering what happened since its been a while since your last post. i understand you were hooked in an internet game, was also a game addict before. thanks!
  • Jan
    @Gagay: So you were in a kissing mood lately huh? :) Thanks for this visit.

    @Lemuel: A minor setback, yes. But I'm working on it. :)
    salamat mr. jan!

    should i call u "KUYA JAN"? whew!salamat po talaga!
  • Jan
    @gagay: "Kuya" is just perfect. I assure you we're born in the same century so I guess this is not a mighty stretch. :) That's not a problem at all. Your zest for blogging is infectious - look what you've done today. I've learned a new skill: I've become a kissing kuya. hahaha.
  • Dee
    Denzel Washington looks good but I think he looks young for the post. Now, Morgan Freeman looks mature and would have been perfect. But I love Sidney Poitier ever since I saw him in 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner', so I would have cast my vote for him. :)
  • Jan
    It's settled then. Go Sydney. hahaha. I saw that film too and I've got my eye on him ever since. :)
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