A Day in the Life of a Jedi Blogger

by Jan Geronimo on July 26, 2009

Padmé Amidala

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Even a Jedi blogger like me has a day off.  Just between you and me?  I hate invading uncharted galaxies on a Sunday.  But don’t tell that to my enemies from the Dark Side, okay? Or to my Queen Amidala.  Pssst – she’s a mean task master, especially when she runs out of her milkshake.

Sundays, you see, are reserved for washing the Jedi clothes and ironing, too.  And cleaning the room in between.  You can’t expect to restore order in the galaxies when your own domain is a pig sty, can you?

Other Sunday preoccupations of a Jedi blogger:

  1. Planning - what to write for the coming week.  Ooops, my secret is out, I don’t have an editorial calendar.  You can shoot me now.
  2. Conferencing - you think the wild, wild blogosphere can be won by your lonesome?  Get real – you can’t.  I’m always on call.  My hotline keeps buzzing even on a Sunday.  Who are on the other end of the line?  The other Jedi bloggers and the Queen of the Empire.
  3. Collaborating - On the creative side, we bounce off each others ideas. Emails whiz back and forth – it’s a pity they can’t be published; they’re blog posts unto themselves.  Tactical side of things – we plot to destroy death stars.
  4. Tweaking my light saber – Pesky coffee stains.  Blame Holly Jahangiri – she suggested using my light saber on slow days to heat my samovar of coffee.  And I fell for it. But I forgive Holly because she makes up for it by writing a wonderful article on former Philippine President Cory Aquino.

Sunday prayers of Jedi blogger:

  1. Jaypee Habaradas – one of the most generous blogging buddies I know – he’s given free webhosting to best friend Elmot – is a bit on a blogging slump.  Please get back to blogging, Jaypee.  You want me to embarrass you by passing around a petition just so you’d finally get back to blogging?  Try me.
  2. Cory Aquino – I’m praying for our former president Cory Aquino who’s suffering from stage-four colon cancer.  Tita Cory, I’m not a prayerful person but because we owe you our democracy and you feel like family I’d pray for you the best way I can.  Incidentally, I’m dispensing with the yellow ribbon thingy. Just a Jedi idiosyncrasy, this.
  3. That you vote for the Jedi bloggers in Janette Toral’s writing project.  You can read about them in my post Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009.  There’s only one week left in the writing project so please write a complete line up and post it before July 30, 2009.

That’s my Sunday in a nutshell.  How about you – how did you slice and dice your Sunday?  Did you perhaps get lucky?

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  • zorlone
    I forgot what I did the past Sunday. It was all a bliss to me. Quite frankly, I think Sundays should have longer hours for us to be able to do more with a lot of stuff.

    1. Housekeeping
    2. Blogging
    3. Planning (hmm... I wonder what)
    4. Keeping in touch with other Jedis
    5. Being influential
    6. R&R (this would occupy 75% of my Sunday)

    The end of a Sunday just marks the beginning of a Monday. LOL (trying to crack a joke here)

  • Tell me about your R and R. That's exciting, methinks. :)
  • lemuel
    Sunday is my only break from work. We go to church, then have lunch with my mom and sister's family and probably drop by the supermarket to buy food for the week. I enjoy Sundays because i have time to spend with my wife and my son. I also spend 2 hours every Sunday to clean my car - that accumulated dust and dirt for the past 7 days....
  • Sunday is for God and family. All is fluff. Yeah, I understand that
    wonderful concept - if you throw in a little of blogging into the mix. :)
    Thanks, Lemuel.
  • johnrove
    Bossing Jan, I've nominated your blog to the Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009. And your Jedi Blogger friends, too. Blow out naman kayo dyan. Ahehehe
  • John Rove, thanks for voting the whole entourage of Jedi Bloggers. I owe
    you, John. Thanks a lot. Hey, please check for mail from Janette Toral.
    She'll be sending confirmation email that indeed it's you who have voted and
    participated in her writing project contest. Look into your spam folder
    daily. It might have been caught there by Yahoo's spam guard. Take care,
  • I try not to blog on weekends. We often go out to the city and take some leisurely stroll at the many malls of Singapore or maybe the parks if we feel like it.

    I wonder if we are related...we do have the same last name;)
  • I'm from Oriental Mindoro. And you are from what province in the
    Philippines? Ahehehehe.
  • Heheh yeah I just saw it on you About page....I am from Manila so probably not??

    Very nice and simple theme by the way!
  • Yeah, maybe not. But hey, we can still be friends, right? :)
  • Syempre po ah! The more friends the merrier! Dalaw po kayo sa site ko minsan.
  • Sure, pinsan. Ahehehe. Hayan, nang angkin na ako ng kamag-anak. Pasensya
    na po. lols
  • Thanks a lot, bossing Dencios. :)
  • congrats jan at sigurado ka na for the Top 10 influential bloggers. galing mo talaga.
  • Thanks, Chris. I'm a little anxious about the other Jedi Bloggers - I hope
    and pray that they make it, too. But whatever happens - we have loads of
    fun. Making it to the top 10 is just the icing on the cake. :)
  • seiko
    Already added you in my nominees.Thanks for droppin' by:)
  • aba, tag team talaga ang jedi force!
  • We are, Ever. You can say that again. Ahehehe
  • I am waiting for Doc Z to say that his Sunday is his day weilding his badminton racket like a lightsaber. Di pa rin nagme-meet skeds namin.

    My Sunday mornings, 2 hrs at church, 2 hrs washing my clothes. Sunday afternoon - sleep. Sunday evenings, internet, talk with wifey on the phone, then sleep.
  • Washing clothes, talking with your wife on the phone...She works overseas,
  • Yeah, It's a sad thing what's happening to Tita Cory. I will pray for her too.

    My Sunday? Nothing really interesting. Except the few times I get to play an old copy of Delta Force.
  • Hmmm - Delta Force. Very interesting, Luke. :)
  • luke, delta force? haha. i like that game too, better than couterstrike. but now, i play battle realms.
  • Me too. There's strategy in DF; in CS, it's mostly a search and destroy kinda thing. And I don't wanna see bots jumping up and down all the time. You don't do that in real combat. Haven't tried BR but for strategy, I love Rainbow 6. Tango down!!! Take it easy, man.
  • juliusorias
    You are the one lost Jedi :-) the only one who could complete and write some stories like this. Sunday is Holy to me, I guess supposed to be to all of us, because in the bible say's on the sixth day God completed creating Heaven and Earth and on the seventh day God rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating the he had done. It just happen that we have a basketball tournament in the afternoon and we lost (: not a happy moment but atleast I have exercise my body and lost maybe 5 lbs. hehe....
  • Last Sunday was a sad important day for all of us. We laid Papa to his final resting place. The few weeks that passed have been very difficult especially for me who took primary charge in braving the crisis. It was all over now but life with all its many splendored angst must go on. There are some who are entrusted with more tribulations, I am one of them. But I always try to think and remember rainbows, and paint my life with them. But at times when thunderstorms roar, I simply choose to be quiet, to muster peace and strength from within.
  • With very few exceptions, I always pass my Sundays with my two kids. You see, they live with their mother and I get to see them only on weekends. We went this Sunday to watch Harry Potter's Half Blood Prince, had popcorn, went to the arcade, and of course McDonald's, etc. Nothing can be better than being with them, don't you agree?

    Have a great week.
  • flamindevil
    wow kuya jan..mga hollywood stars lang na close sakin ang alam kong may schedule nang tulad sayo..hehe

    Other Sunday preoccupations of a Jedi blogger:

    Planning - this is a good tip. I've never thought of this
    Conferencing - tama yan.makukulit ang mga blogger friends.laging naka buzz sa ym..haha.pero ang aadik namang mga kausap kaya enjoy.

    Sunday prayers of Jedi blogger:

    Cory Aquino – everybody's praying for her. faith can move mountains. :p

  • 1st time here... so amaZing! love reading youR Post!
  • Guest
    Yeah, I concur. Bloggers have life too outside the blogosphere. I can relate to the thing that you enumerated because I love washing our clothes during the weekends, keeping in touch with my family and give my respect to our Creator.

  • brainchild
    Hello Jan,

    I simply wish that my Sunday would be a full day of doing absolutely nothing........... which is next to impossible.

    I tagged you in my latest post. But I guess that you have already done what needs to be done in this post.
  • Hello Jan,

    I simply wish that my Sunday would be a full day of doing absolutely nothing........... which is next to impossible.

    I tagged you in my latest post. But I guess that you have already done what needs to be done in this post.
  • Great post Jan! I think I need a new light saber coz the one I have right now is broken. Hehe

    Btw, I'm back. I didn't want to wait for that petition that you're talking about, I know you're capable of doing it. :P

    Feels good to be back.
  • I'm also praying for our dear former president. A miracle can happen but shouldn't be unexpected. But prayers always prove to be useful. Hope she gets well soon.

    I see why this blog is on the Top 10 Influential picks... great content!
  • For me, Saturdays are better than Sundays (as of now), kasi, kapag saturday, wala akong gaanong iniisip, kasi walang pasok kinabukasan, while Sundays, iniisip ko na ung about sa school..

    anyway, parehong sabado at linggo ang paborito kong araw... :P
  • Buti ka pa two days. Sa akin, Sunday na lang... Kelvin, congrats top 10 ka
    na. Konti pa, Kelvin. If may blogger buddies kang alam na di nagcomplete
    ng posts pakifollow up. Pag di complete ang lineup kasi di mapapasama sa
    master list ng validated votes. Sayang for us. Sayang for them - di sila
    qualified sa 100 USD na raffle draw. :)
  • Buti ka pa two days. Sa akin, Sunday na lang... Kelvin, congrats top 10 ka
    na. Konti pa, Kelvin. If may blogger buddies kang alam na di nagcomplete
    ng posts pakifollow up. Pag di complete ang lineup kasi di mapapasama sa
    master list ng validated votes. Sayang for us. Sayang for them - di sila
    qualified sa 100 USD na raffle draw. :)
  • Buti ka pa two days. Sa akin, Sunday na lang... Kelvin, congrats top 10 ka
    na. Konti pa, Kelvin. If may blogger buddies kang alam na di nagcomplete
    ng posts pakifollow up. Pag di complete ang lineup kasi di mapapasama sa
    master list ng validated votes. Sayang for us. Sayang for them - di sila
    qualified sa 100 USD na raffle draw. :)
  • dencios
    binasa ko lahat ng comment. grabe ang gagaling nyong mag english you know. hahaha. sunday ko? halfday internet, halfday naman is for gym and jogging and relaxing then at night alam mo na yun hahaha.
  • What is it, Dencios? Di ko pa alam, you know? Waaaah. lol Kung ano man
    iyon, I'm sure it's good for you. Because it's working for you. Ang ganda
    ng disposition mo as a blogger, bossing Dencios. Sana dumami pang mahawa sa
    magandang pakikitungo mo sa kapwa regardless kung sino man siya. Gagayahin
    kita, bossing Dencios. Mark my words.
  • Hi Jan, Part of my weekend was consumed playing around with Apture, a blogging tool that pulls in multimedia files. I'll be posting about it later this week. That, along with exercise, errands, dinners out, and POOF - it's Monday. Sorry to hear about Cory Aquino. She was/is an amazing leader.
  • Apture - Looking forward to read about it, Brad. :) Yeah, weekends we can't enough of, can we? They're here and soon - Poof! Well, that makes them terribly special and something to look forward to. No matter how tiring the weekdays? There's always the weekend ahead. Great equalizer, that. :)
  • wow... planning, conferencing, collaborating, tweaking.... I do these things but never on a Sunday LOL!
  • You must have a very hectic Sunday then. I don't want to ask lest I get envious. Ahehehe.
  • Sorry Jan for being invisible on your blog for, hmm... a long time now. I have been busy with my acad subjects (for life in UP is terribly stressful ;-( and also i have been very active on film discussions on the web. Recently, there was a call from Harry Tuttle to UNITE ARTFILM BLOGGERS (http://screenville.blogspot.co...) all over the WORLD. I am gathering enough power to help him in collecting all potential links from the Philippines.

    Do you know anyone who has a blog focusing on ARTFILMS of local or foreign origin?

    Have a great day!
  • Ad, you're the only film enthusiast/critic I know so far. At least in the Philippines. But I'd look around in my blog hopping. Will let you know if I stumble into them.

    Hey, Ad, no problem. Take me for granted. I'm a low maintenance friend. It's all right As long as you're doing well - studies and with regard to your health - it's fine with me. :)
  • Jan, if you gonna ask me my last Sundays goes like this:

    Tigasin ako sa amin:

    4 AM - Bottle Feed Summer
    6 AM - Cooked Breakfast for My Family (Sinangag & Longanisa) "Yes I cooked!"
    8 AM - Ate Breakfast....
    10 AM - Cooked Lunch (Sinigang Baboy) while configuring my PC.
    12 NN - Ate Lunch...

    Tigasin ako dahil lahat ng ayaw nya ginagawa ko....

    Ayaw nyang magluto ng almusal ... Ako nagluluto...
    Ayaw nyang bumangon para madedehin si Summer ako nagpapadede...
    Ayaw nyang magluto ng pananghalian ... Ako nagluluto ...

    Pare, paghindi ko ginawa ang ayaw nya ehto mawawala ...

    2 PM - Bath ...
    4 PM - Secret ... The rest it's between my wife and me... (Rated 18)

    Good Day Bro!

  • fedhz
    LOL. may time talaga ha? 4pm hehe. masarap nga yan, rainy sunday afternoon. hehehe
  • Jhong, are you sure hindi taga Buckingham Palace napangasawa mo? Wala lang. Just saying lang po. ahahaha. Walang issue ganyan - we'd do anything for our loved ones. Saludo ako sa iyo dyan. Ang swerte ng asawa at pamilya mo. For now. Ahehehe. Joke lang po. :)
  • Loy
    May the force be with you...hehe...

    I'm also wondering about what happened to Jaypee. Maybe he's in a blogging funk or taking some sabbatical of sorts.
  • Jaypee said he'd be back soon. Not to worry daw. Now that his birthday is over - he has no more excuse. Ahehehe. I hope he makes good on his promise. Marami nang naiinip makasama siya uli eh. Thanks, Loy, for dropping by. :)
  • Naku siguradong sigurado na ang slot mo sa most influential blogger... Ngayon pa lang kinocongratulate na kita... Congrats! jijiijiji
  • Ganun? Nadaan sa pagbabanta at pagmamarakulyo sa mga friends. Iboboto nyo ba ako o inonominate nyo ako? Ahahaha. I was just kidding. Sometimes, mas madaling magsabi sa perfect strangers than it is to ask your blogging buddies. I don't know why.

    At the end of the day, this is just a game. An exciting game, I concede. :)
  • elmot
    Sunday? whoah! One of my favorite days, of course, the other one is Saturday, eheheh!

    Jedi Blogger like me on a Sunday...all rest, all rest. After a whole week of working like a dog, I cherish Sunday as my day to sleep, watch TV, read books unmolested and one in a while go the internet shop near our house and check out some blogging stuffs (reply to comments, check emails and blog hop). Pretty boring Sunday dude? ehhhehe!

    The more boring and full of slumber-sunday, the better for me, ehehe!

    Hey, Jaypee! WE ARE ALL MISSING YOU!!! I will be the first to sign that petition sheet big bro.
  • "The more boring and full of slumber-Sunday, the better for me"

    Right, bro. I feel the same. Sundays are for waking up late. And involves lots of eating and in my case - uninterrupted blocks of internet time. Yipee. What could be better? Well, a day in the beach will be fine. But only every now and then.
  • ahahha! yeah, waking up late, lots of sleep...eating and watching TV. sarap!

    beach? I wish I could spend sundays at the beach.
  • When I was a kid, I often watch the first Star Wars trilogy in its TV reruns. I like the ewoks very much! When Phantom Menace was first shown, I was one of those who waited in the long lines and cramped in the cinema just to see the film. But I was discouraged by the Attack of the Clones and stopped seeing the 2 subsequent releases. I don't know, I just hate Anakin's pigtail! :-D

    Anyway, I think I'm not a full-blown Jedi convert. But during Sundays, I still don't forget to go to church. Helps to repel the dark side, hehe..
  • Aha - we have the same preference in the Star Wars trilogy... My beef with the other episodes was that they were too gimmicky with special effects. The technology became the stars of the show. And I had second thoughts about Hayden as Anakin. Marami namang young actors na mas competent eh.... Nice way of repelling the dark side. :)
  • Roy
    Jan, how could you miss my erratic internet connection in your Sunday prayer?! I've been missing a lot of the action because of this, my light saber is getting rusty because of it.

    it's a good thing the aircon at SM cinema was strong enough to cool my overheating temperature because of my ISP who can't be reached whenever you have a problem and yet they could easily reach you when you fault on your payment.

    otherwise, Sundays is all the same to me... working in shorts, mumbling in front of the PC while singing "... soon I'm gonna be a Jedi... soon I'm gonna be a Jedi..." to the tune of American Pie

    got to go... my I/C's going haywire again.... see you sooooooooooon......

  • It's unbecoming of a Jedi Master to be beset by poor internet connection. Ano ba yan. Grabe na ito. May wireless ba sa SM? Take advantage, Roy. Make a contraption with wheels so you can put your uber desktop to places where there's internet hotspots. :)

    Hey, just to remind you, you're already a Jedi. :)
  • Oh coffee. Yes, this Sunday was full of coffee since I received a Dolce Gusto machine from Nescafe. It was fun and dorky though. Sunday is my personal holiday. My ideal day to meditate on things I did not finish the previous week and things I need to finish ASAP.

    But, even if blog traffics fall during weekends, my email Inbox doesn't and need to reply on every important matter. Still, I get to stay home and I love it! Before I sleep and prepare for another manic Monday, I open Google reader and read new posts from Jedi bloggers like you Jan.
  • A Dolce Gusto machine - wow. Tell me, what is it? Ahehehe... That's great weekend activity: meditation. That's what is sorely lacking in a typical blogger's routine - the need for introspection or reflective thinking. So many things going on. It pays to unplug and just reflect.

    That makes my Sunday sacred. I may just read all day, sleep till my head aches, stare into space - but it's my Sunday. It's the greatest invention. lol
  • same here. family day kasi namin ang sunday (we always have a family reunion EVERY sunday) so I practically have no time visiting other blogs.
  • The family trumps almost everything. You've got your priorities straight, Badongskie. Nice. :)
  • Good morning Master Jedi Jan. Please don't uncover my disguise, lol,,,

    By the way, have you watched any of the Star War Series? If you did, then you'd probably know what I am referring to...lol...

    That's quite a busy day for a Jedi. I had thought you would be "mucking" your donorcycle and honing or stropping your light saber...

    As usual an influential post. Will you be going to the Awards Night in your Jedi Knight outfit?

    Natalie is a very beautiful woman.

    Seems my thoughts are disjointed today from excitement. I just woke up. lol
  • I'm great at teasing, Jen. I started and then I stopped short, if you notice. I've watched them all - my favorites are the first three. I don't care much for clone wars.

    Am I going to the awarding? I am. Can't wait to be with the company of my friends. That's why I'm pushing hard for Angel, Dee, Kelvin, Irene, Fedhz, Luke and Holly.

  • I don't think God cares that you be "adept" at prayers, Jan. (Only man demands such formality; I'm convinced God hears only the sincerity.)

    Sorry for the dripping light saber, but the constant aroma of singed coffee that surrounds you now is...energizing. Like sticking a wet finger in a light socket.

    My Sunday? Spent trolling other Jedi blogs looking for inspiration - so why should I answer this in a comment? LOL - okay: Harry Potter, McDonald's, groceries...and now, blissfully, home. It's @#$%ing HOT outside!! I'm melting... My windows sidebar says it's only 93 degrees, but if that's all it is, it must be approaching 95% humidity. Not only can I not sweat, I can't breathe. It's a wonder this blasted state was ever settled by humans prior to the invention of air conditioning!
  • Your story on Cory Aquino is very inspirational, Holly. I love it - perfect for a Sunday read. Any day even.

    Just a thought: did your son write to President Obama? Just curious. I wonder how that will turn out if he does. :)

    Obi Wan watches Harry Potter? Wooh - that's very interesting. Wonder no more about the punishing humidity. Pay no attention to me - just me sticking a wet finger in a light socket. lol
  • Trulyana
    Sounds like a real jedi at work! My sunday has involved a variety of tasks, from home base to in line skating put in practice and a few bike rides inbetween! On top of that, have even got my accapella going, admist the rise of sunday morning. Now just taking some time out, beverage in hand before a passionate love affair with watercolour paint. Happy more sundays to you. :)
  • But that's an exciting Sunday. Wow, you're having fun there. Exciting physical activities capped with singing and keeping your artistic fire burning. A Jedi's routine is darn boring compared with yours. :)
  • JD
    You're a certified star wars fanatic.... I spend my time with my mom and my sister, we went to my father's place 2nd Death Anniv
  • We have a team of certified star wars fanatics here. But they have been using the force on blogging. :) Oh Kyle, are you okay now? I hope you are fine now. It pays to have close family ties after such a loss. How do you fancy to adopt a father? How about Darth Vader, "Kyle, I'm...your...father." You like? Ahehehe
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